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Starting this thread. For now no sexual content, only girls deaths. All my gallery on my DeviantArt page. From now i will post my new works on Deviant and here.


File: 1515748499739.png (4.21 MB, 2400x1270, image00138.png)


File: 1515748610153.png (4.27 MB, 2400x1270, image00139.png)


File: 1515748883459.png (4.26 MB, 2400x1270, image00140.png)


File: 1515749070644.png (4.99 MB, 2400x1270, image00141.png)


File: 1515749532253.png (5.27 MB, 2400x1270, image00142.png)


File: 1515749724825.png (4.42 MB, 2400x1270, image00144.png)


File: 1515749912303.png (5.03 MB, 2400x1270, image00145.png)


File: 1515750122535.png (4.92 MB, 2400x1270, image00146.png)


File: 1515750337783.png (5.16 MB, 2400x1270, image00147.png)


File: 1515750448783.png (3.71 MB, 2400x1270, image00148.png)


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File: 1515750839930.png (3.35 MB, 2400x1270, image00153.png)


File: 1515750914675.png (3.36 MB, 2400x1270, image00154.png)


File: 1515751031312.png (3.55 MB, 2400x1270, image00155.png)


File: 1515751267757.png (4.21 MB, 2400x1270, image00137 (5).png)

Here is some single works


File: 1515751361158.png (4.44 MB, 2400x1270, image00139 (5).png)


File: 1515751837849.png (4.88 MB, 2400x1270, image00138 (5).png)


File: 1515751963763.png (4.71 MB, 2400x1270, image00042.png)


File: 1515752202797.png (6.38 MB, 2400x1270, image00135.png)


Yes, a first person shooter, where you can do what is shown in the first set of pictures would be awesome! Are you developing such a game?


No i'm not a game dev unfortunatly :) Just posing in Xnalara and processing in photoshop.


File: 1515763552207.png (4.2 MB, 2400x1270, image00139 (3).png)


File: 1515833218554.png (4.9 MB, 2400x1270, image00141 (2).png)


File: 1515833335952.png (3.91 MB, 2400x1270, image00142 (2).png)


File: 1515833436745.png (4.18 MB, 2400x1270, image001378.png)


File: 1515833710938.png (3.41 MB, 2400x1270, image00001.png)


This some awesome stuff man. I love the fear in their eyes!


Thank you! Face posing is important thing :)


Do you plan to do projects related to World of Warcraft?


I that is an awesome ideea m8!


Can you destroy some cunts?


Can you do something with Rainbow Six operators?


I'm planning to do something with IQ ;)
Dont know about that, i'm not realy into WOW.


Can you do something with Zero from Drakengard 3 ?


Do something with Ela too ;)


File: 1516100165476.png (4.91 MB, 2400x1270, image00138 ssss.png)


File: 1516100427121.png (6.8 MB, 2400x1270, image00140 (3).png)


File: 1516100808373.png (6.32 MB, 2400x1270, 1.png)


File: 1516101161510.png (6.4 MB, 2814x1270, 2.png)


File: 1516101890338.png (5.4 MB, 2400x1270, 3.png)


File: 1516102101316.png (5.81 MB, 2400x1270, 4.png)


File: 1516102292737.png (5.89 MB, 2400x1270, 5.png)


File: 1516103288738.png (7.34 MB, 2400x1780, hog for gch.png)

Roadhod can always use more heroes
(Bigger resolution on DeviantArt


This is really good!


Holy shit- please make more OW!!!


File: 1516524677187.png (9.13 MB, 2880x1524, 1.png)


File: 1516524886701.png (8.22 MB, 2880x1524, 2.png)


File: 1516525094895.png (8.17 MB, 2880x1524, 3.png)


File: 1516525319140.png (6.17 MB, 2880x1524, 4.png)


File: 1516701253911.png (5.81 MB, 2400x1270, ww1.png)


Oh, so sad. I hope i find a creator who make scenes with fantasy longear babes dies in combat or executed.


Awesome work!


File: 1517309569508.png (7.03 MB, 2400x1270, 001.png)


File: 1517309698721.png (8.02 MB, 2764x1270, 002.png)


File: 1517309813305.png (9.68 MB, 2400x1892, 003.png)


File: 1517309935145.png (6.95 MB, 2474x1270, 004.png)


File: 1517310064060.png (6.02 MB, 2400x1270, 005.png)


File: 1517310190242.png (8.15 MB, 3040x1270, 006.png)


File: 1517310276678.png (3.44 MB, 1542x1270, 007.png)


justice is served


File: 1517910516188.png (5.17 MB, 2400x1270, image00038.png)


File: 1517910642356.png (5.66 MB, 2400x1270, image00137 (3).png)


File: 1517910910396.png (6.72 MB, 2400x1270, image00139 (4).png)


File: 1518771444365.png (5.46 MB, 2400x1270, 1.png)

Doom of Kidman


File: 1518771670008.png (4.97 MB, 2400x1270, 2.png)


File: 1518771887155.png (6.29 MB, 2626x1270, 3.png)


File: 1518772030561.png (5.71 MB, 2400x1270, 4.png)


File: 1518772362578.png (4.86 MB, 2197x1270, 5.png)


File: 1518774308944.png (6.16 MB, 2638x1270, 6.png)


File: 1518774462334.png (4.5 MB, 2400x1270, 7.png)


File: 1518774561316.png (4.09 MB, 2400x1270, 8.png)

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