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Third thread reached it's bump limit, time for a fourth thread.

-First Thread:
-Second Thread:
-Third Thread:

Tavern Trouble

Far in the wilderness of the riverlands lies a quaint little settlement. Far from the troubles of war in the nearby country, the settlers hoped to live in peace in the rural lands. However, the village was preyed upon by a tribe of lizardmen a few years after it's construction. The beastfolk mostly caused minor trouble with the townsfolk but as time went on they became far more dangerous. Petty theft of food escalated to theft of gold, weapons, and armor, until eventually villagers went missing. With most of the settlers too invested in their new home or simply incapable of building elsewhere, they found themselves in a difficult situation. Unable to fend off the lizardmen themselves, the town invested enough funds to place a bounty for anyone capable of protecting the town from the invaders. Mercenaries began traveling to the town, the well armed and experienced adventurers stayed in town as each group planned how they would wipe out the village. Most were there just to take advantage of the isolated town's desperation, drinking ale and sleeping in inns for free. Their presence in the village alone deterred the lizardmen from raiding the town for several days, so it was a small price the townsfolk were willing to pay.
One such adventurer attracted to the promise of gold was a lone adventurer from the south. A curvy and tall woman, even the other beautiful wenches and visiting mercs paled in comparison. The gawking eyes of the village could all but see the confidence radiating from her skin exposed by her slutty outfit. Many parties residing in the town offered her a place in their group, many of which were simply men desperate to earn her favor. She denied them all, spending her nights boasting of her past feats of valor and how she would slaughter the invaders herself. The residents and visitors wondered how someone with such little armor could ever expect to fend off the tribal beastmen.
The night before the adventurer planned her attack on the village, she heard a woman scream for help in one of the outskirt cottages. Rushing to the rescue, the cottage's doors and windows were barred shut, the screaming continuing inside. The screams turned into pleas of mercy before going silent. Unable to break the door down herself, two other mercs came and helped finally break down the door. The adventurer and mercs rushed inside with their sword drawn. The cottage was completely silent. The adventurer decided to search the upstairs while the other two would search downstairs. Despite finding signs of a struggle and a large spray of blood, there was no corpse. More importantly, there was no attacker inside. She suddenly heard the door slam downstairs, and two short cries before the slicing of a blade silenced them. The adventurer rushed downstairs to find the two mercs dead. One had her throat slit open and was slumped against the wall, the other with her breastplate torn open and a puncture over her heart. The adventurer tried to stay calm, holding her blade in a defensive stance as she searched the room. She didn't think to look up.
The lizardman leaped from the wooden ceiling and tackled the busty adventurer, knocking the air out from her lungs. As she wheezed in pain and tried to regain her footing, a swipe of the beastman's tail launched her and her blade towards the fireplace. Landing backside up on two barrels near the fireplace, the adventurer found herself too weak to move. Just as she began to catch her breath and started to lift herself from the barrels. She felt the beast leap behind her onto the barrel and plunge her own blade through her shoulder. The blade pierced through between her soft breasts, blood splattering across her pale skin. The beast didn't even wait for her final breath to take advantage of her, ripping the thin strip of cloth that covered her crotch aside and thrusting it's long cock inside. Overwhelmed with pain and shock, the adventurer lied helplessly as the invader defiled her. As blood trickled down her blade to the floor and her breath grew weak, the beast twisted the blade which sliced her heart. She gave one final weak and painful gasp before finally the whore was put out of her misery.
The door once again barred and out of earshot of any other villagers, the murderous lizardman used his new cumdump hours into the night, the pale vixen's corpse soaked head to toe in it's spunk. Once the sun began to rise and it finally seemed satisfied with it's kill, the beastman carried the corpses through the hole in the roof it clawed open earlier that night, taking it's prizes back to share with the camp.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:



Doomfist throatfucks a no head Mercy? Cums in throat? Would be a hell of a animation and a very much appreciated one at that.


Could make a long one


just wondering why you use "clothed" models in a majority of your works, it just seems weird


OP, don't get my hopes up by ending a post the way you did with this one and not making a follow up animation! Hopefully with some nice skull fucking as they run out of holes?


Ok, that is awesome!

By the way, did the old Clover vote ever go anywhere? Are we going to see a new clover animation at some point?


I do have to wonder at this point.
How much time do you put into your average animation? (versus how much time you put when you were learning the ropes)

You sure this is just a hobby, seeing how productive you are with SFM I'm a bit stunned by the amount of content you're putting out.


Nice spin on a classic image!


OP, you never let me down. This gem is the perfect start for the fourth thread.


Wow, fourth thread already.

And each one better than the last.


Beautiful animation.

Just one thought is that I feel like it would benefit more as a longer scene that opens with the lizard killing the other two mercs, like the Titanfall pilot movie.


The Old Titanfall post was my absolute favourite followed by the Spartan multi girl one ~<3


File: 1501635048905.png (3.82 MB, 1920x1080, ff.png)

Hey OP! I was playing through Arkham Knight and I saw a scene that you might be interested in recreating! :D


File: 1501635689856.jpg (309.58 KB, 1920x1080, 20170801175814_1.jpg)

I dont know how models work but if you need more screenshots of these characters to make models with I have some more


File: 1501635702657.jpg (287.52 KB, 1920x1080, 20170801175821_1.jpg)


File: 1501635714912.jpg (306.87 KB, 1920x1080, 20170801175809_1.jpg)


File: 1501635731117.jpg (232.14 KB, 1920x1080, 20170801175057_1.jpg)


i think he's fucking' dumb



congratulations on the fourth thread, OP. by my count you've posted 154 (!!!) individual animations!

phenomenal work and i'm looking forward to many more. thanks are definitely in order!

great job.



alsolutely top notch, one of my favourites yet!

im further impressed by you each time!


So, I used to think 3D animations were all terrible. Oh how wrong I was; thank you OP for showing my the light I'd been missing all these years.

I see lots of people making requests so I'll throw my own into the mix. You said a while ago that you were working on something with the Pokemon models you used in the Nihilago animation right? Is that still in the works? I loved those ones.


ok so what about a throat fuck where it looks nice normal face fucking then when the guy is about to cum he wraps his hands around the girls throat and crushes it with his cock still in it and then grips his cock through her throatand jacks hishimself off to cum in her destroyed orfice. eh? ehhhhh? no chick in mind for this scenario sadly


Jesus christ dude calm down what is wrong with you


Jesus christ dude calm down what is wrong with you



Had a request I thought I'd run by you.

I've always wanted to see something really edgy with Anna and Syanna from Blood and Wine. Maybe some Snuff or Necro with Detlaff?

After your Two for One animation (>>12858), I hoped you'd be interested. If not, no problem. Thanks for your time and all the great work.


love every single one of your works op.

finding these threads was a god send.

would love anything with a viper from xcom 2, that first animatiom was amazing.


love every single one of your works op.

finding these threads was a god send.

would love anything with a viper from xcom 2, that first animatiom was amazing.


love every single one of your works op.

finding these threads was a god send.

would love anything with a viper from xcom 2, that first animatiom was amazing.



fucking hell phone lagged and posted multiple times sorry guys.


Your old threads are being spammed with ads fyi.


Any chance for you to start putting loop animations on gfycat again?


File: 1501817642113.jpg (118.59 KB, 1280x720, BaS Elizabeth.jpg)

OP, If it's possible can we get an animated short sequel to jitterbug into my brain from thread 3 with the burial at sea elizabeth model as the overseer? As for what the animation involves, something like the experiment team got overran by various beasties and the overseer is trapped in her room, she see's a lone bloatfly outside her window trying to get in and decides she'd rather go out with one last fuck instead of dying of starvation or getting killed by something much worse than a bloatfly

She smiles as she pushes the button on her overseer console which opens the door letting the bloatfly in, gives him the come here motion with her finger and leads him into her bedroom, gets on her bed on all fours and lets him fuck her doggystyle then he flies over and she sucks him off for a little bit until she feels the barb come out signifying he's ready to inseminate her brains.

He then flies behind her head, grabs onto her, pierces her skull then fucks her brains and she loves every second of it as she makes erotic faces from her fatal final pleasure.


Something similar to this may be nice, but I think it'd be more interesting if when she opens the door she finds out that like a dozen bloatflys and radroaches were hiding out of sight, waiting to get in and fuck the Overseer in every hole she had, and then to make a few more to fill her to the brim with eggs? Maybe have some of them fucking her nipples and filling her tits while some of the others fill her skull and belly?


The overseer is an AI in that setting


Eh retcon it i suppose. Don't think many of us will care for the small details if it means seeing a sexy ass chick getting her brains railed.


Moar Burial at Sea Elizabeth suggestions? Best thread ever.


Moar Burial at Sea Elizabeth suggestions? Best thread ever.


Hi guys,
Those throatfuck ideas are awesome. OP, you did a great scene once with a decapitated Sonya and the bad guy slowly fucking her head on his lip and her neck with his dick coming partially out of her mouth. That was simply epic. The Tavern Trouble scene also lends itself to a bare neck fucking. But I know you don't like to revisit existing scenes which makes sense. True artists always innovate. I sincerely hope the throat/neck fuck might decorate one of your wicked fantasies the coming weeks :)


I kind of agree with this one, her expressions were one of the best things you've made (to me).

I'm not pushing for another jitterbug scene, but your brain fucking scenes where the victims are still alive have always been really nice. People dont realize how expressions can improve it all.


How about Cammy White getting a cock impaled under her jaw and up into her brain. It thrusts in while she makes passionate faces then cums hard, squirting jizz out the corners of her eyes until her face locks in a blissful mask of erotic death...


can't remember if this has been covered before, but have you considered an all-the-way-through animation?


idk why the old threads suddenly started bumping


@OP Please give us a night elf neck snap.


Anybody got a backup of the Gwen animations from the previous thread? Most of the mixtape links are dead.


File: 1501995428512.jpg (131.09 KB, 1920x1080, Dogmeat_Preview.jpg)

Dogmeat Days

The vault dweller groaned as she kicked the locked door in one last time. The stubborn entrance had cost her all of her remaining lockpicks, and even when finally unlocking it with her last pick, the door was barricaded by something on the other side. She doubted there was anything too valuable inside, but at this point the dweller took it as a personal grudge. She walked around the building, looking for another way inside. Her companion barked and drew her attention to a small vent on the back side of the building. A few kicks and the rusty vent cover popped off and fell onto the sidewalk. The vent was small, but she should still be able to squeeze through, perhaps enough to get a look at what was inside or blocking the door. Her dog sat and wagged it's tail as she praised and pet him for his discovery.
She got on her knees and squeezed head first through the vent, her sizable bust pressing against her chest as she struggled to fit through. After a moment of struggling, her upper body burst through the hole as dust clouded the room. She placed her hands and pushed against the wall behind her, trying to squeeze all the way through. Her breasts barely fit through the hole, she wasn't too surprised her wide hips and plump ass couldn't make it through. The room was mostly empty, trash from before the war littered the floor. Surely enough nothing of value seemed to be inside, but she was finally able to see what was blocking the door. A rather fresh skeleton rested against the wall near the door, a hammer and nails scattered around it. The door was barricaded from inside with a few wooden planks. She aimed her 10mm pistol at the planks and opened fire, the impact splintering the wood apart. As the last plank broke the rusted door slowly swung open with the breeze. She couldn't squeeze through this way, but the door was opened at least. As she tried to push her way back out however, she couldn't find the position or strength to escape. Now unable to move further in or back out, she screamed in agitation. Surely it couldn't be any worse.
Her canine companion suddenly burst through the open door, his tail still proudly wagging. She beckoned her pet to her, hoping she could either push or pull on him to get out one way or another. The dog approached and playfully licked her face, irritating his owner. She wondered why he was acting strangely until she noticed his erect cock twitching between his legs. It had been some time since she was intimate with her pet, and he couldn't wait any longer. As she tried to command him to heel, the dog launched itself on top her her. His rocket inches from her face, the dog rested his forelegs on her back as he inched his pelvis ever closer to her face. His veiny penis throbbed as it brushed teasingly against her cheek. Her arms stuck trying to support both his and her own weight, she couldn't shoo away her pet. As she tried to order him down again, the red cock thrust into her open mouth, muffling her commands. The hound panted excitedly as his master's warm mouth engulfed his erection, her tongue coating it in saliva as it slid back and forth. The vault dweller sucked her lips tightly to the horny dog's cock, hoping pleasuring him would calm him down and allow her to use him to escape. She was used to rewarding her pet with her mouth on occasion, able to hold her breath and keep pleasuring him with her tongue and throat for several minutes without air. He was never this aggressive before however.
She choked and gagged as the tip pressed against the back of her throat repeatedly. Just as she prepared to pull her head away for a quick breath, the dog pulled on her body and thrust deeper than she'd ever taken it before. Her jaw strained as the knot pushed past her teeth and locked deep in her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise and panic. Her jaw was weak from her breathless streak pleasuring him, and was unable to open enough to free her from his knot. Her mouth even felt too weak to even bite down to free herself. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her lungs desperately cried for air. The cock was embedded deep in her throat, her neck bulging from the deep penetration and blocking her airflow. She pleaded desperately, her cries only coming out as quiet muffles and grunts. She panicked and let go of the wall and floor, her shoulder hitting the floor as she reached out and grabbed the dog's back legs. To no avail, she tried to push back on the dog's legs in a final effort to save herself. The mutt held on to her back strongly, keeping his erection deep in her throat. Her body began to spasm and twitch as life began to drain from her empty eyes. Her nails clutched tightly on the furs of his legs as her arms began to tense. Her face turned pale as she turned light headed, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull. Her grip on her pet finally began to loosen as she gave one final gasp. The green light of her pipboy flickered and faded, no longer operating with the death of it's user. Her lifeless arms fell to the floor as the dog continued to use the corpse's mouth, seemingly unaware of his master's demise. Only a few short seconds after her death, the dead vault dweller's throat flooded with the dog's spunk. Finally satisfied, the dog started to pull it's cock from it's master's still warm throat. His knot locked in by her teeth, he raised his leg and pushed against her shoulder. After a tight pull and push, the limp jaw finally let the cock free with a loud pop. Strings of cum and saliva connected the veiny erection to the cold, loose lips of his former master. The dog continued to wag it's tail, either still blissfully unaware of his owner's death or he simply didn't care.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

To me they give more character, it's what makes the victim in this animation a vault dweller and not Elizabeth

I still have it in the works. The most voted option was to drill her skull, but it would have wound up too similar to one of my earlier animations of Clover. I want to do something more new, so I'm planning to do the second most voted option, the back of the skull

Time spent depends on the animation, if it's just one victim and killer in one scene with little detail or little background and no variants that can take a few hours for a short loop. Ones like Tavern Trouble I kept adding more and more detail like the blood dripping from the sword or cum dripping from the lizardman's cock, then added sound so it took several days. Longer animations like this one can take days or even a week to do

I've got ideas and plans for more Pokemon animations, one in particular is with a Hypno. I've seen SFM animations with a model of one but can't find the model for it anywhere, if anyone else finds one please send me a link

yeah I have no idea why and can't really do much about it

It's a nice idea but I don't think I'll be continuing Jitterbug, if I do it might not be for awhile

no idea either considering they're past their bump limit

I thought I uploaded a download back up for that one, but I apparently didn't. Here it is!M4JAGYbS!7w1qGj60XQUqUfzoDjcPK2gOgdS4cN8jC53dbAA7YmA



Great little story to go with the animation: Check.
Beast fucking the woman: Check.

Hell, bonus points for long ass animation plus sound!

I keep checking your threads once a week or so and I keep saying to myself "this is the best work he has ever done" and boom, shit like this happens.

I dont even own a hat but I will buy one just to take it off for you.


Good god, please use this Vault girl model again, she is so crazy hot. I'd love to see her getting raped and snuffed by some raiders, and not necessarily in that order.



Stories and animation there is nothin sweeter




This is one of your best ones, the length, the girl dying midway through, the sound and the story.

It is simply perfect.


Nice one OP! These types of animations are your best works, IMHO. Like Superman and Batgirl, Alan Wake and Tina Armstrong, and of course my persona fave, Clayface and Harley.

Amazing stuff. You write really well, too!

Keep it up, man!


WOW. This is everything i wanted and more. bestiality, deepthroat death, necro, and a story to go with it. Great job OP, looking forward to more, whatever you decide to do.


Wow best animation and story ever, absolutely perfect in every way great job OP! Love the idea of the dog knot, maybe a future deepthroat death scene with a horsecock?


would love seeing this catherine from bio getting her severed head used or maybe through ear?


sorry meant this elizabeth love her outfit with the skirt so proper would love to see her get torn up if ever think is worthy. Ears or eyes would be an awesome bonus.


The quality of your animations and the speed with which you put them out is absolutely amazing.


File: 1502057322955.jpg (58.32 KB, 600x338, [Bioshock Infinite - Miser….jpg)

It would be awesome if you can make this pic from Misery Alley come to life...or death.


Thank you OP for all these magnificient works, keep em coming :)

I i could ask anything, it would be AyaSwan art animated by you, like X-men scenes.


is this right on mixtape? all 3 angles look the same?


those characters are ugly af bro


Its always hotter whenever a long animation is backed up by a delightful short story. Great work OP!



this is great. love the full length animations with death and stories. much better then the short loops

need to see vault girl elizabeth fucked doggy style from behind by raiders before they slit her throat then continue to fuck her while she chokes and dies. maybe they keep sawing until beheaded (like in that old sonya video)


That was literally your best fucking animation. Facefucking, still alive when getting fucked and then dying, god that's so good.


Mixtape works fine for me. The camera for etrocj is a bit to the right of the camera of roqrip.



Now you just need a supermutant to snuff the vault girl and your trilogy will be complete!


You know, I think Elizabeth is the best victim. Except for maybe Samus.



Would love to see a "bonus" 1 to 3 second loop of a radroach skullfucking or eyefucking or earfucking the corpse a few days later to lay its eggs and a 1 paragraph mini story to acompany the loop.

A man can dream right? :D


we need more Elizabeth. That bitch must suffer


Cassie Cage would be nice.



I 10000% agree with this, your vault girl ones have been INCREDIBLE! you keep outdoing yourself, absolute master piece. loving the longer animations with a decent blurb with them too.



The Ivy animation and story were great! Really liked how you alluded to her haughty personality in the text. Hope to see more Soul Calibur in the future, there's a lot of attractive ladies in that series that need butchering.


It's a bit annoying how people are spamming the old threads that aren't supposed to be bumping anymore


File: 1502363269225.jpg (176.16 KB, 1368x1944, Dota - guro - QOP WIP.jpg)

OP, have you considered doing something with Dota models?

Queen Of Pain animation would be awesome. Impaled through back and skullfucked, or impaling her skull with her own spikes on her wings, with dumb expression on her face as her eyes roll up. That bitch deserves some love from you. I guess that there are some decent models out there.

As a bribe I offer you some WIP picture of mine as inspiration.

Keep up the good work.


:C Well of course they do. They are rotting corpses after all.



OP has one dota animation on first thread with dr skull fuck

Btw i like your work where could i see more?


>>13586 ^ got messed up with numbers ^


Damn OP, that asphyxiation death while being fucked is amazing. Could you do another one, except a bit longer and the girl twitches as they naturally do when they die that way


Hey OP! Loved the dogmeat vid!
Would be awesome if you could make the loopable sections longer! Like, don't do more work, just add a few seconds of pumping every now and then; the same way one would copy-paste a bar of music when making, well, music. Hope that makes sense!

Looking forward to your next post!


Seems your Palutena Pitfall animation is down. A shame, as I ADORE suffocation by cock animations, and your Dogmeet anim made me want to view that one again.


Sex Arcade Or smokey12345 please


Can I request something rainbow six Siege if any female operator nothing specific just throwing it out there


OP, really love your work, but a majority of your uploads are now giving me 502 or 404's. Is there any chance at all of you re-uploading your older stuff?


Part 2 and 3 thread mixtape links not working, 502 error. Please update them ty.


Will second this. Love to see some R6S.



This is temporary issue with the hosting site. They're in the process of resolving it according to the message on their main page.




Trying to upload a new animation, but it seems Gurochan seems to think I'm a bot. This is incredibly frustrating


pastebin it up maybe?


