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Had SFM for awhile but never got around to trying it out. Been running a few test animations and this is the first I'm willing to share. See my 2D art thread here:

First animation I'm sharing is Midna getting necro fucked by Young link.

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Link POV:

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Link POV:


Holy.....fucking.... Shit.... Yes!!!


YES!!! I tank you very much for taking this iniciative. I tryed to pose and animate in sfm but i'm terrible at it. I'm really glad you took interest in it.

Remember we have quite a lot of models to use and kill... and rape. Like Zelda and Samus...heheheh.......



Nice! It's a fun program to play with, but after a couple of tests I got too busy to really follow up with it. Glad to see someone else of the guro persuasion getting into it :)


Seeing this makes me want to get back into animating.

I graduate in a few weeks so ill have the free time to do so hopefully.


Seeing this makes me want to get back into animating.

I graduate in a few weeks so ill have the free time to do so hopefully.


Do more of Midna but this time getting anal or forced blow-job when dead! Oh and her is a fine model with small boos that look better then this one with those 2 big balls xD I


Can you do something with Princess Zelda? I've seen some great stuff with that Twilight Princess model rip going around, but nothing violent enough yet.


With all of those gorgeous Warframe models out there, it would be amazing to see something with those beauties.


File: 1434756872750.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1080, Illia000000.png)


File: 1434760433107.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, Pauline000000.png)


great work! sfm has so many awesome characters :D



Niiiccccee... Can you do Renamon? There is lots of nsfw models of her. Would suggest anal or forced BJ after the kill :D
Pretty please :3


These are god damn amazing!

Finally, someone is doing something guro with SFM. Can't wait to see more!


AMAZing, specially the blood in the spy scene. I could never figure out how to do it when sfm came out, how did you do it?


Could i make a request for the point of view of spy/???

preety please???


Requesting something you probably wont do, but could you get a characters dick chopped off? With foreskin though please


Since we are at requests, of course if you have time and will. It would be nice to see a knife beheading scene (a slow beheading of course)
Great work with the guro SFM


File: 1435963757570.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, test000004.png)

A slow eating barnacle managed to catch and hang Alyx. A vortigaunt managed to find her and decided to have some fun before the barnacle could finish it's meal.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Blood was made using a cumball with flexes. Used an opaque skin on it then colored it dark red. Using various scales and the flexes of the cumball, I made blood.

I assume you mean the Scout? Spy isn't in this scene.
Here ya go:

Eventually I'll do some Warframe.

Maybe, I'm not too into furry stuff.

Yeah I'm not going to do that. Girl guro is more of my thing.

I could try, sounds like a fun challenge.


OMG man, this last one is so creative. The animation is preety awessome. Thank you for posting the spy's point o view.

You are amazing and the main reason i check the 3d cg section.


these are great. nice to see some good sfm guro. looking forward to more of your animations


like the alyx vance animation. is alyx dead? or just hanging

would you be able to do anything with chell from portal. or alexstrasza from world of warcraft. their bodies have nice holes to use and cum in


File: 1436317436116.png (967.29 KB, 1920x1080, sonya000170.png)

Sonya's execution by decapitation.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

She's dead, either from suffocation or from having her head digested. Your choice I guess.


Great stuff. Have you ever considered doing breast torture stuff? It seems you're into the death stuff, which is cool, but if you are interested in breast torture, I'd love to see your work.


great! i like the expressions :D


Cant wait to see Sonja getting fucked in the neck ! :) Gj on all these


Great decapitation of Sonya, really smooth animation. You could behead Cassie Cage next. :) Great work!


Also, a suggestion. You should consider creating your own blog like other SFM artist since you are one of better ones.


File: 1436401383318.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, sonya000004.png)

Continuing the Sonya decap scene. Forgot to animate the hair but fuck it.

Throat Fuck:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Might continue this scene more, if not use the ideas for Cassie or Mileena.

I would but I don't want to associate any sort of identity to my work. I also prefer to keep my stuff on Guro-related sites, I don't put my stuff or like other people putting my stuff on non-guro sites like rule34 or tumblr. If Gurochan ever goes down again I'll make a pixiv account, but for now im just staying on gurochan.


Did you edit the model to add the bloody stump parts to her body?

Nice work, by the way. :D


ths is great!
Can you do Elizabeth (Bioshock) eyefucked?


Oh please man! do an axe or guillotine beheading!


Is it possible to do something with Casse Cage?


Mileena, please! There's almost nothing of her like this!


Gaige's corpse getting gut fucked by a psychotic bandit.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Actually no, there's a model of the MK9 version of Sonya on the gmod workshop with most of her gibbed segments and bodygroups on some versions of the models to get rid of chunks of flesh. I used two models, a headless version of the torso and a model of the decapitated head. The gore doesn't hide perfectly and clips through the models but whatever, it's a relatively easy way to slice a model.

Been planning on doing Elizabeth, but have been indecisive as to what, guess your recommendation will do.





good old gaige great work


Man when will you stop amazing me??? Gaige was not exptected. This is really cool. Since peopple are posting some requests i would like to say a few chacaracters that i would love to see guro animmations and that have good models available in SFM.

Zelda and samus.
Maya and Lilith from Borderlands. These would be amazing sequel heheheh.
Morrigan from dragon age.

Thank you very much for sharing.



Fucking amazing work, thank you!
Would love to see more MK girls. Naked!


Love your work, any chance of anything heart related? If not, it's cool. Thumbs up on everything else.


I would love to see Gaige getting roasted on a spit by one of those cannibal bandits on Pandora.


I second that request! And it is quit simple one but dam! That ass on a spit would look great, jummy and sexy! Please do it! :D You are great. Or just do any other Borderland models!!


Kitana in default costume from mk9 on her back in a guillotine while getting fucked. Would be great to see her head rolling around.

Jade in default costume from mk9 getting fucked from behind and head pulled off sub zero style.


It would be amazing to have something from game of Thrones

possibly Margaery.

You animations are marvelous


File: 1437285261497.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, AAA000001.png)

Elizabeth getting fucked in the eye as requested.

- Hairstyle A:

-Hairstyle B:

-Burial at Sea:

Would have done her in her corset instead of two hair versions but the corset model is all jacked up.


Fukin' WOW!


Any shota death please?



I think you have done all of the basic necro things you could do.

Supporting the guy above with Game of Thrones what about Margaery being fucked by the Mountain/Robert Strong while he is smashing her head?

All of this why Cersei is watching and masturbating. (Cersei and Margaery positions could be easily be inverted)

How difficult is to animate something being smashed?


Awesome videos!

Would you consider doing some dolcett video?
With some fun famous character like Tifa or Tomb Raider.

Also one where Harley Quinn plays with Catwoman would be cool.



could you possibly fuck alyx vance in the ear? or maybe fuck a headless Chell from portal in the ass


Op you are amazing. I could never have imagineed an update so soon.


File: 1437377622547.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, shyguy000015.png)

Mario gut-fucking a Shygirl from behind in a necro gangbang. A lustful goomba and hungry piranha plant wait patiently for Mario to leave for their turn.

The Shygirl model is really nice, and but was pretty hard to animate without a rig. Expect more Shygirls in the future.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

The guillotine idea sounds interesting.

Sorry, don't do shota or loli guro, or male focused guro in general.

Might do Game of Thrones stuff eventually. Never watched the show so I can't say I'm motivated to do it. Smashing a head and having it look good would be extremely difficult unless it was a model with bodygroups or gore built into the model like Sonya.

Might do the spitroast with Lara or Gaige, been trying some Arkham Knight animations but none have come out very well. I'll do some new ones with the Arkham girls eventually.

Can probably do both, not sure when I will, but I can.


Any chance to see a throat fuck of Kasumi from Dead or Alive in the future?


I hadn't checked the 3dcg board for ages since it never had any worthwhile content but this thread changes everything.

Good job and +1 for Lara spitroast.


The Sonya stuff is amazing. Very impressive


Wow incredible!
Is it hard to make slight alterations?
I would love to see a naked version of Sonya.

Anyway, great work!


agreed with Lara. i'd suggest the spit through her skull like in the game. not the mouth like classic spiting. with brains spewing out... yummy.

i so like that last bit in the game just before it fades to black where the spike gets deeper i her skull.
anyone else?


agreed with Lara. i'd suggest the spit through her skull like in the game. not the mouth like classic spiting. with brains spewing out... yummy.

i so like that last bit in the game just before it fades to black where the spike gets deeper i her skull.
anyone else?


Holy crap these are really well done, thank you!

>Sorry, don't do shota or loli guro, or male focused guro in general.



I find it a little hypocritical that you'll do CG clips of Young Link raping the lifeless body of Midna with a sword through her chest, but you won't do Shota or Loli guro...

And, for the record, Illia is technically underage.


This thread is a third of the reason I visit /3DCG/. SFM is in dire need of more guro animations, and here you are making them. I love that you actually take the time to add convincing blood and gore; a lot of 3D guro seems to forget that blood exists for some reason.

Personal preference =/= hypocrisy. Plenty of Gurochanners are cool with male aggressors, but not male victims. Same with shortstacks, but not technically lolis. Just the way our minds work.


A bit entitled huh? This artist is doing this of their own free will. Be thankful as this is substantially higher quality 3D work than we normally get on other such guro sites.



"Waaaaaaah do my fetish waaaaaah"


File: 1437696593068.png (657.06 KB, 1280x720, 1000035.png)

Here's the requested Kitana guillotine animation.

Decapitation Sequence:
-Angle A:
-Angle B:

Living Loop:
-Angle A:
-Angle B:

Decapitated Loop:
-Angle A:

Depends by what alterations you mean. I don't know how to make or modify models, and so for me to make Sonya nude I'd have to reanimated the whole thing with another nude model If the bones and rigs are any different I'd have to start again from scratch.

That was one of my favorite death scenes from the game besides the upside-down hanging sequence when Lara gets her throat slit. That would make a more interesting scenario with her being spit roasted with through the throat and skull than the ass to mouth.

For the record, there's a huge difference between general underage and loli. Illia is underage but it's not like she's fucking 8, she's 16. Usually if any character I draw or animate is under 16 or so, or flat out doesn't look like it, I prefer modifying them to look older. For example in the midna animation I made her breasts larger, thinned her waist slightly, shrunk down her head, and made her legs longer and curvier. Another example would be the inkling drawing I did, 12 year olds don't have breasts that large, squid kid or not.
You want shota/loli focused guro? Pick up SFM (it's free) and get started making it yourself.

" I love that you actually take the time to add convincing blood and gore;"

Coincidentally I didn't animate any blood in this animation. Oops. (I honestly wasn't feeling to inspired to finish this animation but was so far into it I decided to cut some corners, sorry)



fuck thats hot! can you do a pure pov angle too? thx for doing my request :D


amazing... mor behadings if u have time!! thx!


Lara Croft beheading would be great :)


so good! i know it's not a loop but it would be amazing if you could show the guillotine cutting off her head while the executioner does her. especially if her body can jump or twitch when the cut comes.

or do whatever you want, i like all this so far!


OH GOSH i missed the first two links lol



Wow, this is amazing! You do a great job on your beheading.

Can I request the female Shepard from Mass Effect getting behead by some clients? Batarian, Turians, whatever you feel like.



Clients wow, I meant to type "aliens". My bad.


Dude, you're pretty good at this stuff. Keep it up. ^_^


I like the idea of clients better. :P Alliance has to raise funds somehow, snuffing famous heroines must bring in the moolah. lolollolool


We fianly have someone doing awesoem 3D aniamtiosn for us and go and call him hypocritical.

I dislike shota and loli. Simply I don't like. And I see no reason why you should press him on doing something he doesn't like.



LOVE IT! If i may request something small in your next animation try to give us a good view at the fucked part, like a close up or - even better - a moving camera from bottom to top. Would love that in the Sonya and Alex animations. From feet to head/torso. :) Hope its not to much work, but with all the angles just one swipe of the camera could satisfy lots of fetishes from feet to boobs :P


do you post anywere besides this post and the one for 2d pics


Do you post these animations on any other website?


This is one of the best things on gurochan! Might I ask where you found the guillotine model? I've been scouring the web for a similar one.


bump because this is amazing


File: 1438240517733.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, A000000.png)

The guillotine is actually built in SFM with a few scale square wooden fence posts. Everything except the blade was just one model, including the long board Kitana's resting on. The blade was just one of the trap blades from HL2. Couldn't find any guillotine models myself unfortunately but this'll do.
I'll get to that later.

Maybe, I was planning on doing something else with Femshep but maybe I'll do that after.
I only post my stuff to Gurochan and used to post on Gurobooru to host my gifs before using gfycat. If gurochan ever goes down again I plan on making a pixiv account, but I prefer not having any sort of identity connected with me.
I also prefer only having my stuff shared on guro-related sites, I've mentioned this before. Someone posted my drawings to rule34.paheal and people who weren't into guro obviously saw it. I really want to keep my stuff only where people who like this kind of shit will find it.


kinda hard to find ya if this site goes down


File: 1438252122960.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, O000013.png)

Oracle getting skull-fucked by a hallucinated Joker.

Long Loop:

Short Loops:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

If gurochan ever goes down again for at least a month I'll be posting my stuff on Pixiv. Just look up the R-18g or "Necrophilia" and you'll find my stuff if the time comes.


Amazing work, pls if you could make more pov's it would be awesome


I like all the skull fucking. :D :D :D


Absolutely amazing! Her hair not moving bothers me a little bit, but still very good stuff.


Whatever you do just keep the skull fucking!!!


more skull fucking and mroe of the rest please...maybe a busty red head getting skull fucked from behind be nice




Joy to the world!


Masterpiece! Thanks for all your awesome work!


File: 1438413142077.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, H000017.png)


This is amazing. i'm now downloading sfm aswell!!!


your awesome


this is wicked..these need to keep coming.. maybe a catwoman one ?


This one is incredible. Would love to see either Cammy or Juri Han from Street Fighter raped and executed


i am soo with the idea of catwoman. all versions of her


wonder how many posts cvan be made on a thread before a newo ne has to be started. looking forward to more of your awesome work.


Awesome! Especially love the Harley Quinn animation.
She always had a fucked up mind so that seem to suit her well.

Waiting to see what you do next.


A quicky animation of two frustrated cops fucking Clover after a lengthy failed heist. Don't know why I find Clover so hot, just something about a girl with a nice body and having her face covered. Definitely expect more of her in the future.

Angle A:
Angle B:


File: 1438591354544.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, CloverPreview.png)

Preview image didn't load. here's a resized preview.


We need more of fucking an eyesocket of a living and protesting character.

Maybe someone from Game of Thrones or Ada Wong


Fucking impressive, especially with the facial expression, my favorite part of your stuff.


ever think about doing some league of legends? if they even have those in whatever you are using of course


ever think about doing some league of legends? if they even have those in whatever you are using of course


More necro please. like mortal kombat stuff


lol this is so awesome, i wish i had time to try to learn SFM like this.

if i could request anything for the future, maybe some of the girls could have little twitches in their face when they are getting skullfucked. like maybe one of Harley's eyelids could flutter, just little small movements like that.

or just MOAR :D


Fantastic stuff. Would like to see more beheadings every now and then if you feel like doing them.


File: 1438696391006.jpg (156.29 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

Am I allowed to post some I made/found here?


I suggest more realistic size of dick


Awsome animation!!! Moar Beheading!!! XD


yes, more beheading (with a knife preferably)


Yeah, knifey beheadings sounds cool


It's best if you make your own thread to show your own work. I know the thread title doesn't claim ownership, but it's generally understood that each artist gets their own thread (with the exception of /g/, where personal art is only posted if relevant).

OP, feel free to correct me if you feel differently.


I've got a different idea, how about some stabbing in the face with a burlap sack over the goth chick from killing floor 2?


I've got a different idea, how about some stabbing in the face with a burlap sack over the goth chick from killing floor 2?


I've got a different idea, how about some stabbing in the face with a burlap sack over the goth chick from killing floor 2?


This is excellent 3d artwork. realy nice done.
Could you make a animated scene were orbea or lightning from ff 13 gets navel fucked by a human or a beast? this would be amazing.


Jesus Christ i came so fucking hard to this animation. I really appreciate what you do OP, i just wanted you to know that. May i suggest more eye fucking?


omg, you are my hero.. don't stop!!


File: 1438897421782.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, Elite000010.png)

Halo Elite BJ. No gore yet, but if you've seen the 2D animation I made that this is based on, you know how it ends.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Not a bad idea, I'll get around to that eventually.

The LoL models out for SFM I've found are all the in game rips, most are pretty poor quality and have zero facial flexes, bones, or even bodygroups. Surprised no ones made any hi-quality ones yet.

I mean I can't really stop you, but this thread was kinda made specifically for my stuff. I'd put it in the general art thread but putting in in 3DCG seemed more fitting.

This guy gets it. Someone should start a general SFM thread.

Might do something similar with her eventually.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


Great work OP.

Any possibility with the DOA girls?. Specially Honoka and Helena.


Sorry if this is mean or anything to ask but do you have Dragonball female models that can be used?


Love content with monstrous chicks getting raped. Ever think about doing anything with the Left 4 Dead zombies? Spitter, Witch, and common infected could all be interesting. Rochelle or Zoey would be good too. I just love l4d porn. :)


always wanted to see some of those common infected zombie chicks from L4D fucked in the ass. would you risk fucking their mouth?

great idea anyway.


Loved that old elite animation, and it would be wonderful to see more!


I have a suggestion how about do an animated using a female X-com alien or a modified one. It would be interesting to see what some operatives would do to some dead alien females.


File: 1439168889414.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Elite000115.png)

The part some of you saw coming, the next part of the Elite animation:

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Angle C:
-Angle D:

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Angle C:
-Angle D:

Chances are I will sometime soon, got a lot of requests and ideas of my own so it'll probably be awhile.

I haven't found any good models but would gladly do something with them if someone else finds one.

I have an idea for a L4D animation with Zoey and a hunter. I like to do stuff with monster girls too, though Spitter is a little too monster-like for my taste personally.

Kill one and you could fuck one just about anywhere. I actually had an idea for a necro blowjob from a common infected from either L4D or L4D2.

If I knew how to modify models I would. Personally can't wait until the snake-girls from the new game are released, I can definitely do something with them when someone makes or ports a model. For the time being the most I could do is an alien fucking a female soldier.


