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I just wondered if there was a reason that no lolli or younger girls pictures have showed up on the newest version of gurochan?
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Amazing, thank you!!


Do you take requests?


Only if I am interested in the story too. Sorry, I am selfish. No kiddy porn. Just snuff-stuff from 8 to 13 yrs...


Only if I am interested in the story too. Sorry, I am selfish. No kiddy porn. Just snuff-stuff from 8 to 13 yrs...


Thnksss =)))



No, no worries I understand. I don't really have a "story" in mind. Just interested in seeing lolis taking bullets between their legs in various situations. Though mob hit while sleeping or showering sound awesome. Or perhaps sitting on the toilet to piss.


This is just cp!!! Why hasn't fbi taken this site down yet??


Because it's not actual CP, it's renders.


I love this shootings so much.

Have an idea for a story: Young girl sits only in a shirt (no panties, high socks) in her room, with some teddys. Maybe, she changes her clothes, and get hit by a sniper... one in belly, one in chest, and she dies with blood from her mouth.


File: 1508276689970.jpg (130.44 KB, 800x450, grt13.jpg)

For a short while there was a thread called "Killing Children"
That thread had pictures that were black and white. But the style of drawings looked a lot like>>13628.
Are you the same artist who did this?


Yes, it was me, and I am wondering why it had been deleted. I would gladly continue Killing Children thread, but I need to know why it’s deleted... if I broke any rule of Gurochan, please let me know, as I really want to play by the rules, so I will not make this thread again until I get any info of.



Please contact the admins, we love your stuff m8!


No worries... I am sure, we will twist up that silencer soon and even more children will hit the floor!



Author's name is Jungle Jim; he can be reached on Dark Fetish Network. I really admire his work - and he's gotten better since this very nice render.



So did Dino Velvet die or was he arrested? He hasnt posted anything in over 2 years


I would also love to find out. I have a few pieces of his work and it is great.


I was posting a lot of lolli 3D pics on Waldo, when suddenly the connection broke. Now I can't reach Waldo anymore. Should I post the rest of the series here?







Whats the name of the artist?


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Oh let's just hang them all, the younger the better


This is from dean_(nl) on chan.sankakucomplex. There are several more, but there's one i can't find anymore with a girl arriving at the gallows with the noose stuffing into her bloody cunt. Style is just like this, but can't find it again.


This is a great thread, I would love to see more of this :-)





Who is "killing childreen"?


I want Killing childreen back! Anybody know, where he share his works?


I want the artist back. Anybody know, where he share his work now?


Same here, the lolis need more punishment!






Nice ads faggot






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