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Figured I'd start a new thread seeing as my old one was filled with a lot of animations from almost 2 years ago, this way you won't have to scroll through a bunch of crap to get to my most recent work.

Here’s a new series folks.. I intend to create more than a few of these in the same setting testing out anything from sub machine guns, heavy machine guns, explosives and what I’ve been wanting to do for some time that came second in line to the 50. cal sniper rifle, next F.W.T.F weapon for testing will be a Titan.. that’s right folks.. a MECH FROM TITANFALL! firing rockets and all kinds of crazy shit.

watching this even on the stream will appear much darker than it actually is.
the picture attached to this post shows the actual lighting.

F.W.T.F (Freeman’s Weapons Testing Facility)
Subject # 36
Testing L115A31 firing hollow point 50. bmg rounds.

here's the stream link

and the download link to my dropbox page

please comment and let me know what you think !


Very good animation.
My only complaint was that it could have lasted a bit longer, the build up to the shot could've been way longer, to see her squirm more, before meeting her inevitable, brutal demise.


Nice animation Freeman, though I prefer erotic deaths. What about that Deepthroat Death you were working on?


I'm in the same boat as other anon. Great animation just wish it was more erotic. Second shot was also a bit anticlimatic. If I may suggest the second shot right down the middle (splitting her in two) would have been awesome.


Yeah, erotic executions like your 'Home Invasion' one are ABSOLUTE FIRE.



On multiple subjects at once? Would be awesome.


I personally love the non-sexual deaths, I like to keep the two separate
Just do what you like doing I guess


can you do rape/kill anim with victoria?


File: 1503104257870.jpeg (620.34 KB, 1920x1080, Caveria2.jpeg)

Sweet Revenge

After one particular mission Caveira's life was a ticking time bomb, on that night she had silently dismantled 18 men most of which were her designated targets but what she didn't take into consideration was of those 18 she killed 3 were members of the Russian Mafia Including one the bosses sons, luckily for the Mafia one of guards managed to capture a photograph of the culprit before meeting his demise, it wasn't long before millions were poured into gathering intel,locating their killer, setting the job up and getting sweet revenge.

Stream Links



and the link to my dropbox page


Could you make a looped version of this, where it's just POV of someone fucking Caviera and maybe another after she's been shot? Love seeing Siege necro, so if it isn't too much to ask maybe consider making a part 2 as well where her corpse is getting 'used' by a few more mafia guys with one in her pussy, one in the hole in her head, and another somewhere else like her ass?


cool. maybe next time put the gun under her chin or in her mouth?


What about a animation with quiet aiming with her rifle, then a guy come from behind her and
1. broke her neck
2. slice her throat
3. shot in the head
and he take her body to have fun


Hi Freeman, I've got one suggestion/request.

I think it would be great if the shooters on the testing range decide to try out their latest weapon on one of the unsuspecting technician girls on the right.
Then they can test out the weapon's accuracy on a moving target as the other girl runs before finishing off the 'proper' target.



what about a deepthroat death / shooting combo?

fuck her throat
suffocate her
shoot her in the head

or any other combination


Hey been requesting it quite a bit (mostly cause fantasy) but really wanna see what everyone comes up with. Jax performs mkx jaw breaker fatality on mileena then fucks the throat hole and pussy and cums in both. I would love and would even pay to see it. One person (who is one of my new favs on this planet) has taken my request but it doesnt hurt to see what other can produce>:)




File: 1508610887621.jpeg (462.69 KB, 1920x1080, RoadHog&Anna4.jpeg)

"It Just Wasn't Her Night" 25-sec POV Animation.
the much anticipated and requested Backsnap.

thank you all for being patient, hope you enjoy :D
as always download from dropbox and view in Quicktime to get the intended lighting and overall quality that mixtape moe can't.

Mixtape moe link

Dropbox download link


Hey Freeman. Love the new animation.

One thing though, when I click on the dropbox link it tells me the folder doesn't exist.
Am I doing something wrong?


