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Hello all. I am new to SFM, but a long time fan of it. I have made five or six animations. My computer is a potato, I will invest in a new one soon. Here's a photo from one of my animations.

I have yet to render any, I know they might take a long while to do so. All of you here have inspired me especially the others 3d Guro creators. Please go easy on me because of the low quality textures, it's through the eyes of Mr. Potato.


Good, more 3d artist! i hope more and more people get interested on this!


Hey, this is the dude currently growing out and pruning puzudz :) Looks to me like im gonna be seeing alot more people coming (a whole new wave if you will) I wanna see what you can make too, soooo get dat animation done soon (but quality over quantity) and I hope to have 2 new and upcoming artist with a shit ton of dark concepts.

BTW you should def give yourself a name (not sfm) something cool (maybe dark>:)) to the point and memorable. Also dont want to make puzudz jelly so I do have to call you a noob :) NOOB;)


Good to see you get into it! From the preview pic, I can already see the beginnings of some awesomeness.

Look forward to seeing what you can do. :D

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