Ooh, I really like this one. The way her face relaxes as she slides down, perfect. The loops are good too, but it feels like her shoulder seem stiffer in the full scene. Im guessing you cut out the additionall shoulder rotations and just kept one single movement and looped it?

Also, have you thought about doing an any scenes where the dead body is still slightly twitching (fingers, feet, eyelids) while getting penetrated? I much enjoy the idea of the body still struggling to live after the brain and heart have stopped.


Nice, I like how you managed to make her face expressive even when it's so inhuman. Kinda wish there was something going on with her lower half, the stiffness of the body kinda undermines the effect a little, but I like it a lot.

Yeah I can see how the Spitter's a bit much for most people's tastes. I like her though, haha. Maybe I'll try to do something with her sometime.


File: 1439195226511.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, K000000.png)

Had this idea for awhile after replaying Halo Reach. Found a model off of the gmod workshop that had her actual face model and got half-way through posing and realized she didn't have ANY face bones or flexes. Originally planned to have the dick go up through her throat and out her mouth, but obviously I can't do that. I decided to finish a half-assed animation probably not even worth sharing, but fuck it. Maybe I'll redo it sometime in the future and make it look better or maybe just draw it instead.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


would be amazing seeing l4d common infected getting fucked. would you fuck more than one? maybe jerk off with the zombies hand? their hands probably feel nice

and ever considered using any wow characters like jaina or alexstrasza?


Really awesome stuff

Do you have a tumblr or website to follow?

If you are taking ideas I vote anything with nipple penetration/insertion/cum filling


Hi. Sorry I know you get a lot of requests. I wanted to request an animation of a WoW draenei getting fucked in the ass please. WoW draeenei are great.


You know what I'd like to see? If you're taking requests anyway...

Brock Samson fucking Mad Moxxi so hard (hey, they have been in a game together, shut up) that he rips right through her torso. Or just tears her head clean off. Naked tits preferred of course!


Do a chechen style beheading of Sonya (or other MK characters)


Harley quinn is amazing! Incredbily beatiful.

Could I request a debreasting?

enjoy mate i recommend locking to pelvis then shifting to the neck bones or rooot transform then neck bone


You know what I'd like to see? This artist opening up a Patreon so the community can fund some more dedicated rape/snuff sfm.



Patreon is a little bit unreliable though. Technically porn there is not allowed but theyre lazy to ban it there. So porn artists there basically live on a whim of the Patreon's own moderators who can just ban their account any day without stating a reason if they feel like it.

Happened with owner of 8chan for instance. He didnt break any of Patreons rules at all but one of the friends of Patreons moderators didnt like him and there you go. That service is unreliable.


I'd love to see more of the same type of animations you used for the elite. Seeing the girl die then continued to get fucked would be nice


File: 1440325210250.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, S000003.png)

An animation for character long overdue: Samus. After being stripped, raped, and left for dead by space pirates, the bounty hunter was found by a hive of horny parasites.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Shouldn't surprise you to hear me say to expect more of her in the future. I used an expandable Samus model from SSBB. Though it has face posing it lacks eye rotation, so my face poses are much more limited. There are better SFM models out there but it's based on the Other M model and I prefer the Smash Bros models (really need a SSBU version on SFM with face posing.)

L4D Common infected are a definite maybe. WOW has been in mind but I haven't really felt inspired yet.

I only post my stuff to Gurochan. Nipple penetration is definitely my thing (and it's in the animation I just posted) but I've been planning an animation mostly focused on nipple-fucking a dead chick. I'll need to use a female model with a lot of breast bones for a good animations, so most likely I'll use one of Vaako's models like Soria.

Love the idea. Find me a Brock Samson model and I'll do it. If not I'll just have some Borderlands monster doing it. If you guys know of any models of any specific characters in your requests (in your case Brock Samson) link me any models so I can actually make the request. Otherwise if I can't find them myself I can't do it.

Debreasting isn't necessarily my thing but I'd do it if you can find me a model with removable breasts. Otherwise it'd look ridiculous no matter how hard I can try.

Holy shit finally, thanks for sharing. Been looking for a noose model forever. Like I said before, feel free to share any models of characters you request and guro-related addons for SFM, it'd save me a lot of time.

Patreon isn't really my thing, I just do this stuff in my spare time. I have no plans to really make money off of my animations.

I'd do this more but it takes a lot more time. Doing a second long loop is a LOT easier and quicker to make than a sequence animation. That elite animation was the most time-consuming animation I've made yet. Don't expect them too often but I'll do them when I'm in the mood.


Thanks for replying, I was wondering because I don't check gurochan that often and there is always the chance the site goes down or your page goes down.
Also would be nice if all your work is in one archive in case I miss something.


Please do something of Zelda, I'm beggin' ya


I don't know if I'll be able to find a Samson model. If you can't find one a generic tentacle monster will work fine (and opens the door to death by cum inflation).


Have you considered doing anything with the Mass Effect women. I'm sure there is a lot you could do with them


does anyone know of anyone else doing simular work


you could chop a draenei head off, holf it by the horns and fuck her mouth? could have a guy fuking the headless draenei body in the ass at the same time. might be hot


All the sfm models I can find seem to be reskinned Heavy Weapons Guy.


Yes maye your work are awsome, expecially beheading!!! Please do some more decapitation!!!


...there's something I've always wondered. Does the Fakefactory Alyx model have nipples or would you have to add them in?

(I like breasts, if you can't tell. Better if they're naked.)


For world of warcraft, I always thought lady vashj needed a good fucking. could you maybe fuck her mouth? or be a bit more creative with her naga body


awesome work anon! can you get an angle D of it being more down to see her face? sort of like you did here? >>2084 Angle A

please do lara croft Removed head BJ/eye, and bullet hole fucking like mario girl?lolipop chainsaw, everything possible? specially removed head and throat fucking body of corpse?
rapunzel from tangled? eye and removed head throat fuck?

please POV on these!!!


Soria getting nipple fucked after being strangled with her bra while sleeping.

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Angle C:

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Angle C:

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Angle C:

I'll get to her eventually.

Planning something for Femshep or Tali.

Pestilence's SFM animations are just about the closest thing I can find of anything similar to my style. He doesn't do the kind of odd penetrations I do (at least not yet) but he has some fantastic SFM videos. His thread's here -->

Could definitely try it.

Some of the versions do, but most of them are formatted for HL2 and GMod and dont work properly on SFM. Most of the nude Alyx's by fakefactory change her face to something I don't really like anyway.

Find me a model and I will, because I can't find one anywhere.

Love to do something of Rapunzel but no one's made a SFM model of her, only Disney SFM models are from Frozen so that's all we got.
As for Lara and Lolipop chainsaw they'll come in due time.


File: 1440917225310.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, S000002.png)

Preview pic was too large again so here's a scaled down version


Yaa an update. Looks really good. :D


sorry i cant find vashj either. i am not sure how to export wow models from the model viewer into sfm. sad... vashj would be a lot of fun. same kind of treatment as cassiopeia you did


Hey mate, I love your work!!! However I would really like to try giving this kind of work a try for myself. Do you have a tutorial or links at all? P.S keep up the good work :D


Very nice work. Can you please make Dragon Age Inquisition Morrigan naked being beheaded by her son Keiran who is also naked? Or something with her Keiran killing Morrigan.



Awesome work, any chance we will see a breast-bloating cumshot?



Can we get midna being decapitated and breast gropped?


hey there. loving your animations. wish they were in 720p. i wanted to ask if you could give EDI from mass effect a good fucking? she has amazing ass and head. cum inside her might mess up her thinking a bit but shed be fuckable still

if you ever get around to doing world of warcraft stuff.. i remember there is a good sfm Alexstrasza model out there. i am sure you could get creative with the dragons queen. alexstrasza when dead must be fun

anyway keep up the goodwok


Draenei requested decapitated blowjob.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

I just used the official Valve SFM beginner's tutorial. Rest I picked up on my own.

Find me a model for Keiran and I will.

Maybe, been planning on doing more with her eventually.

I'll look into doing stuff for both characters.


Here is the link to the Keiran model:

Its the first comment. Thank you.


wow nice draenei animation! i think alexstrasza dead body needs many cocks... especially her head. what do you think? if she was decapitated a cock could even fuck the neck hole on her body. though it would be a shame not to use her ass

cant wait to see what you do


I second the debreasting request. Would be incredible to see animated although I know it's hard to find a good model for it... Perhaps some bloody tit torture would suffice? Excellent work as always


Hey OP, it would be soo awesome if you could do an animation of Mileena from MKX! Something like that you did with the Aliengirl from Halo.
It really would be great and much appreciated!


Hey OP check out Yelena Fedorova from Deus Ex: HR -

After her boss fight you could drag her dead body around. I remember throwing her onto a desk or crate trying to stick her ass up and split her legs open. Would be great to see a snuff clip of her.


hey there, thanks for all your work. it is great. I wondered if we will see any more Cassiopeia drawings? I was thinking it would be very sexy to see her mouth getting fucked after her mind has been messed up with dicks fucking her brain. I think now cassiopeia's brain is all fucked she might not bite when her mouth is fucked hard!

thanks and i hope you do not mind the request. your drawings are amazing


hey there, thanks for all your work. it is great. I wondered if we will see any more Cassiopeia drawings? I was thinking it would be very sexy to see her mouth getting fucked after her mind has been messed up with dicks fucking her brain. I think now cassiopeia's brain is all fucked she might not bite when her mouth is fucked hard!

thanks and i hope you do not mind the request. your drawings are amazing


File: 1442779539916.png (321.33 KB, 1280x720, preview.png)

Animated version of one of my older sketches. Might try and animated more of my older drawings or other people's art in SFM if I can find the models.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Original Drawing:

Unfortunately the link sends me to the site's homepage, and no search results bring up anything on Keiran like you said in the comments. My best guess is the post was removed, but at least it's out there somewhere. I've still had no luck finding it myself.

I'll see what I can do.

Nipple fucking or hardcore tit-fucking is more of my thing, so I might do more around that theme.

Been planning an animation of Mileena getting a blowjovb with her lower jaw removed. Might take it further but we'll see.

Can't find a model of her unfortunately.

Haven't drawn anything in awhile so I'll need to get back and practice sometime. SFM just has my attention for now.



Dinosaurs go!


You my good sir has a special place in my heart. You manage to do manny of my all time female characters, either by drawing or 3d animations. Thank you very, very much for this piece. It may seem ungratefull from my part but always you post something new i whant more. Please man, never stop!!!



For the record, Midna doesn't have to be "Age-Progressed" She's a full-grown woman trapped in imp form, so there's really no need to lengthen her limbs at all to make her "Age-appropriate".

Good work on these, though, man! Fantastic SFM stuff!


No, the better question would be: Why is that even an issue on this site?


I know why the Keiran model sends you to the homepage, its because you need to be logged in to see shota/loli content.

Here is the link to the Keiran model:!6Q8AUCyZ!FmfpdKTDWIgA3dZtdnjmcHch1GVtDHELO8ubn-ihxaI


File: 1443212578496.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

Vault Girl Elizabeth caught by a Supermutant and has her rib-cage used as a cock-sleeve.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:

Expect more adventures of Vault Girl Elizabeth.

I didn't "age process" Midna because I thought she was underage, but because she LOOKS underage. I like girls with curves and breasts, and look more adult. That was simply for my own personal preference.

It's not an issue, just something I'm personally not into.

Alright, thanks for the model link, I'll get started on that animation.


That's hot. I'd love to see vault girl elizabeth get her throat slit by raiders :)


Between your animation skills and that vault suit mesh's amazing ass, I can't wait


I think RedMenace made models of the main Harry Potter girls. If you manage to get your hands on them, I'd love to see Ginny's head painfully get separated from her body


That is amazing, but for me the breasts are too large. Despite that the torso fuck by an Super Mutant is superb.


hey i wondered if you could fuck a dead female Sangheili in the ass please? or fuck some other part of her. please fuck a dead female Sangheili!



He did make HP models, but sadly he doesn't post them anyplace, he just sends them to people he chooses. I've looked far and wide and can't find them anywhere, but if someone manages to find and post them I'm sure we'd see some impressive work.


File: 1443508271230.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

Request of something of Morrigan from Dragon Age with her son. Her model got borked so I couldn't animated the jiggle-bones properly, might go back to it later and try to fix it.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Next project will involve more Shygirl.


good job OP ^^


I know, that's what I meant by "If you get your hands on them". It's really a shame. He makes really good models


Any chance that you will make something with Moxxi from the Borderlands series? Maybe a beheading while fucking scene?

Great work by the way.


Morrigan. Thats a character i did not know i had a fetish with. That is amazing. Just one thing, her right arm seems odd in some angles.




Great work


File: 1443960231112.gif (614.11 KB, 248x184, 1374638551579.gif)

what are the odds of us seeing a live girl looking down as her breasts are fucked/penetrated and filled with eggs or parasites or cum?


Any chance of some Mass Effect stuff? I'd love to see Miranda getting hanged and fucked or Liara getting filled with Krogan cum 'til she literally bursts



Since that you have already done "Morrigan" of Dragon Age...

Anyway that we can get a "Morrigan" from Darkstalkers? Any girl from Darkstalkers would be awesome!


Ever thought about doing something Egiptian?

Enotmbed alive, scarabs burrowing into flesh, mummies fuckign for all ternity?
Mummified alive while being fucked?


Morrigan from Darkstalkers is nigh-unkillable, so I think the rules would be different for her. Animations of her doing things while her limbs are separated all over the place would be pretty damn cool.


I'm still eager to see that Moxxi stuff I talked about, but you'll get to it when you get to it so I won't bug you about it.

Offhand do you know how to get in contact with Huuu?

Dude only takes commissions through Steam and that's pretty weird.


How did you get the head as a separate prop? It's possible to make the body headless by just dragging the head inside the body or out of line of sight then replacing it with a gib. But if you try to do a decap head by a separate model (dragging the head away from the body) it distorts the neck thus bringing it into frame.


File: 1446144055087.png (385.06 KB, 975x547, Clover_preview.png)

During the downtime I managed to make two animations. Eagerly waiting for Halo 5 models to be ported to do an animation with the female Spartans. Been working on a new shygal animation, but it's a big project. Won't be done for awhile.

First one is another animation of Clover after a bad interrogation.
--Version A--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

--Version B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:


File: 1446144768016.png (282.6 KB, 577x587, Quiet_preview.png)

Second animation was a quickie I made last night of Quiet.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Definitely plan to do something with Moxxi someday.

Something I'll probably end up doing. Might do it with Samus or Soria.

She's been on my mind but I haven't been sure what to do with her yet.

Find me a sexy female mummy model and I'll gladly have animate someone necro-fucking that. If not there's always that Egyptian goddess from Smite.

She doesn't have to be dead for a brain-fuck.

Never heard of Huuu, so I can't say I know how to contact him.

I scaled up the head and scaled down the root. The body is really really tiny and tucked away up in the head.


Have you thought of doing a Quiet necro-rape scene based off the cutscene in "A Quiet Exit"?


File: 1446155889352.png (423.71 KB, 1280x720, Palmer_Preview.png)


Can you make account in other site now?
(tumblr,deviantart,pixiv etc)
This use contact when gurochan down again.


Love all your new stuff espeically quiet!


File: 1446175825395.png (531.8 KB, 720x1280, Preview.png)

Decided to make another animation of Palmer. Four different versions with different levels of armor.

--Version A--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

--Version B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

--Version C--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

--Version D--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:


this is great stuff. the quiet model is amazing and I think we need more of her


Woot, awesome update.

Needs moar skull fucking. :D


OP you are the best. So manny updates!
What about lilith and maya from borderlands?


And please more quiet. The last one was FANSTASTIC!


Can u please do something where quit gets decapitated.



quiet* sorry


I'd love to see something done with Marie Rose from Dead or Alive.


great work as usual. some more skull fucking be nice. or belly button fucking. partially cut off head forced to ride give lap dance/ride his pole


Hi folks,
we are looking for members to build a 3D guro game in which you can do anything as you please to her.
You can mutilate her, snuff her, behead her, stab her, cut off her limbs, breasts, head, or any part of the limbs, have sex with her (possible when her limbs are being torn apart or the sex tools still attached to her body).
The game is also planned to be extendable and overridable, meaning that other people can add custom animations, new actions, or tools, according to your own fetish.
We know that this is quite a big project, but it would be amazing if we can make it.
We are currently focused on making the model, allow her body to be torn apart, the core mechanics, and the animations.
The game objective will be how do you treat the girl, her sexual activity, pleasure, mental state, etc
There would a business plan for it, and we are still discussing it. Let me know if you are interested by contacting my email


could you do some decapitated head harely using her neck and mouth?

love the work!


interesting idea with the game


an important option is the ability to customize the appearance of the girl


Is there any chance that you could make chun-li headless throat fucking while chun li head is facing the throat fucked up side down ??



Unfortunately I don't know anything about programming, but I really like the idea! Please keep us up to date, about the project! But I would move the subject to the thread "guro games"


This is great. I'd love to see another video from her POV.


Can confirm, Morrigan and others in the game can get sliced in half and will just act angry with their upper half on the table and legs possibly moving around, which would be a great animation if it can be done.


Any updates?


Can you do one of Sonya with her severed head impaled backward on a large cock, the exposed shaft of which is being stuffed into her pussy, her head being forced to watch her get fucked, maybe even press all the way in so her face is pressed between her ass cheeks with each thrust?


File: 1447750236854.png (495.19 KB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

A rather sloppy quicky but it was an idea I wanted to get out of my head. May go back and edit it later, then again maybe not. Don't know what happened with Alyx's skin texture but I can't fix it.

"Parasite Swap"

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Chances are they'll be seen getting necro fucked together.

Sounds like an interesting idea, but I have no plan to participate. Hopefully you find the team members you need.

Might do that with the new Harley model that just came out.


They're sharing parasites!


A midnflayer eating an elf brain while fucking her.
The efl has an ahegao face.

Not sure if it is better if the girl is a Drow Mistress or a normal elf pricness.


>>2962 Sharing is good sharing is love.
Hey Op you are quite creative. It is unusual for me to laugh of guro materials, but goddamit this was unexpected. Your updates are really cool.



Nice work dude.

Though I notice the chick in the centre has some opacity problems.


He did mention that issue in his comment.


I'll never get enough to seeing Samus gang-parasited.
I really like the Palmer getting headcrabbed look too.


