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Had SFM for awhile but never got around to trying it out. Been running a few test animations and this is the first I'm willing to share. See my 2D art thread here:

First animation I'm sharing is Midna getting necro fucked by Young link.

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Link POV:

-Angle A:
-Angle B:
-Link POV:
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Needs new things!


Hey, I suggest Bayonetta (in her second game's style) being chainsawed in half and then being gut-fucked by Dante. An alternative to this is that Dante feeds Bayonetta her own innards.


I just want to thank you for sharing all your awesome work. I immediately fell in love with your animation the moment I saw the Morrigan's skullfuck animation. I especially love girl getting skullfucked to death like that, it got even better when you apply the eyes movement and facial expression later on. Hopefully we can see more of such work from you. Again, thanks so much for these!!!


File: 1477964079400.jpeg (912.28 KB, 1920x1080, CassieGored.jpeg)

I can't animate at all, but I figured I would share a still I created in SFM.


Wow! This thread is amazing!


Can you make a video, i love juri and anything goes artist, this is so yummy


>>4905 I love this idea


Whatever happened to this thread?


Whatever happened to this thread?


Can someone post full video links of this kind of stuff?


Can someone post full video links of this kind of stuff?


Can you please make something like this?
Ok I know it's quite cheesy, lame and all but the way the way she seems to climax while getting crushed to death is something I've never seen before, also the brutal ending makes everything better.

Of course use whatever characters you want, still someone with a face similar to her would be much better


I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Fire Emblem series but I would love to see a 3D render of Lucina or Lyndis in a necro scene, scenario doesn't matter as I am not picky.




File: 1502749596013.jpg (332.39 KB, 1250x966, thumb.jpg)

Is it just me or someone else still thinking that the zerg Kerrigan is a great guro character?


I see her as the dom/attacker rather than the victim


I'd love go see abather or some zerg fuckin her brains or bits of her. They did Mind Fuck her after all


How about Midna POV? Some of us are into that stuff


>>13901 don't think that really works


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Stop posting here, THis thread is DEAD!!!!


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OP can you do something with Leona from League of Legends? a strong resilient warrior woman clearly makes for a good type of prey



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I saw this video a long time ago. It used to be on tumblr and yall know what happened… Anyways, it was a 5 minute video w/ audio of Ruby Rose getting fucked by a big gray dog. Blake interrupts at the end and the dog chases her off screen. Need video and sauce plz!!!






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Is this the current active thread?


is there Op's Forbidden Route Bonus II?
all mega link are dead ;-;








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