File: 1502668337345.jpg (251.11 KB, 1920x1080, SisterlySlaughter_Preview.jpg)

Until i can upload all the links, enjoy the short story and a small preview

==Sisterly Slaughter==
The twin androids set out on another dangerous resupply mission deep into the overgrown forests. They were too exhausted from their last mission to notice they had been followed from the resistance camp. Once they traveled deep enough into the forest far from any witnesses, the stalkers ambushed the unsuspecting twins. Caught completely off guard, the twins never stood a chance, their weapons thrown aside as the armed assailants surrounded them.
The twins fell to their knees and embraced each other, unable to flee or fight. Their interlocked hands trembled as they waited for the final blow. The stalkers dug their wide blades into their skulls, a sharp twist making a sizable hole and tearing away the synthetic flesh. Their fingers clasped tightly as the blade turned, one of the twins dying almost instantly after a faint cry of pain. Drool dripped from her agape mouth as her vitals quickly faded, her empty eyes staring blankly ahead. Her grip loosened as her still suffering sister held tightly. The living twin's cruel attacker didn't drive his blade deep enough to kill her, but enough to expose her soft synthetic brain to the brisk forest air.
With no further hesitation, the killers threw aside their blades and penetrated the twin's exposed brains with their cocks. The soft but tight synthetic brain matter engulfed their erections as blood trickled down their beautiful faces. The dead sister flinched only for a moment before remaining still forever, the living twin still screaming in pain. With each thrust into her skull her screams became more and more faint, her eyes rolling back as what little was left in her mashed brain turning the helpless girl more and more retarded. Eventually her painful screams had turned into soft gasps and moans. Her dumbfounded face twitched as her vitals slowly faded. With one final thrust their skulls were flooded with cum, the living sister making one final pained shriek before finally embracing death. Their limp corpses fell onto the soft grass, spunk overflowing from their wounds and soaking the dirt.
Their killers wrapped their cold beautiful faces in cloth to contain their fake blood before throwing their bodies into large bags. The murderers snuck their bags back into camp at night, keeping their prizes hidden in their room until they needed to use their prized fuck toys for years to come. After all, android corpses don't deteriorate and waste away nearly as fast as human corpses.


I can't wait for the links to come in. Why is GC thinking OP is a bot?


Oh :( !!!


preview looks lovely as always


jax performing jaw fatality from mkx on meileena and fucks what left please would really love to see that would pay even.


File: 1502717208374.jpg (2.58 MB, 3840x2034, qop a01.jpg)


it's been almost 24 hours ah D:


where could i find other dota fan arts "with guro" it seems r/dota2smut removed guro content years ago


You can post the last part of the mixtapemoe link, the webm name, and people will be able to get to the pages OP.


do you plan to use victoria for any of guro sex animations?


File: 1502904440522.jpg (305.07 KB, 1920x1080, SisterlySlaughter.jpg)

Sisterly Slaughter

The twin androids set out on another dangerous resupply mission deep into the overgrown forests. They were too exhausted from their last mission to notice they had been followed from the resistance camp. Once they traveled deep enough into the forest far from any witnesses, the stalkers ambushed the unsuspecting twins. Caught completely off guard, the twins never stood a chance, their weapons thrown aside as the armed assailants surrounded them.
The twins fell to their knees and embraced each other, unable to flee or fight. Their interlocked hands trembled as they waited for the final blow. The stalkers dug their wide blades into their skulls, a sharp twist making a sizable hole and tearing away the synthetic flesh. Their fingers clasped tightly as the blade turned, one of the twins dying almost instantly after a faint cry of pain. Drool dripped from her agape mouth as her vitals quickly faded, her empty eyes staring blankly ahead. Her grip loosened as her still suffering sister held tightly. The living twin's cruel attacker didn't drive his blade deep enough to kill her, but enough to expose her soft synthetic brain to the brisk forest air.
With no further hesitation, the killers threw aside their blades and penetrated the twin's exposed brains with their cocks. The soft but tight synthetic brain matter engulfed their erections as blood trickled down their beautiful faces. The dead sister flinched only for a moment before remaining still forever, the living twin still screaming in pain. With each thrust into her skull her screams became more and more faint, her eyes rolling back as what little was left in her mashed brain turning the helpless girl more and more retarded. Eventually her painful screams had turned into soft gasps and moans. Her dumbfounded face twitched as her vitals slowly faded. With one final thrust their skulls were flooded with cum, the living sister making one final pained shriek before finally embracing death. Their limp corpses fell onto the soft grass, spunk overflowing from their wounds and soaking the dirt.
Their killers wrapped their cold beautiful faces in cloth to contain their fake blood before throwing their bodies into large bags. The murderers snuck their bags back into camp at night, keeping their prizes hidden in their room until they needed to use their prized fuck toys for years to come. After all, android corpses don't deteriorate and waste away nearly as fast as human corpses.

Angle A:
Angle B:

--2B and A2--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--2B and A2 Alt--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--Operator and Commander--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--Operator and Commander Alt--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--Download-- :!d1AUFASK!BO4f8wSgiK5uiCjJdRE9t6oyAVwdE3MSnH3Q9LQuIiI


Holy fuck OP, the quality and the facial expressions are insane wow! And their movements look so organic. You'd be making so much money if you monetized your hobby via patreon, but I know it's not what OP likes to do. You're a god among men




You continue to outdo yourself with each post, its amazing to see how much you've improved and evolved during these 4 threads. I only wish to see it continue.



It is the highlight of my week whenever you do new Nier context, and your recent assorted themed posts with such great facial expressions makes this a winning combination

love it!


Very nice work OP. You never cease to impress.


God damn Op...I love the twins and the commander and operator
I love them all cause 2B and A2 are my waifu but never seen the others before

Now I have go buy the game
curse you and your amazing skills!


dunno if you're still taking request, but could you do a sitting hsien ko getting skullfucked (preferably by a human) while twitching every time he goes all in (like the face and hands)? only if you want though, no pressure.


Hey OP,

I had the most visual dream last night.

I was on the receiving end of a blowjob and the girl had her skull open and her brains were showing. Her face was slack but her eyes were still alive.

I don’t know why, but I sunk my fingers into her brain and I must have hit a nerve, because she reacted by deepthroating me. But it wasn’t a true deepthroat because my cock just went (unrealistically) up through her head and emerged from between the two hemispheres of her brain.

I took my fingers out and she pulled off. I put them back in and she did it again. I managed to control the puppet a couple more times before I (of course) woke up.

Anyway, I thought of your videos. I searched through them for something like what I had seen, but I couldn’t find one.

I thought it was strange that your videos would affect me in such a way. I debated on if I should say anything, but I decided to go ahead and tell my little story.

It was one of the weirdest dreams I ever had. It was so visual.


You mentioned alternate renders for the mercy video at the end of the last thread coming out 'soon'. Is that still in the works?


did u cum lel


would love to see some lara


never understood why you give your models big bouncing boobs but you always keep them clothed instead of having them naked and personally i kinda think it's a waste of meat since you never eat them


Clothed can be hot, and please do consider the limitations of the medium.



Sfm naked models are not that common, instead of searching for days he just uses normal models so ti gets more works done


ye what he said plus women more hotier in cloth,more fetish more intriginly and look more womenly even,and in times when some places wich should be open being closed its still very hot when they bouncing,you know


patreon ppl still spread their content for free just a bit later than their patreon release and those who dont just wrong cuz its against their "code",just saying


Hey Op Just wanted to bring this to your attention dont kno if this is stolen from you or not but check it out there is a good bit of your content on this site...


this would be awesome and the setting works if youd consider doing the same thing same animations but with the 2 girls from witcher yennefer and the other one?


the models look better clothed since that is their personality or character, nude is always easy to find for anything.


would love a version with blonde on right from Operator and Commander and2b on left unblindfolded!

what a killer combo! these are great thanks!


Need a version with Harley quinn and catwoman
that face expression is SOOO masterfully done


A remake of this will be nice, it's the juri alley



doesnt seem like that guy is taking credit for OPs stuff so I dont think thats too bad because now more people can find it


OP do you think you could do something with these shark models?

maybe someone getting half eaten by a shark and then the rest being used by a passerby or a villain?


Love your works! Please make more witcher and overwatch animations.


File: 1503283664323.jpg (167.14 KB, 1920x1080, Desert_Sorceress.jpg)

Sorceress Slice

A Desert Sorceress guards a hidden lake in the caverns beneath the Earthen Peak. Still young and inexperienced, she was too inattentive to hear the faint footsteps closing in behind her. The sneaking undead cautiously inched ever closer, his blade already drawn and stained with the blood of her peers. Once he was close enough, he quickly clutched her hair through her hood and yanked her neck backwards. She stumbled and tried to regain her footing as the blade was held against her delicate throat. Her eyes darted around in panic, her hands trying to pull the cold blade away from her neck. She looked back through the slit of the rusted helmet, her wide eyes staring desperately at his for mercy. With a quick tug, the blade cut cleanly into her throat through her grasp. Her warm blood oozed down her cleavage and flooded her lungs. Her eyes stared emptily forward in shock as her grip began to loosen. The blade continued to slowly slice deeper until the blade reached bone. As her hands fell limply and the blade stained with red, the undead yanked the blade free from her flesh, blood splattering across the cavern floor and his victim's smooth skin. Held up only by his hand, the Sorceress fell to her knees as her life quickly faded. The killer took a moment for the blood to stop seeping from her neck, taking the time to appreciate the curvy body he held.
The Undead threw his new corpse on her back, holding her legs by his neck. Unable to resist the temptation any longer, the exposed his erection from his trousers and thrust it between her plump thighs. Her delicious legs jiggled with each thrust, the corpse defiler enjoying the sight of her vacant expression. Blood slowly continued to pool from her open gash, seeping into the dusty cavern floor. Deciding he teased himself enough, the knight turned the corpse on it's face and lifted it up by the shoulders. Reaching down and pulling her panties aside, he thrust into her tight cunt with a groan of pleasure. He wrapped his arms under her armpits and held the corpse's neck in a headlock, lifting the still warm body up and down on his cock. He reared his head back as he continued, her fat breasts bouncing and almost ready to burst from her tight corset. The Undead continued to defile her every way he could, unable to decide how he wanted to finish his time with the Sorceress. He took another look at her vacant face and open gash before he came to his decision. He rolled her on her back again, lifting her neck and head as he stood up. Her back arched as he lifted her body and tilted her head back, her wound opening further showing the holes in her throat. Without hesitation the Undead shoved his cock into her open throat. With the first thrust, drool and blood splattered from her open mouth and poured out from her gash. Her tight throat made the perfect cocksleeve, the erection engulfed in fresh blood. It only took a few quick thrusts before the Undead could no longer contain himself. With one last hard tug, his cock went balls deep into her throat, the head brushing against the back of her tongue. Cum dribbled from her mouth as the corpse cocksleeve was slowly pulled away. Thin strings of cum stretched as the cum soaked cock escaped her wound, his grip finally releasing her lifeless corpse to the ground. The Undead sighed in pleasure and eagerly set off back to the last bonfire he came from. He couldn't wait to kill her again.

Angle A:
Angle B:



Good one. I hate those bitches in DS2.


I'd love to see Harley Quinn's decapitated head held up by her pigtails and raped.


once again great job OP!


Great job OP.Now I love these Pyromancers guards from DS 2 even more!



god tier as always


One of the best ones I've seen in a while from any SFM guro artist. The model is lovely and the first throat slice was really well done.

I also noticed the thigh twitching which was excellent and is underrated in SFM animation.

OP, what do you think about having the victim be fucked/raped first, then knowingly being executed after use and tossed aside?


Awesome video! And just a quick question: how did you made those sound effects? Did you have a voice actor :D?


Rerequesting jax vs mileena jax performs jaw breaker fatality on mileena and throat fucks her and cums (maybe pussy too). Would love to see what you all come up with.:)


Hey OP. First I'd like to say I'm a huge fan. Your stuff is amazing!

Can I ask about one of your old animations? Silenced Silverburgh

How did you make those cum particles perform collision detection on the model or do you know a good tutorial page?


Damn this was so amazing. Would love to see something like this but with a horse. Cock head flaring, getting stuck and then drowning her in thick cum.
Keep up the amazing work!


Can you do a brainfuck or eyepenetration with a cumshot inside?

or make the Nier double brainfuck a bit longer and let them cum inside as bonus?

Thx for your work btw its great!


Nice OP!
Excellent animation as always.
Please make more death-by-skull-fucking animations! Those were crazy good.


File: 1503546847332.jpg (287.94 KB, 1920x1080, Pikachu_Preview.jpg)

Electric Encounter

A wild pikachu was found by a lone trainer deep in the forests of Kanto. Thinking the pokemon would make for a great souvenir from her trip, the trainer eagerly sent out her own pokemon to weaken and capture the small pokemon. Despite thinking it would have been an easy catch, the trainer quickly found all of her novice trained beasts had fainted in combat. Now alone with the wild animal, the trainer had no means to defend herself. The electric rodent stared at her with beady eyes, it's cheeks sparking in anger. She attempted to flee from the angered pokemon, only to trip on a rock into a small clearing in the trees. The soft grass broke her fall, but the pursuing rodent quickly caught up. The helpless trainer held her hands up and pleaded for the animal to stop before her vision flashed white. A trail of lightning struck her palms, volts of electricity quickly passing through her body. She shrieked in pain as her body tightened and convulsed, her eyes rolling up into her skull. As the streak of lightning finally ceased, the trainer fell onto her back, her shoulders and hands still locked tightly in a jagged position.
Her body twitched and ached as she moaned softly in agony, the angered pikachu hopping through the tall grass towards her. It bit into her leggings by her ankles and pulled her legs apart, the girl helpless to resist. The rodent lifted up her short skirt and tugged at her panties with his teeth until they were torn clean from her body. The roden'ts erection emerged between it's legs as he hopped up between her legs and penetrated her tight cunt. She mumbled nonsense as her arching back and stiff arms twitched with each thrust. Just as she seemed to regain her senses, the rodent gave another volt of electricity, the animal's fuck toy becoming limp again after each shock. The pokemon continued to use the trainer for hours, each shock turning her more and more brain-dead.
The pokemon shocked her once again, this time giving too many volts for the poor trainer's brain to handle. The helpless victim giving one final quiet shriek before her eyes became glossy and her breathing stopped. Despite being dead, the brutal pikachu still sent shocks to force the trainer's corpse to convulse and twitch for his amusement. An insult to the dead trainer that thought she could catch him, and to keep the illusion that his fuck toy was still suffering.
The pikachu finally finished inside his prize, small trails of cum seeping from her cunt. It opened the trainer's bag and released her defeated pokemon from their small prisons, each grateful for their freedom. Some went their own ways, others stayed with the pikachu in the forest, hunting any trainers that were foolish enough to try and capture them.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

I will give a download link after rendering alternative victims for the animation.

The cum particles actually aren't colliding with the model, as far as i know particles can't. I locked several cum models to her face and scaled them to zero, then scaled them up just as the cum particles passes over her face, making it look like it collided


Would have loved to have seen a full animation for this instead of a short loop. So we could actually watch as she gets caught and initially shocked and then becomes more and more brain dead after every shock until Pikachu is finally just fucking a corpse.

Think you ever possibly could?


I realize I'm incredibly late on this, but I honestly just found your thread(s) today. Anyway, I have a question regarding your WebM clips...

I couldn't help but notice that you are not only using to make the WebM clips but are also using VP8. Therefore I must ask - is there a particular reason you aren't using VP9? According to their website, does in fact support VP9 conversion...

I'm mainly asking because I would think that most people would like the idea of having the same quality but with half the file size (I know me and my 3Mbps DSL sure would!), and I believe VP8 hardware decoding doesn't even really exist on PCs while VP9 hardware decoding is present in modern AMD, Nvidia, and Intel GPUs.

Now I don't know if also supports Opus audio, but if you decide to try VP9 then you could also consider using Opus for the audio instead of Vorbis as well. Much like VP9, it too can give the same or better quality at a lower bitrate, and should be just as supported if not better supported than VP9 + Vorbis since YouTube uses VP9 + Opus.


Great animation, love the pokemon stories, btw you have a cynthia model?


I'm seconding this. Death by sex would be amazing.
I'd love to see a girl anally fucked by a monstercock, breaking her bones as it makes its way through her body, to finally impale her completely, with the cock tip exiting her dislocated jaw, her life and movements slowly fading away once she's stuck, fully impaled on the cock.
The Dogmeat knotting death was also amazing!

I'd also love to see girls having their members dislocated (Like, the arm gets dislocated, bended in an impossible angle, and flops around because it has become unuseable), their bones broken, and their members ripped off. I don't think you did anything like that yet?


Like already mentioned a "long" version for this would have been great!


Another awesome animation! Also, much thanks for passing on your wisdom. :D


Altariel! Blad of galadriel pl0x!


I like the way you think.


Hey OP ! Really like your job since the first thread! I was just wondering... Have you ever though doing an animation with Warcraft characters ? Like Sylvanas, Valeera, Tyrande or Jaina for exemple ?

Just an idea, I don't remember seeing any of these girls in your videos, and I though it would be great to see what you could do to them!

Now that it have been said... Keep up the good work !


one of your best works , thanks


or goeniko from KOF?


File: 1503709621269.jpg (654.42 KB, 1459x1524, 1380600 - World_of_Warcraf….jpg)

+1, WoW stuff so rare, need more warcraft here


Wow is old. Only Sylvanas matter in her elf cloak. The rests are mortal


Need a night elf female being fucked by a male. Doesn't matter the race. Either on her back or stomach. A second male comes by as she enjoys the cock in her pussy. The second male garbing her hair in his hand and her chin in the other, roughly twisting her neck making her body jerk willingly. If on her back, her legs slowly spread open as the 2nd male starts fucking her face with her head twisted to the side for easy access. If you need OP, I have found a few SFM night elf characters that you can use. Only one of old wow version, and one of newer wow version.


Does girl actually find sex pleasant experience or simply painful?


That nightelf idea is awesome. Maybe have her on her back. Human male fucking her pussy, her breast and body rocking back and forth. The second human walks over and gets frustrated that her head isnt in a good place to fuck. So he quickly snaps her neck making her legs close out of reflex and her body jerk. The guy fucking her pussy opens her legs and continues to fuck her while the 2nd male starts fucking her face.


File: 1503794223756.jpg (7.01 MB, 3900x5100, alori_dirty_sig.jpg)

how about a scene of "what if" a tauren actually fucked a blood elf at scale and pierced her internals with complete disregard for her pulse



Its goofy ideas like these which remind me why I love the Internet.


Does anyone have a backup link for the Mileena one, Acid Reflex?


Hey there, love the animations

With all the talk of Half-life would it be possibly to do something new with Alyx Vance?

Would be fun to see a headcrab zombie fucking dead alyx ass.

Also would be very amazing to see the zombie fuck Alyx in the ear to turn her into a retard

Anyway, thanks


Please night elf neck snap!


does anyone have a copy of OP's old 2d art? some of those drawing were amazing. cant seem to find them anywhere


File: 1504217007027.png (304 KB, 600x800, 1081447 - Aruginin@ Megami….png)

Would love to see more neck snaps and suffocating on cock
also maybe a size difference fucked to death sorta thing, like maybe the MC from Shin Megami Tensei or any persona game penetrating pixie like a fleshlight with her struggling to escape and him forcing it deeper and deeper til she goes limp


+1 for fucked too deep!