Damn, that's some tight work man. Absolutely love the concepts (well, most of them, vore isn't quite my thing), keep it up! You are what the guro world needs.



that would be so hot


I think that the necrofuckation (sic) of Faith from Mirror's Edge or/and Bayonetta/Lara Croft would be great if it can be done (I guess it can).


can anybody make a hatsune Miku dismembered theme photo



Hell yes. Regina is my favorite girl.
Say, do you think you can recreate some of the game over animations from the original game? There are some videos of the death scenes uncensored and it'd be great to see Regina being eaten in HD.


I absolutely second this







Hey, OP. Love this.
Have you thought of using her head to lick her own breasts or pussy? Or putting her lips on her pussy, and then fucking her pussy through her neck and mouth? Maybe culminating in a creampie, dripping from both her mouth and pussy?


i am going to make a request, but of course feel free to ignore it if you're not interested! i would like to see Bayonetta lying on her front, with something holding her head up high enough to skullfuck the back of her head. what i would REALLY love is if every time he goes all the way in, Bayonetta twitches a little bit, maybe her face or hands just spasm a little. i don't really care what is skullfucking her!


OP, you're one of the rarest, please keep doing what you're doing and never stop, perhaps you can collect all your works on one website?

if i can make a request, i'd like to see clementine or Ellie being necro fucked (missionary position) while their dead bodies twitch, or i'd like to see both or one of them being eaten by zombies (dead too).

thank you so much for your efforts.


also, if you don't have these models, it's okay if you do it with any other models, hopefully you'll work on it, thanks again.


amaaaaaazing!!!!! wuld love to see a decap of quiet or elizibeth while they r ass fucked. ur amazing at this 3d stuff


File: 1448850059017.png (855.22 KB, 1280x720, Widowpreview.png)

Widowmaker getting a special greeting by some TF2 pals.
Glad the Overwatch models are finally coming out, definitely planning some ideas for Tracer.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
POV Spy:
POV Sniper:

Started working on one, but the Overwatch models came up during the process. Expect it soon.

I'm definitely willing to do more of Regina, but recreating the death scenes isn't something I'm up for. Maybe a follow up on some of the death scenes?

Yeah, I'm definitely going to be ending up doing that.

Ehh...Clementine and Ellie are too young for my personal taste. May do something with Resident Evil characters or Zoey from L4D in a similar manner.



Please do, Claire would be great.


>>Yeah, I'm definitely going to be ending up doing that.



Could we get something with Overwatch but as a normal fucking? aka. In pussy/ass/mouth? Its been a bit of time since we get something like that. Just some vanilla necro :3 Please? :)


Please do more animations with the Elite.


Second that! I really like your work with the Elite and it is difficult to find good guro with the Elite.


Personally I'd prefer more dismemberment than the hole fucking, that's just me


Mmm, fucking dead girls up under the chin -- you, sir, have given me a new fetish!

Now we just need a Latin term for it, and we can be a persecuted minority.






I think it would be fun to see some of these in the victim's POVs as well.


please do lolipop chainsaw massacre! remove head and do her throat also use her head maybe brain too?


any chance you could do a harley POV without the motion cam? all that moving around is making me ill :P its so hot tho! thanks so much!

can you do more of harley but getting eye fucked?


Any chance of some vore goodness?
Seeing sexy video game ladies kicking and screaming as they are mercilessly devoured alive




*crosses fingers and hopes for that Moxxi request to be done sooooooooon*


its my birthday on the 8th! if you could do scylla getting eye fucked id be eternally grateful, she was around 450 bc so technically not a loli


do some hangings pls


Is there any way you could do a decapitation like the one you did with Sonya Blade, but on Amita from Far Cry 4?


Hey op, what about this model of samus, it seems decent. https: //
Peopple use her all over sfm regular porn. check rule34 animated to see for yourself, they do great stuff and it is a way to see what can be done without testing it yourself.


OP where did you get the gore parts? such is dripping blood and bones sticking out?



Wow dude.
Best stuff i've seen in ages. Gave me a whole new appreciation for guro lol
Especially loved the Harley one. I vote more super heroines. Black cat, power girl, all those super bitches!



Wow dude.
Best stuff i've seen in ages. Gave me a whole new appreciation for guro lol
Especially loved the Harley one. I vote more superheroines. Black cat, power girl. All those super bitches!



Glad to see you are willing at least. Anything that involves her getting eaten is good in my book.
More Regina guro can only be a good thing.


love this one so much! please consider doing one like this for kasumi from dead or alive


plz upload these to mega in a super HD zip?


File: 1449880444939.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, CammyPreview.png)

Cammy losing a duel with Scorpion.

--Part A:

--Part B:
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

--Part C:
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

I'll do something with an Elite again eventually.

Expect more Harley sometime soon.

My personal views on loli isn't really about the actual age. Saying a girl with a 7 year old's body but is a 120-something year old vampire is always kinda a bullshit excuse IMO. The way I see it though my personal taste isn't about their age, it's their body shape. If a girl is like 14 but has curves and bust of a more developed woman, I'd animate that (Yoko Littner is an example.) Sorry pal, but unfortunately it's just not in my tastes.

Don't have a model of Amita.

Seen that model used a lot in r34, but personally I don't prefer using her. Something about her face and hair throws me off, I much prefer the Super Smash Bros. models over the Other M no matter how modified the SFM models are.

Some of the bursting gore bits are bullet wounds from Max Payne. The dripping blood is a recolored cum-ball with flexes.



Thank oyu very much for your efforts, OP. Very nice indeed. Glad I stumbled over this thread. :-D

Say, any chance to see something featuring Jade (MK9)? Preferrably something decap related like the ones you did for Sonya and Kitana?


Any female hooded model like DOA's phase 4, ayane in halloween costume, or maybe hope jensen from AC?


File: 1449950400158.png (319.65 KB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

Bayonetta skullfuck request. Unfortunately the Bayonetta model also has transparency issues and no eye-posing. Did the best I could with what I had.

Angle A:
Angle B:


Very nice, good work. Are you gonna do something with Moxxi in the near future?


Very nice work, well done. Do you have any plans on doing something with Moxxi in the near future?


Would love to see more of Bayonetta getting killed, the skull fucking thing doesn't do anything for me personally


Nice skull fuckery, I like the head holdy thingey. XD


Op you are amazing, i know the pain that is to use a model with no propper bones. And you did your best, thank you!


Nice, I liked how you used Keiran. You should use him more in your pictures, its better when a little boy is killing them/fucking them.


I agree, I'd rather have him than some random dude
Also, OP, I have some ideas for what you could do with Valentine (Skullgirls); for the SFM stuff maybe have someone fucking each of her ears with cum dripping out of her mouth, for the drawing I don't have any ideas but nipple fucking and inflation are always plusses


>>3126 there's the ninja moira model here....


Ahsoka Tano anyone?


Yes Ahsoka to celebrate Episode VII would be amazing!


femshep from mass effect would be great


Please do some more beheading/guillotine mate your work are awesome!!!


Can you make Clara Lillie from Watch Dogs, buck naked being beheaded by a naked Keiran? With Clara Lille has one hand grabbing her boob and the other touching her vagina? Thank you if you take the time for this.




Maybe some Juliet Starling beheading and fuck?


File: 1450210438677.png (756.3 KB, 1280x720, ValentinePreview.png)


hehehe, funny stuff. XD


Oh my god, this is amazing! Any chance you could do more stuff with Valentine? I love seeing this busty bitch get what she deserves!


Would you consider one of Liara T'soni from Mass Effect decapitated and getting fucked? That would be literally the best. Thanks.


Would you consider one of Liara T'soni from Mass Effect decapitated and getting fucked? That would be literally the best. Thanks.


Could you do more with Miss pauling? Your first was Amazing and id love to see more of her


Wow, great stuff, and you're so prolific, too. I wish you'd make a simple snuff+necro anim of Elizabeth from Bioshock, or girls from Witcher 3/Tomb Raider. Like them getting stabbed or shot and then fucked while naked and bloodied...


so you'll do young boy models but not young girl models?? hey man youre that artists but that seems hella hypocritical to me, slapping an 8 in dick on them doesn't change the fact that they look no older than 14. regardless keep up the good work, also i understand "young girls" arnt in your "tastes" but maybe you could do a little something something for your fans, by the looks of this thread im not the only one who would appreciate it


I absolutely LOVE your straight shota approach. May I request for some necrofucking of Faith (Mirror's Edge), Ivy Valentine, Sophitia Alexandra, Catwoman, Batgirl, Power Girl, Storm, Myuria Tionysus, Litchi Faye Ling, Anna Williams, Psylocke, Poison, Jeane (Suikoden or something like that), Mai Shiranui, Aya Brea, Poison Ivy, Jean Grey,
Christie (DOA3?) and Lara Croft? Sorry for any rementions.


nice work on the females bujt i am not into the young boys doing the work men should be doing. but i guess some like em.would love to see version of those with men screwing the women too.


Can you please do some LoL necrofucking?? Like Sona/Miss Fortune/Riven/Syndra/Nida and pretty much everyone except the midgets/futas pls!


Or you could get over yourself and not request the guy do what he has stated he does not want to do, just an idea.


Those recent Cammy ones are my new fav.


or i could point out the obvious flaws in his reasoning and ignore deluded white knights like yourself, seriously though maybe if you show up at his door with a sword and shield hell let you stick it in a little. maybe you should leave the thinking to the adults, just an idea


Oi. The OP can do what the fuck he wants. If he doesn't want to do what you want him to do, more power to him. He's devoting time to make this stuff for our enjoyment, so lets not fuck up a good thing here, yeah?


Flawed reasoning or not it is still a reason, given that he has no actual incentive what so ever to appease the few people who want to see loli guro especially since you can always get it from the other active 3D threads. Also the difference between what he did with the males in the last few animations is that they aren't the ones being killed, but what you want is for him to do something with a loli being snuffed which from what I can gather, he isn't comfortable doing. He has no reason to cater to your niche kink that he doesn't like himself, so this is all I have to say on the matter.


File: 1450483462692.jpg (42.24 KB, 1040x585, 5f7783fa-b0ac-41b5-8adf-66….jpg)

please! Lara Croft execution by decapitation. ( with a knife )


Chill the fuck out people lol. Just throw in ideas that haven't been already rejected (lolis etc).


File: 1450512510931.png (932.16 KB, 1280x720, ParasoulPreview.png)

Parasoul strangled and toyed with.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Could do more with her in the future, but for now I plan on doing more with the other Skullgirls.

I fail to see the hypocrisy when the males aren't the center of attention or being guro-fied in any way, regardless of age. I'm not doing lolis ever, guro or not.

This guy gets it.


Can anyone create something with Jane and Tarzan?
Like the leopard tearing her apart or the gorillas chomping on Jane's flesh?


very awesome work, please keep it up


is it possible for an elizabeth futa penectomy?


File: 1450668502552.png (333.48 KB, 720x1280, DrowPreview.png)

Request of an elf getting fucked by a mind-flayer. Decided to use Drow-Ranger from Dota since her IK rig worked the best. Not my best work, tentacles were a bitch to animate. Doesn't help I can't find the amazing Drow models other SFM animators use, oh well.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Sounds like it'd be a hard to find those models.

Sorry, but futa/male based guro are not things I ever plan to do. I should establish that you should never expect animations featuring;
-male focused gore
-some furry stuff like MLP

Thought I had this typed out with the last animation but seems I forgot...


>>3204 about restrictions...

Happy to read that! Cheers.


>>3204 Ahsoka tano? anything with her head!

seems like this last animation is a bit rushed. can't quite see anything. and yeah, the tentacles seem hard to controls because they are just smudging through her head... no motion pumping inside/outside...
I'm not the one who requested, but it's not as good as the others.
(can't win them all)



il like her in star wars wouldl ove to see animations of her


I guess I'll keep waiting.

Jeez, dude, chill the knife pezzing fetish already.


Requesting crystal maiden from dota fucked or impaled to death.


Excellent work, even when I don't like the manifestation (rarely, but occurs). My only request is to just post stuff regularly - well, as long as you're able to do so, of course. Keep it up!


Forgot the drow ranger exists...

Amazing animation, though not very arousing...
crystal maiden maybe??

Somehow the DOTA set is not very um, motivating?

I could help you make rigs, of course.


How about this idea - Glaz or Kapkan from Rainbow Six Siege fuck dead Ash or another woman.
I think it is a good idea to work out.

I also want to thank you for your work.
Not many people make content related to necrophilia.



Since you're already doing DOTA, why not do Lina/Crystal Maiden combo?


I request more guro of Elites like this. <3


Please someone do more mortal kombat ones



Second that! That'd be awesome


Oh yeah, and of course: My wish for a scene with Mileena is still there ;)


File: 1451188975932.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, preview.png)

A lucky teenager finds Santa left him the perfect stocking stuffer hanging by the fireplace.

---Part I---

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

---Part II---

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

---Part III---

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

If I could find an model of her I'd love to do something with her, or a few other Star Wars characters.
Yeah, animation kinda lost traction after awhile. Started it before both of the Skullgirls animations, and kinda lost interest. Decided to finish it since someone requested it and I already made enough progress. The tentacles in the head ARE moving but they're hard to notice with all the blur caused by Drow's head movement.

Might do some Siege, but only know of one model ATM.

I'll do more Elites eventually.


Not bad. Penis' position is a bit off (same goes for intercourse). 7/10.




Could I suggest princess Leia in her slave costume fucked by a lightsaber?


Actually yeah a Star Wars piece with young Anakin necroing (bj/fucking-positions) Padme (at the age she was at the time Anakin met her for the second time where he was about 19) would be really nice. Lightbaser through the chest or neck or eyesocket? Something like that.


I would love to see some tomb raider ones


I love your art man but i think you make better animations when you use more realistic models like batman series, lara croft or Doa.

Any chance to make some necro animation with mortal kombat x models like cassie cage?


dude your animations keep getting better and better, keep up the solid work! any chance we can get Quiet from MGS hands tied behind her back and her head in a bucket of water getting banged from behind ?


Just a style sugestion, try to make the male play a little with the girl's face I find it sexy as hell.


Great Xmas gift! Anyway that we can get a un-bagged version? Would love to see her actual face.


Guro needs more big bouncing tits.


Can I request Ayane (DOA / Ninja Gaiden) getting beheaded and necro fucked? I saw her beheading terrorists in Ninja Gaiden 3 and I would like to see some guys returning the favor.


File: 1451631479696.png (706.93 KB, 1279x720, Preview.png)

A Racoon City civilian takes advantage as he finds a busty survivor being attacked by an infected dog. Animation on the long segments a bit choppy, still need a lot of work with longer non-looping segments.

Part I:

---Part II Tease---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

---Part III Blowjob---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

---Part IV Deepthroat---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

---Part V Doggy Style---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Don't know about FUCKING her with a lightsaber, but I can do something with the two.

I like to do a mix of the two, but everyone has their preferences. I have something planned for Cassie.


Any chance you'r ever do commissions for this type of stuff? I'd love to see more Valentine (Skulgirls) stuff, but I'd hate to ask for another animation without being able to give something back.


Same goes for your art thread (the commission thing), I bet there are at least a few people who'd buy commissions from you!


File: 1451663620910.jpg (7.02 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

^^ I would gladly throw money at you, TAKE MY MONEY!


Damn man, you're one of my favorite guro artists, keep up the great work.


Do cassie getting her decapitated throat fuck


File: 1451784866714.jpg (6.59 KB, 273x185, images.jpg)

yet another random request, can we get say Liz or Lulu or lara having her hands tied behind her back and have her suffocated with a facehugger? : D obviously struggling

it's a bit different than all these decapitation requests.. I don't mean to cramp anyones style I'm just saying something different might be nice, we already got a few solid decapitations from you !

Freeman Out

keep up the solid work, Freeman will gladly smoke his cigar and ponder about your future animations


adult midna plz


File: 1451815332545.png (920.09 KB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

Disloyal Stormtroopers are often terminated swiftly, but female troopers that fail to meet their duties are turned in to Vader for "special" executions.


Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

-No helmet-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

-No helmet-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Though I appreciate the compliments and could make a profit making these, I'd rather keep doing this as a hobby in my spare time rather than get paid to do it.

I appreciate the unique request, a bit specific, but definitely different than the usual ones. I'll do something like that sometime.


lol love the smoke, and that vader is using force grip to make her do it


Really nice. You can continue that scene with a necrobj!


Hello. Longtime lurker here. I’ve been enjoying your animations for a few months, but never posted anything to express my approval of your work.

First, I must say good job on everything! I enjoyed the Sonya decap, the Draenei skullfuck, and the Quiet facefuck. And, especially, your latest: the Stormtrooper execution.

Excellent job!

I’m extremely impressed with this one, and would like to urge you to continue exploring this theme, if not this animation.

Perhaps, if you’re interested, you could make it a little longer.

Maybe a forced blowjob, using Force telekinesis, like before, to make her deepthroat his cock, then force her onto his lightsaber and lead into the clip. Or afterwards, Vader could fuck the cauterized hold in her head, with his cock coming out the back. That would be the best.

Or, as a variation on the theme, a lightsaber decapitation would rock -- followed by the levitation of her severed head and a skull fucking. Wow! You’ve inspired me into all sorts of taboo thoughts.

Again, excellent job!



Just wanted to add my approval for the way her head smokes afterwards!

Awesome detail!


Op you seems to surpass yourself everytime you post new animations. This was incredibly creative and unnexcpected.

A face hugger animation would be much apreciated. I agree with Mr. Freeman


Now that's how you snuff a bitch. On her fucking knees before you. Vader's really the man. And so are you, dude! Awesome!


talizorah plz


Lol this thread has some seriously retarded people requesting for shit.

Keep up the good job man, do whatever the fuck you like - after all, you give whatever you please.


It's awesome. Thnaks.


New Mirror's Edge is coming out soon, any plans on a faith necro?


I don't usually request anything but damn your animations look nice, and I'm kinda ashamed to ask, but could you do something with the holsom twins from duke nukem or maybe korra from avatar? I would preffer a long fuck loop and then death, not really into necro.
Again, only if you want and it sounds good to you too.

Cheers mate, your work is awesome.


Amazing, also love the sound of the facehugger thing


Thanks for all the great work, op!

Had an idea for a scene. Hang a chick's corpse upside down and fuck her mouth/head/brain etc.

Thought that might be cool. Thanks again!


drowning is cool. bathtubs, pools, etc. ever consider working it into a scene?

excellent stuff so far.


