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Hello all.

I exported my first animation from SFM and I have it in an AVI file. It's quite large at about 1.5G. I created a DropBox for my SFM, but I'm looking for some advice on how to get you guys here at GuroChan to see it best. Any tips?

Here's a preview.
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I love your new animation m8, i think you could become no 1 here soon.I like the ideea of a black killer for the SBS VR animation too, but the person she is giving the blojob and or fucking(the viewer) has to be white(his dick and legs at least! ;) Keep up the good work m8!


Lucky guys. They got everything from this bitch.
But I'm worried about Mr. Johnson. He deserved his part of the fun with Liz.


Hellz yeah. Nice work! :D
If your not planning on working on this one further, would you be willing to let me tweak some scenes?
If you are, send us the DMX file. I'll tweak it, send it back. You can junk it if you don't like what I've done.
I won't repost or claim credit for your work. It'd just be fun for me to work on.


Hey bro, same dude working with pudzuz here:) Just watched and was nice but 2 things. Around the ass your animation is a little chalky (leg momvent, cheek bouncings, actual humping while riding dick) (also where guy humps girl their body movements don't quite click) and the holes(pussy and ass) arent being streched when the dick enters. Also second, you kinda cut some of the best parts/dont use some stuff. The gun would have been nice in mouth (could use on different girl (possible shoot too for end scene) and you coulda showed the bottle being shoved in her pussy while sufficating and or during sufficating and her on the rope chocking and grabbing the rope when dude cums in her and uses the bottle next and leaves it in and the next scene woulda been the last where she was on the floor with bottle sticking out. But, way better cause I see you have emotions and jiggling/natural movements. Very nice. Also getting multiple angles won't hurt (unless you feel it doesn't look good) You're doing a very nice job:) Also, feel free to shed some blood>:)


File: 1512434176343.png (357.44 KB, 860x523, mrjohnson2.png)

Meet 'Karina' A still from a new victim of Mr. Johnson's

Mr. Johnson couldn't believe he had succeeded in disposing of the prostitute. It was as if nothing happened. There was no investigation, no enquiry of any kind. It was as if she didn't exist. Still, he was paranoid. He had the feeling that at any moment the police would come knocking on his door. He waited a few months but still nothing, and slowly but surely the confidence came back that the hooker he'd stuffed in the freezer at his lake house would stay there forever. I mean who cares about a hooker? Strangely he felt some guilt about what he did, it was like a dark force possessed him and flew him into a bloodlust when he saw her. Over the past month he tried to surpress it, and hoped it was a one time experience in his life. But again, slowly but surely he realized he had taken the first step down a slippery slope. On the news he heard of a killing of a girl on the east coast in some sort of gang-rape initiation. When he saw her photo on the television and hear the details he couldn't help but feel that bloodlust rising to the surface of his being. He envied those men in a cold twisted way. But then he realized providence had unfolded a path for him. The men suspected of committing the murder were all caught except one who was on the run. His daughter and her friend Karina were planning on taking a road trip as part of their first spring break with a group of friends from college. They planned on heading east. Ohhh Karina. Karina was a girl who had known his daughter since high school and had often come around to go swimming at the Johnson house's family pool. Mr. Johnson had learned to suppress a raging stiffy every time he saw her smooth tanned skin slip out of the poolhouse shower and walk across the the cobblestone to sunbath along his daughter. He would hear there giggling and imagine her delicious body trembling which each laugh, glistening in the sunlight. Another quality of Karina is that Mr. Johnson disliked her, she was haughty and liked to talk back and make snide remarks, and he put up with her more for the sake of her fat ass and tits than the fact that she and his daughter were pals. The recent murder presented him an opportunity. Using his vast connections, he would wait until his daughter and Karina left on their road trip, and have the bimbo kidnapped once they arrived on the east coast of the country, far away from his mid-western residence. The police would immediately suspect a link to the perpetrators of the recent murder. He would have her delivered to his lake house, where he could finally teach her the lesson she deserved in peace and quiet, where no one could hear her screams and where she could share an cold shelf with the other worthless cunt in the back of a freezer.