File: 1504295726582.gif (998.17 KB, 357x455, 127064717662.gif)

I'd like to request this. thanks


Reupload pls


can we see some more overwatch animations?

doomfist fisting mercy or tracer would be amazing


With the release of the newest X-com expansion I wouldn't mind some more Viper love like from way back


File: 1504501009621.jpg (99 KB, 1920x1080, Undyne.jpg)

Undyne's Demise

The human decided to spend some quality time with his favorite fish warrior. His enthusiasm to train was met with delay after delay. Groceries to buy, floors to sweep, and dishes to wash. The child grew ever and ever more bored waiting for Undyne, watching the clock on the wall tick. He happened to glance at her while she scrubbed the dishes, her tight jeans keeping his attention. Even at his young age he found himself fantasizing the wonderful and terrible things he'd love to do to her shapely body. Surely she'd never allow anything of the sort. He then took notice of the energy spears lying against the piano.
Just as Undyne finished rinsing the last mug and flicked the water from her wet hands, a sudden and sharp pain froze her in place. She glanced down to see one of her own spears piercing her chest. She slowly turned around to see the child holding the lance with tight hands. Her panic quickly turned to anger, her sharp teeth exposed by an infuriated grimace. Before she could do anything else, the spear was thrust in deeper. Her legs buckled as the human pulled on the spear, sending the warrior to the floor. Their struggle sent the other unused energy spears only a few feet from Undyne. The child himself almost lost his footing, watching his prey struggle as she grasped at the spear piercing her torso. He expected her to give in quicker, thinking he pierced her heart. As she started to pull herself to the spears in front of her, he realized he was just a bit too low. He leaped over to her in fear, knowing what she might do if she got the chance to fight back. Even in her wounded state, he wasn't going to take the risk. He wrapped one hand under her chin and one clasping her ponytail at the root. Using all of his weight, he tugged back in an attempt to break the warrior's neck. Instead he only tilted her head, his feet scraping the floor as he continued to pull. She grasped out desperately for the spears, the child holding her just out of reach. As the human continued to pull, her neck pushed against his knee as her head continued to tilt more and more. The human lost his footing and with the weight of his fall, her spine snapped at the base of her skull with a sickening crack. Her body went limp, her head resting on the child's legs. He looked around in satisfaction and relief.
He loosened himself from under her corpse, tearing apart her jeans and exposing her skin. He grabbed tightly on her hips, his fingers sinking into the denim fabric. Without further hesitation, he penetrated her plump ass. Each thrust shook her body, her thick legs jiggling from the force of her corpse being pounded into the floor. He turned her on her back, her eyes wide open and her bloody mouth agape. He shut her eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist as he penetrated her cunt. As he fucked the body, he buried his face into her soft and perky breasts, suckling and motorboating her cleavage. Once he was satisfied with her cunt, he tilted lifted her by the head and pushed back her flexible teeth. The child held her mouth open and pushed his cock between her lips. Blood and saliva stuck her lips to his shaft, the human moaning in pleasure as erection pushed deeper across her tongue and into her throat. He looked down to her face, and decided to do something different. He pulled off and tossed away her eyepatch, the wounded eye closed and scarred. After a bit of prying, the blind eye was pulled from the socket, a gaping bloody hole left in her skull. The child pressed the tip of his erection into the hole, the shaft getting stuck part way in. Pressing on, the cock slipped through with a satisfying pop, blood gushing down the corpse's face. As he fucked her eye socket, he opened her other limp eye lids, her empty eye staring into nothing.
Once the child was completely satisfied, he impaled her torso with the spear just beneath her collar bone, holding her corpse up on display. He jerked himself off at the sight, coating her face in small strings of cum. He sighed in relief, and in one final insult to her memory, he covered the oven top with paper and flammables and turned the oven on all the way. He stepped outside to watch the house burn into ashes, leaving no evidence of what he'd done. Then he reloaded the save and did it all over again.




What time made undertale guro.....

*just bows to the person he calls a god.*


Rainbow six!


Yeah rainbow six would be amazing, saw some amazing caviera guro work and that literally got me into the game lol


"Then he reloaded his save and did it all over again"

Time loop where he brutally murders a character and plays with her again and again, only to restart the sequence where she opens the door and smiles ignorantly like an idiot 10/10


can you provide a download link for the Shoebill Snack one please?


Don't love the characters, but the animation is amazing!


I fucking love the animation!

Don't see many undertale ones, and this is one of the best!

Is there any way to get it with undyne's pussy exposed, through torn jeans?

The tits would be cool, too, but that seems harder still.

if it's because you can't modify the model itself, i can understand. Disregard this post.

I adore the pacing and violence. I can't fucking wait to see what you do next!


jesus christ OP
everytime it just gets better and better

fuck me man, we don't deserve you


Well this was boring, probably cause the models are so low quality.

And than a "long" video for this sadly.


Holy fuck,A high quality SFM undertale guro.I can now die in peace.If only I could throw money at you, you glorious bastard.

How about maybe "Heartache" with Toriel?



What about shut the fuck up Nastynassy, this was an exellent animation


when is the download and alts coming


Its boring for me so I say its boring it contains a lot of guro stuff I like and I like undertale, but its still boring crap from my view and a waste of a long video.


What are you talking about?

it was very well paced, and awesome!


OP, I trying 3 media players and firefox and nothing playes your short movies with fluid loop, how you opening this videos?


The cartoonish models look so ridiculous in guro animations


Not OP, but are you letting the videos download/buffer completely? The file sizes and bitrates are quite high, so you won't be able to stream in real-time if you have a slower internet connection (as is the case with my 3Mbps aka 372KB/s DSL).

I had suggested to OP to maybe consider VP9 (rather than VP8) for higher quality with a smaller file siize, but OP didn't respond and their newest animation is still VP8, so...


How about some Mortal Kombat Fatality Guros


Imagine Caveira or any female op is protecting the hostage with only one enemy left as she gets confident she'll win, the hostage surprise attacks her and begins to fuck her corpse as the last opfor comes and joins to fuck her lol


Love this animation and your work!!!

Not sure if the body rig would work, but please consider a max caufield with her jeans on? Just love seeing her get shredded if the rig points match up.


I've been having this idea for awhile: RED (or BLU) Medic, practicing his particular brand of "medicine" on a helpless and perhaps nude (but of course buxom) Mercy. Bonesaw, Ubersaw, Amputator, Blutsauger, or even just keeping her alive with a gimbal-mounted Medigun while he experiments on her...


OP are you still working on finishing that valentine's day nurse thing from the last thread? It was really hot



encoding in vp9 usually takes at least 2x-4x the time it takes to encode in vp8, so i assume thats one of the reasons op isnt doing it


File: 1504808659677.gif (2.87 MB, 540x304, tumblr_ovszvbJAfx1rexrlmo1….gif)

How about some Star Wars?


If that was the case, then wouldn't OP instead be using x264 with one of the quicker presets rather than VP8?


Would you be willing to do something with Palutena again? Maybe another smash themed one with Ganondorf using his choke move on her, ultimately snapping her neck and then having his way with her. Thanks for all the awesome work.


Excellent. Now could you do one with her getting sliced by the blade? Shame to have a lit lightsaber next to a hot girl and not use it.


I been waiting two weeks the alt victims for the electric encounter, you have a problems with the models?


noo hoodie no love


File: 1504934039023.gif (1.9 MB, 775x550, 1441887166672.gif)

I'd love to see more of Mortal Kombat guros animation, based off something like this or any other fatalities


Bodyhacking each trainer model to fit in the same animation as the other ones takes time, as well as rendering multiple scenes of each chracter with sounds. OP is most likely doing his best to make sure everything works for the variations.


What about Margery Tyrell being fucked by a dragon and then a part of the body being bitten off?


How about some tekken


hey, OP.
how about some death by cock?
like some titan beats a heroine with his cock, suffocates her with it, then rapes her corpse like crazy.


>star wars

would love see original leia getting brained through those hair buns on side of her head, just seems like a perfect fit.


I second this!!!!


Hey man love your work since the first thread

Have you ever thought about doing something with Alice from madness returns? She is kinda neglected around here.


File: 1505159233186.gif (1.76 MB, 445x250, tumblr_inline_ow3s570yxo1t….gif)

How about a double snuff with Harley and the Cat?


Would you consider some lesbian snuffs?


Night elf neck snaps please!


Yes, i agree. I'd love to see more with Catwoman.


I'd rather see Posion Ivy, personally. She's the only Gotham slut who hasn't gotten her own scene yet, and it's aways hot to see a haughty, normally dominant bitch like her get humiliated and destroyed in some way.



You're right. Poison Ivy'd be a fresher choice. Or perhaps all three?


Yeah. seeing her gruesomely devoured by one of her plants, and tentacle fucked all the while. A 2 part fuck struggle, lower body raped outside, upper body mawed and chewed inside... fuck that bitch.


Some Hypno guro where the Hypno is making a girl kill another one while it fucks them would be pretty awesome and unseen before


Everyone's talking the Gotham city vixens so how about an impaled thing? One where our sexy trio, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Cat Woman are speared through at different heights by something? One through the head, another the chest, and another the neck or something?


Gotham City Snuffettes


File: 1505248755084.jpg (544.45 KB, 610x947, 64591658_p5.jpg)

Love your work, you are the most technically adept it seems of all of us on the board, would you consider spending 1 day to check out the software this mod is for? It seems it allows rigging and would love to see what you could do with the models, they seem leaps and bounds ahead of anything source can do since it hasnt been updated in years.


its honeyselect. a 3d posing program (you use honeyselect to create characters and dress them, and the sister program honeystudio to pose them)

its actually really, really worth checking out. I use it myself, and have been considering doing guro stuff with it. It takes some getting used to, but once you understand how to work it, its fairly easy to use



The three girls posing for a camera together, then a spear, or a sharp length of iron, hits one of the girls in the head. It effortlessly pierces through the skull, killing her instantly. The tool continues on its way, piercing the middle girl through the chest; straight through the heart. The third girl is hit in her lower abdomen, the sharp metal using the last of its momentum to pierce through her womb.

The three girls fall down, held together by the sharp object. The body of the girl who was hit through the head shivers and convulses, her face lax but twitching, her jaw open; the expression could easily be mistaken for pleasure...

The middle girl only has time to grab the object piercing her with her hands for a few moments, her chest heaving as she struggles for breath, confusion and fear in her eyes as she looks towards the camera. Her eyes flutter, and she struggles to remain upright, but it's no use; her heart has beat its last, the blood its trying to pump through her veins instead leaking out through the muscle's new puncture-holes - but hardly any of it escapes from her body... On the outside, a mere few drops is all that can be seen; instead, the precious liquid is pooling up inside of her. Her arms slowly go limp, falling to her sides just before she loses consciousness...

The third girl grabs a hold of the object piercing her body, obviously in pain; she looks at the other two girls with fear in her eyes, fearing that she'll be next...
And how right she is.
A second sharp object comes flying in, at the same angle as the first, but from the reverse direction; it punches through the bone of the third girl's skull, makes a second hole through the second girl's heart, and pierces the first girl's belly.

The third girl's mouth slacks open, her eyes looking up and crossing, her tongue stiffly twitching along her lower lip as her body convulses in the throes of death.



The girls flanking the heart-pierced one both making strangely aroused faces, the camera soon catches the culprit behind the deaths of the pretty girls. Who, or what, that is, I leave to your imagination. All that's important, is that this entity has a large, very much erect, penis.

The camera flickers for a moment, and the villain has made their move on the first girl; she has been pulled off of the top skewer, and the new hole in her head is being put to use; the villain's penis is thrust in and out of the girl's head. The foreign object's invasion of the girl's brain - pushing and squeezing and mashing the girl's delicate brain against the inside of her skull - is making its presence known; every movement makes the girl's face tremble, her body shivering... But, somehow, even as she's having her brain destroyed even further, she has a smile on her lips.
Soon, the villain has worked themselves up to an orgasm, and their cock pulses and throbs inside the girl's skull, filling the new gaps in the girl's brain with hot cum..

The camera skips again, and the villain has moved on to the third girl. The girl who just has her brain used as a fleshlight is now leaned forward, her head resting against the middle girl's shoulder. Cum has run down the other girl's outfit, and the two girls are still connected by the second skewer, the first standing up into the air behind the still-smiling, mindfucked, girl...
And on the end of that skewer, now sits the severed head of the third girl.

On the other side of the heart-pierced vixen, the villain has leaned the third girl's headless body away from the other two women, and is now shoving their impressive cock down the third girl's throat-hole, using it as a fucktoy. Their vigorous thrusting makes the other two girls rock back and forth gently.
It isn't long before the villain reaches another peak, shooting a hot load down into the headless girl's belly - and perhaps it's just my imagination running wild, but as the villain continues to ejaculate down the third girl's neck, her belly seems to bulge and swell, as if filling to the brim with the villain's cum...



The camera skips once more, and we find the villain assaulting the middle girl's corpse, but... In the background, the first and third girls have been posed; the headfucked girl sits in a chair, a serene look on her face, complete with that eerie smile - if we did not know the fate that recently befell her, we might not have even suspected there was something wrong with her... If it wasn't for the cum running down the sides of her head and from her nostrils - and if she wasn't cradling the third girl's severed head in her lap.
The third girl's body lays on the table next to her; she's been laid on her back, legs away from the camera, allowing a full view of the gaping throat-hole where here head should be attached. Her belly still looks bloated, and sticky white liquid oozes out of her neck...

In front of the camera, the villain is having their way with the middle girl's body. Crouched behind her, hands greedily groping her breasts, the villain is thrusting their cock into the hole in the girl's back. She is completely limp; head slumped forward by the villain's thrusting, arms listless, as her heart is pierced, again and again, by the villain's large cock...
Again, the villain is quick to pleasure themselves with the dead girl's body, and ejaculates inside the girl's heart, essentially replacing her blood with their cum...

The camera jumps again, and the villain is nowhere to be seen; it's over.

... Or not. The camera skips one last time, and we find the scene invaded by a new criminal, with an even larger dick, which they've decided to stick into the heart-hole of the middle girl - and their cock is large enough to reach all the way up through the girl's chest, past her lungs, piercing into her esophagus, and all the way up and out of the girl's mouth. It drips precum onto the girl's face with every thrust, until the villain finishes; thick, powerful, jets of cum are sent flying through the air, completing the immoral depravity of the room...

Apologies for the wall of text. Hopefully someone enjoys!


Sorry to ask this because every time I try to view your videos via WebM, it never loads properly. When it does I can never replay it back without having to wait for it to load all over again. Is it alright if you have some of them downloadable through Mega? Just a few requests, such as the Street Fighter Neck Snap one. Do respond when you're able to!


just download the vids... if they don't work ok online.



like >>14657 said, just right click to download the vids and they should work just fine



I've tried that before, sometimes the videos take forever to download. I usually wait for the videos to finish loading fully, but then it doesn't download properly even after that. Mostly it's those that are more than 50 seconds. Anyone have any suggestions?


I've started using JDownloader for mixtape links hosted on the track5-server... In my browser, files from track5 frequently wind up failing if the files are larger than a few MBs; JDownloader auto-resumes when the connection inevitably fails.


Hey OP, thanks for all of the great work. Especially enjoyed >>13479.

I have small request. I really thought the "Double-Blow" way back on >>3437 was awesome. Any thoughts on doing something similar again sometime?

Not with the same characters, of course.

But if it's something that could be used in a future animation, that would be great.

Thanks a lot!


That one is also one of my favorites, i love their pose.


Honestly one of the best positions I've ever seen. would be especially great if they were kissing at the same time


Can any one re upload Leap Of Faith №13158


I do not know how to contact artist OP other than this thread, but if there is another way to contact OP on another individual committing plagiarism, please share.

An user named 3Dark on rule34 posted an old work I recognize on OP's old thread ( (replace hxxp with http).

Also identified some other 3Dark's posts by Misery Alley and another Gurochan artist's animation from 3D CGI section.

I thought I had to bring this up because 3Dark has gradually been increasing post frequency. No doubt other works I could not identify are not 3Dark's work.


fuck imagine the second blow going down her throat with a throat bulge



Heyo I have a small request! From one of the older threads, there was a suggestion of Mei from Overwatch impaling Mercy with the Ice spike. If you'd like reference, it's in the second thread no. 8797

I understand that animation takes time but please do consider this idea if you hadn't already!


Maybe we should just appreciate this guys work for what it is and stop requesting shit? Look at his original threads guys.



Apologies for asking. Well anyways I hope that we can see more awesome work!



agreed, i get that people hace favourites and things they want to see, but for someone doing it as a hobby/enjoyment, let them make their masterpieces of whatever scenes they choose!


love the vid, would be great see this with harley maybe


Well he does take a lot of requests he seems to like, or gets some creativity from them it seems so i think its not really bad to request because OP does what he feels like and takes requests he likes or wants to do


File: 1505702044056.jpg (192.59 KB, 1920x1080, Angle_AA.jpg)

Half-Brained Hero

Guess he didn't need those other two wishes.
Angle A:
Angle B:


He can have his own opinion. TBH the Frisk model was absolute shit, but the alternatives were not much better. If I wasn't already so far into it I would have used another model or just scrapped it. I'm not very satisfied with the lighting or background

Check the last thread for Acid Reflex

If you mean one of the original Valentine animations I was planning I scrapped that and made the short loop with Filia instead

Had some problems rigging the characters properly as well as trying to make the alternate versions of my last Overwatch animation, but it's mostly due to disinterest in having to rework old animations. They'll be coming eventually

Chances are next Batman scene I do will likely have Poison, but Harley is always a great choice for me

I'm aware of that art theft, but there's not much I plan to do about it. Since I post my animations for free and I want to remain anonymous there's not much legal grounding, hopefully any of the artists he's stolen from will take action

i don't really mind requests, but I don't like it when people get really pushy or ask for the same request multiple times. I see every single reply to my thread eventually and take all of them into consideration, but if it's either too much work or not enough of my personal taste i just ignore it


Quality content as always


The way you animate expressions is so amazing, and that Shantae model is absolutely perfect for it. Do you plan on doing anything more with her in the future? I'd love to see her face spasming after a neck break or a decapitation.


How did you get Shantae's tits so big?


Damn that Shantae model is looking ffiiinnnneeeeee. Love the facial expressions! you the best at them!


Is it me or does that video sound kinda sound like the sound from the game super deepthroat


I agree more of this model of Shantae. Anything really.
Great Job OP!


File: 1505747529988.jpg (723.26 KB, 1600x2240, X0DzTul.jpg)

How about some of the girls from FF XIII?


OP has used sounds from SDT for like, 90% of his sound animations. You only now noticed?


omg i love her facial expressions, especially the ahegao twitching. shame we don't see him fucking to death, but it,s an amazing loop nonetheless. totally awesome!!!!


Any plans to do more Mass Effect? I feel like there's so much guro potential in that series and I've barely seen any. Particularly Miranda.



Easily my favourite of all the videos you've made. Nice work!


I support this. So many possibilities.


More neck snaps please.


Awesome job with this one!!! Reminds me of your Jitterbug Fallout one, with the expressions and all that. Can't wait to see more from you!!!


Is there a posibility about doing this but with risky boots? Love your work as always!



Great work as always, amazing expressions!

A solution to the art theft would probably be for people to post OPs work without the watermarks and with right tagging before the 3dark guy does it. Although that leaves the question of what artist tag to use, maybe gurochanop or something?


that is awesome! would love to see her go out or ya know die there just to add to the impact and have him keep going.

epic as always!


More Harley! had to second that since lets be honest there is no downside to more harley in any situation.

still want to see her get brained by batman or maybe eyeballed would be hot af!


Just saw the portal execution last thread, any chance of a continuation using her mouth or torso on other side?

If still looking any suggestions what about some Bayonetta? Not sure if the model exists, but she is made for being a cum dump!


Yaaasss! Shantae!

Superb, as always.


hey , big fan of the risky blowjob, if you could do something with a xeno or mileena you'd be a god


Idea for a short vid: blowjob scene with the victim held at knifepoint with her hands up, knife held upside down pointed to the top of the head. At some point (either after finishing or just before), stab knife down into the head, maybe with a sharp twist after its inserted. You'd get some great facial expressions, and it'd work pretty well as a scene


Second this. A Shantae decapitation would be amazing.

Great work as always OP


please this!
or neck snapped shantae and her head turned backwards used for bj and eye?


File: 1506086361638.jpg (58.35 KB, 640x1001, wsp28Y4_d.jpg)

Could you do something based on this image of Makoto Niijima from Persona 5, please?


Great brainfuck, guess this is what OP is best at.


Wow man, it's not just the art of the animation, the story is priceless, when you do something with pokemon you are really inspired, the gardevoir and the team skullfuck are my favorites!


File: 1506209774811.jpg (658.2 KB, 1000x782, illust_60432125_20170922_0….jpg)

i found this image, goes with it
i been searching for a hypno model, i see one in sketchfab but gurochan won't let me put the link


You've done so many Pokemon Sun and Moon girls but not Wicke... Please punish her


Would love to see a girl banged to death by horse.
Assfuck that went wrong and there's a new hole in belly.
It was her ultimate climax when the intestines hit the floor.


Y'all niggas need to understand how hard 3D animation is to do because all this begging really ruins the thread


Opposed to what? Silence and inactivity? He's not obligated to do anything but the suggestions might give inspiration and ideas anyway.


Can you please make a patreon so I can support you financially? ._.