Can you please please please do one of lady deadpool getting beheaded also one where she's still alive afterwards and her headless body fucks deadpool please


Mmmm great! more Star Wars, please!! :D


Please do tali'zorah with a face and hood, that'd be stunning.


File: 1452034419700.png (860.22 KB, 1280x720, Preview.png)


Fuckin' A! You rock, OP!

Two thumbs up!


I can see a necrogangbang coming, hehe


File: 1452050305501.gif (977.23 KB, 500x281, sexygunshot.gif)


made me think of this gif. i'd love to see what you could do with that!

keep up the good work!


Great! Very good. Kinda wish her eyes were open or rolled up.


is there a site with stuff like this stuff the fake live death


File: 1452238995189.png (268.28 KB, 720x405, AdaSawThumbnail.png)

You're one of the artists who inspired me. Cheers!


Great animation very nice!
Excuse me, but there is a animation I'd like to request.
After the character of DOA is kasumi were attacked by a man, and a muzzle of a gun could be forced on a valley of a chest.
launch 3 bullets, and I'd like to request the place shot to death animation.

Gun in the Desert Eagle50AE, thank you in feeling, such as those scattered the pieces of meat from the back in the power of the bullet.

This is sample


English is not know, and I'm sorry I wrote in the translation software.


File: 1452330103946.png (1.52 MB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

Preview of the next animation, only the first of several segments. Handjob loop will be released with the rest.

Looking good, camera moves a bit much but it's a good animation.

Well, this animation isn't quite that, but it does have shooting. I'll do something like you requested another time.


Is there really a need to make her boobs that large? It spoils the whole animation and making her look more fake. :/



looks fun! i'm anticipating what comes next!

and, that's another thing, a redhead. i was going to comment that we hadn't seen a redhead in a while. but you read my mind!

anyway, your animations are great! i'm really impressed!

p.s. i, for one, am a boob man. unless the tits are bigger than her torso, i'm happy! :)


i'm not sure about a website dedicated to just that stuff. i believe that i got that one from it's alright. lot's of various topics. organization is so-so. you have to sign up. sorry i couldn't be more of a help.


any chance of seeing lollipop chainsaw girl getting her ears fucked by 2 guys? also skull fucked????

are old ones ever revisited would love seeing her titty fucked???

love your stuff!


yay Lilith!


yay Lilith!


[ ] Not hype
[X] Fuckin Hype


Agree, the boobs in these are generally too big for my pref. That said it's quality animation and free so hard to complain. But as a general feedback to OP, I suppose it can't hurt to voice this.


well he put that hole to good use. Clever Vader.


I'm sad to critisize your fantastic work OP but i need to agree. If i can make a suggestion, I hope you do not mind, you could use the model as it is, i think some minor changes are not harmfull and work as a signature of your work style, and besides, it is fun to notice those little nuances.

Besides that i'm excited as hell for borderlands guro made by you.



Your work is still awesome and big boobs are always great :D


File: 1452624491678.jpg (246.32 KB, 1920x1080, L.jpg)

Second part of the Lilith animation. A lot of animation issues with some of the loops but I spent so many hours rendering them I'd rather not do it all again.


--Gut Fuck Loop--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Threesome Loop (Alive)--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Threesome Loop (Necro)--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

What can I say? I like big tits. If I can make the tits larger and if they're under D-cup size I'll scale them up just because that's my personal preference. I'm not into tits literally twice the mass of the body, but sometimes if it's relevant to the animation I'll make the tits that large for the people that do like that (ex: Soria nipplefuck variation). I appreciate the criticism though.

A maybe for both Jill's titfuck and the Juliet Starling request.


great work as usual. keep it up



excellent job, op. i particularly enjoyed the full segment. i believe that your better works often are the ones where we witness the subject’s demise (although i’m a fan of necro, as well).

on the borderlands front, i’m hoping to see something with moxxi in it, perhaps something like >>3304. the brutality of ripping a woman apart is intriguing to me.

just a suggestion. thanks.

anyway, thanks for the good work!


Funnybizness from loverslab here. Just wanted to say I am a huge fan. You inspired me to make my necro animations.


You're getting better and better, thank you for all your animations. I would love to see some loli from you as much as other people, but i understand it's not for everyone. Keep doing what you like, people will ALWAYS be extremely thirsty for that type of stuff, to the point where they forget how to be polite and respectful to others.


Could u do one with cassie just like u did with sonya? Kinda, like mother like daughter?


could you give this ear shot a go with harleyquinn on her knees?


Dear god hope they fuck her leg wound!


File: 1452890726825.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, Preview.png)

A blooper takes advantage of Rosalina after she was caught by a clam while swimming.


--Loop A--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--Loop B--
Angle A:
Angle B:

Oh shit, really? Have to say if that's true I'm glad I inspired your mod. Here's hoping you help make some necro mods for Fallout 4 when the time comes.

Leg Wwound? She was shot in the hip, and the animation after shows her being fucked in the wound.


it´s great. when she dies, make her leg struggle more intense!



I love your work. It's the best original stuff I've ever seen on here.

And I can't wait to see your future stuff as well as somebody fucking Rosalina's corpse.


A Drowning animation for you all to enjoy, sadly my comp does not have the right specs to run sfm so my stuff has a white line through it, but I have found a way to make the line on only half of the screen now!

gyfcat version

with sound



gah, disregard the gyfcat version, it cuts off near the end for some reason, I guess I am supposed to upload them in bits, also, souundwarning!



preview didn't load, here we are.

The backstory: Jill goes on what she thought was going to be a a routine search and rescue mission, when she falls into the clutches of a deranged serial killer! Breath water and die you useless slut!


File: 1452929928894.jpg (108.44 KB, 1366x768, jpre.jpg)


Can you do life is strange


File: 1452989319570.png (1.53 MB, 1280x720, Preview.png)



hmm, any girl in particular?


Max caulfield or Chloe price


For max or Chloe can it be like a snuff or something like sfmpestilence but worse


Any plan to do bayonetta? Her model released lately and looks great.



I lean towards the more "Clean" types of snuff. so they'll probably breath some water and die but no blood or anything, if that is what you mean by "worse". There will be plenty of fear and flailing about though!

I would add in a part where the killer drags them out of the water chamber or wherever they are and cums on their face after they are drowned but I don't know how to animate cumshots.

also, I have an idea of asphyxiating them in a gas chamber with a colorless gas but I don't know how to add that kind of particle effect as I'm a beginner in the SFM. hmm...



I think Bayonetta would look beautiful with some chilly water in her lungs!


There doesn't have to be blood but I take the killer fucking max or chloe corspe


That double blow is really hawt, any chance you can amake them both nude?


Can someone do a harley quinn or Elie from last of us snuff


Is there any other type of website that shares necrophilia SFM like this


File: 1453033696361.jpg (165.51 KB, 620x719, sexyimpalement.jpg)


nice. i especially like the face-to-face loop. well done, op.

i had another thought. what about a sexy impalement, similar to this, but with intercourse? one, or multiple, girls (dead and/or alive) fucked in a dungeon or something similar.

just a thought that hit me. love to see what you could come up with. again, well done!


Way better animation this time. Gj


OP that double blow was fucking epic. XD


Anybody know another website that does necrophilia sfm animation


File: 1453074108828.jpg (90.56 KB, 965x765, samint.jpg)

Chloe and Bayonetta have been added to my backlog and I will get around to them when I can, in the meantime here is a quick and dirty animation of ZSS drowning! Probably my weakest animation as I was pushing myself to see how quickly I could get something of a reasonable quality out, took me about an hour, heres hoping I can cut that time in half with double the quality next time!


Can someone explain to me what is lolis


Dude don't you think you should make another thread for your art? Don't missunderstand me, you work is cool and i'd love to see what you can acomplish in your own thread.



hmm, good Idea I didn't think of that, before I make a thread though I need to know, do you guys know of a site that hosts mp4's with sound?


File: 1453088570113.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720, Frozen_Preview.png)

Elsa and Anna after being faced by another Ice "Magician."


Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Might redo that skullfuck animation I did with her now that a better model is out.

I'd have to redo the animation from scratch so chances are no.

Might do something like that with tentacles.

I agree, better for each artist to have their own thread. Mixing them up would cause some communication issues with feedback and requests.


Can u do an animation of max or chloe from life is stramge


The frozen animation is top!!! Love your creations


NICE! I think that a necro on the corpse on the ground would be nice too.


"Ho Li Shit" seal o approval!


OK this one is one of the best you have done. Thank you! A bit shame you used the same pose for both girls but its still amazing! Thank you!


*throws two cents in*

STILL fuck Elsa/Anna...most annoying protagonists two years running.

*slips fiver into OP's hand*

You'll be doing Moxxi soon, right? ;)


Can U make that Zombies gangbang all of her parts?
it would be awsome :D


File: 1453334519671.jpg (246.67 KB, 1280x684, JessicaRabbitMovie3.jpg)

Jessica rabbit: Crane scene. When Roger and Jessica are tied up together on the crange hook. They are tied up. Roger gets hit midsection with the stream of "dip" and Jess is still alive. Jessica is impaled on a toon broomstick.


Could you make something with Palutena? I would love to see something with asphyxiation with a blowjob if possible. Keep up the awesome work.


File: 1453339000505.png (1.61 MB, 1280x720, MEC_Preview.png)

An XCOM MEC soldier's limbless corpse partially ripped from her augmentations and used as a fuck-toy.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Potentially, yes. Though both are 18 they appear a little underage, but I still might do an animation with them.

Originally it was just going to be Elsa getting fucked in the chunk of ice with Anna on the ground, but since the models bones are practically the same I could switch them very easily. Decided to add to versions with Anna cause why not.

There isn't a hint towards Moxxi at all in this animation, no no.


Might do something with Jessica if I can get a good model.

Might do a remake of the drawing I did for the Complete the Square thing with the summer Smash girls, though might do something different as well.



Holy shit, never thought I'd see such great XCOM content. Keep up the good work OP.



Boobs that big and no nipple fucking?


Da breast jiggle. XD


Is that the Cerberus logo from Mass Effect? XD


Op this is amazing and i have a question to you. It seems the model is Sheva from Resident Evil 5 but you managed to change the clothing in two animmations so far. Is that the case or there are actually 2 models wich are different?


File: 1453488688445.png (697.25 KB, 720x1280, Jessica_Preview.png)

Jessica Rabbit impaled on a spear and used afterwards.


Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

---Huge Tits---

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

I considered having some sectoids do a nipple fuck, but decided against it since it'd be too cluttered to even see.

It is. There are no actual MEC models that I can find so I recolored and bone edited a Mass Effect mech to look a little like the MEC suits.

Both cases are a model merging done in SFM by scaling down, scaling up, and locking a lot of bones. The X-Com soldier is composed of 3 different models, an X-Com female soldier with the head and arms scaled to zero, the head and neck of Sheva, and her tits.


dayuum you do some good work, some eye socket love with this would be amazing.


any chance you could do some xenomorph/argonian stuff?


File: 1453523834428.jpg (240.62 KB, 800x433, sexyroast.jpg)


love it! you could even heave mrs. rabbit over the fire and spit-roast (and rape) her, dolcett-style. great work, op.


pretty sweet, too.



was musing about this one and thought that a double beheading might be cool. a couple of chicks are stacked one on top of the other, kissing, when the blade falls... afterwards they get skull- and neckstump-fucked by their executioner(s)!

seriously, op, thanks for all the creativity you’ve put into these clips. i have to agree with the guy who said your animations keep improving. he’s right.


Jessica getting impaled on a spike is not at all fatal :P


Is there any way for you to get some closeups on those other bodies, like the raider ones you had in the fallout gangbang?


File: 1453585368331.png (721.67 KB, 1280x720, Sheik_Preview.png)

Ignoring the warnings of a traveling merchant, Sheik is ambushed and necro raped by the forest's nocturnal inhabitants.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

I should get back in the habit of eye-socket fucking, though in this case the spear through her skull would make it difficult to get full penetration.

Argonian stuff is unlikely, Xenomorphs will be done some time in the future.

I'm sure she'll walk away just fine.

I could do the closeups but they were kinda just quickly thrown in there to add to the background, so I don't really see the point myself.


NICE! Also, nice angles.


Lola Bunny decapitated head eye fucked with the body splurting jets of blood at the neck beside it. (still twithing)



You wanna try saying PLEASE there?


Awesome :D

Is it possible to do a spitroasting of Nami (one piece).
Because let's say the crew ran out of food...


The soria one is incredible. Any chance we could get her during the strangling?


Just throwing in a suggestion. OP does what he feel like doing, and if he likes the suggestions (to what I've read).
Others can also support that suggestion.

But.. anyway... Please do ashoka of lola!
I'll also be very pleased. ;)


*or not "of"


Deadpool fucking Domino and then shooting her in the face (mouth?), then loop fucking her corpse in 2-3 positions pls? :)


how about the (big) red riding hood getting necrogorefucked by a wolf?


could you do Margaery Tyrell getting eye fucked?


Firstly, let me say thank you to all the SFM animators. These SFM animations are all well done and great, with lots of different themes. I wish I had the skill to create these animations.

I know we have a lot of the eye/nipple stuff, but is it possible to do more strangling, bone-breaking, twitching, skewering, hanging? For me especially bone breaking is awesome, especially when joints on broken in cringe-worthy positions that lead to shock and death with twitching. Anyway thanks again for all your work and effort, it's great!


yay xcom, fantastic work :D I hope for some lewd mods for the sequel soon :D


Bump this


With vore. There is got to be hard vore! I mean: One of the gruesomest piece of art, centruies old, has got to have its ultimate scene published uncensored... right? (I mean the part where the redridinghood gets eaten by the wolf, before the hunter comes to rescue them right? But un fortunately, in this version, the wolf does everything he wants...


Does anyone know if there is any website that features necrophilia sfm or gifs like these this is the only website and the only thread where i can find content like this I would like gifs prefarbaly


Actually, the wolf can let the RRH with a couple of parts of her body missing (if vore) or just dead with her throat eaten or something (if not vore/light vore) and then when the hunter comes and finds her body, he fucks it. There are plenty of options.


Can someone please answer my question about the website


Great work OP. Need some more beheadings soon! :)


There are sites like gurobooru where stuff like this gets posted in gallery as opposed to imageboard format, but most of anything that gets posted there will come through here, there just isn't anywhere else that's 100% English speaking with the population gurochan has.
Personally I always keep an eye on the new results for guro and peril on e-hentai and occasionally deviantart for less bloody stuff.
Your best bet is to find a particular artist you like, find where they upload their stuff and just follow that.


Finally thank you so much


File: 1454207022215.png (800.44 KB, 800x796, RRH1_Preview.png)

--Red Riding Hood Part One--

-Segment A-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

-Loop A-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

-Loop B-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

-Loop C-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

-Loop D-
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

I'd love to make something with Nami, but I can't find any models for SFM or Gmod sadly. If anyone can find one I'd appreciate it.

Wanted to do an animation of the Deadpool game girls for awhile. Might go with that.



Wow, you are getting so damn good at this.

Great job dude. :)


12/10 Would watch again. And again. And again. I love everything that you have done so far. If I may request some more decapitation, that would literally make my month. Thanks


heheh, glad my suggestion was incarnated (sic) in such a good way. Gz man, your best so far.


These are awesome! There's gonna be a part 2, right? Is he going to do something to the other half?


dropping (again, I think) the idea of the hunter coming and discovering the two halves, then doing his stuff with 'em (if there is a second part).


awesome, awesome, awesome!


or the hunter's son (judging on your previous content). He'd do the job just as fine I guess



Hope he sticks his big furry dick in her guts and fucks her torso until he cums out between her lips!

Ha Ha. Well done!


The part two's gonna be amazing, but please put her hood up.
She looks outlandish without it.


I hope you will use this model to make more video! she's so cute hehehehe


O_O I want to be that wolf


File: 1454307592657.png (863.33 KB, 1280x720, RRH2Preview.png)

--Red Riding Hood Part 2--
The Wolf continued to fuck Little Red literally to pieces until the sun began to rise. The beast finished another load with it's cock in her ribcage, fluid dripping from her gashed neck and cold lips. As it finished it howled in the murky dawn, gathering the attention of a traveler. Taking the lower half of his meal, the monster vanishes into the forest, leaving the upper torso of the curvy hooded traveler. Though the beast lives another day, the monster hunter claims a prize none the less.
Angle A:
Angle B:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Dragging her corpse to his small cabin, the hunter didn't even wait to take prize to the enchanted embalmer to preserve his new fuck toy. The caged spiderwitch watches in horror from her cage, knowing she may soon share the same fate. The young slimeling didn't bother to watch, having seen many similar scenes from her glass prison. The hunter's previous embalmed prizes hung on the wall. Demons, spider witches, and nagas still fresh as the day they died. Two serpent wraiths hung near the door, one gutted and ready to sell to the meat market, the other being saved for the hunter himself. He tosses Red Riding Hood's torso on to his bed, prying her mouth open.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

---Throat Fuck---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

---Tit Fuck---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

---Gut Fuck---
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Angle A:


File: 1454307890591.png (699.18 KB, 1280x720, RRH_RenderA.png)

After dumping several loads into the warm flesh of Red Riding Hood's ribcage, the hunter took his new favorite fuck toy to the enchanted embalmer. Usually using the effective preservation services for monsters, bringing in a human girl this young would raise many questions from the embalmer. Claiming it to simply be a seductress vampire, the taxidermy went on without question. In all likeliness, the embalmer knew the hunter's intentions. Hanging his new trophy on the wall, the hunter sets out to find Little Red's other half.


File: 1454307944793.png (813.75 KB, 1280x720, RRH_RenderB.png)

All of the hunter's trophies on display.


File: 1454308056683.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, RRH_RenderC.png)

A view of the cabin near the serpent wraiths.






File: 1454323170862.jpg (208.68 KB, 1200x685, mutant1.jpg)

did you make this?



the plot thickens! interested to see what comes next in the story.

excellent job on parts one and two, the animation sequences looked great and the camera movements were smooth. well done, op.


Any chance we'll be seeing some action with wraiths down the line?



WoW Amazing! And the fact that it's a series makes it even more interesting~! And i even see some girls on the wall with a bit smaller breasts! So that's another + from me! I wish you will do somehow continue this like some small occasional series adding more trophies to the wall!


need more eyes going retarded bruh
hot <3


holy fuck didn't see that one, fucking amazing job



Red riding herself especially the titty bang was amazing, but those wraiths !!!