>>17865 Thanks man I appreciate your support, I really do, and I've started on that animation with those parameters. The only thing I can't guarantee in the SBS as I don't know how to do it. It will just be first person.

>>17866 You're right Mr. Johnson needs to come back into the picture. I planned to make him one of my most sadistic killers, slowly but surely. The reason I didn't finish the previous story with him is based on a similar concept to what coth said, that the models aren't similar looking and it looks unbalanced. But I will make sure to give him a wild ride with the fuckbag from the thumbnail.

>>17868 I'm glad you enjoyed and of course I can post a link tomorrow for it if you're interested. Maybe you can check out my keyframes and see where I'm messing up. Do as you please with it if you like. I modify the female model's body as long, as well as hair so if you have any questions just ask. Also if want me to email me directly just post it here unless its private.

>>17878 I'm glad to like it. I still have a shitload of problems with reactive motion and the fucking scenes are the worst of my scenes in my opinion. I need a lot of work there. Hmm the bottle going in her while hanging would have been a good idea yes. I will try to get some blood going in the next few, but to be honest I'm a little afraid of messing thing up with crappy blood particles.

Have a good day everyone!


Just post if here if you don't mind sharing it with everyone.
Thanks for letting me check it out! :D


This bitch must suffer. Mr. Johnson can show Karine her fate in the freezer. Psychological violence is half the enjoyment. I worry about the old man, after a dozen bitches he can have fun with his daughter.


Don't be afraid you're actually alot closer than you think>:) Applying stuff now will allow you to create on it better in the future. like compared to your first (which was very good) you changed alot of stuff and got more naturalized and you have more ideas/scene flowing. Quick learner>:)


File: 1513548083047.png (526.81 KB, 784x473, trey3rd.png)

Stills from some animations in progress. I took a little break, will be traveling around Christmas and will be away from the comp unfortunately but I will release some stuff.

First image will be Trey's 3/4 girl. She the girlfriend of a biker gang lieutenant gang that's the Ruff Boyz sworn enemies. A real treat for trey.

The second is a new character named Agent Wells, a DEA agent in Latin America trying to get information on high level cartel members. He arrests the Espedo sisters, groupies of one of the lower level smugglers in the cartel. He will make an example of the Ines, the first sister, before going on the younger one Lucia.


File: 1513548155803.png (316.64 KB, 843x474, dea.png)

^Reference above post.

By the way I am still working on some other requested animations I haven't forgotten


Oh I also notice in the last photo Wells dick looks really high. I'm grateful to loordaarvark for the model, but there's a giant hole if I move the dick lower so I someone have to manipulate the scene somewhat to make that look natural, I do notice it.


Hi Shiver,

Thanks for letting work with your dmx file. It was nice to get involved withsomething that was practically done. I get a bit burnt out just looking at my one same animation for extended periods

The arab models you used are no longer available on the steam workshop, so those scenes were difficult to do. Not sure if I've butchered the scenes where they exist.

Added some cum bits to your scene that might need to dl or toggle them off.:

I've added motion blur to each shot so render times will likely go way up. Haven't touched lighting much. I think your dim lighting is much better than my bright crap. The sounds I got from all over the place, so if you need it changed, let me know. I'll fix it and send another wav file over.

Here it is!!hcRglIgT!7z88ZWL9GGelEE0sKMmUKwfAd_Msg7eqPp--CxRmNe0

Do what you want with it. Junk it if you don't like it. Thanks for letting me work on it.^^


Gr8 stuff m8! But are you still working on that VR animation?




>>18498 No problem man. I loved the animation you added especially the extra characters you added to Coach. I will learn from that and add some more character to my killers. Your animation additions seem smoother than mine, all the movements seem rather slow to be honest I want to speed them up without ruining the quality of the movement, but still don't know how. If you are interested in any more of my previous animations let me know. I have all the dmx files.

>>18502 Yea man I haven't forgotten about it. But I switched models for it I will go with Nyotengu.


Nyotengu in that situation is a gift from the gods m8! Can't w8!


