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Hey gc,

I just discovered this chan, and I'm really happy to see more people appreciate the darker stuff.
I made some SFM works last year, but stopped because on tumblr I would never find an audience lol (who woulda thunk). (hope this is ok to post)
heres a taste of what you can find there, not many pictures though.
Im posting this to see reactions as I would like to go back to doing them if there is interest. I do not plan on doing any patreon bullshit or anything commercially, i just enjoy the creation process of making these works.

have a great day


I am certainly interested in what you are doing. Some of them are a little dark so the detail is a bit elusive but the atmosphere is great. I certainly hope you find the time to do more. Thanks for sharing.


good works. keep going


Yes, it certainly looks interesting enough. Appears to be Sarah. Love seeing her getting snuffed.


Nice works


Hello Coth and welcome to gurochan. I really like the dark atmosphere of your content. I just don't like the music going on your tumblr but i can mute it



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Thanks for all your replies, it is very refreshing to have direct feedback.


I had not edited or even opened the tumblr in about a year, and regarding your feedback to the music, I have removed it for now, as it is truly unnecessary.

I understand that the pictures are sometimes extremely dark, you are not the first to mention it. I have always felt that an absence of light makes you look closer to see the hidden layers and details in a picture. I have used multiple Monitors while working with SFM and on all of them, the contrast was optimal (to my eye).

I have recently cut ties with my asset and nude model supplier whose models (that are not given to just anyone) I used exclusively to keep a constant in the random scenes that I made . In the past I had always consulted with them regarding the quality / lighting and to have a stamp of approval before using their models in something.

And I would like to mention that If anyone in ripping/porting reads this, I would like to get in touch for networking into the scene again.

Attached a bonus that I did not release on tumblr.


If you mean the picture in this thread, it is actually Quiet from MGSV :) Thank you none the less!


Hey Coth, I like your pictures a lot. I check out your tumblr. Really cool. I especially like the dark atmosphere which give it a kind of macabre horror vibe. Kind of remind me of the color palette of the horror film Insidious. I understand what you mean about finding an audience. Knowing people are enjoying it makes it easier to produce content. Can I ask, which model did you use for the girl hanging from a chain and on the web cam, it looks like Hermoine. Is that from SFMLab? Do you know of any SFM sources other than workshop and SFMlabs? Thanks in advice and hope to see more. -Shiver


Hi Shiver, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

It is indeed Hermione of OOTP. I believe you can not find the model publicly anywhere, unless it was leaked.

I would be able to provide it to you, but although I have severed ties with my models supplier under not the best circumstances, I plan on holding my promise, to not release their models. I owe them at least that. What I was able to do for you was an extensive search, but unfortunately, I could not find a source for this particular model other than the original. If you want this particular Hermione model, search on DigitalEro. This will get you well on the way to finding it.

As to other sources of models, I mentioned that too in a recent post here, I am myself looking to get in contact with rippers/porters as sources of models. These guys love seeing their models worked with (properly), and I would advise you to get in contact with one of them. It should be easy to find out who makes models via tumblr. My struggle so far has just been getting an answer. It might be old blogs and sites I tried to contact them on, that they no longer use, but that is also how I got in touch with my former supplier.


Glad to see another artist working to provide the darker kinks some quality artwork.

Definitely like what I've seen so far. Fantastically done, and much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


I find this here pic extremely arousing, definitely interested to see more of it, hope you'll get back into more of them hehe! And btw, welcome to Gurochan.


can Admin delete this please?

It wouldn't let me post earlier



..... Why?


what is op's pic? its so dark I cant tell T_T


Pretty fantastic stuff here coth, I really hope to see more from you in the future!

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