Very much approve. Not nearly enough monsterchicks around. Excellent work on that last animation, to.


Will there be more hooded woman?? This series is so very playful.


File: 1454525418327.png (948.47 KB, 1280x720, RR000000.png)

--Red Riding Hood Part 3--
The hunter left his cabin with the spider witch he had caught before finding Little Red, taking her to town to determine her worth. The hunter's son took the opportunity of his father's absence to test out his new doll. Laying the mount on the floor, he penetrates her ribcage, her guts as warm and wet as the day she died, as it would be for years to come.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

The boy had spent some time studying the books his father brought from his travels, knowing that the fluid of a slime girl could modify human flesh in bizarre sexual ways. The skin temporarily retains the properties of the slimes, allowing for creative thiefs to sneak into smaller crevices or strange sexual acts that could normally never be accomplished. Taking a sample from the slimegirl in the jar, the spreads the jelly across Red's nipples as he rubbed his cock in her cleavage. Once "dried," the son penetrates her breast through the gelatinous nipple, the rest of the breast retaining normal properties.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Her breasts both filled to the brim with his cum, the boy spreads more of the jelly in her ear. Once the process was complete, he made no hesitation to ram his pelvis against her skull. As his cock pierced her brain her face flexed and her muscles flexed. Her mouth agape with her tongue flapping out, and her eyes crossing as he thrust deeper and deeper.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

With one final thrust his sperm flooded her skull, shooting out of her other ear and mouth. Her new retarded expression would remain for the rest of her days as a lifeless fuck-husk.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

The boy seemed satisfied until he turned his gaze to the serpent wraiths hanging at the door. He left Red's mount on the floor as he climbed up the first serpent's legs, grasping the hook piercing her skull. The seductress predators are one of the forest's most dangerous creatures, alluring men with their curves and large "breasts" to their doom. Their beauty and danger drives a high price on the black market, no doubt his father would sell both. The two corpses were in their prime selling state, young and small yet still curvy enough to keep their defining features. Shortly after maturity they reach a much larger size, making killing, transporting, and fucking them a hassle. It was a rare opportunity to see two this young and so close, let alone the chance to fuck it. The weight of her tails made it impossible for the boy to spread her legs or penetrate her ass, so instead he climbed along her torso. Her oily skin was easily climbable with the few hardened scales and grooves along her body. Sliding his cock between her soft cleavage, he thrust back and forth, the hook swaying the monster's corpse.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

The boy quickly turned his gaze to the second wraith, it's organs already spilled across the floor. A short hop between the two corpses and he began to fuck the exposed innards. Her flesh was not preserved, but showed little sign of decay. He thrust upwards, his genitals rubbing against her lungs and heart.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

I didn't make that.

Potentially in the future, had an animation in mind with Kat from DMC




Continuing with child tales, there's Rapunzel and Snow White left. There are two options that stand out here, among others: the typical "same-tale-but-the-girl-gets-snuff-fucked" by the man of the tale OR the hunter's son from the Red Riding Hood sessions discovers an ancient spellbook in the forest (after his father encounters some witches, snuff-fucking can be added here from either just the son after his father has left or from both, again after the father has left because if not that'd be fucking weird) from where he can travel to parallel realities and snuff-fuck Rapunzel (along with Snow White in another reality) himself. But that's just a suggestion - the story so far has some great potential though!


Forgot to mention that the snuffing can be easily done with magic powers acquired from the book (from neck snapping to dismembering, again, there are plenty of options here). Sorry for the spam, kek.


your best work so far, holy fuck man!!! easily the most talented person in here, in fact you should have your own page haha


Yes, Kat from DMC please!

There's also Jenny from Infamous Last Light...
Or Annie from Dead Rising 3.

Tali from Mass effect would be great but please, remove the mask, keep the hood.


I seem to recall the wolf escaping with half his meal...


too bad those had to be with a boy...i would keep em if it was an adult.since underage stuff is illigal were i live

but keep up the good work



damn, bump!


You think you can do something with the motoko kusanagi modeks from the ghost in the shell shooter? Its a pretty model, plus there's a skinless cyborg version and the characters can explode into pieces so you could get a headless scene going.


Awesome, love abusing monster ladies :D



Awesome work! Loved the part, where he has some fun with the monster chicks! I wanted to ask if you could do something more with those wraiths. Maybe a little skullfucking? Would love to see the corpse of a wraith allcovered in cum! Would that be possible?




With hoodies!


Where did you find that boobie Wraith model?


File: 1454945600267.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, Sofia_Preview.png)

Sofia Hendrik found and used by a few sadistic locust

---No Helmet---

--Rape A--
--Rape B--
--Chestfuck Alive--
--Chestfuck Necro--


--Rape A--
--Rape B--
--Chestfuck Alive--
--Chestfuck Necro--

I am planning on continuing the series so Rapunzel might be a good idea. Snow White would be easier to get to the bad ending, just the Hunter finding Snow White's corpse before the dwarves or prince. Leaning more towards Rapunzel, but finding a good model for both will be difficult.

Not sure if the SFM version of her has gib bodygroups. I'll have to see.

Should be possible, but I'm going to take a break from the mythical/fable themed animations for a bit.

Wraith NSFW model on SFMlab, has breast and ass jiggle bones I scaled up.


The blood seems a bit off (cartoon-ish). Gj nonetheless (even if not my thing). You know, you can eventually loop the whole hunter animations in a full length movie with minor changes (sex position changes etc and some things inbetween). You could get some decent money out of it (because it'd require a decent amount of work, obviously).


Amazing, simply amazing


Oooo... X rays. :D


Would you consider doing something with daenerys targaryen from game of thornes ?



sweet. love heartfucking, and the necksnap is so much better with sound! a++.



Really so goddamn awesome, I only wish she stayed alive long enough for when her heart was splooged



I'd love to see a scene where she stays alive as her heart is fucked and then filled with a huge grup orgasm



I'm not very tech savvy, is there a way to make a clip webm out of a larger webm?
I'd love to have a loop of just the heartfuck and beating


These gentlemen have the right idea.

This was fantastic. Hope there can be more


hey, again. i thought of a theme for an animation and wondered if you were interested. electrocution. sexy girl is strapped down, executioner throws the switch, girl thrashes about, her eyes pop out of her head, etc, executioner proceeds to fuck her smoking throat and eyesockets. what do you think?

anyway, thanks for the great work!


Some high quality idea here...
Also, if you may please use Kitana JIngu costume. Or the upcoming subzero cassie cage. DOA's phase 4 also have some nice outfit in hooded garment.

I'd love to see them alive and suffering while being fucked internally...
The necro feels like using meat dildos but lacking the character


>>3825 naicu



I really like nightscribe's idea of electrocution.

What do you guys think about skinning alive, then watching pass out and die. Then fucking.

Am I too gross?



Not really gross, just a bit lame, skinning isn't the greatest thing to watch if animated. I mean, there's Martyrs (not the remake OBVIOUSLY) - probably the best skinning scene. At least for semi-mainstream cinema.


File: 1455139344399.jpg (284 KB, 550x880, 1446342850782.jpg)

Gonna request something, but could we possibly have Zero Suit Samus getting hung and spasming, while giving a footjob?

Pic related


Gah. Angel Corps. I loved that stuff while it was going. (Bubblegum especially. ^_^" )


The quality of the drawings was cringy though. At least they weren't terribad and expression were visible along with the gore.


File: 1455180229876.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, Viper1_Preview.png)

--Viper and Sectoid--
With the vast number of xenos composing ADVENT, it's no surprise that there are occasional cases of aggression or infighting between different species. Since the majority of the Sectoid population's genes were mixed with human DNA, this aggressive nature has had a notable impact in these feuds between aliens. It is not uncommon to see these tensions released on the battlefield in the form of sexual assault, with the female Vipers and female human ADVENT troops as the sectoid's victims. This footage from an apartment raid under suspicion of XCOM activity shows such aggression.
Using their psionic powers, the sectoids control their squad Viper, leaving her grasping to life after a near fatal charge towards the XCOM soldiers. With the rebels dealt with and the clean up crew hours away, the sectoids enjoy their fallen squadmate's soon to be corpse. The youngest sectoid pureblood jumps the body first, slamming it's cock down the fatal gunshot in the base of her neck. The reptilian xeno gasped for air, blood filling her lungs and an alien dick penetrating her esophagus.
The sectoid hybrid alpha was next to pounce. Removing the plating covering the base of her tail, her divided muscles resembled that of a human female's rear and hips. The sectoid made no hesitation thrusting into her ovaries as his limbs wrapped around her twitching tail. The other pureblood removed her breast armor plating. Through human DNA testing, most female vipers developed breasts, the fat and shape combined with her lung sacs. The scaly creature's skin was soft around this region, feeling identical to a human breast; firmer, but more prone to damage. Without any effort the pureblood pierced her breast, and in doing so, her lungs as well. The sectoid's pelvis pressed the breast against her, the alien holding her weakened arm down easily with his foot.
The viper opened it's maw in an attempt to scream in pain, only a sharp whistling escaping her lungs as the purebloods' cocks fucked her airway. Tired from the blood loss and lack of oxygen, the second hybrid sectoid spread open her normally powerful jaws. She gagged weakly as the cock pierced her throat, her saliva and blood gushing up from her lungs drenched his penis in warmth. Gripping the sides of her jaws, he yanked her dying head back and forth, small final gasps for air escaping before her eyes rolled upwards. The powerful muscles in her throat tightened as she finally succumbed to the suffocation.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Blood was sadly the best particles I have. Lighting never works properly with it.

It's a different idea, definitely under consideration.

Skinning would be REALLY hard to animate, plus I don't have any skinless/muscle girl models.


Amazing! I would like to see more viper throat-fucking. The movements are amazing, only the lights are a little annoying.


Great! I love this Viper model! But sadly there is 2 many sectoids and instead of looking at Viper sexy body i got face full of sectoid balls ;/ I know where you tryed to go with it but there is 2 much going on and you can barely see Viper under that whole mess. Its really great animation (and i LOVE snake girls!) but it would be 10times better if it was split in few parts with different sectoids doing different things instead of all of them on her. Im not trying to judge i know you make great animations but this one is a bit 2 swarmed.


wow... no Kat


This is extremely cathartic after a few campaigns of these motherfuckers and their single action tongue grab bullshit. "Whoops I missed your spec, better just spit acid instead this turn."


I would love seeing some DOA girls action, with the new models of Helena or Honoka.


You ever thought about going to tumblr or is tumblr too bitchy to handle this kind of content


Tumblr and its crowd will not tolerate snuff/guro smut, period. It's why I am posting on this board to begin with.


i've not had any issue on tumblr, the place is way more porn than anything else :p

Fantastic xcom pics, loving that game so much right now <3


pls do some dark souls


BUmp this, desert sorceress or phase 4 please.


File: 1455416880599.jpg (78.15 KB, 1920x1080, Preview.jpg)

--Beep Block Shygirls--
Parody animation of with Shygirls.

More versions of the animation will come out soon.

Yeah, I'll re render it without the flashing lights. Originally had a much larger set design in place, smoke, flashing sirens, human corpse piles, etc. However the map it was on crashed SFM with each render attempt. I simply moved the main animation and lights to another map and rendered it quickly to get it done with.


Would love to do some Dark Souls stuff, but most models don't port properly. They either don't show up at all or have the transparency issues Bayonetta and Alyx had, and no rigs to work with.


there needs to be more elizabeth in here



nothing better then some shy girls


Oh man. I am loving yout animations lately. This ones good and a bit funny. I love the skullfuck shygals twitching face while he cums.


Whoa, smooth!

Definitely better with human adult face though,, hahah


can you do something with her please?



after seeing It I kinda want to see Jasmine. Something in that video reminds me of her.


Holy shit. That Viper one is incredible. -That- is the kind of monstergirl action I'd like to see more of.

And now I'm going to have the Shygirl thing stuck in my head. Again.

Though, that's also very well done. Love the variety there. Simple, but great.


While I'm still holding out to see some Moxxi stuff like I suggested before, I thought of something else that I think would be pretty neat.

Joanna Dark captured, raped, and executed by the Skedar. The latter two options interchangeable.


I really enjoy the gifs with the tongue hanging out.

Awesome job..

As possible positions: debreasting(just having the knife moving inside the breast) and grilling tits over the fire would be awesome.


Awesome. Also maybe something with her.



Seconding this.


I vote for more Viper! :D Those snake ladies are just 2 sexy!
But i'm sure or OP will deliver something interesting be it Vipers or humans :P



Seconded. Strongly.


This is probably the best thread on the site


Not probably; it is. Literally the only thing I check frequently besides Metal Mouth Murders (to give some composition advice).


Do you accept request? I would love to see Alice Liddel getting skull fucked, like literaly


So, when will we see tali zorah half dead, hoodedbut unmasked, being fucked through her neck?


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)


We sold probably have more animators up here like OP so when he creating new content there we be more animations getting posted we will have a lot more content on this thread( I'm just saying)



hey can i request i want loli's arms and legs to be chopped off, penetrated from the bot while her neck is hanged thx


Your work is amazing! Any chance of doing Ada Wong?


Your work is amazing! Any chance of doing Ada Wong?


I don't give a flaming fuck who the art is of. I just want to see more of of this excellent content.



Wonderful file(s), I know heart stuff probably isn't your thing, but thanks for adding it for it.


File: 1456450341608.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, ArclightPreview.png)

Deadpool and Arclight based on the scene after her boss fight.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Not very much into furries, sorry but it's a no. At least your request had the model link.

Should probably stop procrastinating on the Moxxi animation, but I just havent had the inspiration to finish.

Ivy's busty and gorgeous so definitely expect something of her.

Well that's quite the compliment. Thanks.

The whole mindfuck thing is fitting for her I suppose.

Not sure. I like the idea but the animation I had in mind would be a deepthroat bj until she died of the bacteria or chokes to death on the dick.

I don't quite understand what is being said here.

If you read any of the previous requests for loli you'd know it's not something I ever plan to animate. Sorry.

Its possible.

I dont mind doing heart stuff, Im personally just not a fan of any snuff without necro. If there's any focus on any organ like the brain or heart, chances are there's going to be a dick through it. In the Sofia animation the dick brushed up against it (hard to tell because the transparencies in the final render fucked up and made it pitch black.)



AAAHHHH dead pool!

I like the fight a lot


File: 1456533343604.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, HunterPreview.png)

--Not so Safe Room--
Overwhelmed with relief at the sight of the red door, Zoey hadn't noticed the mutilated corpses inside. By the time she heard the growl, she was pinned to the ground. Her stomach was swiftly ripped open, the hunter's cock piercing her wound. Her screams were muffled by the zombie's hand. Unable to call for help, her corpse was added to the monster's collection.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:



Awesome work

I prefer them to still be alive for most of the scenes to be honest. Necro is fun and all but nothing beats a live victim that can still react to what is happening to them.


I prefer them alive, and hooded.


Out of curiosity, what model do you use for your guts, gibs and neck stumps?


File: 1456634165490.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, Moxxis_Preview.png)

--Closing Night--

A bandit ambush sacked Sanctuary in mere hours. The last vault hunters that chose not to evacuate stood their ground in Moxxi's bar. Despite their best efforts they were overwhelmed. The men prisoner and corpses were taken outside, the women kept inside.

Angle A:
Angle B:

To the bandits' surprise Krieg had turned against his allies. A snap in his mind, or a hallucination? To them it was no matter. He quickly claimed Moxxi as his own. The prize every bandit sought, they bided their time, not daring to interrupt Krieg's fury. Moxxi was exhausted from the fight, it took no effort for Krieg to lift her on the table and rip her clothes. His enormous cock throbbed as he rubbed against her hips. As he slid it between her legs, her pelvis snapped as her stomach ruptured. Her screams seemed to be an annoyance to the psychopath. A slice at her neck and her screams turned into bloody gurgles as her head rolled across the counter.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Krieg tossed Moxxi's head aside, his shaft too large to make use of her skull. A bandit eagerly grabbed her clown painted cranium. His dick piercing what was left of her esophagus emerged through her moist lips. Warm blood and saliva filled her mouth as her eyes rolled.

Angle A:
Angle B:

The Firehawk Cult remnant took no interest in any of the captured girls, except one. The cultists took out their fury on their false goddess, pinning her against the ground then against the bar. As her spine snapped a dagger pinned her hand. As she began to prepare her siren powers, a hammer to the skull halted her. The first cultist to rape her finished a load over her exposed brain. As she began to slip down, a cleaver pinned her torso to the bar. As she gave her final screams a cultist buried his dagger into her brain.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

The lucky bandit that managed to capture Maya was given the honors to rape her first. He poured slag over the back of her head shortly before the chloroform wore off. As the chemical embedded in her scalp, her cranium was made fragile, almost soft. As the siren came to, the bandit sat on her back, pinning her arms beneath his thighs. A harsh pull on her head and a direct thrust to the slagged skull drove his cock into her brain. A shriek of terror burst as she twitched to a still, leaving her with a permanent shocked expression on her face.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Tannis as expected did not put up much of a fight. Easily captured, she spat foul unintelligible curses to the bandits. In frustration, the bandits grew tired of her bickering. Using more slag to soak her skull as well, she yelled and cursed until the cock piercing her brain shut her up. Her body continues to twitch, her brain soaked with cum. Her left hand twitches violently with each thrust, as her right seems to strangely caress her chest. Seeing the loud mouth smart ass turn into a helpless retard brought relief to the bandits.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Though Tannis fought with her words, Gaige was the hardest to contain. She threw violent kicks and thrashed her body desperately trying to break free. To squirmy for the slag, a frustrated bandit lifted her legs and pinned her to the ground. The combined weight of the bandit and her body quickly snapped her neck at a 90 degree angle.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

All the female captives were now dead, and Moxxi's Bar was forced to close. Until they all respawned at a Hyperion station of course.

I use Max Payne bullet woulds and Mortal Kombat gore props for the intestines. The MKX gore models just was released on the workshop.


Holy shit...