File: 1513857807735.jpg (316.64 KB, 1733x1004, motionedit.jpg)

Ah glad you liked it. ^^
If you end up rendering it, I'm happy to add the .wav sound file in if your not too sure how to do it. I think we can use 'Kdenlive' to do it. Just send us the finished render.

More than happy to look at some of your other works.

If you want to speed up an animation (im not sure how good it will look), the fast & dirty way is from the motion editor.
-Hold shift, then click and drag on the area of the timeline you want sped up.
-Select all the models parts that you want sped up (ctrl+click)
-Hold alt, then left click and drag athe the end of your timeline selection to slow or speed up the animation.


when you see the first video..not one reference to him


I wanna see some of your new content too bro>:)


No reference to who? If you mean me, I haven't helped Shiver at all. I've been doing my own thing. He let me play with his thug life animation and that's about it.


File: 1516495730044.png (663.89 KB, 1109x554, auction.png)

Happy New Year all. I'm not going to lie and make up some bullshit excuse for not posting. It seems Gurochan has been filled with some amazing content that I can continue to learn from. I've been lazy and drunk as fuck for the past month. Started a bunch of animations, but I always seem to get bored and bail on them. That's why I'm going to stick to one that I'm into and and a guro'er is into. For now it's the Nyotengu animation and and slave auction animation starting.

Here's a pic from the slave auction. Four girls from Left to right Ino Suziko (I see Ino's tits are probably a bit too big) , Jen Winters, Krista McHaney, and Cara Malucco. All four were taken on holiday in Europe.

Across from them are representatives and singular persons looking to invest in merchandise. Among them are:

John Johnson: White male middle-aged acting alone. Respected business and secret sadist, having successfully carried out two rape and murders.

Juny Sanchez and Miguel Loredo: Hispanic males and members of a drug cartel known for their violence and cruelty as well as public displays of murder.

Tobias Haegel and Matthias Stoen: White males early 30s and members of a small but rapidly expanding "Hel's Wings" Biker gang, originating in Germany but expanding across Europe and America.

Tara Green: Black female middle-aged. Green is a well respected news anchor and multi-millionaire philanthropist, also an advocate for equal pay and women's rights. The irony is she enjoy girls suffocating on her cunt and is willing to pay a lot of money to her victims or victims families to cover up her debauchery.

Thic Mygun Phang: Southest Asian male early 40s Phang is a rising Tech Mogul chairing businesses operating out of Cambodia and Laos. His interest isn't for his own desire but to grow a small prostitution ring in South-East Asia. He knows that if he bags a foreign girl he will get his invested money back in a few weeks.

Sheik Efrem Al-Nourisy: Middle-Eastern male in his mid 20s. Extremely wealthy and carefree, he is interested in starting his own harem back in his mansion in the Gulf.

The girls were taken from different cities in Europe while on vacation, they are being held in a small village in the Balkans awaiting their fate. "T" a mysterious man wearing a grey suit is hosting the auction.

The question is who should succeed in purchasing a slave as there are only 4 of them and 6 potential buyers? And what should happen to that slave? Let's hear some ideas?

Alright I guess I should do less writing and more animating. Need to stay focused. Y'all have a good one.


Yeah bro, back on the grind>:) I wanna see you and puzudz creating your asses off. Take as much time as you need to perfect it. Its a new year and I want yall to have super high quality creations>:D I'm also making some adjustments to my hardware so I can animate with you both. I plan on getting super doper bloody. Gonna need alot of references and works/request to get my creativity flowing. Gonna love yall this year lol.Stay strong and wait for my new name to appear>:)


File: 1516587670415.png (402.63 KB, 652x472, newone.png)

So this animation I will finish by this coming weekend. It will be part one of a miniseries. I need Guro'ers help here though. Kind of creators block. The girl on the left will be spared in this video for now, she is a prude amd refuses to suck cock. The girl on the right is old news to her captors having been used for a few weeks and will be executed brutally to instill fear in the girl on the left. After the mind break she will turn into a real wet slut.

I need some ideas on how to execute the girl on the right (yes the models are Honoka and Nyotengu). So please hit me with those dark, dirty violent, gorey ideas. Don't be shy, once I figure out how to execute it it's just an issue of picking a captor from my previous post.