File: 1508616909681.jpg (36.23 KB, 506x278, G3tdvVs.jpg)


that is epic anon! it gave me an idea but not sure if its possible. if the model even exists that cowgirl from toy story would be perfect with your animation :D


File: 1508884982798.jpeg (623.77 KB, 1920x1080, posterela.jpeg)

R6S-ELA 5 second loop

Just a quick one I made the other day.

Mixtapemoe link

Dropbox Link


Do another one with Ela on a more clearer enviroment, or other angles, it's so dark that I can't see nothing...


Nevermind, I downloaded it and it's better now. But I would love to see other angles!


you plan on doing something with the other siege girls freeman?


File: 1509037583183.jpeg (440.06 KB, 1920x1080, posterMotorcycle accident.jpeg)

"Motorcycle Impalement Accident" 7 second Necro loop

On the run and managing to evade savage mercenaries for some time was all good and swell until one night, flying at 160km/h on her motorcycle she was distracted by incoming gunfire, she looked behind herself at the worst moment possible resulting in hitting a four foot wet patch of snow bringing the bike to a complete stop and instantly throwing Rachael 30 yards chest first into a sign post that'd recently been knocked over by another accident due to the heavy snowfall in the past few days.

Two days prior in response the town was replacing many of the old signs on the road and due to local the high school kids that have been notorious for smashing and knocking down signs with baseball bats in their cars.
Rachael was found on the very sign that was both smashed by the teens and involved in another accident just the day before shifting the post at the perfect angle for her to get perfectly impaled and fucked by the merc that chased her down.. it was fate or karma, maybe both.
either way one could say she got what was coming to her.

Mixtapemoe Links

Angle 1
Angle 2
Angle 3

Dropbox Link

>>16364 I do plan on using IQ for something special.. I need some Ideas on that
>>13800 I'm finishing up a deepthroat death animation where he sticks the gun in her mouth and pops a cap in noggin after he's suffocated her just for safe measure.
>>13803 I'm considering something along those lines for a new project atm.
>>13845 or maybe a weapon malfunction? ahaha I could get behind that.
>>13866 thanks man, I don't get many comments with such enthusiasm ahaha

In case some of you don't follow me on tumblr or patreon here's the link if you are interested!

Patreon Link

Tumblr Link


that patreon link doesn't lead to anything? (other than the actual homepage of patreon)


File: 1509044466392.jpg (5.16 KB, 128x128, anime girl perv face.jpg)

Absolutely fucking TOP notch. I actually applauded that animation.



Looking forward to the deepthroat death!


>>16409 my bad, heres the proper link to my patreon

>>16410 comments like that is why I post this shit publicly :D thanks dude.


Don't wanna be rude, but did you die?


Cause I miss you...


would love to see this without the helmet and a character used


We're back! Woo!


your patreon page is under review...


Hello Freeman, do not know why your patreon has been reviewed, I want to pay you a $ 50 commission, I hope we can cooperate an animation, do not know if you are still online


File: 1520450524991.jpeg (668.99 KB, 1920x1080, office5.jpeg)

Greetings fellow fans & supporters, Freeman here..sorry for the delay things have been bumpy lately to say the least, my Patreon page came under review and that's been a nightmare to deal with but after several emails with patreon support so I should be up and running before the week is out, I've got some animations in the works.
as always download from dropbox and view in Quicktime to get the intended lighting and overall quality that mixtape moe can't.

Weapons Deal Gone Wrong.


Static Camera



^ there are supposed to have audio..
I will reupload.


You could also loop it for a bit more if you're re-rendering it and see this message. 8 seconds doesn't do it justice imo


Maybe we could have more asphyxia related stuff like hanging and strangling? Totally fine if not! Still like your work


Freeeman long time no see, welcome your return, as always, support you, I hope your Patreon can be restored as soon as possible


I've been looking for you to make a GAME OVER animations about Resident Evil, actress and zombie


wow that is hot,cant wait to see with audio!
Welcome back m8!