Amazing, necrophilia is the best. Keep it up!



these are excellent! that was a great impalement, to be sure. and moxxi's head used like that is a fantasy.

the only thing more that i could ask for is to witness the murders. for me, the moment of death is the ultimate turn on. the moment where the woman is completely used. for example, >>2042 and >>2106 and, of course, >>3324.

the more brutal the murder, the better. >>3794 was top-notch.

which is not to say that i don't enjoy necro. i do. you do very fine necro scenes.

and i especially enjoy your fixation on the woman's head. the eyes and the neck are the sexiest parts of a woman, even over her ass, breast's, etc.

anyway, i just wanted to complement and comment. always looking forward to more animations. and fingers crossed on the electrocution idea!


Your best so far, probably. 10/10.


armless and legless of marie rose (DOA) please, i want to see her getting fucked while choked/hanged


PLease do Drow ranger, and Lara Croft decapitation! :)



Holy shit. No I don't think its bad. Please go on. One suggestion though, if you have the ROTRR Lara Croft model can you use that? I'm also fine with the current one of you don't have.

And pls do a Skullfuck like Moxxi. >:D


Please make your own thread instead of hijacking someone elses. :P


Back of Tannis`s skull looks odd



that's great work


Fantastic thread! Can't believe I only saw it today! Would love to see a decapitation scene like the Lara Croft one involving Ciri from the Witcher 3!


Quite a bit more than I was expecting...different from what I had in mind but no complaints here. We got her tits and we got her guts, so it's all good.


Metssfm uploaded a D.Va model to sfm lab. I'd love to see you chop her head off sexily (or kill her somehow else, but I'm keeping my fingerscrossed for a decap)


This concept of first person in killing scenes is PERFECT. It adds an element of surprise to see who the character is, not to mention the decapitation itself. The animation is simple but detailed, i hope you do the very same with diffentent characters.

guuchsfm, you sir have potential but you need a thread of your own.



I'd love to see someone make use of that heart model in the MKX gore pack.

 No.4202 've no idea there's someone like this in Star Wars.....

Would someone please?


Oh god, yes, thats amazing!
Please, i'd love to see more of the X-Com Vipers.


File: 1457141358128.png (913.64 KB, 1280x720, Zonetan_preview.png)

Zonetan's Hell

Angle A:hxps://
Angle B:hxxps://
Angle C:hxxps://
Angle D:hxxps://
Angle E:hxxps://

Saw the Zonetan model and knew I had to do an animation of her with tentacles.


Have to agree with Red, this isn't a general SFM thread, this was for my animations. As much as I appreciate seeing new SFM animators in guro, I'd like it if you'd start your own thread or a general SFM thread instead of mine.

Trying to make the skull prop work properly didnt work out too well on her due to her hair. Could be better but oh well.



Though I'm hoping that there is soon a model with more appropriate anatomy than a bra and panties. *grins*


Could you do something like this happening to Nurse Valentine?


I would to see that in Zoe's POV


I... don't recall Zone-tan's boobs being that big in the original design sketches.


The link to the zone animation not working for me


It's hxxp for me instead of https:// and that y the link won't work


Yeah OP seems to increase the boob size to ridiculous on most of these.

Bit of a shame


Maybe he should do some more Midna tier animations to make up for it


The boobs size are good for me


someone do harley quinn and batgirl? would be awesome!

along with the oracle girl? or maybe just her head?


Marie Rose please...


File: 1457317733032.png (1.56 MB, 1440x810, DungeonA_Preview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: The Bard

A gang of heroines attempts to plunder a mythic cave. One by one each member falls prey to the traps and monsters within. The first to perish was the blue elf bard. After clearing the first few rooms the group decided to rest. Daring to explore alone, the overconfident bard found herself in a beautiful spring. Little did she realize she was not swimming alone. A mindflayer burst from the water, chasing her as she fled for her dagger. Just as she was within arm's reach the creature grabbed her from behind. It's tentacles pierced her skull and ears as her horrified expression froze and her body went numb.The young mindflayer hoisted her off the ground and thrust into her quivering ass. As it raped it's meal it's tentacles began to suck out her gray matter and he caressed her breasts. By the time she was found, her skull was an empty husk, and the mindflayer gone.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:

Not sure if Gurochan changed their link policy. Before to help avoid spam url links would by typed with hxxps and automatically change into https to make a proper link. Not sure if that changed now, but trying to just put in https doesnt work still.

Discussed this several times before, suppose I'll do it again.
I like big tits. Don't see anything wrong with that. Most of the time I try and keep them about the same size ratio of breast to torso because that fits my tastes. As for the suggestion for what happened with the first Midna animation, that animation only was rendered with three angles for each version. That's only six shots to render and compile into gifs, a lot of my animations have much more angles to render, and each alteration multiplies that amount by each type of version. Most of the time I do variations in breast sizes is because there aren't as many angles to render, its a shorter clip, or it's to make them closer to reference. For example, the XCOM Exosuit animation had one with HUGE breasts because the drawings that inspired me had tits that large.
A lot of my animations focus on breasts in some way; titfucking, nipple fucking, breast fondling, etc. Making them too flat chested would completely break these animated segments, and have me reanimated those sections from scratch.There are some cases yeah, large tits dont matter in the animations, like the first Lilith set. A large majority of necrophilia is with smaller chested women, so as far as I'm concerned the big tits are going to stay.


File: 1457317809217.jpg (61.58 KB, 506x658, Reference.jpg)

Here's the reference photo that inspired this new animation series.


Any chance of doing a Marie Rose animation?


That pic is a classic. Nice to see some mindflayers! Can't wait to see the rest of her party!


>I like big tits
Awww damn. You really have to do Sylvanas from WoW (preferably the HotS model), shes just perfect for the hard stuff.


That is awesome.

Mind if I ask where you got the mind flayer model?



Wonderful work. The world can never have too much Mindflayer smut.


Dude you are fuckin legendary. And to the people bitching about breast size, this is what the creator likes and hes giving us this shit for free. Get the hell over it.


Dude you are fuckin legendary. And to the people bitching about breast size, this is what the creator likes and hes giving us this shit for free. Get the hell over it.


Dude you are fuckin legendary. And to the people bitching about breast size, this is what the creator likes and hes giving us this shit for free. Get the hell over it.


Dude you are fuckin legendary. And to the people bitching about breast size, this is what the creator likes and hes giving us this shit for free. Get the hell over it.


Dude you are fuckin legendary. And to the people bitching about breast size, this is what the creator likes and hes giving us this shit for free. Get the hell over it.


Dude you are fuckin legendary. And to the people bitching about breast size, this is what the creator likes and hes giving us this shit for free. Get the hell over it.


File: 1457389679624.png (1.7 MB, 1280x720, Dungeon_Spellsword_Prview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: The Spellsword

The second to fall victim was the party's dark elf spellsword. The younger sister of another party member, she was always shadowed by her elder sibling. After seeing what she believed to be a child, she followed after, eager to rescue him from the caverns. Surely it would bring her praise. The party didn't notice she left until it was too late.
Finding the child near a pond, she approached and greeted him kindly. As he turned around, she shrieked as the child turned and revealed itself to be an adolescent goblin. She panicked and back away towards the glowing waters. A lurker pounced from the pond, pulling her down by the shoulders. Her spine snapped as she landed on a sharp rock at the water's edge, her legs paralyzed. The monster held her head down under the water, it's tongue-like genitals emerging from the roof of it's mouth. As she desperately gasped for air and emerge from the shallow water, the lurker's cock slithered down her throat. The goblin approached the struggling elf, raping her lifeless pelvis. The spellsword suffocated, dying with her lungs filling with water and the lurker's semen.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

Model is made up of a lot of pieces, not one model. Brains from MK, tentacles from SFMLab, Dante's body, and Combine airship gibs for the eyes.




Can we hope for more dark elves? Probably the whole family (just the females) snuff-fucked by an enemy clan (preferably shota or just more goblins)?


Great animation, is that lord ardvarks queen nualia? Hope to see more of it!


To the OP:

Seeing as you like having characters or monsters literally "mindfuck" ladies, I have an idea for you, but I don't know how willing you would be to do it. You seem to do things on your own accord which is all great and dandy; nothing wrong with that. Not sure how often you take ideas and make them into animations seeing as you get requests and ideas a ton in this thread already. I guess I'll just pitch this one and if you don't wish to do it or don't feel like it would be in your style, then that's fine. I've had this idea for a while and to see it animated would be pretty cool. I'll be as detailed as possible to paint a better picture on how it would fold out.

In Resident Evil 6, there is this monster called "Rasklapanje". It's a bio-organic weapon that literally kills to reproduce into more of its kind and does so quite quickly. Here is the death animation in full from two different camera angles:

Notice how the Rasklapanje leaves a major gaping hole in the females face. Big enough for the Rasklapanje to walk over and facefuck her corpse with its dick (not the parasite from the mouth, mind you, but a dick you could just paste onto the lower torso of it in SFM). I don't know if it is possible to recreate that hole texture on face its been drilled in from the parasite. I believe there is a model for the Rasklapanje in SFM, but I don't know where it is exactly. I have seen a few SFM animations with it used. You can use whoever you want as the victim, but I don't think there are extremely busty full nude versions of Helena Harper, Sherry Birkin, or Ada Wong out there for SFM. I know there is one of Sheva Alomar. She's from Resident Evil 5 which is fine, but I thought it'd be for fitting to have it relate to Resident Evil 6. But yeah, that's the general idea; recreate and add an extension of that death animation.

As far as how I imagined it would play out, it would go like this: Character is topless pinned down by the Rasklapanje struggling. Rasklapanje does the face drilling with the character convulsing with her breasts bouncing and jiggling. After the face drilling from the parasite, instead the Rasklapanje undresses the character and fucks her on her back (vaginal or anal). Rasklapanje cums inside and then moves towards the characters face. The Rasklapanje facefucks the character. Cums inside the face. Then the Rasklapanje walks away with the characters body creamed from both holes. After a while, the body starts to convulse really violently with arms, legs, and her breasts flopping about and then the birth of the baby Rasklapanje pops out from her chest like in the video.

It might sound like a lot to do and it probably is a heavy endeavor of a project to take on. To which I understand if you don't wish to take on this idea. It's perfectly fine. Just wanted to get this idea out there regardless. You don't even have to do it in the way described above. You're free to just take the concept itself and do it in your own style however you want with unrelated and different characters even. Your choice, your rules.

This death animation from Resident Evil 6 is one of my favorites for many reasons: the nude mods used add to the rapey factor of it, the way the character sounds when getting their faces drilled, the hole left in the face with the blood spurting out, the way the body spasms during the birth. To see it done in an SFM style with the freedom to change how it would normally go always sounded like a pipe dream to me. I do like your animations greatly and I think you're the animator who could get this done as it seems to suit your tastes well enough. Sorry for typing up so much as I know it's a bit of a read. If you don't wish to do this, then that's fine as I look forward to your other projects in the future. :)



Wait, you're making a Dungeon Crawl series?! And here I was thinking that Christmas is only in December. Keep up the great work


Can we request a Lara Croft Impregnation rape


quadruple amputee Marie Rose would be good <3


Where do you get your models? I'm trying to get into SFM, but I'm only familiar with SFMLab and the Workshop on Steam, but I'm unable to find models like Lilith from Borderlands...


To the OP, do you have any suggestions for good gore in SFM besides the max payne and mortal kombat workshops? I feel like there would be a lot of good stuff in the left 4 dead files but I can't seem to find anything. I've been making SFM stuff for a little while and I wanna make some hot super gory scenes ^^

New Valentine model, any chance you could try it out?



bumping the best thread on /cg


File: 1458324094559.png (902.05 KB, 1280x720, Harley_Blow_Preview.png)

Harley Quinn: Death's Blow

There was a common understanding between most of the police officers of Gotham City. Any "resistance" from female criminals and suspects would be retaliated against without mercy. Harley Quinn was unfortunate enough to be cuffed by one of these corrupted officers. Her "resistance" earned her a broken neck, an accident according to the reports. A few bribes and the mortuary workers wouldn't comment on her cum filled stomach.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Quickie of Harley to take a break from the Dungeon Crawl series. Wanted to use her new classic outfit in some way.

There's two party members down and five to go, which member do you want mutilated next?

The dark efl spellsword's sister is one of the other party members. Might do more dark elf stuff after the series.

Might give it a try. Face-fucking like that seems right up my alley.

All my models are from SFMlab, DigitalEro, and the Gmod and SFM workshop

Those are the best gore models Ive found. There are L4D gibs but they arent as useful to work with.

Already started an animation. Plan was to get it done by Valentines day but its a big project. Its on hold for now.


I vote for rogue


I vote for nice juicy big breasted barbarian <3






And can we please be graced with some spitroast impalement one day? Pretty-pretty please?


Rouge - or any redhead girl :3 (that girl from nevest Thief game was hot)


File: 1458357602058.png (732.15 KB, 1280x720, Ghost_Shell_Preview.png)

Fucking an Empty Shell

In the dystopian future crime is at an all-time high. With such a large population in a dense area and a corrupt police force, corpses are common finds in the city's alleys. Taking a back alley after a rainy day of school, a lucky teenager found a fresh cyborg corpse. Three bullets, one to the thigh, stomach, and skull. Her pale skin was oiled and smooth. The boy removed his clothes and rubbed his cock on her lifeless face.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

--Rape A--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

--Rape B--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Her lifeless womb filled to the brim with his seed, the boy had no further use of her. The corpse was tossed into the nearby dumpster, left to the rats and flies until another would find her.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:


nice too bad it is with a boy not an adult. but nice



Some great work, OP!

At the risk of defying my pro-rogue peers, I have to say mage. The sight of a fragile mage being painfully defiled (despite her amazing powers) is sorta my jam.



OP you are now like on a divine level to me.


Any chance you could post what you have done of the Valentine animation, if you have enough done for a full scene?


Having the uncareful rogue trigger a trap killing her, then the gets necroed by the dungeon master... >_<


Having the careful rogue trigger a trap killing her, then the gets necroed by the dungeon master... >_<


any chance of geting some black widow action?
or since the mdoels exist maybe katsumi from DOA being used or multiple DOA girls body parts?



Isn't Motoko a full-body cyborg, though? Rats aren't gonna find her very tasty. What with being a military cyborg, I bet she'd have some kind of beacon transmitting the moment that started transmitting the moment she went down, meaning that retrieval teams are en route to her location to extract the organics and re-frame them in a new prosthesis.

The question is how much of her was salvaged from the original organic body...

I think it would be...interesting to see the wetware being settled inside a new shell. One adjusted for more carnal pursuits, because obviously, she can't be entrusted with the more expensive combat model!


10/10, dayum.


File: 1458513471157.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, Dungeon_Rogue_Preview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: Rogue/Thief

With the loss of two of their members, their Thief Catfolk volunteered to scout ahead. With her nimble flexibility and speed, she could easily remain out of sight and evade combat. Easily one of their most experienced and talented members, and the most useful for planning for the dungeon ahead.
The Rogue easily cleared the next three rooms, daring to continue on her own. A faint glimmer of gold glistened through the cave mist. Immediately drawn towards the reflection, the cat-woman came upon a large golden treasure chest. Flawless gems adorned the rocks surrounding it. Without hesitation the thief lockpicked the treasure chest. Before she could realize it, death came as soon as the latch opened.
Two large clawed hands emerged from the chest, latching on to the theif's head. In a flash the hands yanked down. Blood tricked down the golden interior of the chest. Her gasp was cut short as the sharpened teeth adorning the chests edge pierced her throat. Despite her best attempts to scream, all that came up from her mouth was her own blood. Even if she could, the party was four rooms away. They would be too late if her screams could even reach them. She struggled and choked, trying to free herself from the mimic's grasp. The monster retaliated, pulling down harder as the teeth pierced deeper. Her agape jaw was quickly stuffed with a tentacle from the monster, it's eggs gushing down her throat between the teeth. Two more tentacles emerged, piercing her cat ears. As her body began to go limp, the monster released her head and grasped her arms, holding her body closer. Her exposed rear was taken advantage of by a Chiroptera, a bat like goblin that watched the thief from the shadows. Grasping her twitching tail, the monster groaned with glee as her thick ass and thighs rippled with each thrust. The thief died facing the mimic's toothy maw and blinded by the polished golden chest.
By the time the remaining party members found her, the mimic and Chiroptera were gone, leaving the greedy thief's impregnated corpse behind, a single gem stuffed in each hole.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:

The Rogue was the most requested of the remaining party members, now only four remain. Which do you want to see next?


Dont wanna post anything until its done. I'll probably get back to it after the Dungeon Crawl series.

If I recall there is a Black Widow model somewhere. Might do that someday.

I honestly dont know a thing about the series, other than the main chicks evidently a cyborg and hot as hell.


I vote for sexy armored Paladin


Helmeted paladin with most of her armour still on


>>4418 Purely amazing! That tail alone give it +100 points!

vote: Mage - Some slim sexy mage getting her ass destroyed!

Amazing animation! But damn shame it was so short! It could use like one more angle from POV and maybe a still with that last scene mentioned in story. I wish they all would be like -Red Riding Hood- with little introduction sequence but i know its a LOT of work and i'm glad we are getting them quick. If i could help in any way...


nice animation

would have been a lot hotter if we saw the mimic killing the rogue instead of just the necro rape



Holy balls... I know it's asking a lot, but would it be possible to have some footjob scenes with that model? If you could that would be insanely great.


That was awesome! Love her expression!

I'll toss my vote towards Paladin next as well.



I ought to mention that I enjoyed the scene setting paragraph as well!


what do you use to make these? are these made in XNA studio? was wondering because wanted to help contribute since been inspired since seeing this thread to learn something new since just got layed off a week ago.



My vote's for the paladin.


File: 1458572757078.png (1.59 MB, 649x857, lknight_.png)

Omg paladin with her full armor on! I'd cum buckets


I cast my vote for the Ranger.

They're made using Source Film Maker


awesome! I'd like to see a ranger.


awesome! I'd like to see a ranger.


talizorah plz


I would love anything with heart/chest fucking or nipple fucking (bonus for cumming inside either and/or if they are still alive)



I love this D&D/RPG monster direction.

They give lot of death scenarious rarely explored. Hope to see more of this fantasy stuff.


>>4379 was hot. would have liked to see Harley's death. well done.

as for the dungeon crawl series, i want to see them all perish, but i vote for paladin next.

great work, OP.


