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Found myself in such a new place that transitional is the only way to describe it. Was fucking around with Genesis 8 but don't like it as much as G3F.Went through some natural disasters. And learned much about DAZ and Iray.
I finally made it on to lolicet. Going to just do Loli Guro. Don't worry, plenty of debreastings, just in the 12-17 range.
This way I can cross post on 4 boards.


Cool! Do your thing, I will get my enjoys thereby.


Looking forward to see more of your stuff!


Hi this looks interesting hope you have some ass cheeks sliced off some plump bubble bums


Looks really great, welcome back.
What do you mean with lolicet? Is this another board or Forum?
Google search dont find anyting...


Welcome back.
(for the 10th time probably lol)
I would like to use that chance to ask you to share you severed dick prop.
(and other things if you have something more)


Can you give us an archive of any castration stuff you've made?


So you are going to post here (hopefully) and on Lolicit. What are the two other boards? I am always interested in new places where I might find other stuff that interests me.




Hot as hell!


File: 1515776694565.jpg (219.36 KB, 1600x900, 1431004140306.jpg)

Hi Snarkmaster, this is OTT but I must ask, I found a series (see 1st pic) whose artist mat have been "Snark Master" after a commenter. Is that you? (style is different but that may be due to imagins tools). thank you and keep up the good work!


I just love killerX work, can't wait to see more...


I hope KillerX is back soon

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