Freeman!!! Your vids are my very favorite!!! Glad to see you're back <3<3


Your Patreon is down :(

Do you do commissions?


This is now my favorite animation. Thanks for your great work!


File: 1526216807841.jpeg (799.4 KB, 1920x1080, 1460092013178.jpeg)

Does somebody have this animation? It's from first thread of Freeman animations but link is dead.


There you go. Add dot


Great animations! Did you ever get round to reuploading?


I'm back, just under a new Alias.
I have tons of animations I need to upload, I'll be starting a new thread under my new name, I apologize for how long it's taken for me to get back in business
here's the new Patreon Page


Welcome back!


Great to see you back ^_^


wb! what exactly is each tier?


File: 1532825490087.jpeg (548.26 KB, 1920x1080, Faith.jpeg)

I thought I'd try something different that I'd never done and while I'm not completely satisfied with it, I'm content with how it turned out.
I'm in the midst of finishing and rendering 3 different animations that I plan to drop before the end of next week so get ready for a surge of different content.

**Remember to download and view in quicktime/vlc**
watching in the dropbox stream compromises the quality.


Link dead.



Hey Freeman, love your work and thanks for sharing!
Just want to ask, do you receive commission?


Brilliant Freeman! Expecting more R6S stuff XD!


New link works - Thanks!


Whatcha gonna do with the body?>:)


that is a good start, maybe more lighting though so we can see it better? kinda dark. Awesome start though hope there is a short loop of her getting used in the trash.


File: 1534151508240.jpeg (949.75 KB, 1920x1080, 1464113761518.jpeg)

Does anybody have full version of this animation?


Can always rely on Freeman to always miss his own deadline on content. haha


File: 1544914252225.jpeg (476.14 KB, 1920x1080, VaultGirl.jpeg)

Link to dropbox DL.


For those of you who don't care I'd advise you to not read any of this…I've had a lot of issues rendering animations in the past year or so and as a result I didn't end up posting much.. but that does't go without saying I didn't make a shitload of animations, but having 20-30 hour render times can really fuck shit up and demoralize you to the point where you don't really care about the 3 day binge that you spent animating…not sure why it took as long as it did but the other day I did some research on how to not compromise on quality and shorten render times significantly and it's paid off.
I made this animation and did the sound and had it rendered all within 72 feels like the good old days again.
I've said it many times but I'm confident in saying that I'M FUCKING BACK.
yo ps
I know my animations aren't everyone's cup of tea and sometimes can be less erotic and more about executions but I'm making a solid effort to have at least some form of erotic-ness to every animation from here on in.
so this was kind of a quickie loop to see if my research had worked out and it I think it did.
again viewing in VLC or WMP darkens the fuck out of the animation to a point where it's hard to make anything out, don't bother viewing it on the Dropbox website either.
In order to serve justice to the animation you must view it in Quicktime.


Welcome back buddy. Don't worry about eroticism in your animations, just do what you feel like. Sometimes its nice having a straight up execution that doesn't have titties out.


I've recently upgraded my PC to a GTX1060 6GB, Ryzen 5 2600 and 16GB. If my specs are better than what you currently have, I'd be happy to help you with the renderings.
Mail me at if you're interested.


Nice to see you back!


Welcome back ;)



i hope you dont mind, but i made a brightened version of the vault girl animation because i dont like quicktime

its a dark animation, in more than one way, so i tried to keep it as dark as possible but still making it a touch lighter

the quality suffers a bit as brightening a compressed clip always does, but i tried to keep it as good as possible too

also its great to have you back, i really appreciate the more erotic touch!


File: 1545430902573.jpeg (508.68 KB, 1920x1080, Santa's Little Helper.jpeg)


thanks dude I really appreciate it but I'm getting a GTX 2070 next week and a few other updates so I should be alright especially with my new settings :D that being said I've got a bunch of animations I'll probably never get around to so if you can break down how the fuck we would even go about this I'm all ears bro

Hey man, I'm glad people like you are taking it upon themselves to lend a helping hand to people who probably see it completely different on their monitors, kudos to you bro!

sometimes doing the same shit over and over can get repetitive, I'm currently digging switching it up a're a real OG telling me I should do what I want though, appreciate that.