I'm so hyped! i hope you can use the Femshep model sometime


File: 1458960606015.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, Piper_Preview.png)

Piper Choking on a Pipe

The Diamond City reporter found herself seperated from her companion, "Blue." It provided the perfect opportunity for her assassination. She had proven to be a nuisance to the Institute long enough for them to send one of their most proficient synth killers. The machine's decaying hardware had altered it's psychology, often raping it's targets, before or after killing. Sometimes both at the same time. One hand impaled and the other held behind her back, the reporter was no match for the machine's strength as it's cock stuffed her throat. Her biting and screaming proved futile, the machine's member was far too durable and it's thick girth gagged her throat. As her vision blurred and her mind grew hazed by the lack of oxygen, the synth released her hand and increased in speed. She vainly attempted to fight back, barely having the strength to slap the robot. As it's fluid gushed into her lungs, her life finally gave in. Cold and limp, she died with the machine's cock just above her collarbones in her throat. Just to be certain, the machine gave a quick twist to her neck, the sharp crack assuring it of her fate.

Another quick break from the Dungeon Crawl series. Based on the current votes the next animation will be of the Paladin.


dead Link



bravo op you really out did yourself this time. I've always wanted to see a girl literally choke to death on cock and you've made my fantasy come true. Plz plz make more.. and make them struggle more and look frightened it's all about the facial expression before the actual death.. Once again thank you and I'm sure we'd all enjoy more deepthroat cum deaths


10/10. Love to see the actual death process/transition, especially a gradual one like choking. I'm hoping we'll get more in a similar vein, whether it's by choking, bleeding out etc. Either way, thank you for work so far.


Everything about this is pure genious! The whole process and everything from pipers actions, gagging, and expressions make it that much better. I can't stress how perfect the sounds make this animation

OP you are my hero!! I'd love to see more work just like this. The whole concept is extremely hot


Awesome work. I like the idea of just using her and once done just disposing of her like trash. Neato. :)


Can we get Nidalee getting raped by a monster while choking her POV



one of your best, OP!

i agree with everything >>4506, >>4508 and >>4510 said. a deepthroat blowjob followed by suffocation, neck snap, slit throat, etc is one of the sexiest things ever.



OP thanks for your hard and quality work. The sounds really complete the video! I totally agree with >>4506 >>4508 >>4510 >>4518



got me fantasizing (again) about what superior strength (like a synth, or a super mutant, or superman, even) would do when facefucking a woman. i know you've shown superhuman size before, but i thought i'd throw in a request for the superhuman destruction of a woman's face and head by whatever creature strikes your fancy.

thanks in advance for considering it.


Great! This last one was what I've been waiting for. To actually see the death as it happens, amazing!




Do more just like it, please.


Best part is actually watching Piper as she dies. Witnessing the death as it happens is what we need more

Thanks again OP


Where did the link go??


Should start a series.
Deepthroat Deaths.
Starring your favorite characters.


Exactly what I was thinking!!!
OP you should really consider a series or something with just deepthroat deaths. This type of thing is right up my alley and I'm sure a lot of others

Thanks again for this amazing work OP


The deepthroat death thing always sounded like a sexy idea, but I never realized just how hot it would be. That was definitely something special, thanks for creating and sharing OP.


We need one where the creature is face fucking the victim in a 69 position. The creature thrust so hard that its huge balls swing and smack her face hard enough to knock her out for a a few seconds while it goes to town on her temporarily limp body. Just as she starts to regain consciousness the creature plunges into her lungs and empties it's bucket load. We watch as she struggles to swallow and panic flailing everywhere but eventually she succumbs to the downing of cum while her eyes roll back. Just an idea thanks OP


i know this has been asked before, but will you ever do mass effect stuff, a beheaded Liara being fucked in the neck stump or choking to death on cock while a female Shepherd watches on furiously masturbating would be super hot!


File: 1459302641980.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, Dungeon_Paladin_Preview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: The Paladin

The Paladin agreed to join the party for one reason. A chance to slay the hellspawn that lived within the cavern system. She was always known from her church as one of the most elite and extremist knights on hand. She took it upon herself to offer her services to purge the cavern of the demons that have slain all who tried as she did before. The three remaining party members entered an argument regarding their plans going on. With over half their party dead, the Archer, Barbarian and Mage agreed in escaping the cavern as quickly as possible, ignoring all side paths and alluring treasure. The Paladin disagreed however. Should one demon survive their dungeon crawl, then her mission would be a failure. No room should be left unchecked. Unable to convince her otherwise, the Paladin went back, intent to cleanse the rooms they had skipped by herself.
The knight found herself in a room filled with demons of all sizes. With her polished, enchanted holy armor, blessed glowing golden shield and silver sword, the horde stood no chance. As the room cleared of the demon corpses' ash, one single demon remained, but the Paladin came to a horrid realization as the corpses returned to hell. The hordes of demons had hidden several skeletons, each of varying ages and equipped with a multitude of holy armor and weapons. Such well armed warriors of the Gods would surely have no trouble in a room only filled with demons.
A rock pile emerged from the ground, revealing itself to by a Boulder Troll. Despite the Paladin's strength and perseverance, her enchanted weapons and armor had no effect on the troll. The monster picked up the defeated knight, stripping her hip clothing and armor. Petty, weakened swings of her blade bounced off the monster's rocky shell. As it's enormous erection pierced her pelvis, the Paladin screamed in agony. Quickly tiring of her screams, the troll ripped her in two, tossing her now silent upper half aside. The last demon emerged from hiding, having no hesitation fucking her exposed ribcage. Too shocked to scream or cry, the Paladin helplessly looked around to the other fallen Paladins as her chest cavity and lungs were soaked in demon spunk. Her corpse soon joined the Troll's horrid collection.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

--Boulder Troll--
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

The troll's dried spunk preserved the skeletons and armor, the flesh stripped by insects and other cave inhabitants.

The oldest looking corpse belonged to a more tribal native. While having less advanced technology, their divinities are the same. Simple leather and metal armor left this sword wielding Paladin fairly undefended. Using her own sword against her, the trolls or demons forced the sword into her throat and collarbone. Dried troll sperm riddled across the inside of her cracked ribcage, leading to her presumed only form of rape.

The freshest skeleton belonged to a a Church near the southern map borders. The holy soldier traveled far only to succumb to fear and die during her rape. Blood and cum stained her sword, driven into her chest from behind.

The last fallen paladin was presumably a rookie. How they managed to travel so far into the cavern is unknown, but based on her basic equipment and small size, she was easily broken. Either the force of the troll's thrusting pelvis or weight of his hands snapped her spine and twisted her neck in a horrifying pose.

--Four dead Dungeon Crawlers, three to go. Who do you want next?--
-Orc Barbarian
-Forest Elf Archer
-Dark Elf Mage

I tried to make her as expressive as possible, however there were major limitations to the facial bones. More so than I expected.

Potentially. She has an awesome model but purely POV animations arent really my thing.

Originally I planned to use a Deathclaw instead of a synth, might use that concept on Vault Girl Elizabeth.

Seeing the girls die is a commonly requested thing, but I dont do it often because death animations are hard and tedious to animate. Whenever my schedule is clear and Im inspired I'll try and do more.

Dunno about a series, but I could do it more often.

I'll try doing Mass Effect stuff after the Dungeon Crawl series. Particularly Liara and Tali.


Also, you just so happened to pick the picture I was planning to use as reference for this animation, planned it since the first bard animation lol


>I'll try doing Mass Effect stuff

Some occasional Warcraft stuff would also be awesome though. While snuffing out various game heroes is awesome, doing that to, say, Sylvanas (who cannot die that easily these days) would be outright divine.


elf archer!


Dark elf Mage!


Dark Elf Mage


Dark Elf Mage


Dark Elf Mage


Liara from mass effect would be super hot. Can't wait


Good one. Tho the most overused way of death.


Pestilence-sama, could you please do some ATWT impalement? It would be extra hawt, especially coming from you.


Love the impaling on the cock, fucking HOT

Elf mage please next


This is just getting rude... Clean it all up... and dont spam random pics in someone else threat!



fuck off idiot


Dark Elf Mage / or forest elf archer, make sure she's hooded please.


Forest Elf Archer plz


I hope this scum will eventually realise that such dim-witted "requests" are strongly discouraging the Artist instead.


stop posting things in the artists section please.


Found some SFMlab models might be good? are these right models?

The 2 maids in the big picture thought might be good?
1. one in red being fucked in back of head where ponytail is?
2. maybe the one in black be in bunny ears being fucked in her ears while her eyes roll up?


piper vid is great any chance of a follow up with him jamming her ass? or her eye?


this is by far favorite, any chance of getting juliet and harley in her skirt like this?

I think that something like this would translate well into SFM. without the intestines though because I doubt those models exist. Just something that goes through the ass and out the belly, Like that elite animation you did earlier but with a horse.

sfm lab horsecock

model untested



OP would you consider making a deepthroat death animation with the horse dick? Gosh that's be perfect



OP would you consider making a deepthroat death animation with the horse dick? Gosh that's be perfect


File: 1459748951857.png (992.58 KB, 1280x720, Chun_Li_Preview.png)


ohhh? didn't expect to see my stuff to be based off on hahaha.
great job man!
love it!


here is something i have been working on private stream for channel users time to time.

there are more but, these are something i can share atm. good job again!


Got anything of Tracer? Or Mercy?



Avatar guro? I haven't been in the art section for awhile, I think it's time to pay you a visit.


File: 1459799193895.jpg (199.81 KB, 3300x2200, joeyfuckedtodeathbytankbyc….jpg)

While we're on the topic of guro based on AnythingGoes' works, any chance for an animation like this pic but instead of Zoey and a Tank with Saryn and Atlas from Warframe? With him fucking Saryn and then he starts cumming, her belly bloats some and then he blows her head clean off from the force of his load? Or if that'd be too hard/not interesting with Warframe models then just with Sheva and one of the bigger Resident Evil zombies?


I do commission works only, and very very rarely i work on something for my own nowadays.

and guro commissions are rare to come by while i work 10 hours average a day on commissions.

OP should make a homepage or something because sfm guro animation is rare to come by and i would help on animations if it comes to do so.

and I do make tons of works ""


havent seen any eye penetration any chance of seeing this in the future?


Fucking awesome, I especially like the huge tits you put on her, nice touch.


File: 1459885107963.png (1.43 MB, 1488x692, Dungeon_Mage_Preview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: The Mage

The elder magician was not too upset by the loss of her younger sister. Being the more experienced sibling, she was the most favored member of her family. From brains, magical talent, wisdom, beauty, even to breast size; the mage was a step above her spellsword sibling in every way.
In a way the death of her party members only meant she could showcase her magic and test her abilities. No ambush, monster, or trap stood a match for her as she led the barbarian and the archer onward. She killed and collected gold with snide confidence, much to the last remaining pillager's annoyance. Coming across a Spider Queen, the mage pridefully kept her eyes on her opponent, certain victory was at hand. Blinded by her confidence, she did not notice the chasm beneath the spider on the ceiling. She fell hundreds of feet into the spider den, trying to use her magic to save herself. She hit the rocky waters below, a sharp crack echoing through the cavern. Despite her attempts, she slowed her fall, but the impact snapped her neck and spine. Killed instantly, the spider broodlings carried her corpse to the bottom of an jutting boulder.
The male spiders gnawed into her flesh, planting the Queen's infertile seeds and clotting the exposed veins with web. The blood must be contained to preserve the corpse for when the eggs hatch. The spiders then penetrated the holes made in her skull and breast, fertilizing the planted seeds. Eventually she would resemble the corpses surrounding her. Her rotting flesh would decay as the fertilized egg sacs engorged, the hatched spiders feeding on her insides. Once the hatchlings have their fill, the process would repeat until the skeleton would be used to store more unhatched eggs.
The spiders recently managed to capture an adolescent cave siren, also known as the serpent wraiths on the surface. Days of struggling in the webbing tired the siren of it's strength as she hung helplessly, waiting for the adult spiders to hunger and feast on her organs.

Angle A: hxxps://
Angle B: hxxps://
Angle C: hxxps://
Angle D: hxxps://
Angle E: hxxps://
Angle F: hxxps://

Think you're in the wrong thread.


Might do something similar with Kylo Ren. Also stop spamming the damn requests, sending it more times isn't going to make me do the request any more than one comment would.

Could try and do something similar, the ear fuck idea sounds great but the model's ears might not be large enough to work. Definitely under consideration.

Something like that with Elizabeth might be fitting.

It's definitely been planned.

Well certainly glad you like it. Been considering remaking some of your other animations as well, those drawing links certainly help with inspiration. As for a tumblr page I don't intend to release my content any further than Gurochan. Prefer my content to stay on these kind of sites, hate it when people post my stuff on other sites.




Love the concept, love your work in general, but honestly it's a little hard to make out the details in this one since the protagonist is a drow in a dark room. Her face is especially hard to make out, though her ass and tits do benefit from closeups (and to be fair, the way they glisten in the darkness makes them look pretty rad).


Great set! A little bit hard to see (dark skin - dark cave), but great set nonetheless!



love it when cock mage dies...especially sense I liked her sister a lot.


File: 1459899475370.jpg (383.44 KB, 830x1200, 3.jpg)

would a scene like this be possible? basically where the uterus is visible


def understandable.

keep up the good work!

I will try make more stuff when i get the chance that might be intriguing for you.


this is amazing! could you do some DOA girls like Katsumi or the blonde pigtailed grill?


File: 1459955495286.png (1.99 MB, 1915x1010, af67aae54a48ea24819de7ffe3….png)


Maybe Sindel getting gut fucked by Onaga or Shao Khan, similar to your work on
"Gaige's corpse getting gut fucked by a psychotic bandit." That would be awesome!


I don't know if OP shares my opinion but it is annoyng when peopple post images in artists thread. Post a link to the image instead.


Not op, but I agree...


Can you all shut the hell up with requests for ONE comment? "Do that do this!" And those random fucking pictures! Stop spamming someone's topic with random shit! I wish that OC could delete this crap from his own topic.


He can't but mods can... Isn't here any? I know this isn't against the rules, but I think most of us understand these threads are not for posting random shit.


Give me a mod on this board or something and i will clean it all nice and good!
I dont know if there are any mods on gurochan or ony admin/s. I have seen any kind of interventions maybe onc or twice for all the years i'm on this site. (With the expectation for the oblivious CP or bot spam deletion. )


File: 1460057822245.png (977.39 KB, 1280x720, Laura_Preview.png)

Sweaty Assassination

Laura strangled with a zip-tie in her apartment after a sweaty workout.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Forgot the mention with the last post the vote for the remaining two dungeon crawlers.

The Orc Barbarian or the Wood Elf Archer?

I'll be sure to re-render it with higher brightness settings.

Would be difficult considering there is no uterus model available.

Potentially. Sindel's never really interested me though. Maybe Mileena or Kitana.

Typically I don't mind so long as it's reference to the request, but links to another site and less spam would be appreciated.


Wow great job OP that's an amazing titfuck! I can almost feel how soft they are ;)


Orc barbarian!!!


Moira Burton?


Dat pov doe..



Wood Elf Archer, let's save the best for last.


Hey since you did Widowmaker from Overwatch before, are you planning to do Tracer?


Orc barbarian!

But do you have all the links or animation files saved somewhere, if the bump limit of the post gets reached or the site goes down it would be a shame to loose all of this


Hail the Orcs!



the horse models do have cocks by the way, and they are way better than the ones that were posted earlier


I want to see the of karin kanzuki execution


File: 1460345661242.png (1.44 MB, 1280x720, Barbarian_Preview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: Barbarian

The Barbarian Orc grew tireless, desperate to fight her way free from the deadly dungeon. With the death of their companions, the Wood Elf and the Orc were unable to cooperate. With no healer to patch the Orc's wound's each fight drew her closer and closer to death. When faced by a Acidic Demon Knight Patriarch, she assumed even in her weak state, the monster would prove no match with the Archer's support. Unfortunately, the Elf was nowhere to be found. The door ahead slammed down as the Archer passed through, leaving the Orc behind. The Demon's broodling's supported it's battle. The moment the Orc struck down the first adolescent demon, the father charged in rage. One slash struck her axe in two, cleaving across her chest. It would have been enough, but the monster's rage refused to cease. Holding her down, it repeatedly slashed across her torso, cleaving her in two between her breasts across the ribs. It dragged her halves to it's den, the broodlings following.
The Matriarch had just laid the last egg, in no mood to pleasure her husband. Instead, the Patriarch made use of it's fresh green sex toy. It took her lower half, the orc's lungs and organs exposed. Gripping her attached arm, the demon's erection pierced down into her lungs, crushing her organs. It's acidic precum gooified her insides, forming an almost soothing warm lube. It's cock pierced through her stomach, the skin weakened by the acid.
Two of the elder broodlings had already reached sexual maturity, their skin still pale and acidic fluids not yet developed. The eldest child thrust into her open sternum of her upper half, cushioned by the fat in her breast. The tip of the erection pushed out against her breast as milk began to lactate. The younger of the two craved to feel the warmth of her dead mouth, but her fangs blocked his penetration. Instead, it dug it's claw into the back of her cranium. It's cock was immersed in her warm blood as it used her skull as a fleshlight.
The orc's corpse would be used to feed the hatchlings, her muscles providing a good source of nutrients. Ironically, the orc died the way she lived, slashing and maiming in furious wrath.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:
Angle H:
Angle I:

The elf archer alone would have to face the Dungeon's terrors alone. Will she survive? Of course not.

Tracer's been planned, just haven't had the inspiration to do it yet.


Oh please do more stuff with Ivy's model! As soon as I realized it was her I fell in love with the animation even more than I already had.


I am speechless..
OP you never seize to dissapoint. Absolutely crazy good!!
The elf archer doesn't stand a chance now!!!


Just curious to know if you do shemales or herm works? Like, Herm on female?



Any chance that once you have finished the last of the party (the archer), you could make a group shot of the ladies before they entered the dungeon and met their fate? (Not animated, a still is fine.)


wonderful work ^^ I love their hubris :D


Maybe make the archer into a big taxidermy doll?
Or drown her and feed her body to the monster squid? :P


Great work!


Is that Vem? I hope so. I've always hated Vem. Giving a bad name to green girls everywhere.