Hey OP. Could you make more animations that are long and are start to finish videos? I know those take far more work but they are definetly way better than a loop.


could we get this from the back of her head if possible?

great choice, never even thought of shantae before but dam before you lose all the work please if have time, dam you got a good one there!


if you are ever in a rush i am a HUGE fan of your short loops!!!



Still one of the best animations!


@OP Got a request for a few more neck snaps. Shame there haven't been many. I like a lot of those POV's, watching eyes roll back, her body twitch as she yelps from the snap. Do you have any future plans for upcoming neck snaps?


Both of these have probably been asked before, OP, but:
Do you have a tumblr or any website you post your work to besides Gurochan?
And do you take commissions?


I think he said he doesnt want patreon or commissions because they bring expectations, schedules and stress to what he does for fun.


Maybe he should get a Ko-fi? It's kinda like patreon but there are no rewards or special perks that force expectations. It's basically just a thing where you can go, "Good job! I love you work! Here's 5 bucks!" to a content creator you like.


yeah i would totally send some cash op's way.

its the least i can do



i hope that is something op would be okay with, that way its more of a tip jar with no expectations, just a means of saying thank than any form of " pay for content" etc


Come on guys, people ask every thread if OP can set up a tumblr or means for people to pay him even though he's said every time that he doesn't want to. If I recall he did give permission for someone to set up a tumblr for him provided they don't claim the animations are theirs. So if someone really wants it they can make it and share the URL when they're done.


How about a overwatch mei vid? Any male character freezes her torso with her own gun, then has his way with her ass and feet. Or futa mei freezing any overwatch girl


Has anyone thought about slatoon guro? Kinda find the idea kinda funny and would love to see it hah.


Can i request one with carecters from RWBY


Looking forward for next animation


I have a suggestion, an animation of a girl or fairy being used like a fleshlight through anal, and the cum comes out her mouth and dies by chocking on it


If there was a good model for Airy from Bravely Default,that would be a perfect scene for her.


Really enjoying the cock-suffocation vids!


If would be a perfect scene for tinkerbell or some other fairy with good cg models



+1 to these, but either way it's OP's choice


OP’s next work incoming soon. I can taste it


Several animations from mixtape no longer works for me.

SOmeone stil lhas them an dcould reupload them?

I'm lacking

Crazy Cuccos
Fairy Fun
Eye Appointment
Backstreet Performance
Bounty Hunted

and the one with Catwoman giving a blowjob and ending impaled by the dick.

Thank you.


File: 1506988883774.jpeg (391.33 KB, 1920x1080, Harley_Preview.jpeg)

Criminal Cock Sleeve

After the disturbing death of Catwoman, the Red Hood continued his murderous spree, targeting the women criminals of Gotham. Soon the vigilante spotted Harley Quinn hatching another scheme to avenge her beloved. When the Hood revealed himself, Harley fled on foot through the sewage treatment facility. She was confident in her men, but without the Joker's charisma to rally support, the number of her supporters dwindled as time passed. After easily dispatching what few thugs remained to try and protect their boss, the hunter chased his prey into a dead end. Cornered and without weapons, she took barely any effort to put down. He realized he wouldn't need to kill her to enjoy her just yet. He tied her arms behind her back, flashing his pistol around as he threatened for her to behave. Staring down the barrel of the gun, she had no choice but to comply.
His erection emerged as he unzipped his pants, prodding it against her lips. Red lipstick stained the head of his member as she refused to open her mouth. Angered by her resistance, he quickly reached for his holstered pistol. Just as he grasped the grip, she quickly opened her mouth wide to accept his cock. With his hand grasping her hair, he pulled his erection against the walls of her mouth, bulging her cheeks with each thrust. Once he was done teasing himself with her, he pulled her head until his cock disappeared within her lips. As if the smell wasn't enough, the erection filling her throat made her gag violently. He held her in place as his hips swayed back and forth, pulling himself balls deep each time without giving her a chance to breath. He grew tired of thrusting, and instead quickly tugged her head back and forth. Globs of her saliva ran down his shaft and dribbled onto the floor, the sounds of her desperate gags for air echoing in the sewer.
With one final thrust his cock reached as far into her throat as it could go, her eyes rolling in discomfort. Just as she was about to pass out her hair was yanked away, her chest heaving as her lungs gasped for air. Before she could recover, his other hand grabbed her by the jaw. His fingers pressed tightly against her cheeks, puckering her lips tight as she stared at him in anger and curiosity. She wondered if he planned to torment her further, and if she'd have an opportunity to escape soon. As his grip grew even tighter and tilted her head to the side, she realized with wide eyes that her chance would never come. With a sharp tug her head twisted with a sickening crack, her drool splattering across the room from the force. Her body immediately went limp, only giving soft twitches and spasms as her murderer jerked himself off over her corpse. Cum splattered across her emotionless face, the vigilante sighing in relief over another job well done. He twisted the corpse's neck again and shot her bare chest several times before dumping it into the filthy water. Should anyone find it, it would send a good message to the criminals of the city. Then again, he wouldn't mind if the city would need a few more examples to be made.

Angle A:
Angle B:

--Poison Ivy Bonus--
Angle A:
Angle B:

potentially, she's a sexy character and the model is great, especially for facial expressions. Dont be surprised to see her again

would love to if there was a model for her

Dont really care what it would be called, but im still iffy about having my work posted elsewhere
. lets be honest, my animations are really fucked up, and a lot of people dont want to see this stuff, and I dont blame them. i prefer keeping my stuff in the places where most people wouldnt mind like here on gurochan

I planned to, but animating a hanging torso like that was a real pain in the ass. The final animation burned me out enough as it was

I have two Bayonetta animations in my old thread, a really old shitty one and a remake that's far better

theres both a xeno and Mileena death by blowjob in my older threads, one was called Acid Reflex

it's what I enjoy the most afterall

most of the pokemon trainer models are shit but passable, Wicke's model is just unusable

ive said it multiple times before, no. I have several reasons I dont want any financial gain from this stuff, at least just yet. If the time ever comes where im desperate enough i would make a paypal or make some way to accept donations, but I doubt it'll ever come to that

getting mixed messages here

I would if it weren't for the fact the dick model clips through the back of her ear

no to both questions


Thanks OP, any chance we could get a MEGA dl link though?

Mixtape being finicky as usual



File: 1506990696463.jpg (978.77 KB, 1200x1029, 59876933_p1_master1200.jpg)




As usual you're animation is really great! Hope we'll see more content sooner or later!!! Keep up the awesome work!


W00t. :D

Awesome stuff.


Awesome to see some quality Ivy guro. I especially like the little detail of making sure they both had their own distinct voices. I do wish her tits were out like Harley, but its still great.

If I can make one critique, the lighting, while great for the mood and atmosphere, was a bit too much; especially towards the end during the execution and facial. Part of what makes your scenes so great are the girls' expressions, and seeing both of them almost entirely obscured in shadow was a little disappointing. Even i it would be a bit unrealistic, I think seeing their clearly faces would make this scene that much better.


wow dogmeat days was by far the best thing if ever seen here. Loved it.


Mixtape is garbage, takes 10 minutes to load 5 seconds.
MEGA is garbage, says bandwidth quota exceeded, even if none was used the past couple days and refreshing IP doesn't change that either.
Pls Mediafire or some site that isn't such obvious buy-premium-or-fuck-off garbage.


Mixtape links just flat out don't work for me on any browser any more, so I can't watch the lastest post, kinda bummed.


Whilst I don't object to asking OP to upload to other services where convenient for OP, I will object to abandoning MEGA...
I've personally never exceeded the bandwidth limit (5GB every 6 hours) and, for me personally, it is by far the fastest out of the public file sharing services out there.
That's also not to mention Mediafire has in the past removed accounts of various hentai scanlators (biribiri, desudesu, etc.) for 'violating' their draconian policies.


Mediafire IS trash. OP's content would be deleted a hell of a lot faster if he hosted it there.

Maybe get off that Argentinian internet.


I agree, no problems with Mega.

Your IP is probably shared with a number of users that's why you're seeing that bandwidth issue. It happens with providers (and some unis) that give you a 192. or 10. address and then masquerade your virtual IP to a small pool of public IP address they have. Its stupid, cheap, and can cause problems like you're having.


This one has amazing facial expressions. I hope you do something with this Shantae model again soon. An all-the-way-through from her ass out her mouth would work really well for facial expressions and writhing in pain, I think.


Awesome work, OP!

A request for you to consider - maybe one where a guy stabs the whore in the gut, then proceeds to use her through the wound while she's still alive.

Then she either dies from pain as he cums, or he stabs her in the forehead and he uses that as leverage to fuck her more.

Please do consider it!


there are always ppl who dont like it,OP,no matter what stuff especially new one/kinda of new one,many ppl dont like but more like it and than more stuff than more ppl like it,question of habit it helps see things deeper.I wouldnt say such stuff "fucked up" unless fuckedly awesome you know :D
So,yee keep up a great job!


File: 1507231554071.gif (2.49 MB, 500x281, tumblr_omq6i0ttHU1ut8ozvo1….gif)


My problem with the new one is, that the girls are friggin ugly but very good work =)


Some of your mixtape links are broken, OP!


aww yeah love this thread. best shit i've seen here. though i think the freeman thread was great as well. Anyway gonna go teaching myself some more animation.


File: 1507251282538.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, tumblr_ox5lsp8Okc1uui33xo1….gif)

Love to see something like this or maybe an all-the-way-through?


>>15362 Who's the artist of that? I'd love to see more from them.


where are these from?!


After much searching, seeking, and investigating, scouring the corners of the internet with the most advanced techno-sorcery available to the modern age, I looked in the top right corner and saw it was Julio Jakers.



Always destroy a girl in a skintight suit. It's the hottest snuff.


Love the deepthroat deaths and sexy snaps a lot, but I'm dying to see you do a real hardcore erotic decap!


File: 1507374113261.gif (5.26 MB, 900x506, 2079817 - Ashley_Graham FU….gif)

Heyo OP! Do you have any plans to do some stuff with Ashley from RE4? It'd be a nice stress reliever to see her bloody corpse get fucked after constantly hearing her yelling LEON.



You should do a Vault Girl Elizabeth with a power armor scene to complete the trilogy.


Good point


Holy shit, yes!!!


What about Hatsune miku? You really should make one. The long one


would love to see her speared through the ear with her goofy look on her face, finally it would fit!


Is it possible to do characters who are not source models?

just wondering would love to see Haruhi Suzimya done if possible.

Or the possibility of elizabeth clones could be interesting if you could have a bunch of them used differently similar to your Borderlands vid which was all things epic!


I'd love to see that


Hiya, I love your things so much! I was wondering if you could necro-fuck Sylvanas? There is a really nice new model of here here. Would be so lovely seeing her get used!


Thank you! <3


Can you please do something of Twilight Princess Zelda again? I've been hoping to see more since your first one...


Gorgeously gruesome work!

I really enjoy your animations and am glad you're doing it because you enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to your next posting here. Bonus points if it's full of top-heavy babes getting their boobs mauled!


Op you you are literally the only thing I anticipate more than the newest flagship anime, best games coming out, and my gf givibg me head thank you blessed fuck thank you for 4 fucking threads


Simply the best SFM artist I ever saw! Hope you will continue the "Star Wars" serie you made before. That stunned expression when laser sword winkle out trooper's dead mouth gives me boner every time I watch it.


File: 1507873159121.jpg (94.81 KB, 1920x1080, IQ_Preview.jpg)

Breached and Cleared

The operator didn't take her guard post seriously. This deep into the warehouse with plenty of other guards to sound the alarm before anyone could even reach the supply room, she didn't feel she even needed to be there. Staying in the dusty concrete room became almost maddening. To keep her sanity, she tuned in her radio to a nearby music station. She sat down when she was tired of standing, and stood when she was tired of sitting. She had her back to a wall by the radio, pretending to stand attentive as if someone could walk in and check on her any minute. She glanced around the room and rolled her shoulders, looking at the same crates and boxes of weapons and ammunition as the day before. She didn't realize her back was to a maintenance access tunnel that was infiltrated by a hostile operator.
Using his team's drone surveillance and intercepted security camera footage, he knew he was at just the right spot to breach the supply room. He quickly placed a breaching charge on the wall, just on the other side of the very wall the bored sentry rested on. The charge beeped as it counted down, the infiltrator checking his handgun before the breach. On the other side, just barely over the music, the guard noticed strange, quiet notes in the song. She soon realized the beeps weren't coming from the radio. Puzzled, she started to glance back at the wall as blinding light burst into view.
The room flashed white before debris scattered across the room. The guard collapsed against the floor, her rifle shattering as it flung into the opposing wall. Concrete rubble and powder showered her back as she lie stunned on the floor. Her armor had protected her from the blast and debris, but knocked the breath out of her. The infiltrator scanned the corners of the room as he entered, his flashlight shining through the burnt ash and dust dispersing in the room. Seeing the flanks were clear, he looked down at the helpless operative as she struggled to get her bearings. For a moment, he found himself entranced at her sight. Her tight jeans tugged tightly to her body, her ass seemingly ready to burst from her clothing. His eyes met hers as she glanced back in confusion, blinded by the flashlight's glare. Fear grew in her eyes as her view came into focus. Her eyes darted to her thigh holster, which the infiltrator took notice. In a moment of panic, she quickly reached down for her sidearm. The soldier standing over her was too quick on the draw. With a quick lean and pull of the trigger, a bullet pierced through her helmet with a spark just above her right eye and out the other side. Her head jerked back as red mist burst from her skull and splattered blood across the floor. Her corpse limply fell to the floor, her hand falling just out of reach from her holster.
The infiltrator waited to see if anyone else in the base heard the explosion. With luck, it seemed the room was deep enough in the base no one seemed to have noticed. Just in case, he locked the door and barricaded it with crates in the room. The supplies were ready to be transported out. He looked back to the corpse lying on the floor, blood pooling around her hollowed skull. After a moment of contemplation, he figured the mission had time to spare. He could afford a quickie.
He reached underneath her, unbuckling her jeans and tossing aside her holster. He pulled down hard on the cloth, the tight denim clinging tightly to her massive ass. With a few sharp tugs, the pants finally came loose. Unable to resist any longer, he didn't bother to take the pants off all the way. Leaving her pants at her ankles, he quickly unzipped his pants and placed a hand on her hip and the other clinging tightly to her top. Pulling back on her hips and clothes, his cock penetrated her rear as he moaned with pleasure. Her thighs and cheeks jiggled with each thrust, the force rippling up through her limp body as he fucked her harder and harder. Unable hold himself back, he let go of the corpse and placed his hands on the floor, thrusting faster and faster until his cum filled her hole.
Still overwhelmed with lust, he flipped the body over, turning the legs to the side. He glossy eyes stared emptily as her head turned limply with her torso, blood dripping down her exposed brow and cheek. He thrust himself into her cunt as he clung tightly to her shoulders. He hung his head down, enjoying the sight of her body jiggling as he rabidly fucked her. As he came close to climax, he pulled himself from her cunt and stood over her lifeless face. With a few strokes of his cock, cum stained her balaclava and helmet. Satisfied with the sight of his prize covered in his seed, he began transporting the cargo into the maintenance hall. Once the room was cleared of valuables, he shoved his cum filled cock toy into a corner behind the crates, leaving it for her allies to find. He had half a mind to take her body with him, but taking back a live prisoner for one on one interrogation and bringing back a bloody corpse are two different things in the eyes of his superiors. At least he would assume so. He pondered how he could have enjoyed her longer, if only she hadn't reached for her gun. In the end, dying so soon was a far more merciful end.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Mixtape's inconsistency is one of the reasons i include download links. I'd use a alternative hosting site but it's still the most convenient for hosting files this large

always nice leaving just a bit to the imagination

decaps aren't really my thing, plus it's a real bitch to animate and make look right. neck snaps are nice because I dont have to worry about making blood textures, plus i enjoy the quick, sudden death of it

cant really use non source engine models in a source based filmmaker. I wish I knew how to port but sadly I dont, gotta rely on what others release


Oh my god, this is amazing. smooth animation, great concept, OP's trademark facial expressions (with her wearing a mask no less), and the lighting! Simply another amazing masterpiece.


but IQ isn't a defending operator

(still going to wank off to it anyway thanks)


How about Moana? Lol


I really like this one!!! Been waiting for one related to Rainbow Six for a while! I also really like your animations that include soldiers and military women. I hope you have more like this in store!!!


Brilliant animation.
Gonna echo >>15633 sentiments, military women are definitely my favourite.


I have to agree another military one please. I prefer no helmet but I'll take whatever you want to create. Maybe we could see what would have happened if she hadn't reached for her pistol?


op we don't deserve you

if theres any way we can repay you for your saintly work, please let us know


OK, these are fantastic
It's really rare to find such a good animator for such niche stuff
Do you have any plans for more electrocution-themed videos in the future?


Would love to see IQ's neck get snapped


would love to see a military neck snap ^_^ (but its all up to you OP I always enjoy what you make)


love what you did with shantae, hope to see more like it since big fan of your brain stuff.


YES! Moana skullfuck would be awesome!


would love to see a continuation of what happened to the spartan girls after the covenant found their corpse that was dumped by the odst, also do you do none guro/snuff stuff? id love to see some vanilla odst on spartan or hell an animated version of the female brute and odst pics that have been coming out online, maybe some dreadlord jaina snuffing males after she has her fun, regardless keep up the good work


Mirin dat press check tho


File: 1508179515709.jpg (166.4 KB, 1920x1080, DragonMaid_Preview.jpg)




Awesome stuff! Any chance of a sound version?


Between this and the Shantae one, I'm loving these more expressive models.



I want for my own

also I never thought I say these...but I prefer Touhou over Lucoa sexually


Ever thought of making something with Liza Snow from Far Cry 3, OP?


loves the maids jiggling breasts , just wishes she was naked, understands not all models can be stripped nude unfortunately


I much prefer these kind of character models OP, this one turned out really great imo. Thank you for killing more waifus for us and always looking forward to more


Nicely done! Pity there aren't any frontshot angles. :(


niiiiice keep em alive in the animations & not enough head/eye stuff moooore.


Gotta say, you're work with the expressions in amazing! I still love Jitterbug and your newest addition is even crazier because the pupils shrink and grow with every thrust! Hope to see more anime related ones too, like the One Piece one!


Great stuff love it, its always good to see strong girls getting killed dont ask me why.



totally fucking awesome, I love it when you do living guro, dead ones are not as much fun


Hey OP, NICE JOB as allways! Could you please reupload Sombra Skullfuck and the Catwoman Necksnap?? It isn't working very well :(


I am №15876 again, just saying that your old videos change from "my.mixtape" to "Track5.mixtape" or similars, don't know what's happening but hope you can fix it (download works at 0,1% velocity)



Hey OP, I love your work. Would you ever be willing to do something with Ayane from Dead or Alive? A neck snap or choking(with a deepthroat, or hands) would be amazing.


mrsmugbastard at tumblr dot com

Use this guy's models, they're so good!


Best...creator EVER.


Hey OP, I know you're probably busy with other animations, but I'd like to make a small idea. Before I discovered these threads, the very first animation that I found was your Ryuko Matoi shooting animation. I really liked that one and I would love to see her being used again! It doesn't have to be a long video, maybe just another short one? Anyways keep up the awesome work!


amazing as always even though I dont quite know the characters


>>15757 Seriously, this is the best skull fuck animation you made so far.

Seeing her making those expressions of pain and retardedness, her body twitching with every thrust, and indirectly making those huge breasts bounce and jiggle, while making the inside of her skull a mix of mashed brain matter and cum.

In my opinion i love lucoa better, her breast jiggle and pain expressions looks hot.


Requesting a part 2 of the animation OP did with Meryl from MGS with a few goons having fun with her corpse after she got snuffed. Mouth, pussy, ass, hole in her head, dicks wherever they can fit! Maybe ones in her nipples too since her tits are probably big enough to fit a cock inside?


Any chance to get something new/old in VR?
If it comes to me - it can be just fixed angles to watch it in 3D.


Hey, since we are killing off waifus, could you make one about haruka from senran kagura getting earfucked from both sides and dripping out cum, like the valentine and rosalina earfucks? I think there is a SFM model out there. Nice work as always!


Hey OP, it's been a little over a year since your Morrigan Aensland animation. Any chance you could rape that succubus to death again?


yes please!!!!


Yes that would be awesome


I want this as well.


Can you maybe do the pokepaizuri with a fem Lucario?



