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Hello, GUROchan. I made a couple things for you. I'm not very good at my craft, yet; and I had hoped to improve substantially before sharing results of any kind, but the timeline has a tendency to shift in unexpected ways.

I'll be blunt: I'm in rather dire straits at this point in time. I'm here now to ask if anyone might find enough promise in my prospects to consider supporting me. I apologize if such a proposition is out of line; I'm not overtly familiar with this site. Likewise, I won't be heartbroken if my works aren't well-received.

I promise I'm not just here to beg. I intend to make several more of such images (if anyone enjoys them,) regardless of my panhandling results.


File: 1507179176718.png (621.77 KB, 800x800, M_HS_A2.png)


File: 1507179198538.png (617.08 KB, 800x800, B_D_A1.png)


File: 1507179259298.png (583.02 KB, 800x600, B_D_A2.png)

I'll admit that my few introductory works here were hasty projects, but I will invest notably more time and effort once my world settles. Is there anything in particular you would like to see?


As long as there's a healthy balance of rape and decapitation, before or after the deed, I'd be more than happy.

Even in these rough stages, your stuff is lookin' pretty good so far.


Cool. I hope to see more. By the way, what program are you using? Just wondering how you got the blood to drip down her chest.


I would not even consider that as guro because this is plain murder scene without any hints hint to eroticism.
It would be better if that kife would be at least stabbed through her breast or something was stuck in her pussy. or anything else whast would suggest that it is supposed to be treated as porn and not as a detective story.

But work quality is quite good. I just wonder how long it takes for you to do those because you only managed to make 2 pictures
It's nice to see your attention to important details like blood spill physic
(it is interesting to know how did you did that)

I would say that you somewhat made pose in the second scene wrong as her leg should be resting on the another but now it looks as if she is holding it in the air while being dead.


Thank you - I haven't yet had the time to put together a male model, so the evidence left behind (like on the lips of the first character) will be all I can do to indicate such for the near future, but I will focus on this soon.

My tool is Blender; I model everything manually. I should be able to conjure 2 or 3 more scenes before I'll be without internet for awhile.

I appreciate your feedback - I will address these concerns going forward. These did not take long to make, as most of the assets are reused from prior projects. I only had two to show because I wanted to "test the waters," so to speak, before investing more time and effort while I am currently short on both.

My results will generally be limited by my skill level, but I will do my best to produce what's desired.


Personally, I love it. Like they said, the quality is good. Do you take requests though?


I'm open to suggestions; with the disclaimer that I'm learning these things as I go, and can't guarantee results. If you have something specific in mind, I can give it a try after my current work in progress.


Well, I do have a couple...

The first of being a pregnant woman who has been stabbed or shot in her vagina... Perhaps done by herself, or her husband


File: 1507886509449.png (344.2 KB, 600x800, P_E_I.png)

Sorry for the wait - I'm in the middle of a move.

I made two variations of this scene instead of just two angles. You won't mind if I reuse some "characters" for multiple deaths in the future, I hope.


File: 1507886970988.png (303.72 KB, 600x800, P_E_H.png)

I will try to incorporate this into the next one.

Beyond that, once my move is finished, I plan on taking the time to model some bones and entrails for things like bifurcation and dismemberment, as well as male models and more variations of the female, such as different body types and nonhuman races.


I think this is the best you can do on blender, because doing plain posing pictures as you do now is much easier to do on Daz or poser and they are not worth much since they can be easily mass-produced.


Blender is capable of some very impressive work in the right hands - do not mistake my novice efforts as being limited by the medium. I know my static images are rather underwhelming compared to what others can do, but I haven't reached the point of passable animation yet.

As well, it was already my tool for making game assets and simple artwork for friends. It wouldn't serve me much to divert to another program just for contributions here.


I am not suggesting you to do animations or change into another tool, but focus on things where blender can surpass other tools.
as it is almost impossible to do any good pictures with severe mutilations like evisceration, broken bones on the DAZ while you can do that on the blender.

Doing animations is not that much required, and you may better just make several keyframes as pictures.


Oh, it is good

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