File: 1460533726568.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, Ryuuko_Preview.png)

Gym Practice

After losing a battle in the school gym with Nui, Ryuuko's head was split open on the polished floor. Nui found her enemy's death to be cause for celebration, inviting the students to use the corpse of the girl that had caused so much trouble. Feeling extra horny, she even allowed to students to fuck her as well. Though her breasts, mouth, vag, and ass were all used, it was a rare opportunity to fuck such a gorgeous girl's perfectly exposed brain. The male students gathered around the two girls, patiently awaiting their turn to dump their load into the punk bitch's brain. Mako attempted to intervene, only to be stripped and pinned down by another student. She knew soon she would share a similar fate with Ryuuko.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Hey look, a girl getting fucked that isn't dead or being raped. Models were kinda limited but fun to work with. Wasnt a fan of the show but loved the fanservice and sexy characters. Expect some more stuff with Satsuki, Mako, and Nui.

I cant say Im a big fan of futa, though I suppose futa on female is no different than male on female.

Was already planned.

Nah, hairstyle happened to sorta match. Originally the orc's hair was just dark bluish purple, but I made it brighter to match her armor.



Wow, awesome. Please, do continue.


oh no POV of the skullfuck?


Yeah, what's about POV?


All excellent, keep it up!


Can you do something of Batgirl?


the god does it again


How about some necro footjob ?
For exemple dead laura perfectly will approach.


Have you ever thought of taking commissions? Considering this is a niche within a niche... I think you could make some serious money while also getting good ideas of your own by getting insight into you commissee's fantasy.


Where's the elf archer?? Can you do dark souls series? with Sirris or emerald lady?


Where's the elf archer?? Can you do dark souls series? with Sirris or emerald lady?


More alive brain/eye stuff. Theres plenty of the norm guro, great art animations.



I'm not typically a fan of orcs, but the barbarian's fate turned out awesome. Great lighting, great animation, great use of assets.


Please add more to this thread!


File: 1460944421910.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, ArcherPreview.png)

Dungeon Crawl: The Archer

The wood elf chose archery as a career for several reasons, she was light footed, small, talented with a bow, and it paid well. Her favorite reason however was because it was simply the laziest merc job available. Sticking back to pelt enemies from a range was safe and easy. Of course only so if you have support to divert attention.
Now that her party was dead, the wood elf sprinted past every enemy she could, the orc's screams echoing behind her. The doors slammed shut as she entered a new cavern room. A siren emerged from the river, her rotting male slaves soon following. Kept alive by her magic, the zombies were enchanted by their sexual lust for the mermaid, bound to her will. The archer eventually proved victorious, an arrow piercing the siren's heart, and a second in the head just in case. The monster stood for a few moments, leaning backwards slightly. Expecting her to fall back, the wood elf sat down to catch her breath. Unexpectedly, the seductress fell forward, pinning the elf to the ground. Desperate to be freed from their curse, and to get revenge for years of servitude, the remaining zombies surrounded their master's corpse. The extra weight of the zombies fucking the siren's warm scaly body made it impossible for the small wood elf to free herself. The zombies showed no interest in the archer, it was only a matter of time before they finished and were free to feel the release of death. All the archer had to do was wait, and everything would be fine.
The sound of thick dripping emerged from above. A blue and green slime gunklet had discovered the trapped wood elf. The smaller, but thicker green gunklet crawled between her legs, it's thick genitals piercing her helpless vag. The blue gunklet, the larger, more transparant and fluid like, rested at the base of her head. Her screaming mouth was muffled as the slime engulfed her face. Choking to breath, the creature penetrated her nostrils and mouth, stuffing her lungs and stomach with it's fertile slime. Slowly the archer gagged and choked, the zombies unaware and uncaring for her plight. The world faded as she finally succumbed to her suffocation.
With her death, another party of adventurers had been lost to the dungeon.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:
Angle G:


Dungeon Crawl: Group Shot

All the members of the Dungeon Crawl party moments before they ventured into the cavern and to their doom.

Well, that wraps up that series. Chances are I'll be using this girls again for some other fantasy themed animations. Next series I'm planning is a bit more alien than my previous ones, but I expect you'll enjoy it.

I'll be sure to add a POV angle soon.

Eventually yes.

Footjobs aint my thing, but I might include it in an animation some time.

I could probably make money off of this, but Id much rather have this kind of stuff be a hobby rather than a source of income.

I would love to do Dark Souls stuff, especially with the Emerald Herald, but her gmod model doesnt work in SFM.


File: 1460944914886.png (1.96 MB, 1422x800, Dungeon_Scaled.png)

pic was too large, rescaled to reupload.


yay they're all dead!



s thshe got what was coming for her! The party is now slayed!
OP deepthroat animation next plz!


Fantastic stuff OP! The little stories add so much too, what an epic series :D


i wasnt expecting her to be black...

Please do dark souls next. or MOira burton.


Great series! Also a small request could you do a still image of this scene :

"By the time the remaining party members found her, the mimic and Chiroptera were gone, leaving the greedy thief's impregnated corpse behind, a single gem stuffed in each hole.
Its from the thief part. :3 It sound so hot!


Dungeon Crawl Group Vs Bandi Group


Id love it if you could do something with miss Pauling again, The last one was Very nice


File: 1461104658089.jpg (135.41 KB, 1017x786, samus_meets_resident_evil_….jpg)

If anyone can do this with samus i will love you forever


File: 1461105652284.jpg (624.26 KB, 1500x1200, IMPALED.jpg)

someone please ANIMATE THIS!!!!


I think a guro version of this would be good, with the dick coming out the back of her head. Plus its Overwatch and that's great.

I don't know if your a fan of bestiality though.



I dunno, personally I'd like to see her lop that thing off, myself. Or maybe give it a good bite.

I was hoping to request a futa girl or two getting their junk cut off, but not everyone's into that kind of thing.


This thread is becoming retarded. Stop posting your shitty picture references and requests for things OP has said he's not interested in.


people who post random pic refs from other artists should be banned


Any chance you'd be willing to do some Warframe stuff? Like a traitorous operator being cut off from her warframes which go "feral" and tear her apart in a lustful orgy while the Lotus masturbates in the background.



Fantastic edit. This is something I'd like to see more of.


Not to sound like an asshole but why do people think this thread is a dumping ground for random shit? Make your own threads, you're only making it more annoying to browse through OP's stuff.


People can post whatever the hell they want, its not like you own this site...







While typically I don't like people's requests, this one I can get behind/in. Please consider doing this one. :)


You know OP maybe you should stop asking people what they want to see animated next and just do whatever you want. I dont know if thats the cause of people spamming you with requests but its starting to get out of hand. A people are posting requests with pic references now too saying "animate this pic!".

I will say though that it is funny seeing some of you people so hard up for guro-porn that you'll spam the shit out of this guys thread. The super-specific requests are my favorite ones to see. Do this! do that! then make her do this! then make her leg do this! and have her skull do that! and hurry! i want to soak my penis in ketchup and masturbate to that animation!!!


File: 1461304768416.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720, Anchor_Preview.png)


Spies caught by Somalian pirates are rarely disposed of pleasantly, especially if they happen to be female.

--Shark Bonus Scenes--

--Part One:

Angle A: hxxps://
Angle B: hxxps://
Angle C: hxxps://

--Part Two:

Angle A: hxxps://
Angle B: hxxps://
Angle C: hxxps://

Really wanted to render it with sound but SFM kept fucking up the renders when sound was enabled.

Almost all the original sessions are gone now, so I'd have to redo it from scratch. If I did that one, chances are someone would just ask for me to do all the others again too.

Considering all the effort put into their first series, dont expect to see them again for awhile.

Wont animate that but may do a necro aftermath.

Not a bad idea. Been meaning to do Tracer for awhile now.

Warframe stuff has been in mind, but havent had the inspiration to do anything with them. If someone could somehow get Wattchewant's models I'd definitely do a small series.


Little Red's story is over, but the Hunter will be seen again.


In regards to requests, I don't mind the occasional request or idea. Helps me when I don't have any ideas on what to animate. However people repeatedly requesting the same things or spamming posts is really irritating.
I know sometimes they double post because they think their first post didn't send or something, but people don't seem to understand that I rarely do requests exactly as they say. I animate the stuff I'm into, nothing more or less. Especially when I've specified before that I'm not into or won't animate those things, such as loli, scat, or male guro. Rarely will I make exceptions (never for the ones just listed), not like I'm being paid to do this stuff, and I never plan for it to be that way either.

Considering this is an artist thread it should be treated as such, that includes the same standards that follow in other art threads. It's not an unreasonable request from another poster to want the image spam to stop.


Tali Zorah please, with exposed face, or maybe any female quarian with hood on and invisible helmet. Kasumi too would be grand.
Or phase 4...

Getting torn and fucked by geth, raped by Harbringer or Prothean...

I'd also burn them with some kynesis, or fatalitize them with anything...

Man, i'd like to make some bones with some, imported models like
Cloaked Phase 4 from DOA...
Does anyone have a clue how to do that?
I know how to rig but not sure where to get the model, or how to animate/rig the cloak.


File: 1461332812423.jpg (23.89 KB, 750x422, tumblr_mcv7oyHaoM1rr7kngo3….jpg)

Waithooded Ayane from gaiden sigma sounds appealing....Or the halloween costume.


Every animation you do is amazing OP thanks for taking the time. Quality work
I wish the part one shark was the whole scene :P


Ok what drugs did you take before making the Bonus scene with shark xD
Its more funny than sexy xD hehehe.


If you dont like requests then just ignore them, quit whining like little bitches. if op doesnt want to do them then he wont, if he does, great. Just enjoy your own shit and stop complaining.


OP, wattchewant's tumblr is still up they just have not updated in months. You can still get the models from there. You may have to subscribe to some models on steam workshop if textures arent working for you. There is also one Warframe model on sfmlab and that one has pussy controls. The one on watts site done have pussy/anus meshes or even textures so you will have to figure out something for those.




It's back. I hope OP didn't move on.


To the artist, do you have any other websites you use incase guro goes down again?


Please make an account somewhere else incase chan goes down again!


hope he makes mroe stuff or has a few ready allready for us


>I'd animate that (Yoko Littner is an example.)

Oh man. That's a Great Idea OP.

You should do Yoko if you find a model for it




up up


How about some anal necrophilia?


up up up


I really thought it as over for my guro chan days I was scared because you don't content like this anywhere else you should really have a backup site just in case gurochan goes down again because you is the only person that does this type of content and I thank you for that


rip best thread on the site








File: 1464145583169.png (826.95 KB, 1280x720, RoomService_P.png)

Oh good, gurochans back.

Room Service

Lara's assassination was calculated and executed flawlessly. After another long adventure, the treasure hunter rested in a hotel, staying the night before her next flight home. The assassin posed as a room service attendant. Lara and her friend left the room as he worked, and decided to attend the bar downstairs. Moving the cleaning cart away to the next room, the assassin hid in the small wooden closet, not before setting the alarm to ring at midnight.The drunken girls passed out, Lara topless and too lazy to take off her pants. As the clock display showed 11:59, the assassin readied his revolver. The assassin's partner crashed a car into the building right as the clock's alarm sounded, the sudden noise alerting both girl's attention away from the closet. The assassin quickly emerged, the shot piercing Lara's eye. The wall behind her was splattered with her brain as blood washed down. The car crash had muffled out the gunshot, and diverting any witness' attention to the streets below. As her friend panicked and reached for the gun under the pillow, a bullet pierced her spine from behind. She didn't have the pleasure of dying so quickly. She struggled and twisted in pain as her killer removed his cloths and raped her paralyzed pelvis. Her head was held down into the pillow until her upper body became as still as her lower. The car diversion would give the assassin time to enjoy both. Lara's mangled new hole gave the killer all the pleasure he needed before he stole Lara's most recently claimed artifact and disappeared without a trace.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:

based off of


you are a master at your craft, is there a way anyone has saved all your work in a zip file to preserve your great work, I will come back, cheers.


File: 1464147247497.png (575.99 KB, 1280x720, ArkhamNIghtmare_Preview.png)

Arkham Nightmare

Scarecrow gives batgirl one hell of a mindfuck, injecting her with fear toxin as he turns her brain into cum soup. Meanwhile Killer Croc toys with Scarecrow's last failed experiment, Copperhead.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:
Angle E:
Angle F:


File: 1464148189597.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, Juri_Alley.png)


Amazing! more please! maybe a neck wound penis insertion would be great


how come when you click gif it is soo much smaller then the video


Hey why not to make animation where guy fucking sonya's decapitated neck?


Daamn OP back at it again with the white vans!! Super diggin all the mind fucks super amazing work! thanks and welcome back!



love these! awesome job!

by the way, did you ever think of doing a closer angle on an animation? this isn't a criticism, but i sometimes think an extreme closeup could be cool. just a musing on my part.


You are totally awesome, OP, thank you for your works!
I don't mind whichever character you use next as long as you keep creating.


You return! And with Babs! I bow to you sir, thank you!


Hot damn, thanks for coming back, your work is my favourite! Do you post this anywhere else? Just so we all don't lose you if gurochan has a hiccup again?


Mmmm nice updates, but whatever happened to the gifs of the invisible schoolgirl getting mindfucked by her super-villain teacher?


Fuck yeah, best thread is back boiiis


The look on Lara's face is priceless.
Great job!
I'd like to see a blowjob by a girl with her eyes removed. It's always been a fantasy of mine. What do you think, OP?


Wow welcome back! and amazing stuffs too!!

OP im doing offline work today and perhaps i will make a piece for you later on!

keep up the good work!


this same old shit is getting boring


What are u talking about this is the best thread on the whole site


Then go somewhere else if you find this boring and try to find the same content


Back with a vengeance OP! very nice!
What about another Quiet animation? I was hoping maybe something like the Piper clip but with eyefucking?


Id love to see some more decapitation stuff


wow some fantastic posts once again <3


This link is still down, unfortunately.


Look two boxes lower friend. He posted the corrected link.


aswarm aswarm


Wow, I'm a special kind of blind. Thanks.


would love to see sam get mind fucked through ear if possible in that scene with lara behind on bed drooling?


could you make some beheading animation? the death sequence


Yo OP, what happened to your thread on /art/?


Still the best thread on gurochan, thanks OP!


Yes really lol you even inspired me to create loli animations bc I was afraid of what people might think but then I saw your work and I said fuck what they think lol they're on and I gotta say I stole some ideas from your work haha! Hey they are amazing animations so what do you expect? Lol


Yes really lol you even inspired me to create loli animations bc I was afraid of what people might think but then I saw your work and I said fuck what they think lol they're on and I gotta say I stole some ideas from your work haha! Hey they are amazing animations so what do you expect? Lol


Yes really lol you even inspired me to create loli animations bc I was afraid of what people might think but then I saw your work and I said fuck what they think lol they're on and I gotta say I stole some ideas from your work haha! Hey they are amazing animations so what do you expect? Lol


I want to see some impalement!!


Funnybizness here! Yes you inspired me my friend lol I love your work its brutal and I love brutal shit! I am making a Cannibal 4way animation now and I hope you check it out sometime!


Please do some overwatch shit


C'mon man, don't leave us hangin' here, let us know where else we can find you!


Please OP, feed us! We need our daily drug ;)


Cassiopeia from LoL has a good SFM model now. Could you possibly give her dead body a good fucking? Maybe in her ass and head?

You once sketched a picture with Cassiopeia getting loads of cocks in her. Are you Still willing to do any sketches please? Would love seeing Cassiopeia getting a cock in her skull.. It would make her face look mentally retarded? A retarded Cassiopeia would be amazing to fuck



OP you should do a deepthroat death similar to this guy's animation of face fucking Elizabeth. It's really good you should check it out


need more death sequences


up up up


Its stupid and pathetic how you all suck OP's dick like hes a god and not allowing requests cuz it will upset OP. All you stupid little bitches go fuck your selves...


Bump. Don't let this die.


3/10, Low quality bait.


As near as I can tell, bumping isn't working anymore. A new thread may be necessary.




This thread needs new things!


Just in case anyone's not aware, I started a new thread here since this one doesn't seem to bump anymore.


Needs new things!


Hey, I suggest Bayonetta (in her second game's style) being chainsawed in half and then being gut-fucked by Dante. An alternative to this is that Dante feeds Bayonetta her own innards.


I just want to thank you for sharing all your awesome work. I immediately fell in love with your animation the moment I saw the Morrigan's skullfuck animation. I especially love girl getting skullfucked to death like that, it got even better when you apply the eyes movement and facial expression later on. Hopefully we can see more of such work from you. Again, thanks so much for these!!!


File: 1477964079400.jpeg (912.28 KB, 1920x1080, CassieGored.jpeg)

I can't animate at all, but I figured I would share a still I created in SFM.


Wow! This thread is amazing!


Can you make a video, i love juri and anything goes artist, this is so yummy


>>4905 I love this idea


Whatever happened to this thread?


Whatever happened to this thread?


Can someone post full video links of this kind of stuff?


Can someone post full video links of this kind of stuff?


Can you please make something like this?
Ok I know it's quite cheesy, lame and all but the way the way she seems to climax while getting crushed to death is something I've never seen before, also the brutal ending makes everything better.

Of course use whatever characters you want, still someone with a face similar to her would be much better


I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Fire Emblem series but I would love to see a 3D render of Lucina or Lyndis in a necro scene, scenario doesn't matter as I am not picky.




File: 1502749596013.jpg (332.39 KB, 1250x966, thumb.jpg)

Is it just me or someone else still thinking that the zerg Kerrigan is a great guro character?


I see her as the dom/attacker rather than the victim


I'd love go see abather or some zerg fuckin her brains or bits of her. They did Mind Fuck her after all


How about Midna POV? Some of us are into that stuff


>>13901 don't think that really works


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File: 1504098352533.jpg (104.78 KB, 1920x1017, 001.jpg)


Stop posting here, THis thread is DEAD!!!!


Can this post be closed so spam stops bumping them... I mean c'mon!
A french automated web referential contact for optimizing web search referral? Geez!


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你讀這個 - 這意味著它的作品!;)



OP can you do something with Leona from League of Legends? a strong resilient warrior woman clearly makes for a good type of prey



File: 1545068976443.png (2.26 MB, 2311x1300, c.png)






I saw this video a long time ago. It used to be on tumblr and yall know what happened… Anyways, it was a 5 minute video w/ audio of Ruby Rose getting fucked by a big gray dog. Blake interrupts at the end and the dog chases her off screen. Need video and sauce plz!!!






guacamole nigga penis




Is this the current active thread?


is there Op's Forbidden Route Bonus II?
all mega link are dead ;-;













I want more animations of aliens getting snuff, please, anyone have those or have links to them? I really want them



How come half of the recent comments here are blank?

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