Yes, Yes, Yes!
Morrigan rape and death would be great to see.


You wouldn't by chance happen to have a working Kim Possible model, would you OP? Would love to see her.


Is there a dropbox/compilation with all the clips anywhere?


I second this inquiry but I doubt one drop box could hold them all but still hopefull


ever thought about doing some Bayonetta Executrix stuff?


File: 1509323097666.jpg (250.81 KB, 1920x1080, Rayquaza_Preview.jpg)

Rabid Rayquaza

A young trainer set off early in the morning for another day in the woods, eager to catch her first Pokemon. She had spent her childhood studying and reading about all sorts of Pokemon, but was never given or able to catch any on her own. Determined to follow her childhood dreams, she was persistent in her pursuits to catch one eventually, but not already having one of her own to battle and weaken them caused a problem. Using her phone to track potential targets, she had to move quietly and catch them by surprise. One day she managed to find a grounded Pidgeot resting on a broken tree. Ever so carefully, she inched her way forward, hiding behind a rock a few mere feet from it. Just as she raised her hand to throw the pokeball, she adjusted her foot and snapped a twig, to both of there shock. The bird flew away frantically, the thrown ball whizzing just passed it.

She moaned in frustration, mellowed out by her constant failures. Her phone suddenly buzzed, alerting of a nearby Pokemon. She slowly turned over her phone, expecting to see another common Pokemon in the area. Instead the screen displayed the legendary Rayquaza. Upon seeing the alert, she was filled with vigor and excitement once again. Even though she knew she had no chance of catching it, she was excited to have the opportunity to see such a rare beast. Her eyes darted through the rays of sunlight slicing through the trees, searching carefully for the monster. The green serpent suddenly burst through the treeline just overhead, the wind blowing past the ecstatic trainer. It whipped past the trees and coiled back, slowing down and turning back to face her. She raised her phone and turned on the camera, ready to snap the perfect picture. Just as she was ready to take the picture, the beast suddenly whipped towards her in a sudden burst of speed.

She screamed in terror as it's claws snatched her off her feet and carried her away through the forest. It came to a sudden stop at a large boulder, slamming it's prey into the stone. Her limbs flew back like a ragdoll as the air was forced from her lungs. She moaned in agony, her arms moving weakly as she stared at the monster's maw. It's pulsing tongue dripped saliva on her cheeks, staring down at it's helpless prey. She wondered what it wanted to do with her, and as she looked down she found out it was the last thing she expected. An enormous pink cock throbbed as it grew erect, resting just between her limp thighs. The shaft pressed up across her pelvis and stomach, the animal chattering as it's drooled happily.

With a simple tug it ripped her leggings between her thighs, exposing her cunt to it's throbbing cock. It pressed the head against her, her tight pussy seemingly unable to accept the massive erection. As she tried to push it away, it held her right hand down against the stone, it's other hand clinging tightly to her torso. It's floating body rocked back and forth as it tried to force itself inside. With one hard push it finally forced it's way in, the trainer's screams of agony echoing through the trees. Her whole body moved with each thrust, held down by it's heavy clawed hands. She closed her eyes and continued to scream, only to have her mouth clogged by warm flesh and saliva. It forced the tip of it's tongue into her open mouth, muffling her cries of pain. The tongue left her mouth and slithered across her face, coating it in a thick gooey layer of spit. it growled and chattered with pleasure as it's thick tongue tasted it's struggling prey. It enjoyed it's cock sleeve for some time, her moans of displeasure only giving it more pleasure. As it fucked harder and harder, the poor trainer thought it would burst through her stomach and kill her if it went any deeper.

The monster suddenly stopped licking his helpless prey, rearing it's head back and licking it's lips with anticipation. Realizing it's intent, she shook her head pleading for mercy before it's jaws snapped shut on her neck. Her head engulfed in it's mouth, she screamed as loudly as she could as the beast violently thrashed her neck around. As she struggled, it's cock burst through her intestines and straight into her ribcage. Tears mixed with it's saliva as she was overwhelmed with agonizing pain. With one last blood curdling scream her beautiful head was torn from her shoulders, gore splattering the boulder and soaking the dirt with her blood. Her cries died out as bloody gurgles as her pained expression went limp in it's jaws. With a quick toss into the air, the monster swallowed her head whole. It's cock now cushioned tightly by her inner organs and blood, it couldn't contain it's load any longer.

Licking it's bloody lips with satisfaction, it climaxed into it's bloody fuck toy, streams of cum bursting from her torn esophagus. It's spunk pooled and mixed with the blood spewing from her gory neck, it's stomach filled by her skull. It's bloody claws finally released from her torso, letting the body lie limply against the rock. Soiling the meat with his cum and his hunger satisfied by her head, he left the corpse out to rot in the sun, flying off into the forest eager to find it's next victim.

--Full Video--

--Shortened Version (skip to the fun bits) --
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Alternative Version

A young trainer set off early in the morning for another day in the woods, eager to catch her first Pokemon. She had spent her childhood studying and reading about all sorts of Pokemon, but was never given or able to catch any on her own. Determined to follow her childhood dreams, she was persistent in her pursuits to catch one eventually, but not already having one of her own to battle and weaken them caused a problem. Using her phone to track potential targets, she had to move quietly and catch them by surprise. One day she managed to find a grounded Pidgeot resting on a broken tree. Ever so carefully, she inched her way forward, hiding behind a rock a few mere feet from it. Just as she raised her hand to throw the pokeball, she adjusted her foot and snapped a twig, to both of there shock. The bird flew away frantically, the thrown ball whizzing just passed it.

She moaned in frustration, mellowed out by her constant failures. Her phone suddenly buzzed, alerting of a nearby Pokemon. She slowly turned over her phone, expecting to see another common Pokemon in the area. Instead the screen displayed the legendary Rayquaza. Upon seeing the alert, she was filled with vigor and excitement once again. Even though she knew she had no chance of catching it, she was excited to have the opportunity to see such a rare beast. Her eyes darted through the rays of sunlight slicing through the trees, searching carefully for the monster. The green serpent suddenly burst through the treeline just overhead, the wind blowing past the ecstatic trainer. It whipped past the trees and coiled back, slowing down and turning back to face her. She raised her phone and turned on the camera, ready to snap the perfect picture. Just as she was ready to take the picture, the beast suddenly whipped towards her in a sudden burst of speed.

She screamed in terror as it's claws snatched her off her feet and carried her away through the forest. It came to a sudden stop at a large boulder, slamming it's prey into the stone. A sickening crack of her spine and neck shattering burst through the trees. Her scream was her body snapped against the rock, dying almost instantly. Her eyes rolled as her body twitched, her mouth opening with an empty expression. It's pulsing tongue dripped saliva the corpse's cheek, staring down at it's fresh meat. It's enormous pink cock throbbed as it grew erect, resting just between her limp thighs. The shaft pressed up across the body's pelvis and stomach, the animal chattering as it's drooled happily.

With a simple tug it ripped her leggings between her thighs, exposing her cunt to it's throbbing cock. It pressed the head against the corpse, her tight pussy seemingly unable to accept the massive erection. It's floating body rocked back and forth as it tried to force itself inside. With one hard push it finally forced it's way in, hearing the sounds of her bones popping and tendons snapping. Her corpse moved with each thrust, held down by it's heavy clawed hands. It stared down at her agape mouth, deciding to clog it with warm flesh and saliva. It forced the tip of it's tongue into her open mouth, filling her throat with it's spit. The tongue left her mouth and slithered across her blank face, coating it in a thick gooey layer of spit. It growled and chattered with pleasure as it's thick tongue tasted it's fresh meat. It enjoyed it's cock sleeve for some time, gaining satisfaction from not having to deal with her resistance.

The monster couldn't bare to just taste her any longer, rearing it's head back and licking it's lips with anticipation. With a quick burst it's jaws snapped around her thin neck. Her head engulfed in it's mouth, it's neck thrashed side to side, pulling the limp head with it. As it thrashed around, it's cock burst through her intestines and straight into her ribcage. With one last pull her beautiful head was torn from her shoulders, gore splattering the boulder and soaking the dirt with her blood. With a quick toss into the air, the monster swallowed her head whole. It's cock now cushioned tightly by her inner organs and blood, it couldn't contain it's load any longer.

Licking it's bloody lips with satisfaction, it climaxed into it's bloody fuck toy, streams of cum bursting from her torn esophagus. It's spunk pooled and mixed with the blood spewing from her gory neck, it's stomach filled by her skull. It's bloody claws finally released from her torso, letting the body lie limply against the rock. Soiling the meat with his cum and his hunger satisfied by her head, he left the corpse out to rot in the sun, flying off into the forest eager to find it's next victim.

--Full Video--

--Shortened Version (skip to the fun bits) --
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:



I've never cum harder in my life. The energy in that decapitation is something else, OP.





The live version was definitely better, OP! Excellent!

Is this your first vore animation? Off hand, I can't remember another one. Snuff is more of my thing, but this was great. Definitely a new classic.

Keep up the phenomenal work, man!


oh yes! a masterpiece a fucking masterpiece! i already know the answer but lusamine please! in alternative? i want see more of her in your animations!


Wow this was absolutetly perfect, cant find words!


It was well made! I love it!
Can you do next time a Penectomy (penis bite off) scene with some feline creature? I'm saying about a short story where couple went into the forest for some fun time and a tiger attacked them when they were naked already and ready for the action. The tiger would play the man's penis a little then bite it off, let him bleed out, then the tiger would fuck the woman and eat her at the same time.

Send a mail to atul[dot]dushyant@g[oogle]mail[dot]com if you want me to pay for it a few $$$ as I really would like to see something like this.



loving the long text for it, and LOVING that trainer model! once more you reach a new level of greatness! fantastically done!


"breached and cleared" is getting a 404 for me.. :(


it can rip a hole in her crotch to screw her but not tear off her clothes doesn't make sense


A very well done animation! I love both versions because the first one showed her emotions more before she dies, and the alternate version was awesome because her face was just so good. Awesome work OP! I hope to see more awesome work like this!


Holy fuck, that was incredible. Monster vore is suprisingly underdone in guro SFM. Every addition, especially one that is as well done as this, is awesome!


skintight clothes and jiggling tits!




Thank you for this incredible work !!! makes me cum so hard lol
Want to see more of her in your animations +1


What's different in the 2 versions?

Absolutely freaking amazing video btw


the difference is that the girl dies when she gets thrown into the rock in the second one (in the first one, she dies when her head gets eaten)


well that animation is perfect, I'll wait for long periods anytime if those are the results


Would you be opposed to making any animations with Skuddbutt's new Mavis model?


Please op consider uploading your content to a more reliable website. I find it extrimely diffucult to watch those mixtape videos.


I second this.
Mixtape may give option of a quality, but it certainly isnt the nost friendly website out there. Loading is very slow, videoskeep cutting off and it also sint very phone friendly. If it may help, Webmshareor Pomf shoulddo the work. And in the worst case, there's always Gfycat.


I've never been able to watch a video on mixtape. I can leave it going for over an hour and it'll make no progress, if I try to save the page it'll inevitably just fail. I don't understand how anyone can think it's worth using.


File: 1509617733711.jpg (201.04 KB, 1920x1080, PaladinsEvieImpressions01.jpg)

Hey OP, your works is amazing. i'd love to see some animations with Evie from Paladins


hey, op, just to know...

In the recent, "rabid rayquaza," was the light box in the shot where she looks up at the sky?

What was that wireframe thing?

I still fucking love the animation, though!

Really well paced, brutal, and the audio was awesome, too!


Eltariel please


is there going to be a hellish desires III?


hey OP I figure you don't work off of already done work, but if you would consider making an extension or longer version of "jitterbug in my brain" that would be awesome, i just feel like it's so well done that the applications can be pretty vast. Thanks and great work


If it works for you :)


I love this, especially because of the giant tits on lucoa.


Man, what I would give for another Vader force-snuffing scene! That was next level shit!


I think it would be awesome if you use this model


File: 1509769315776.jpg (99.94 KB, 1920x1080, Mavis_Preview.jpg)

Mavis Murder

Mavis takes a stake through the heart.

Angle A:
Angle B:


Have a belated Halloween quickie. Plan to do a longer animation and story of this scenario, but gonna wait for a nude model that'll hopefully have more face bones or flexes.

I've had animations and stories with vore elements before, but never this direct. Usually implied or biting seen in a loop

I don't do male focused guro

Getting some 404s from mixtape as well, gonna try reuploading some time

I'm pretty much unopposed to using most of Skuddbutt's models, but unfortunately only some are ported to SFM

I know mixtape is really frustrating to deal with most of the time, but the main reason I use it is their file size limit. Mixtape allows up to 100MB uploads and Webmshare only allows 10MB, and my animations are quite large in size. Gfycat doesn't allow sounds as far as I know, and most of my animations these days have sound. If anyone has any good alternatives to mixtape that allow both sound and larger upload sizes, I'm open to suggestions

Accidentally left light frustum on when adjusting the light, somehow missed it in the final renders

I rarely go back to old animations with a few exceptions, and I'd rather leave Jitterbug just as a loop as is


Not sure that's the right kind of hardwood shaft for vampire slaying, but hey, apparently it works!

I had a feeling after I saw the Mavis model going around I'd see her here before too long.


Looks great!


I would love to see something involving Danganronpa characters. I've seen some pretty good models going around, although I don't know if you could use any of them.


This remind me your first thread, in the 2nd thread you start with that awesome animations! The ryuko chair was the first one that make me spechless, btw you said you will more with her but never happens, anyway keep with the gruesome work!


Thanks for putting it on the webmshare thing, I can actually watch it now.


Could you post the mixtape link? I can’t get webmshare for some reason. Please and thank you


Can you do a dragon Ball z snuff video of Bulma and Chichi being strangled and fucked by Broly?


You make my dreams come true


Will you do any ciri or tiss rape / necksnap


Can we please get a night elf neck snap?


dead ones are boring :/




Could you do a kingdom hearts animation I would love to see it



Hey I saw this Model of Mavis yesterday. Don't know if is the same you used. Just take a look if you want.


Just keep providing the mega links and I'm sure most people wouldn't mind. I've been using lainfile as an alternative to mixtape but it has a 50 MB limited iirc.

Nice work as always~
Necrophilia is a big thing for many people here including OP; boring (to you) or not, he's going to keep doing them bub


Love to see more of nipple fucking animation.


Would you consider another with this character where a rival defeats her and uses her and her head?

Man that is great stuff, and awesome model!



That's a bit bloodier than I usually imagine nipple fucking to be... ;3;

Suggestion: Starcraft. Medic, Banshee pilot, Valkyrie pilot... Nova, Kerrigan...

I have this picture in my mind of a Banshee pilot with the front of her flight suit ripped off and a Hydralisk cock stuck under her ribcage and up out from under her collarbone/through the neck--still alive, of course.


Please do an animation with lara croft


Just wanted to say bravo, your creativity and versatility is astonishing.

The "Silenced Silverburgh" and "Nami Necksnap" animation are my personal favorites. Those last moments in their eyes as they succumb to their inevitable doom... wow, just wow.

Cheers to OP!


was op the the one that made the invisible girl head fuck


Hey open, do you have any dragon ball models? Would love to see pan from gt.


OP animation is so fucking awesome. Btw, how about you make a video involve time stop + guro, disembowel them, rape them when they still smile. Infront of their friend, family. Damn and cum already. Then release


Hey OP. The links for all the Nihilego animations that you did a while back are down. Is there anyway you could reupload them somewhere?


Can you please do something of any of the girls from Battlerite? Lucie and Freya are my favorites, but I like all of them!


OP plz consider a deep throat death on the Pokemon trainer model you used with Rayquaza but with Zoroark or any Pokemon with a knotted dick honestly lol the victim can also be any female Pokemon model like gardevoir for example. Thanks keep up the good work!


You never think doing one animation kinda like "saw" the movie?
maybe the girl has to do blowjob or a boobjob and make the guy cum before the times run out so she managed to doit but still the trap triggers and her head got split. and yes i think the pokemon models you use are the hotest


The pokemon models are definitely the best


File: 1510786524788.jpg (1.44 MB, 1950x1750, Ideas.jpg)

She is begging for attention.


can you do it with female pov?


lightsaber decap and skullfuck.


Great Aninations. Its a shame, that they arent any ego-shooter game, where you can kill and fuck dead girls.


There's a lot of mod options for that on Skyrim readily available for that if you are into medieval settings.

I think there's mods for that for Fallout 4 as well.


Yea maybe. But im not a pro, and i dont know what to do for playing skyrim or fallout4 with such content.


>>17191 is the place to go for all that. They're a bit complicated to set up, but there are guides for everything, and the number of mods is very impressive. I've done it for Skyrim, and found a mod for just about everything I could imagine.


File: 1511028374614.jpg (186.37 KB, 1920x1080, Ciri.jpg)

Decapitation Delight

The foolish girl should have known better than to leave a fire burning in the night. Like a beacon, it drew the attention of a small gang of bloodthirsty highwaymen. They spied on the camp from behind the brush, able to see she was alone by the fire. They were experienced enough and she was oblivious enough for them to easily steal her coin pouch and raid her tent without her even knowing. But a beauty like this alone was a rare sight, and an opportunity they didn't want to miss.
The leader emerged from the shadows with his dagger drawn in clear view. No words needed to be exchanged, as she immediately knew what he was after. Not impressed by the lightly armored bandit, the traveler drew her finely crafted sword, taking a confident stance as she waited for the bandit to make his move. They slowly circled around the fire, until the bandit suddenly stopped. She was so focused on him she didn't realize she exposed her back to the other two, whom she could not hear approaching. The ambushing thieves quickly grabbed her arms when within range, quickly freeing the blade from her hand as she was wrestled to the ground. Pinned down and helpless, the leader took her discarded blade, it's pristine finish glimmering in the moonlight. Her captors dragged her closer to the fire, lying her on her back on the cold dirt as she angrily pleaded for them to let go. The leader walked closer, pointing the blade at her as she violently struggled to break free. Tears fell down her cheeks as she cried out desperately. The bandits laughed as they slipped their hands under her clothes and fondled her. Her fair skin was soft to the touch, her bust and thighs squishing between their tight fingers. Knowing her cries would grant her no mercy, she screamed out a name as loud as she could. The name echoed through the forest, and for a moment the bandits thought someone might hear them. Unwilling to take the risk and annoyed by her resistance, the leader plunged her blade into her throat, silencing her screams. Blood gushed from her wound and soaked the cold dirt. She gagged as blood burst from her mouth, her eyes quickly fading as her life faded. One of the bandits didn't even wait for her to die before he started tearing off her pants, the other violently groping her breasts. Her limbs went limp, her eyes rolling as the leader pulled the blade in and out like a saw. Her flesh and tendons were torn as her head was ripped from her body.
He held her head high like a trophy, letting the blood from her head drain from her neck. He dug the sword down into the dirt, planting his victim's head on the hilt. The others had already stripped themselves, taking advantage of the headless corpse's holes. One held the body up by the legs, thrusting into her tight cunt. The other held her up by her bust, his cock penetrating the hole where her head once was. The leader stripped himself, rubbing his erection on the dumbfounded face piked on her own sword. He forced his cock into her limp mouth, warm blood still oozing from her lips. He moaned in pleasure as he pushed in, her cheek bulging with each thrust. For the next few hours, the bandits raped her holes again and again and again, each unwilling to trade positions. Eventually her head was overloaded with cum, a mixture of spunk, saliva, and blood gushing from her cold lips. Her lungs had been stuffed to the brim, dripping from the gorey hole of her neck. By the time they were finished, the sun had begun to rise. Each one jerked themselves at the sight of her piked head, degrading and defiling her one last time as they left her spunk covered corpse on display in the woods and went on their way with her spoils.



Based on the works of Chris3000 and Anythinggoes:


Great work! ! But if you can add a nude or torn clothing version will be better, can not expect more, great OP


was kinda wondering that too you have her skirt torn off but neglected taking off her blouse am beginning to wonder if you hate boobs


Awesome as always OP, thanks for sharing!


If OP hates the chest, that's bad


If OP hates the chest, that's bad


epic would love a harley where she is neck snapped then fucked in the eye maybe?


Lol, Op made two separate Harley animations where those happen, though not at once.

Agreed, but I think its easier to just use the model provided than edit it too much. Its a lot more work to give a model a different texture like that as opposed to just removing the head and adding a little gore.