This animation will be some of the last of my animations that were done with the old settings that took forever to render and usually were problematic but I have a moral obligation to render these cause there's a few gems left that need rendering and require the computers full undivided attention for more than 3/4 of the day, my next animation I'm working on will be a throwback to the F.W.T.F (Freeman's Weapon Testing Facility) provided I can find the old animation file and I didn't delete it.. if not I GUESS I'll stomach it rebuild the scene ahaha.
there will be some animations rendered in the meantime though so buckle up folks cause in the coming weeks it's gonna be raining animations.


That's a neat little animation man! Some necro is always appreciated :D
By the way, with this version gc you currently do not need to write hxxps instead of https
Curious how you pick characters for these? Do you just take whoever you feel like at the moment, or do you have them planned out? Perhaps you'd be open to some suggestions?


Man i love all your animations but ther is one big critique for them - they are mostly extremely short and the animation of fucking is often to QUICK - they push in and out like a jackhammer! Slow it down and maybe add moving camera to the same looped motions to show difrent angles without having to work on changing the animation and on top of that it would make it longer.


So glad to see you're back. I'd love to see you do another asphyxiation one like the Dva vs Synth one. Excited to see what you've been working on.


Agree, the DVA/synth strangle was easily your best work. A slow struggle is always the best!


Agree, the slow death, or especially the build up is what does it for me!
Take pestilences works for example, especially the Kasumi one, the lead up to the inevitable is extremely arousing.

On that note, please make some DOA animations! You're one of the animators I check daily along with OP, love your animations dude!


anyone got a link to that synth one?



>>26133 Can anyone post a mixtape or webshare link for Santa Little Helper?



Can anyone put a mixtape or webshare link for Santa's Little Helper?


Hey Freeman, you inspired me to start SFM recently. If you have the time to spare, can I kindly ask you to shed some light on how to start doing guro?
I have a few questions:
1. What do you use for your blood effects?
2. If I want to do POV, should I animate it in 3rd person first?
3. Any tips or procedures on how to do decaps?
4. Can I gore/gib any sfm model? What are the limitations? To my limited knowledge, models are considered bad when they are missing bones for stuff like face/breasts?
Thanks, Merry Christmas!


I love you animations, will you post more? And your last one is not downloadable anymore, could you repost it?


Is there some hidden content in #26133 that I cannot see? Why is everyone tagging it


I see an empty comment, but the guy who wrote it is evmc from this thread supposedly >>4031



this comment is empty to me too


File: 1546194804194.jpeg (453.54 KB, 1920x1080, Quiet3.jpeg)

Patreon wants to burn me to the ground and all the work I've done animating over the past 3 years and for a while there I rolled over and went belly up when Patreon changed their guidelines and animators like me were brought to a halt in the crowdfunding category, which I'll admit was extra incentive to get shit done not just for myself but for the people who support me for time I put into SFM.
I've decided to stay as Freeman on Gurochan but start up a new Patreon under my new alias "ColdFire".. I'm advertising that I make SFM posters as to not bring too much attention to myself. I'll need the Gurochans community to help in not mentioning that ColdFire is tied to Freeman.
I will produce posters here and there to keep Patreon support off my back but I'll have all my "real" work posted here.

sidenote that poster I uploaded as my cover art is a teaser of an animation I've been working on for a while now.

most of the time deciding to make an animation boils down to 2 things, which characters to use and what's feasible to achieve for the idea I have in mind, most of my idea's are hard to execute so I make compromises. I usually won't start an animation unless I have a a pretty precise idea of what I want, sometimes the idea's are the hardest part.

yea, I like guns so shit tends to happen quick..that being said there's been a lot of demand for the Dva & Synth animation and it's been a hot minute since I did something like that so my next animation will be either a new rendition of that animation with different characters or I'll pretty much recreate it but much smoother and overall better quality in all aspects.

coming in hot with a side of bacon.

sit tight.

