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File: 1517868876610.jpg (152.52 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue06.jpg)


First post. Hope I don't fuck it up.
So, I love 3D art. I have been dabbling a bit. Thought I would share.


File: 1517868977448.jpg (147.22 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue07.jpg)

Here is a side view.


File: 1517869009325.jpg (188.03 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue08.jpg)

Another view


Oh my GOD! AWESOME! Love it! Don't stop posting, this is great! Want to see more of her and others.

Any plans to get really deviant with her? Some necro loving perhaps?


It takes a long time to make each on. I might have the morgue tech come in later and diddle her a bit. :-)

(can I post that here? Are there rules for Art?)


File: 1517869900483.jpg (165.1 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue02.jpg)

At some point, her body was moved.


File: 1517869934496.jpg (201.35 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue01.jpg)

For easy access...


File: 1517869976577.jpg (150.05 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue09.jpg) her mouth


Nice. Very aesthetic.


thank you, great set


Good to see an artist. Please turn the lights on and get to work. The boys being prepared for the meat market should give you some idea of what you can do here. >>3642 BBQ_Boysnuff


File: 1517879414163.jpg (151.17 KB, 1800x1013, kylie11_morgue05.jpg)

Thanks for your comments.

It just bugs the hell out of me that I cant get the hair to accept gravity. Oh well.

Here is one more.

Can you add more then one photo to a single post?


LOL. Corpse ahegao.
Looks more like a girl posing in the morgue that real corpse. but I don't mind that at all. In fact, that is very much preferable over real corpses.

It is very interesting to see what will happen next. Will you do an autopsy on her ? :)


Well, I am limited on skill and time. I could definitely take it into photoshop and mess around, but if I have many pictures in the set, I have to then apply the same skin treatment to all of This for "fun", so....still gotta work the real job to eat. :-) I mean, if I could make a living, I would do it all day. But what I know about artists is, most more poor. :-)

I have some guts and other 3d props I might see what they look like. If I were just doing one, really good photo, I could really mess around. Maybe that is what I will do next time rather then a set.

On this one, my true purpose was playing with lighting. I was trying to give it more of a dark, lights out feel.


Excellent start. I love every one of them.


It is all good as it is now, no need to put too much effort into the picture which will be viewed for few seconds ;)
You just should take care of important details.

However, doing autopsy is pretty easy and quite expected thing to happen in the morgue that's why I asked if you are going to do it.


So, the site goes down, right after I post my pictures. Must be karma. I have some other projects I want to dabble with.....maybe a hanging. I may revisit this story later.


Looking forward to it!


Just out of curiosity, what software do you use?


I love how not only her life is taken from her, but her dignity as well. Very erotic!


"Just out of curiosity, what software do you use?"



nice little victim to play with


You /might/ have luck getting the hair to obey gravity (at least partially) if you apply dForce to it, assuming you're on the latest Daz Studio. It'll just take some fiddling around with, and a bit of trial and error (Daz's store has a preset bundle for hair settings in dForce, if you wanted to look into that).


Girl Morgue? Hell, that's Girl Heaven right there, brother. Ha ha. Fantastic!


Good work. Which model is this, if I may ask. especially interested in the genital morph and/or ass? cheers


File: 1533588218813.jpg (747.29 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0013_by_virule….jpg)

Ruby Roundhouse from "Jumanji"


File: 1533588298388.jpg (983.45 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0017_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533588308463.jpg (983.45 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0017_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533588354138.jpg (705.42 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0018_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533588382623.jpg (797.84 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0020_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533591884537.jpg (935.27 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0045_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533594807173.jpg (980.77 KB, 3200x2405, last_live___0046_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533594868982.jpg (1.84 MB, 3200x2405, last_live___0053_by_virule….jpg)


File: 1533594928284.jpg (1.01 MB, 3200x2405, last_live___0055_by_virule….jpg)



The series of girl on the slab - featuring the blond who is totally nude - is incredibly Hot.

She's partly developed and the mortician is going to masturbate to learning everything about her naked body, including her vagina and its partly hooded clit. I love it!



Agree with Xirix that little blonde meat is hot!

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