There's a harley eyefuck??


Hey OP, what a badass clip! I love the story addition... would be great to see a detailed facial/eye reaction as she gets beheaded like in the story!
Thanks & you rock!


Hey OP, any chance you could do a brainfucking of Elsa & Anna together? Sort of like the one you did of 2B and the other android.


This thread is alive because of OP. Can you make some gyro from final fantasy character. Yuna, tifa, ashe make them suffer.

As always, love to see your work here.

Make time stop+gore too please.


This thread is alive because of OP. Can you make some guro from final fantasy character. Yuna, tifa, ashe make them suffer.

As always, love to see your work here.

Make time stop+gore too please.


This thread is alive because of OP. Can you make some guro from final fantasy character. Yuna, tifa, ashe make them suffer.

As always, love to see your work here.

Make time stop+gore too please.


OP is doing God's work here. Would love to see some more brainfucking stuff tho, especially with ones where they're alive! The twitching and expressions make me cum buckets.

I know people have requested Rey before, but that'd be hot as fuck, seeing her maybe being brainfucked by a stormtrooper, maybe even while another fucks her mouth.

Or some Disney princesses!


Any on harley quinn?


well said, More like an Elizabeth one alive and kinda accepting it or bloatfly. great twitching animations.
simple ones on fast loops are appreciated to.


one about countess of paragon?


Ciri vid. Awesome. :D




Pls do eltariel


God, I absolutely love your work. Would it be possible to archive it all in one place? Mixtape is terrible now, it won't load anything of yours.


would love seeing elizabeth bioshock clones used somehow like 4 of them since I think there are 4 looks.


Time stop guro would be amazing


wow nice work

more Witcher is always welcome, especially Ciri


More Morrigan!


Maybe Coco Bandicoot could ve a victim?


Hi, OP love your work, could you please reupload your Ghost Fuckers link? its impossible to see. thanks


Oh poor Ciri:(


File: 1511678855930.jpeg (910.8 KB, 1600x1200, ciri.jpeg)

I drew Fan Art it by seeing too amazing Ciri work


Coco Bandicoot guromis very rare, Id love to see her strangled by a mummy from one of the tomb levels then necro fucked


File: 1511692912689.jpg (571.67 KB, 1400x786, 5Grn08l.jpg)

Hello OP big fan of your work and i just want to make a request if you will agree can you make one of Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft? I would really appreciate it Thank you!


This is very amazing itself, please do share more of your aw in gurochan!


holy shit, please make more rule34 guro, this is great


This appears to be the work of this artist
Which if this is the original artist posting it's really cool to see they browse Gurochan!



It should be the original artist. They mention the Gurochan thread in the corresponding pixiv post of that piece.


Not to mention the pixiv is censored and the post here is not



Hi, OP! Can you make the animation which will contain drilling the head of naked woman, her suprised face during the moment of dying and covulsively twiching legs with involuntary urination right after?


this si epic would it be easy to swap in the other girls from witcher as a bonus scene wiith Yennefer or triss the redhead?


First off OP, let me say that you do fantastic work, and the fact that you don’t even accept any money for the effort you put into your animations is commendable.

Dick sucking aside, have you ever thought about doing an animation with Anya from wolfenstein if a model is available? I think theres a lot of potential there.


No particular requests, but I just wanted to give my compliments for your excellent work. Been lurking since the second incarnation of this thread and you've only gotten better and better!


Would love to see a big, brute monster facefuck a girl's throat, dislocating her jaw and making her suffocate on his cum.

Please, OP! Save the rebellion! Save the dream!


Damn is op dead lol, i think this is the longest hes gone without a post. Hope hes fine or eother makin something dope


You can't rush genius. OP may be busy with other things in life, this isn't their job after all.


"Hope hes fine or making something dope"


Can you maybe do something Killing Floor related and maybe call it "Killing Whores"?


Is... is that a request purely for the
pun of it?

I'll let myself out.


I feel that OP is about to unleash some crazy amazing sfm


>>17863 Killing whores??/

I'm in. What's the cost


Seconding this, seeing Ana with a nice big pair of jiggly tits would be heavenly! And having her get necro fucked would be doubly so


OP where are you man? I hope you'r ok.
Just take your time


Anything with Borderlands girls would be perfect! Those models are amazing and they are quite easy to set up!


File: 1512540363164.jpg (138.2 KB, 1920x1080, Lara_Bear_Preview.jpg)

Don't Feed The Bears

In the snowy mountains of Siberia, Lara Croft sneaks through the shadows to evade the soldiers pursuing her. They had been hot on her trail with their hounds hot on her heels, but they suddenly decided to call off the search as she entered deeper into the thick forest. Not knowing why they gave up their pursuit, she traveled further into the thick brush believing it would mean her escape. Unfortunately for her, a sudden blizzard stopped her in her tracks. Unable to trek further, she started a fire and gathering branches to make a makeshift shelter for the night. She failed to realize how close she was to actual shelter, a bear cavern not far from her newly made camp. As she warmed herself by the fire, she let herself be at ease until she heard a branch snap. Unable to see through the thick snowfall, she didn't notice the bear until it was a few feet away from her in it's charge.

Unable to even stand up in time, the bear tackled her and sent her fumbling through the snow. Her climbing axe was thrown aside in the attack, lost in the blanket of white covering the forest floor. She frantically attempted to crawl away as she felt the bear climb over her. It swiped at her side and turned her on her back, ripping open her thick jacket and forcing her face to face with the predator. Saliva dribbled onto her trembling face as the cold air nipped her bare and scratched chest. She could do nothing but give a short lived scream as it's jaws closed in on her neck. With a sickening crunch, her echoing screams were quickly cut short, warm blood flooding both the prey and the predator's mouths. It's teeth loosened from her flesh, a large gash on her throat staining the snow red. She barely reached for her throat before it turned her back onto her face, burying her face in white as she drowned in her own blood. The bear tugged at her pants, ripping them apart from the dying traveler. As she drew her final breath, the bear lifted her ass up high and reared forward as it thrust into the corpse's cunt. The weight of the creature pushed the body down into the snow, the force of each thrust sending ripples through her plumb ass and legs and burying her deeper and deeper.

By the time the beast finished with it's cocksleeve, the storm had begun to pass. Nothing was seen left of the poor victim, her corpse buried and forgotten in the snow, and not even worth the beast's time to dig up and savor as a meal. It lumbered off to it's cave, ready for it's next victim to pass by it's cave.




Not quite dead yet, been busy with irl stuff and been working on two larger projects. Won't spoil the details just yet but expect them within the coming weeks.

Don't hate boobs, just hate small/average ones that don't have bones that scale well. Most models happen to scale breasts better with clothes on, Ciri being the case

I've provided download links for almost all my works recently, and there's too many for me to really bother with compiling it all tbh

Certainly something I haven't done before, question is with who as the victim?

God fucking damn I love your art! Glad to see you've started doing guro, especially brain-fucking. Hope to see more from you in the future!

I initially planned to but it was harder getting them all to match up than I expected and didn't want have to animate their hairs and make the gore textures for them too, so unfortunately that idea was scrapped

I'm very certain I've been gone much longer

Been planning to do one for awhile but never got around to it. Might just have to do it for that title

I'm almost always around, I just rarely post since I almost always post on this site with an animation to present, if anything irl happens I'd be sure to make a post here about it

Somewhat, but their facial bones are a bitch to work with, hopefully the newer versions that recently were released have better ones


Welcome back OP and thanks for another awesome work :3


Amazing work as always! I'd like to suggest a Sailor Pluto scenario. If you're not familiar she has a power literally called Time Stop. Could be potentially turned against some of the other Sailors. I'm not sure if there are any good models out there tho.

Also, I had an idea for a Fallout 4 video where after the wife is killed in the cryopods her corpse gets fucked in front of her husband, who is then frozen again and wakes up to see her skeleton with a sign around its neck saying "slut" or something. I figured you might have fun with something like that.

Keep up the good work!


Princess Zelda (TP outfit) for the timestop thing please!


i love OP


Awesome with Lara Croft. Is there any chance you can do a flaying/skinning animation? Not sure if models or texture are available for it, but...


Should be plausible considering MK9 Sheeva's fatality was ripping people's skins off, and MK9's assets had a lot of things ripped.


File: 1512922723576.jpg (121.74 KB, 1920x1080, BountyBreeder_Preview.jpg)

Bounty Breeder

The Bounty Hunter opened her eyes to a hellish sight. A long, endless hall of organic matter spanned everywhere she looked. Her suit was torn on her chest and between her legs, exposing her plump breasts and cunt to the brisk, cool air in the cavern. Her limbs embedded in the slimy, dark wall, she could only helplessly hang and effortlessly try to pry herself free from the muck. To her sides, she could see the walls were lined with corpses of victims stuck in a similar position as her. Unable to escape, her eyes drifted down to dark floor, seeing it was covered in countless eggs. One of the eggs near her pulsed, the top unfolding like a maw as juices seeped down it's side. A hand like creature emerged from the sack, it's long finger like legs unfolding like a newborn spider. She stared at it with disgust as it reared itself back on it's tail like a snake before pouncing onto her face. It's legs latched around her head and it's tail wrapped tightly around her neck.
Desperately gasping for air after suffocating for several minutes, a long phallic appendage reached down her tightened throat. No matter how hard she shook her head or tried to pry her arms free from her prison, she could do nothing to stop the creature from raping her throat. Her cries and screams of torment only came out as desperate gags and moans as a liquid began to fill her stomach. In her thrashing panic, she hadn't noticed other eggs had begun to hatch. The second hatchling leaped for her legs, it's spindly legs crawling frantically up her body and wrapping around her waist from behind. It's tail wrapped tightly around her thigh, and without hesitation rammed it's cock up her ass, causing her to rear back and moan in discomfort. Her vision began to fade as her body became deprived of oxygen, but despite this, she refused to relent her attempts to break free. Just as she thought her torment couldn't possibly worsen, two more broodlings hatched. The watched her momentarily, her eyes staring at them with fear and rage as she imagined the things she would do to them all if she were free. Suddenly they both leaped towards her chest, each latching on to one of her breasts. Their cocks poked and prodded her nipples, lubing it with their seed. She shook her head side to side in defiance before her eyes widened and she screamed in pain as their cocks penetrated her breasts.
Before long, her entire body was being flooded with cum. Her breasts bloated as they were filled to the brim with cum before leaking out and deflating before starting again. By now her resistance had died down, her body limply accepting it's fate though her mind did not. Her stomach now full of cum, the first facehugger's cock slipped out from her stomach and began pumping it's seed into her lungs instead. Unable to fight back, she could only give a few final desperate coughs and gags as her eyes began to roll back and close weakly before her pain finally ended. The aliens continued to use her corpse tirelessly for hours until one by one they ran out of juice and fell dead to the floor. More eggs began to hatch, a perfect breeding corpse ready and waiting for them. In time, the countless eggs inside her would hatch and feast on her until nothing but bones remained, just like the countless bodies lining the walls of the hall.



I like the cryopod idea

That wouldn't be possible for SFM. The trick is done in MK9 by shrinking and animating the model on one flat axis, where as SFM can only shrink on all three axis. Flaying isn't really my thing anyways


I am the first one, OP is awesome XD


good job as always OP



Well done, OP. Always enjoy Samus. Thanks!

Also, I'll third the Fallout 4 cryopod idea from >>18060. That sounds neat.

Looking forward to all the upcoming OP greatness!


Hey, do you have any models for Sienna Khan from RWBY she got like 5 minutes screen time then got impaled, its was a really good body that with little damage great hair and brown skin. I want her body


File: 1512952459317.png (2.05 MB, 2737x1687, 1040020__explicit_grimdark….png)

Still hoping for some Deathclaw Deepthroat <3

Like this, forgive the pony.


Can there be a longer duration video like the Pokemon snuff video?



fuck outta here with that shit


Fuck yeah! Facehuggers! Samus!

Not enough facehugger stuff around.


more xeno!!


LOVE the new Samus animation, would totally be okay you turning it into a full video

I hope in the future you do more nipple and breast related guro, especially if parasites or eggs are involved


Fallout 4 cryo idea sounds great


What about that Mavis SFM? I'M WAITING. Good job btw


OMG that samus one is amazing...

any chance of getting a belly burster followup? either while the facehuggers are still fucking her or sometime after?

maybe even bursting out of more places than her belly, like her tits and other places too?


God job mate!


File: 1513216643459.png (1.09 MB, 1048x1864, Quiet_strangled.png)

I would love see that scene when quiet was almost drowned and raped, but with a bitter and happy ending


Op after the story with redhood catwoman her body goes missing is he collecting a necksnap body collection


I'd love to see the Quiet scene as well, not sure i agree about a happy ending though >:)


Suggestion for a feature vid:

Remember Star Wars Episode 6? The Twi'Lek dancer Oola in Jabbas palace? As far as I am aware, there is no rule34 animation of any mentionable quality about her and the rancor. All we got is she falls down the trapdoor and we hear her scream, but we never SAW what happened down there.

Personally, I imagine the rancor likely got a boner, grabbed her and fucked the living daylight out of her before finally deciding a cream-filled snack sounded like a good idea after all that exhaustive fucking. Or maybe she simply was literally fucked to death by him.
That's the crux. We simply do not know. Yet.

So how about it, OP? Feel like that would be a viable idea for you to consider animating at some point?



Most likely she simply got dismembered and eaten. Or pulled in half and eaten. Or just bitten in half.



Probably? Yes.

Still think this would make a nice animation. It is in the vein of OPs' portfolio so far and, let's face it, seeing it animated is certainly hotter than dealing with theoretical probabilites. ;-p

Let's just see what OP says.


File: 1513443703351.png (941.85 KB, 512x864, sample.png)

Hey OP, I found these 3 models from Sudden Attack 2:

Any chance you can use them?


YES! Please use the middle one in a rape/headshot one! Maybe a little bondage too!!!!


Nice models! Please use these girls.


those models won't work for sfm, they'd have to be converted in order to work in sfm



These characters look like they're from Tekken.


I'd like to see some tekken girls


Please do something with Arkham Knight's Batgirl!


I really hope you use Shantae again. Such an expressive model.


dear op. remember the part in the last of us game that ellie almost was beheaded with a cleaver? culd you make that? wuld love to see her lose her head and ass fuck


File: 1513653737908.png (433.83 KB, 989x1280, 03004c8b713c5aa1e19d842d5c….png)

Hey OP! I have an idea for a video that you should try! Itll be like the concept in this image where the head is seperated by those machine collars but she still is connected to the body by feeling. So you have the body being fucked in the background while on the side the head will be there with a nice ahegao face followed by confusion and pain when the person stabs her or mutilates her in some way.


anyone knows the source of this Quiet pic?


Pretty sure its a scene from the game

Pretty sure you can just type up mgsv quiet captured scene


Aw man, as a fan these long waits + short videos are getting brutal. Hope you're cooking something good OP.


Im lowkey hoping for atleast a 2 minute video of OP's skill in action


that would be awesome!


please use middle for some hot decap action OP!


would love more lara in the explorer costume where she is found dead on a trap and used in the snow or maybe shot and used.


If any of the fighting games use xmas outfits we need something festive :D


savage work as usual..I wonder though if you would or have ever entertained the idea of a noticeably pregnant woman being victimized..maybe the killer stabs her belly..that much would be up to you of course.


Can we stop spamming the chat with random pictures in the chat that'd we like to see? It was good when it was far and few between, but this is his specific thread, after all.



Yeah, it's getting annoying seeing beggars with their "inspiration" pics.


Ela Bosak please <3


Started playing the Friday the 13th game. those kills and the models are very inspirational...


We back bois holy shit when even the tor link was down fuck


now that gurochan is back I'm hoping for a fucking FLOOD of new shit, just in time for new year's!


welcome back boys... it's about time


I'm hoping OP has like a million vids ready to go after all this downtime


Also OP you should consider making a pixiv account or something in case gurochan goes down again for long periods of time (or permanently)


I'd really love to see OP make a "used like an ona-hole" kind of thing again, the way he did with link's fairy. Would be great if it was done to a regular sized person, still alive, and they die from having cum go from their ass out their mouth


He's said before that he doesn't want to make one for one reason or another, but I asked before and he said he'd be fine with someone else reposting his stuff to a tumblr account or something. Only problem there is that it's basically just a backup of what he uploads here so if the site goes down for good, no more OP...


Yeah that’s what I’m worried about. If the site goes down for good there won’t be a way for him to communicate with us or vice versa. If he decides to host his stuff elsewhere there’s no way for us to know.

Like he doesn’t even have to post any of his stuff, just create an account so we have something to use to get in contact with him.


Hey op. Think you could add sound to some of the older animations? The impaled midna on links sword is one of my favorites


File: 1514826546190.jpg (171.52 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Something I'd like to see might be a scene from Injustice 2. Where Supergirl is strapped onto a bed-like surface in Brainiac's ship.


File: 1514853749568.jpg (51.3 KB, 640x858, aX1no6z_d.jpg)

How about Ela from r6:siege? Getting fucked by a terrorist or an attacking operator?


Jeez the ammount of spam...think you can tone down the backed up requests?


Does anyone still have the "Piper choking on a pipe" animation and could upload it?

It's a shame that all those animations get lost one after another, and it's one of those I didn't save.


Here you go, buddy boy. It's awesome.

www. dropbox .com/s/o54c22q8ke5tp2f/P.webm?dl=0

(goddamnit I keep getting marked for spam protection or some other bullshit, ignore this filler just so the filter ignores it. bla bla bla bla bla piper fallout 4 porn OP is amazing much love love love love love love



Thank you my friend.


File: 1514926522660.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1200, SarynWarframe.jpg)

Fuck me I'm a dumbass, saw the other thread got bumped and never checked it was the old one.

Hey OP, it would be amazing if you could do something nasty with Saryn from Warframe. Perhaps an Infested gangbang that leads to her getting killed and they continue to fuck her corpse?


Has anybody ported Saryn Prime to SFM yet?


I don't believe so, only her base model.


Ember fits that scenario more imo


Ember wouldn't be caught out by Infested, she's really good against them.


Thats what makes it even better if she does get caught


Request spamming is pure cancer


Chill bro


The only reason my request is posted twice is because the old thread got bumped by a newbie and I posted there instead of here.


How about not posting requests at all and just enjoy what OP gives us.


File: 1514997596304.jpg (16.11 KB, 184x184, 473c9a1b0094e57b16940a8104….jpg)


Well OP's gone currently and iirc he repeatedly said he doesn't mind brainstorming.
Stop getting your panties in a bunch and acting like a little bitch.


Would love to see more Witcher girls, preferably Yennefer or Triss.. They are witches after all and oh boy, they did a lot to witches back in the day.. let your imagination go wild. Anyway, hope everything is well and that you're returning soon OP.


What if Batman, getting tired of the Regime's shit, hits Superman where it hurts by killing Regime Wonder Woman, thus breaking his no-kill policy. They just released Wonder Woman's Injustice 2 body. Bats fucks Diana's corpse, and Harley Quinn gets off on that.


really excited for OP's next release. He mentioned he was working on a few big works, so I can understand why it's taking a while.



Yeah, I don't understand why people are complaining about requests/brainstorming. It may give some ideas to OP if he sees something he likes. I mean one of his recent works was based off of someone else art, so I don't see harm in it.


File: 1515025656417.jpg (1 MB, 1680x990, 55625020_p29.jpg)

OP, your work has featured many Zelda characters: have you seen Galaxy's work on pixiv?

Would you consider featuring Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess ver.) in your work?

See, e.g.



that's pretty damn hot, render would be hotter with her slut boots tho!


File: 1515038367407.png (608.03 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_p0q9j1mXaV1v1ce6bo1….png)

Fucking confirmed. Someone extracted Wonder Woman's Injustice 2 model.



Hot as fuck. Please do more with Samus.


File: 1515181651455.jpeg (279.93 KB, 1280x720, Krampus_Preview.jpeg)

Silent Night

Alone at night after hosting a Christmas party, a young woman is awoken from her drunken slumber by the sound of something stirring in her apartment. Worried someone may have broken into her home, she searches her apartment with trembling fear. Just as she believes she is alone and safe, she soon realizes how she was on Krampus' naughty list.



Originally this was going to be a simple looping animation released on Christmas, but since Gurochan was down for the week (and since I haven't released a full length animation in awhile) I decided to expand it. It eventually grew to be one of my longest and most tedious animations yet, which of course greatly added to the time it took to add lighting, particles, sound, and render.
I have a few outfit variations planned for the victim but it'll take some time to render it all. Expect it in the next few days.