I can fill you in on everything you'll need to know and more, the best way for me to inform you is on my stream though, that way you can see how I work and you can ask me all the questions you want, I'll be streaming a lot more frequently so it should be relatively easy to catch me.


>my next animation will be either a new rendition of that animation with different characters or I'll pretty much recreate it but much smoother and overall better quality in all aspects

If you're up for suggestions I'd go with same animation on new characters. Preferably characters in the same universe. Love your work.


Would love to see a refurbished version of that animation



I think thats the way to go with patreon. Isn't pestilence doing something similar as well?

There's also subscribestar, which is supposedly more lenient with the content but I haven't really checked it out.


File: 1546281507405.jpeg (735.92 KB, 1920x1080, F..jpeg)

A very old animation, rendered it last night.. let me know what you think


The bludgeoning is fucking great! I love the quick kill at the end, just taking care of business


Great stuff. love fragging nazis and nutting to it


Neat, i wish it was rendered in at least 1080p though.

I'd love to see this sort of violence part in pov with a sexual part after it, like for example after this happened you see from pov how the guy fucks the corpse of the bludgeoned women and cums inside of her and then has a short break and then goes ahead to the next corpse and fucks the dead female corpse as well in a different way and maybe fore starting to fuck just randomly punches or stabs the corpse or plays with the tits or kisses it or something.


wow such a primitive method yet so fucking good!


File: 1546431341151.png (62.19 KB, 250x210, Please Commander Freeman, ….png)

This is pretty hot, but I think that it would be even hotter if he were to fuck her in the meanwhile. I mean, look at the little guy, he clearly wants to join the fight so why not let him?


File: 1546454571017.jpeg (668.99 KB, 1920x1080, 1520450524991.jpeg)

I've been finally getting around to reworking old animations, fixing them up and churning them out.. it feel pretty good, though I do believe
you'll see the difference between recent animations and older animations in terms of quality.

I think it's the only way I can get away with it, I have pestilence on my Steam and I see him on SFM all the time so he's definitely still hammering away on new shit but the recent material leads me to believe he's still trying to post on Patreon as pestilence, he covers a pretty broad spectrum of but lately it's been a lot less hardcore stuff, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.. or maybe I should just ask him ahaha
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm glad I'm not alone :D
do we need some more Nazi shit up in this bitch or what?
Alright homeboy..I've stated this on my thread on almost all my posts, you need to download it from dropbox and view it in Quicktime or you'll be compromising the quality BIGTIME, they are all rendered in 1920x1080.
if you've got em, gimme some primitive idea's hombre.
that's hilarious..just because that post I feel morally obligated to do a part 2 of that animation. I have a few other animations to wrap up so I probably won't get around to it for at least another week or so but I didn't expect to get such praise for that animation.


That pretty good. Short, but good. On a side note, how the hell can an 8 seconds clip weigh 60 MB?


Oh, I forgot, the audio is pretty fucking good, love the girl's satisfied moaning




Love to see more with that model, reminds me of Rachel from DOA.
Think you can do some with existing characters?
Knowing the backstory makes it 10x hotter as opposed to custom ones.

If we're talking about primitive, nothing beats the goo ol bare hands bashing someone's face in ;)

Recently also saw a comic of smashing their face into the edge of stair step, tearing their jaw in half



When you making more?



I'd love to see something with Brigitte from overwatch.

Can you? Please?


File: 1547440560193.jpeg (478.87 KB, 1920x1080, Widowmaker's Doom.jpeg)

Widowmaker's Doom.

This is an old commission, something I'd never done before so I'm curious to see what people's by no means perfect but I think most of you will approve.

Anyone who's still supporting me on Patreon as FreemanSFM (there's still quite a few)please do me a solid and unsubscribe from my old account and head on over to my new Patreon.
Every dollar helps :D


Ps it's a loop.


