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Nice renders. Is there a follow up with a beheading? Would be super sexy


A different type of follow up can be having her ass cheeks sliced off, she is in a perfect pose for that


Hey Ggeorge I've followed you since years back on deviantart. Good to see you still at it i love your work!


File: 1509940138400.jpg (602.56 KB, 1200x900, curvsmax12_by_ggeorgel-dbk….jpg)


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My friend, he has a deviantart going at full speed. You should check it out



What happened to you DA account? Is it ever coming back? :( I miss your updates


missed your DA dude :/


Looks like he's over at Templar's no-holds-barred Sexyamazons DOT com

Let me see if I can link to his gallery without screwing anything up...

hXXp: // www DOT sexyamazons DOT com/gals/index.php?cat=13163



Everytime I see Amazon 3D I remembe rthis really good 3D comic artist I saw years ago with this all female death tornament 1 v1 matches had all kinds of different weapons different races like orc elves and humans with different sizes but realist sized no giants but like short rogue types and talk warrior types. I wish I could find it back



Are you talking about The Arena by MikeA? It's over at sexyamazons also


Hey, good to see you here, GeorgeL! Is the dA stuff gone forever or you will post it elswehere?


Missing you on DA. Are you going to repost it all somewhere else? Love your work, just love it.

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