While I'm at it I'd like to talk about the recent posting of my animations to I'd like to clarify that I am NOT the person posting it there, but if whoever is continues to do so I hope they continue to tag correctly. One of the main reasons I only post to this site is because obviously the people that come here know what to expect, and I'm not a fan of horrifying or disgusting people not into these fetishes. Some people may be okay with it, but I am not. The comments on that site only really prove my point. While most comments make me feel a bit guilty I have to admit that some have been quite hilarious. By far the most hilarious (and biggest compliment) was "Wait a minute... you're not Pestilence!"

Fortunately I'm okay with these postings on because it at least has a tagging and blacklisting system, so anyone who doesn't want to see my fucked up shit can easily avoid it. I'm assuming it started being posted as a back up in case Gurochan goes down again, but my preference would be hosting links on say the guro subreddit, 4chan or 8chan's guro threads, or pixiv.

While it's not that scene, expect a new Quiet animation soon

An animation with the rancor and the slave is within the realm of possibility

Sadly this is true. It's a shame because I love military/combat girls

Ellie's too young for my tastes in the first game, so hold out until the sequel's model is ported

Not a fan of pregnancy for a few reasons. One being the fact that it ruins the female bodytype I prefer and the other being that I don't like involving children (born or unborn) as victims. Probably sounds weird to hear but I have my limits

Considering the downtime I don't really blame people for wanting to fill the gap with requests, don't really agree with it either though

Sadly no flood, just one long animation

If gurochan ever goes down for good expect me to migrate to pixiv. Seems like the next best place for me to host this kind of content and not offend the majority of the userbase

I don't really like revisiting older animations, especially rerendering them just to add sound

Right now a rehash of Breached and Cleared is far more likely right now than a new animation with her, but it's still possible




Nice work!


good work!


I hope the following victim will live a little longer to sense death in orgasm =]]] and not lose head.

This movie is a masterpiece.


Godddddddddd, i-wish-that-were-me.jpg

Great vid, op


How I wish she died FROM the sex as opposed to his claw, but oh well. Great job, OP! Loved the high heels.


Nice to have you back Op. Thanks for the new vid


Always good to wait longer for full vids, thank you very much!

Hm so you dislike pregnancy, how about getting impregnated by an insect and the larva exploding out of the belly while the girl is still alive?

never saw anything like that anywhere.



Holy hell, but that's incredible. Looks like the downtime was worth it, hmm?


That was brilliant! The death was a little bit sudden but who am I to criticize such a masterpiece! Good work =)


Your facial expression work is great. It's a shame your fetish for necro doesn't allow you to do much with them.



Wow. Magnificent, OP.

It gets fucking epic at 1:49. I must say, a giant cock going through a girl's head and out her mouth is about the hottest thing I can imagine.

Thanks for all the extra effort.


I'm that guy posting your stuff.

There already was other similar content on, so I figured it would be ok to post it there. There wasn't that much of 3d stuff, but drawn guro wasn't exactly rare even before. I never did it to shock people, some pestilence posts have had a decent amount of votes even when downvotes still existed, so I thought there would be an audience for your stuff too. I've also tried to tag the most important keywords as fast as possible to make sure the blacklist kicks in asap.

I figured it was ok, as the case seems to be, since I didn't remember you ever explicitly asking people not to post it. I mostly wanted to do it for archival purposes, as you thought, as well as having it there for more people to discover as its not banned. Some of the links on older threads have expired, and this site seems to disappear from time to time as well. There was also the guy running 3dark and gorezilla posting your, and some other artists' stuff with his own watermarks on the site. The reason I chose was mostly due to the fact I had already posted other stuff there, so it was convenient. Imageboards are problematic because of their inherent non-permanent nature. Pixiv would be ok, but you can't post wembs there and links die over time, which partly leads to the original problem over here. I haven't really visited the guro subreddit, but reddit has been banning controversial subreddits from time to time without warning if they've gotten popular enough. The most important part was not having to deal with external hosts and their links though. It would be nice if you had a pixiv, even an empty inactive one for now, so we'd know where to go if this place ever happens to go permanently down.

Some people do get butthurt over it, but that's nothing new really. People really do love to complain when someone likes stuff they don't, interracial animations and their comments are a good example. I imagine it has raised awareness about the blacklist feature if nothing else. I've also stated that I'm not you on the site, at least to all the people that PMed me about it. I think some people like to assume the creators are posting their own stuff, as that has happened to me with other animations as well.

I think that's enough of my incoherent rambling for now. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the content OP!


Your new "silen night" animation was fucking awesome!

I love it when you do longer animations!

your sense of pacing, for the different positions, is top notch!

that setting's also detailed, and feels like an actual locaton!

but your transitions (fading to black) feel awkwardly connected, only because the nat sound, fades down too, and it happens so frequently.

It might connect a little better if you kept the nat sound continuously, like you did in the "undyne's demise" one (which is awesome, by the way).

Plus, i'm sure there's a reason, would it have been possible to remove her underwear (or at least move it to the side) during the fucking?

Is it a model thing?

Either way, FUCK that was nice!


Would be awesome to see the dick go down the dead whores throat instead of coming out of her mouth.and she would still have some life left in her to make some silly faces while getting headfucked. anyway pretty creative was worth the wait


Don't Feed The Bears is a good one any change you could make a second version where the bear fucks laras skull while she is stlil alive .


Hey OP,

Have you ever done open-heart fucking? Sort of like open-brain fucking, when you can see the chick's brains (and facial expressions) as the cock goes on/through her grey matter?

That would be sweet to see.

As for >>18917, it's fucking awesome!


Yet another top notch animation!
Her body movement and facial expressions while she is terrified are some of the little details which make this awesome.
Which makes me wonder: Have you ever considered focusing on a drawn out "final moment" expression? A slow headfuck from start to finish for example?
Thanks and keep up the great work


loved the titty bounces in the latest animation. id love to get another animation where the girl is alive for most of it only to be killed during the "climax". Those are always my favorite.



Good to hear the Twi'Lek/Rancor pairing is a possibility. :-) I'll cross my fingers it actually happens at some point. ^_^"


Loved it,

Yet I was disappointed the death came so suddenly, naughty girls need to feel that punishment.

Either way, you are providing this content without required payment, so keep up this amazing work.

Also, your long films are just the best stuff out there I have seen.


It would be great if "OP" has a Pixi. The link is very durable and known link is MEGA or for advertising and editing.

Actually I'm very worried about the web GUROCHAN will disappear (as a risk) and I and the others will not find your content and enjoy your great work anymore. :(((


This video definitely makes up for the long wait.
As many others, I would have loved it if the girl lived longer and was killed while being fucked.
But it's great as it is.

What I would love to see would be a guy (or monster, but I prefer humans) fucking a girl's severed head through the throat hole and the cock being long enough that a big part comes out of her mouth.
Then, he shoves his cock, with the head still on it, down a living girl's throat, making her suck his cock while kissing the dead girl, eventually killing her by suffocating her with his cock, drowning her with his cum or in another way. The second girl could even like it until she realizes that she will die, too.

Oh, and if there is a model of her (I don't know), it would be cool to see something with Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn.


love your long animations, can't wait to see more


I can't get enough of the DOA girls! I really hope to see more of them on this site.


I hope the story of the following stuff is like "Psycho's snuff film star Ryuko", I like to see psycho catch girls and kill them as if they were "things".


God damn! The best work ever OP!


Ehh, this was alright, but I prefer the victims be living (and suffering.) The Shantae animation is my favorite of your recent works for this reason. I love to see a pained expression.


Hey OP any chance of a Smite one?



holy shit i can relate so much. there's just something magical about pained, angry and shocked expressions while they get fucked



Fucking amazing.


op dont forget the thighfucks and buttjobs :( we didnt see any buttjob yet


and we're back again. Jeez, Gurochan. Don't die on us yet!



Whats this? Secondary animation? Subtle body language? Your stuff is getting better dude. More expressive, less robotic.


Love the length and savagery of the Krampus animation....and I get your reasons for not doing a preggo gal I just thought it would be a cool idea to see implemented, if not that maybe use the listed injustice 2 wonder woman...or scene with a beautiful mermaid


File: 1515370428827.jpg (684.03 KB, 1235x1080, 276779 - D.Va Demimond23 O….jpg)

Hey OP, have you ever thought about making a animation based off this image/similar big insertion images? Did some quick brainstorming myself and came up with a scenario where she was caught as a double agent for north korea and SK forces are closing in on her location. She decides to commit suicide to protect NK secrets and avoid torture. Instead of the mech exploding like the game, it involves something equally as explosive.

She positions herself and presses a button so the 2 rods can anally penetrate her, they horizontally spread her ass open, then a few bombs are dropped into her gaping ass. Being the anal slut she is, she wants to go out with one final orgasm before SK finds her. She has the rods slowly spread her ass more and more and when she orgasms she slams the button hard to spread her ass to the point of almost ripping and then she presses the bomb detonate button.

Why did NK put in such an impractical final resort instead of a simple mech self destruct you ask? For the guro porn of course!



Even when I'm not a fan of the choice of subject, the quality of your work never fails to impress. Great animation OP, thanks for sharing it with us. Looking forward to more Quiet.


Hey, i was wondering if anyone had links to the 'Crazy Cuccos' and 'Bounty Hunted' videos because the links dont seem to be working


Ever think about some more mass effect?


Hello OP huge fan of your work, I would like to suggest you a model you might like:

She's Monika from DDLC, i don't know how reliable the model itself is but i hope you might like it enough to give her an animation


Oh i forgot to praise your new animation >>18917 but you should already know this is your best work by far ;)



If gurochan ever goes down for good, what name should we be looking for on Pixiv then? Because I am unsure that "OP" is going to be a viable name you could use there. ^_^"


maybe something with Widowmaker?


maybe something with sorcery? necromancy, animation, mind control? might be cool.


Yeah the lack of expression on a corpse doesn't really do it for me.


so my friend me your newest "silent night" clip and it was the most intense thing i've ever seen... i will be EXTRA sure to check under my bed for monsters tonight lol

thank you so so so SO much for making & sharing your talent, your the best!


Great anims, boring dead.


I love the expressions on OP's girls, yes, but that cock going all way through her head was spectacular!

Normally, I'm more into snuff than necro, but necro has it's appeal.


Would love to see or hear the monster eat the girl after finishing with her. I guess it would be difficult model work to show it graphically, but having it be implied could be great too.


I usually don't say much, but the silent night animation is one of the best things I've seen in a long while.. Had to make sure I let you know. Good fucking job.



omg i was thinking that too.. but the idea of being found like that when my parents come downstairs christmas morning is reeeallllly exciting to me to tho like "your daughter was a brat so this is what she gets" lol


i would really love some more bestiality deepthroat, "Dogmeat Days" was seriously the best thing i ever watched, it had every fetishes i have, bestiality, deepthroat, rape, choke to death and even some kind of bondage, since she was stuck in the door.
Simply amazing, but i would be still very happy even with only bestiality (or monster) and deepthroat! I hope you're planning to do something similar to that!


One of the best you've put out so far! Thanks OP!!


I feel you, dogmeat days was fucking perfection, but im happy enough if i can get some more oral asphyxiation animations.



Oral asphyxiation is the best.



I'm sOOOOOOO fucking happy more people share this oral deepthroat choking death fetish, omfg!


Yeah, oral deepthroat deaths are fucking hot. Would be great to see them really struggle and panic before their death. But it really takes a while for that (like at least a minute long) before they realistically start to suffer that way


Probably something like “opsfm” or something


Probably something like “opsfm” or something


plz we need more deepthorad-death stuff


Hey OP, any chance of you making an animation with Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn? Is there a good model of her?


Hey OP! Great stuff! What about something using these two? Maybe a titfuck in there somewhere? Thanks! steamcommunity(dot)com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104863502


hey the old videos cant wacht why?


yeah webm links are all dead. from page 2 to this page.
be it on firefox/chrome/IE, etc. all we get is error 404


File: 1515778008421.png (702.07 KB, 956x750, 20180112_122639.png)

First time posting here, want to say thank you to OP for sharing so much content with essentially nothing in return. Your output is staggering in both quantity and quality, the latter of which is constantly improving. You do a lot of varied work so even though I'm not technically into a good half of what you post, I'm never worried you're going off in a direction I'll dislike.

I would like to toss in a suggestion or two - repeating what some others have said I do love seeing pieces where the victim is alive for longer, where the death is closers to the climax than the beginning action. Not that I mind necro either, but I think it's a combination of death convulsion and orgasm making a cool juxtaposition, as well as being a gal I tend to imagine myself in the woman's position 9 times out of 10. That being said, you tend to lean toward death at the beginning, and I can respect that preference.

The other suggestion is just content related; I would LOVE to see more neck snaps. In particular I love seeing the death twitches and convulsions. It took me a few watches to realize how much Nami's face continues to move in her vid... good shit.

Interesting inspiration might be to look at Rusk Joel'so videos (on pornhub conveniently enough) - they're largely nonsexual in a direct sense and feature menot as the victims which isn't your bag, but there's some very cool use of the first snap not finishing the job.

Anyway, just tossing out ideas because I'm a shameless horndog at the end of the day. But I really do want to thank you for sharing your work! Maybe I'll make you some fanart or something if you have anything you wanna see in particular.


>>18917 Fucking gold. All I have to say.


Love your head stuff! always the best since noone does it anymore.

Long time ago you did a borderlands one with a gunshot wound being used, if ever would consider, please do another one with a gunshot wound? Bayonetta girl might be good for this?


OP love your work! please consider doing some old school style in parts? its easier for some of us too download.


Not a problem exclusive to OP - tried to follow mixtape links from other sources that previously worked and now lead to a 404. Hopefully a temporary site hiccup.


Hey OP, I have been following, pretty much, your every update. The Krampus one is probably the best one, yet. Thank you so much for always contributing your talent to this rare niche.

Have you considered just opening a PIXIV account so that your works will not get lost as easily? Gurochan goes down way too often for it's own good. You can, potentially, upload thumbnails of your updates on the Pixiv gallery, and then include the video links in the description. This will be a great way to archive your work and keep your fans updated. There's also a good R-18G community there and you have more control over who has access to your works. Ping me if you need help setting up.

I'm a big fan! Keep them coming!

P.S: I've seen my stuff posted in rule 34 and exhentai too. I can totally sympathize with receiving rage comments/ death threats :-)


I'd kill for more stuff with Tali just because the whole dying of infection through rape is hot as fuck.





man i would love some more Dead Space stuff, the one with Ellie was amazing!


File: 1515923315629.jpg (123.57 KB, 568x868, 65541904_p4.jpg)

henlo fren. Thank you for continuing to provide content ♥

I was baffled by the 900+MB filesize of the Krampus animation, so I re-rendered it and got it down to less than 65MB. I don't think I messed up the quality much in doing so, either.

So, download for anyone interested;!cNFCmKLJ!dyPT6D1JLM-klhB1X3q0RJ0f_dqF7AJq-6S_s7H4HiA

Also, somewhat random image from my guro folder attached.


op dont forget the thighfucks and buttjobs :( we didnt see any buttjob yet


dammit you error 404 ><


Did you ever get the pikachu animation on a mega? Didn't see it in the thread


Hey OP, have you played street fighter 5 by any chance? Started wondering after researching "sudden death".

And please tell me I'm not the only one that thought about what could happen in the union station stage transition.


File: 1516035852537.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180115-120333.png)


hey OP have you considered a vid of misty/some other pokemon girl getting frisky with a ponyta/rapidash and then when the horse cums its fire? just thought that would be a killer idea


File: 1516196536318.gif (33.07 KB, 284x700, tumblr_ljt7mbXQQE1qbzvxe.gif)




File: 1516196545237.gif (33.07 KB, 284x700, tumblr_ljt7mbXQQE1qbzvxe.gif)




I wouldn't mind another Ryuuko one to be honest. Perhaps a short clip like the dragon maids getting brain fucked? No sound needed too XD


I have a request to someone of the watchers. Can someone with lots of time go through the 3 threads and collect all the files that didynt get deleted/lost and upload them either to torrent or in one big archive on mega? Witch each week is see old links stopped working and mega uploads being deleted. :/


made me think of this thing, that Rochestedorm made




Does anyone have the third thread archived? Or at least Sudden Death?

 No.19416 Hey OP! Heres a manga I think youd like and maybe would find inspiration for new projects from!


File: 1516318428776.png (5.89 MB, 3500x3500, Ribbon_Girl_-_ARMS.png)

Can you please do to Ribbon Girl what you did to Shantae? Here's a model of her: sfmlab com/item/2624/


please upload the third part , all time error 404


ID not mind seeing that, or even have its cum, me lava, just just melts them from the inside out, even have it maybe hurt the horse's cock a bit.


hey OP, do you still have mp3's of Team Skullfuck and Forbidden Route? And if so, can you give a download link to them?


I went through the threads and made an archive OP's stuff. Basically all animations are included, although some angles are missing from some animations. There's a text file that lists the animations that are completely missing(police brutality, avatar asphyxiations and seeings stars). I luckily had saved most of the stuff that is now dead from the third thread, so basically everything has at least one angle included. There might be a few clips under a wrong folder, but I couldnt bother to go through each one so just post here if you find any mistakes.

The archive is really big and I'm not sure what kind of download limits MEGA has, so I might make a torrent if this doesn't work properly.!X5oymJiA!BHml_Lg0iVbS9_9hu60_siWWjVjZEvFJaslraV6q5Tc

The pass is GCOP


Came here from r34xxx and I gotta say your work fanntastic!


Thank you but it's too big.


Here's a magnet link for the archive, it has no tracker but it should work through DHT, so make sure thats enabled. If you download the MEGA archive you can also start seeding after unpacking it.



Does anyone have the "Piper choking on pipe" animation? It would be great if you could upload it here. Thanks!



There you go!!hQZjXIiD!hKfpx4jE4yXgQBGRMOeViTAMaladHZP4jImEnkN0a3E


File: 1516399848901.jpg (179.05 KB, 1920x1080, Quiet_Preview.jpg)

Termination Notice

A recruit to Diamond Dogs was assigned to recon with the paramilitary's most elite sniper. The eager newly recruited soldier had been excited to finally receive his first mission, but quickly lost the admiration and respect he had when he first joined. Missions typically took days, even weeks, hiding in one spot far away from the action and his partner was not one for conversation. From the looks of her glares and confident attitude, she'd much rather be left alone anyways. The conflict between the two slowly continued to silently rise until the spotter couldn't take it any longer.
The two unit squad had been assigned to survey and report activities on the edge of a desert town from the ruins of a bombed out tower. The sniper lazily dozed off or stared into space most of the time while the spotter diligently watched the desert landscape through his binoculars. He off offhandedly asked her if they had any word from command yet to pull back, tired of spending days in the cramped rubble. She replied as she usually did, with an scoff and look of disgust. The recruit had imagined terrible things he could do the the beautiful sniper alone from the rest of the world, and decided to finally pull through. He feinted nervousness as he watched through the binoculars, calling for his partner's attention near the edge of the tower. He handed her the binoculars, pointing out into the distant buildings. She turned to face him to give him another disappointed look, only to see his pistol drawn and the barrel pressed to her stomach.
Before she could react, a bullet ripped through her abdomen and she fell back just near the destroyed floor's edge. She clutched her wound, trying to overcome the pain and stop the bleeding. She glanced up with a slight hint of fear, holding her hand up as if to ask for mercy. The only mercy she was given was a quick death a second bullet pierced her forehead, her neck and head snapping back as she instantly perished. Unable to wait, the spotter sat down on his kill and ripped aside her bikini, her breasts jiggling as his hands sunk in with a tight grip. He unzipped his pants and thrust his erection between her tits, the sweat on her skin allowing him to slide back and forth with ease. Within a few seconds, the recruit's load splattered across the corpse's neck and up to her chin. He then remembered the gasoline they had brought up into the tower.
He emptied the gasoline across the beautiful corpse, her skin glossed and what little clothes she wore stained with the liquid. He had decided her corpse would be a wonderful resignation notice. As the last drops spilled out, he took a step back from his handiwork and pulled out a cheap plastic lighter. With a careless flick, the corpse burst into flames, the tower lighting up like a beacon as the sun began to set. He watched her clothes burn and her skin char for a few seconds before deciding it'd be best he leave while he could. Once the Boss realized what had happened, no doubt he'd be hunted down mercilessly. The recruit climbed down the rope ladder down the side of the building, watching the smoke plume into the sky. As the ex-recruit made his plan to flee the country, he came to the realization he would never be happier to quit a job ever again.