That's awesome! Only complaint I have is it's a little dark, wouldn't have been able to tell it's guro other than the fact that it's on here.
Do you also take commissions?


It’s not dark, read the rest of the forum and you’ll see that I say to view all my animations in QuickTime.


Now that you mention it. How dark IS it supposed to be? All the vids in that dropbox are pretty dark. Quicktime or not. My monitor is calibrated D65 @ 2.2 gamma. For me they're not blackout dark. More like can't make out any background dark. Maybe its being rendered for a different display setting. What are we supposed to be seeing?


I will kindly request any of the busty DOA girls, please!


>>26457 I hate to argue with the far better artist, but quicktime is DEAD. It's been entirely discontinued on the windows platform for a number of years now. It still exists on Mac, but it's pretty much just a legacy tool at this point. Telling people it's the only *proper* way to view your work is…problematic at best.


here's the preview shot from the last animation.
that's cool dude.
Quicktime dead?
"It's been entirely discontinued on the windows platform"
sounds like you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
please don't comment on my content again unless it's constructive criticism.


Hey Freeman, I really like your work. Pretty great stuff. Keep up the good work!

I just wanted to mention (first time commenting) that the broski talking about QuickTime has a pretty valid point. A quick search on my computer (Windows 10, updated fairly recently) could find the QuickTime program. And a simple Google query shows that QuickTime was officially discontinued January 2016. I, personally, have no problem watching videos that are slightly darker (also, I can't download QuickTime because I only have my phone data), but broski has a point that QuickTime IS dead to Windows.

Of course, one could simply download the program, so it's not a big deal. And I still love your work, even though DropBox is a jerk to me. Just wanted to let you know that the boi's claim is valid.

Anyway, keep up the great work! I look forward to more animations!


Everybody is using VLC media player these days.Formats like.webm and .mp4 can be played in modern browsers pretty well btw.


Real fucking brave of you to bar constructive criticism of your content just because you decide it's not constructive to your liking. Unfuck your head and don't get assy at people for making the very reasonable recommendation that you optimize for a media player that actually sees widespread use, or if you do continue to disagree at least do it respectfully, dude didn't say shit to warrant the way you're acting.


Wait.. telling people to use QuickTime and you're not trolling? Is there some secret cult of QuickTime users still lingering somewhere? Probably the same cult that goes to long John silver, keeping their ass in business.



Wow, really disappointing to see you act like a jerk over a simple criticism. Grow up.


Freeman, I think you can do some short animations in loops, occasionally do some long animations, and set up some exclusive versions in your patreon so that more people become your customers.



>being this assblasted about obsolete media players.


Hey man, love your works and you're awesome.
However, I don't think my man deserved the unwarranted aggression.
Most of us don't understand the reason why you're using QuickTime, if you can justify why, it would help a lot.
Understandable if you were in a bad mood, your works are awesome and always will be, but such response wasn't called for.


No offense to everyone here, but the man is producing high quality free art for the community. I think he can work in the player of his choice. If you don't like it, don't consume it. If you like it, make the tiny effort to download the player. Either way, the dude can use what he likes producing your free art. A guy hands you free stuff it's kind of rude of you to ask for it in a different colour.


Love to see all my wonderful brothern in discussion. No matter Quicktime or any other media player, the content is still wonderful and beautiful content. Now Freeman, I think he was making assumptions (which alot of people are agreeing with him on) with Quicktime. This can be explained and without as much agression. I personally love your content and see no issue with playing it, however there might be a common ground on both sides that allow people to enjoy your content more. Please both of you extend your hands to each other and discuss.


i'd kill for something new with dva




some dipshit necro bumped the wrong thread lol




stop being a stranger Freeman,we are eager to see more of your works :D


u ded?



anyone have a link to his animation with, widowmaker, heavy and scout? been trying like hell to find it with no luck so far


Where'd you go mate



I miss Freeman's animations…

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