Looking forward to hearing.


Would be nice to see her neck snapped or throat sliced open and used as a cocksleeve.


Hey bro >:) I made a small list on someones page (besides Puzudz [only cause he said I could:)]), but you can skin the model a bit (on the arms and legs) (kinda hard to animate) rip one arm off at a time and have them (the arms) used by 2 dudes to jerk off, give her a joker smile, gauge one eye (piss in it too>:)) cut off nipples or shove nails through them (or both fuck it) and the finale, cut her in half at the waist and have her watch her friend still alive being gut fucked (intestines), the bottom half of her body being fucked next to her half body, throat fucked (with joker smile) and mouth streched wider but still on head, Head drilled with a drill (skull fucked and twitching body/rolling eyes) cum (all the way through bottom half of body(through uterus and out on ground) ),intenstines (squirts out from bottom), throat and brain dripping out/coughing up and slit her throat on friend and let the blood splatter on her (with some cum).

Lovely god tier animation>:)
I'm gonna however have to hold most of all the god tiers for Puzudz so enjoy>:)


Well the killers must invite a guest,the viewer, the girl on the right being a cum slut(we know she is) begins sucking off the guest and prepares to ride him cowgirl, then the killer emerges from the shadows pull her from your dick and snaps. or slits her throat, he threatens you and you are "forced" to watch him fuck her corpse and maybe dismember her. You are doing this in SBS VR too, right?


File: 1516703996309.png (352.51 KB, 792x504, torture.png)

Here's a still of the new torture part of this series Eye gouging and tit nailing to come. I need to add some sex and suffering audio so if someone can recommend some audio files I'd be glad. Have a good one!

>>19541 Looking forward to your animations thanks for the encouragement.

>>19640 I've seen your list on FB's page. He's one of my favorite artists here and Puzudz is the man, I respect him a lot and he's a really good animator for the short time he's been animating so if anyone can do the god tier stuff it's him. For now I will take some elements of your ideas. Eye gouging as well as nipple nailing will be in the scene. I'm not sure about the halved body, but I will try. I can do some arm. Also looking to add a lot of blood, and audio with whimpering and stabbing and blood sloshing sounds. In the end I killer will really fuck this bitch up and toss the hamburger that's left over to the other girl as a warning.

>>19641 I added this Nyotengu model to try to incorporate your first person idea. Maybe the "guest" can be her kidnapped boyfriend or father who is force to have sex with her then watch her raped beaten and killed.


Can be both, but heavely drugged with viagra to enjoy the show.Besides in that scene we won't see that person, and we will take his role for a few minutes! ;)


Hello, i am a fan of your work! I saw an interesting thread about Sims 3 animations done with blender, are you interested in such a project?


I'm heavily interested in seeing the tit nailing and possibly some extreme breast destruction / debreasting done to her. Have you made any progress as of late?



I am not that much into plain murders and executions but tit nailing scene is something what i woud really love to see.

And also I love your new set of girls they look very cute ;)


all the links are dead =(


Use mp4 format with quicktime


When will you be returning my brothern?







Does anyone have normal links? Or if someone saved the content, can you post it here?


errrr reuploads anywhere?


I also want some working links please! and what happened to this artist?


can someone reupload all the links?



This thread waa seized by EVMC loyalists! Because we choose the best and erase the rest!


Really want these links back plz


Wow. I really didn't know that anyone would even remember my animations.

Recently I got really into the interracial fetish porn. For a few months it really excited me I started on some animations, but found the vanilla theme so boring and just clicked on gurochain. I tried to push violence out of my sexual fantasies, but in the end I am biastophilic (getting arousal through violence) and I realize thar there's nothing to be ashamed of. I don't hurt people in real life and never will.

But I will pick up where I left off with animating. I don't have the original files sorry. I set them to expunge themselves on mega and Dropbox, but I will make new better ones.


I personally miss you and my other prodigy. Please come back :)





all links give me an error page, they're dead.
any one have them up?


Does anyone have a backup of this <3

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