Angle A:


Certainly a helpful critique about the sound fading, I'll keep that in mind in the future. Unfortunately the underwear was not removable.

I'll probably come up with a name whenever that happens, I should be easy to find since I would use proper tags. I'd probably upload a brand new animation first just so you'd know it's me and not someone reuploading my stuff

I considered it, but I liked the idea of leaving her cum stained body to rot buried in coal, fits the theme better

I'm certainly a big fan of it (as you could probably tell), it's one of my favorite forms of fantasy snuff. Usually my clips are shorter for these because they are a bitch to animate and edit sounds for, and to save file size/work and render time. If they were easier to make I'd probably have just as many deepthroat deaths as I do brainfucks

to my knowledge there's no models of her for sfm

Appreciate the comment. I usually like having the victim suffer longer, but animating dynamic struggles that look good can be a real pain for longer videos. It's usually why the victims die earlier in my animations. I'll try and put more effort into keeping victims alive longer
Not usual to have people offer requests TO me than request something from me. I suppose if you ever draw anything you probably know by now the kind of stuff I'm into. Curvy, busty women getting necks snapped, choking to death on dicks, or getting their brains fucked. If you ever draw anything be sure to leave a link here so I can see

Hey Veiled, big fan of yours as well! Your Illustrated Guide to R-18G helped me find a lot of great work I would have otherwise missed, so i thank you greatly for that. It'll also be a huge help if I ever end up posting on pixiv so I can have proper tags.
Pixiv will definitely be my backup plan, but I don't expect to do that until gurochan goes down again for at least a month or so (chances are if it's that long it'll be down for good.) Thanks for the helpful offer, hope you keep up the great work!

I had a similar idea for the old animation with Mileena and reptile. Was going to color swap reptile to Scorpion's skin and have him cum fire instead of acid, and maybe something similar with Sub-Zero. Might go back and revisit that now

I might do something with her, but I'd much rather prefer to do something with Min Min or Twintelle if their models ever get ported

Sadly I don't, I'd have to rerender all of them unless someone else has them backed up


Anyone have "Sudden Death" animation? It would be nice if anyone could upload it here. Thanks in advance!


well... that wasn't that great...



Team Skullfuck!gJBzARRQ!w1mNaMqB8qKC1YObBCT0ocJ3xNFCUEoF-F5UxIO6FRE

Forbidden Route!1UYFVJjD!5g-bQcUIC6mZOO3gVzBwHQM3s7ttuxZAhmJ-8cZbcBY

Forbidden Route Bonus!hA53VLoZ!ojPfKPqHagUBStXCLDKAvDjaRgAxQRVtAp1NnJ-7XPM

Forbidden Route Bonus II!8R4xRYTR!prQSUP0wJHAWaUVocdD3_nXjVzGvdAAMcAmc4Ag0PgU


Sudden Death!gZp0ELqR!bu3MYav_bkwY0QK3qiewtNNpoY4OG1cTQRQRH3I_oRM


I actually like the concept for the animation, but it feels like the Quiet model let him down, which is unfortunate. But nonetheless I'm always grateful for a new animation from OP


IMO this animation seemed great, and it was for the first half or so, but honestly, I'd have to say it's my least favorite animation so far between the corpse burning and how little actual fucking there was.


True, it could have been model limitations and that last post was just my opinion, I'm sure somebody liked it.


Hey OP she doesn't need a spotter. Ocelot explained that lol. Can you do a female Stormtrooper one? Keep up the good work. :) and one more thing. Is it possible to do a For Honor one? Either one would make my day.


Hey OP, have you ever thought about doing something with Ela Bosak from rainbow 6?


Holy shit im so glad i got to find this, thank you. Its amazing


Honestly, I love the work and tit action! Keep up the good work!


Agreed, although, burning isn't really what I was looking for but I love them titty animation in action.


Please do Ribbon Girl! I'd love to see her suffer.


Another immediate death, huh? Wish we'd see more struggling, even if only in a loop. Also seconding the Ribbon Girl poster above.


Wouldn't it be better to see her strangled to death by her own lengthy arms? Anyways, awesome animation! The sudden death added realism to the sort in my opinion!


Well done as usual OP. Hope we see another animated loop soon though.

That would be neat, but probably not easy to animate. Would love to see it if it's possible.


wow this cool!



Thank you so much, OP. I can only be thankful for more of Quiet.


does anyone have OP's old Quiet animations, "Silence"?


Amazing work as per usual OP. I am hoping the next one will be a deepthroat death, your Palutena Pitfall animation is one of my favorites. Whatever you do next though I am sure will be awesome, keep it up.


Are there any other places on the web to find this kind of stuff? I love OP's work, just getting into this necro shit and im daimonds.


This feels like one of OP's more vanilla works


I for one would love a Ribbon Girl animation, even more than any other ARMS girl. Sad that the only model available is fully clothed though.






Does anyone have a re-upload of 'Mungo Meat?' from the second thread? All the old links are dead


Skullfucking through the ear sounds nice, but I'd love a ribbon girl deepthroat death!


I kinda wanna see that mileena idea with jax the half head throat fuck. That would kinda be awesome too


This is the quiet animation

The link :


juri_sudden_death Angle A, B, C(POV).!5ko2jQzA
Decryption key: !49KAvo-EilpdJiKo-Sbp_0MknVHUpJBHRaAEIlSGrEA


I hope the next animation is going to be deepthroat-death stuff.
And fucking Quiet's corpse is hot as fuck.


Loveeeeee the titty duck animationbut the first half could of been looped a bit longer but overall another great animatoion?


Mechanica is my favorite arms girl, but she'll probably never have a model. Ribbon Girl is a close second though, so I would enjoy an animation with her.


this is awesome!

plz make one where he uses quiets head bullet wound with her looking up at hiM!


Hey OP, any chance that you'll put out a 360 degree video? I'd love to see this sort of thing in VR. Is that possible with SFM?


Hey guyz, im Big fan of OP's job.

unfortunately, i accidently removed "Heart to Heart", animation that Valentine kills Zone-tan.

is anyone have link for it?
original link is dead(404) :<


second on this, would be great if someone can provide any kind of link of Mungo Meat


try to merge some op's old works into the full videos, here's the link


I kinda wanna see that to OP


Any MEGA Link for the Police Brutality webms? The D.Va ones


Please use this model, OP! Dying to see Ribbon Girl suffer


File: 1516719130594.jpg (508.42 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-01-16_00019.jpg)

Hi OP,

In one of the Tomb Raiders, Lara is hung upside down in a bear snare. Could you animate her getting her head cut off and face fucked by the savages?

Maybe some of the other savages could pull her tits out like in the most recent QUIET scene and another one could fuck her tits? That would be the best upcoming birthday gift ever!


wow GREAT quiet animation! i am not normally a fan of the char, or titfucks, but i really like this whole scene!


Thats the 2013 reboot. My favorite death scene in the game. Would give a awesome animation


How'd get this in colour? The screen always goes to black/white and fades out too soon; would appreciate a link to it if possible


File: 1516929117836.jpg (191.26 KB, 600x900, Yang Xiao Long 7.jpg)

Hey OP, have you thought about some RWBY character? They're hot af


Could you make one about Francine Smith



Does anyone have OP's gif with the girl with the knife in her back being fucked on a table?


File: 1516986945621.jpg (521.6 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-01-16_00006.jpg)

It's a glitch and from what I remember it only works on that one trap. You have to shoot one of the scavengers in the head shortly before the time runs out and they kill you. For some reason it trips the black and white color filter...

It would still be awesome to see someone animate her head being cut off and facefucked while someone else pulls her tits out and starts titty fucking her. Just saying... lol


These 3 would be nice to see 100%


Oh man, a huge tits version(like that soria stuff from before) of this would be sooo good..


Oh man, a huge tits version of this (like that soria one from before) would be sooooo good..



Man, even after all this time, I still love the stormtrooper execution!

Thanks, OP!


Ribbon Girl next please


After I go through and verify I have a full archive of everything else I will post Police Brutality which I KNOW I have. Kind of panicking right now about my procrastination maybe having fucked me over yet again.


Could you post Acid Reflex too?


Hibana from R6S pls


File: 1517313841294.jpg (314.15 KB, 1920x1080, 3576534764576tyhzsd46a4w6.jpg)

Saw an Overwatch thing on Youtube, where Mei got shot in the neck, and thought of this thread. Edited out the effects and stuff but kept what little relevant audio there was.!NMMUUagY!e_k3Vs5ltKwIfdUK4TkjGPDAqgaBmJ329Ikj47pGOjY


omg this is awesome!!! she even has an ahegao face, twitches on death and all that stuff! This is something I would look forward to be made by OP XD


Glad the site came back after all that down time! Love your work, OP. Hope you do a Ribbon Girl animation as others have requested.


Could someone please give a download link to the Hex Maniac skullfuck?


File: 1517696858023.gif (1.86 MB, 540x304, tumblr_p29jmu9e4I1vf3h2ro2….gif)

I can't wait for this Chinese Stealth Suit model to get released in the hopes that OP will do some nasty stuff with it.


Oh my, I would love that as well


Just curious but are you planning to make more videos or short loops of Overwatch girls?


File: 1517783546394.jpg (5.93 KB, 167x190, medi.jpg)

Anyone has a MEGA folder with the Police Brutality videos?


Does anybody still have Hellish Desire I? The original is down.


Before her head's cut off I'd rather they cut open her throat and fuck her windpipe. Killing someone right off the bat seems wasteful when you could be blowing your load right into her lungs while she struggles and chokes to death on cock and cum.


Cute character. Has my vote.



h t t p s://!g7hDzabD!5AMgTeuKF1Qv6o3906Rt_w>>19966



h t t p s://!9m5xFbRB!dSq3FVw86m4vfOUbu11oHA



h t t p s://!wvJAFT7D!zlKjFVKEeC0n9l-NmXtWkQ



h t t p s://!06omALQY!UeUXp3kjxjh7YLB2wIw_Tw


File: 1518314301433.jpg (175.58 KB, 838x1080, 3f90fa0e-8546-4dfc-a529-64….jpg)

Something with these two might be pretty interesting


meh, its black so no light means no curves, i dunno man. full face mask makes it bland since no character, doesnt do it for me at least, maybe in a diff color or no helmet? doest that exist?


Does OP have some sort of blog or active off-site depository for his stuff? This constant downtime is starting to scare me a little.


I miss OP.


me too, buddy.


One day Gurochan will be dead forever and we will never see OP videos again.. rip


I think OP should make a pape
on Pixiv


File: 1518797548903.jpg (378.26 KB, 684x1200, 62112325_p1_master1200.jpg)

hey op! how about to make video where zoey went down, monsters rippied off her head and then fuck her in riding pose while other masturbate her cock? :)


I'm a fan of your pokemon animations, specially Team skullfuck, do you have any plans on more of that? i would like to see one with Solgaleo or a canine pokemon fucking a girl from behind bitten her neck, then the girl see a pokeball that can save her so she traid to reach it but the beast notice that and bite harder, the girl start to scream but get shut by the snap of her neck, twitching her eyes the beast cum all over her back.




File: 1518817160098.jpg (149.77 KB, 1920x1080, Femshep_Preview.jpg)

Sleep Tight, Shepard

While docked to refuel, the Normandy's Commander Shepard left the ship with most of her crew to handle some errands. It made the perfect opportunity for the Cerberus team to infiltrate the ship and set up an ambush. The plan went near flawlessly, the surprise attack allowing the infiltrators to subdue and capture the returning crew with only a handful of casualties on both sides. The Commander was the last to be taken down, who meekly submitted once she saw most of her remaining crew members being held hostage. The surviving crew members were bound and stashed in large containers and shipped secretly through the docks and stowed in a different ship. The women were separated from the males once on board and were drugged, forcing them into a long, deep sleep.
As the Commander came to, she still found herself dazed and weak. As her vision began to clear, she realized she was squatting on the floor, her unconscious body being held up by her arms bound above her head. Her mouth felt dry and her jaw sore as her tongue began to taste the metal gag forcing her mouth open. She suddenly snapped to awareness and looked to her sides, horrified to see her female crewmates in the same bindings and position down a long hallway. The looked to each other with a mixture of emotions; Liara was frightened and panicked, Miranda seemingly still drowsy from the drugs, and Jack furiously shook her body and arms in an attempt to break free. Miranda's suit was unzipped, her exposed skin and agap mouth dribbling with cum. Before long, they realized she wasn't asleep. She was dead.
The remaining women their best to console each other and formulate a plan and escape, but only spoke in unintelligible gags and slurs. The doors to the hall suddenly opened, and in walked the suited employer that ordered their capture. As his captives stared at him and he stared back, the crew expected him to begin to boast about their defeat and his plans for them. Instead, he simply walked up towards Jack and unzipped his pants.
The other two could only watch as their captor used Jack's mouth as a fleshlight, his hands gripping her head tightly as she tried to break free. In the beginning she screamed and yelled unintelligible curses, presumably swearing terrible revenge against him. She began to run out of breath from her relentless screams and thrashes, slowing her muffled shouts until he would give her a chance for air. Soon she realized that chance would never come. She screamed in terror and disgust, tears beginning to flow as her body gasped for air. Out of breath from her resistance, it wasn't long before her screams silenced and her body grew still. Her eyes open and her brows still furrowed in anger, the captor slowly pulled her limp head from his cock and left her corpse hanging, cum drooling from her mouth. The two remaining crew members screamed and tried to break free throughout the ordeal, knowing the same fate would await them. The suited man sighed with satisfaction and zipped up his pants, leaving the women alone in the room with the corpses.
An hour later, the man returned to the room, standing between the Commander and Asari as he contemplated who should be next. As he walked towards the alien, she cried out for mercy as he effortlessly gagged her with his cock. The Commander only watched in anger as she watcher her last remaining crew member choke to death, her weak cries of fear growing ever and ever weaker. The Asari gave in before her killer could finish, and he spent the next few minutes using the corpse's warm mouth until another spunk covered corpse was added to the line up. he then gave the Commander a smug, knowing glance and left the room. Alone in the room, the wait for her death tormented Shepard. As the hours passed she expected him to walk back in at any moment, holding on to faint hope that someone would rescue her and she could avenge her dead comrades. Her hope faded with each passing moment, the dreary Commander eventually drifting to sleep.
She awoke to the sounds of faint metal footsteps heading her way. As she drowsily opened her eyes, a hand sharply gripped her hanging head and yanked it up and forced her to face her captor. She quickly turned to anger as she saw his face, knowing painfully that her time had come. His teasingly slapped her cock forcing her to endure her own survival longer. Her slipped his cock into her mouth from the side, rubbing the head of his erection against the walls of her cheeks. She wanted to tell him to hurry up and get it over with, but she knew he was intentionally taking his time. Soon her head was pulled closely, the warm shaft sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth with each thrust. Despite knowing it would be in vain, her jaws clenched and tried to bite through the metal ring that would force her demise. She shook her head defiantly, trying to do anything she could to stop her suffocation. He suddenly yanked her neck towards him, forcing her mouth to take him even harder. With her throat beginning to tense, she knew she wouldn't be able to hold her breath for much longer. With a quick thrust he forced himself balls deep, forcing her to gag and widen her eyes in shock. He began to fuck her throat like a toy, easily sliding in and out as she was helpless to stop him. She felt her vision begin to blur as he continued, her vision beginning to blur. Her body heaved and convulsed as her body desperately fought for air, her throat effectively blocking any intake. Her resistance grew fainter and fainter, her captor now holding his cock in as deep as he could with long, slow thrusts to finish her off. Her widened eyes staring up at him began to roll up further into her sockets, her clenched fists loosening as her life faded. In her final moments, she felt her limp and helpless mouth fill with his seed, the spunk flowing down into her lungs. Her eyes began to vacantly stare forward as he shocked expression faded with one final desperate and pitiful gasp for life. The corpse now limply hanging by the hand still tightly grasping her hair, he held her head closely to make sure she properly suffocated. He gave a few final quick thrusts to empty his load, and yanked the corpse's mouth from his cock. Cum pooled and poured out from the corner of her lips, her heavy head quickly falling as the rigid fingers finally released her. The Normandy certainly made a fine addition to his collection, and the employer was certain he'd enjoy his new toys for some time to come.

Angle A:
Angle B:

Based off of Sabudenego's work:

Glad Gurochan's finally back up, the very day I finished rendering this it the site went down. It took me weeks to animate this, and finally finishing it and finding no way to post it online was disheartening. Right now I'm heavily considering making a pixiv account, especially if this down time keeps happening this frequently. Frankly though even if I do, I have no ideas for a good username to use for making an account. if any of you have any ideas for a username, I'd love to hear it

Kinda have to agree, definitely not my best work. It was a project that was too far to scrap but not really good enough to motivate me to properly finish

Been waiting day and night for any For Honor models to be ported so I can do something with them , but haven't found anything yet sadly

Most of the stuff I do is made with third person in mind and first person as a bonus afterthought. Making a 360 video wouldn't really fit with my workflow or experience

Maybe if more decent models come out

"her cock" yeah no. Futa isn't my thing

I have several pokemon animation ideas, mostly a matter of finding time or motivation. Your idea is pretty nice though




Holy shit! This is incredible! Please do another one showing all the girls being deepthroated!


I think a username along the lines of "OP Gurochan" would be nice and simple for others to find if the site continues to go down.


I love this new one! It's been a while since we've gotten a death through suffocation! Hope to see more of your awesome works!
As for the username, I also agree with this one. Most people already know you by this username. Perhaps you could add another nickname too, but I'd like to see OP's stuff for better recognition :)




I would love something with the new Cindy aurum model (that chick from FFXV).


been waiting to post this message for a while! (stupid gurochan)

If you're looking for possible names, how about...

thehardgoodbye (sin city)
op (it's quick, it's clean)
becky (cause, why not?)
sexyobsidian (obsidian, meaning "black" or "dark")


Just call yourself OP i don't think there's anyone with that name already on pixiv


ye "OP" will be the best


Hey OP, any chance of an animation with one of the many Fire Emblem girls?


holy shit, Gurochan has been down for way too long lately


Long time lurker, I have to agree that any variation of "OP" or "guro_Op" for some kind of pixiv name would work best. No need to make it super complicated without a reason.




But then, your Deepthroat Deaths always are.

Thanks, OP.


What about fucking a gunshot wound to the head? Like a large caliber round (shotgun slug or similar) kills a bitch, then he fucks her brains through the wound...


GurOP may be a good idea? I mean if you use a full new id, we may cant find you lol


A name can be anything really. Just something that sounds catchy and defines your work. I got Misery Alley from "Miserably" and the idea of a dark alley where bad things happen.

If you are sticking with the OP that you've been using then maybe
Original Pain?
Personally I'd go with something like "Dark Works"

Also, is anyone else getting SSL privacy connection errors when clicking the Mixtape links? It keeps telling me the urls expired the day before I clicked them. My date and time is right, virus protector is disable for SSL, ect ect. I've done it all, yet cant view the links.


Thanks for the new video!


Video won't open in chrome. opened it in Edge and after downloading and playing it, it gives me a ton of 'bad data' errors. What do I do?


I can understand your thinking, but having something along the lines of OP and guro in the name makes it much easier to find content on the very real possibility that gurochan goes down once again, and perhaps for longer than before.



Just download it from Mega link, mixtape is truly shit


Really great animation, worth the wait!

You could just make a really simple and generic username for what you do like "guroman" guromansfm" "gchanman"


I love deepthroats and facefucks, but i prefer monsters, aliens or beasts (that's why i literally loved "Dogmeat Days").
Still, great job as always!


"GurOPai" or "OmegaPor" =]]




Oh man a bunch of Vikings fucking Peacekeeper's mutilated corpse would be top notch.


holy shit OP

the eyes

thank you for this, you treat us too well


The animation of this was phenomenal. Great job. My only complaint is that this character is boring and has been used by animators far too many times.


The only problem I have with making a Pixiv is that they require you to pay a sub to see curtain bits of art, which is a shame.

@OP, hopefully you could make a blog, tumblr, or something else that allows everyone free access to view your art. Hope you make the right choice.

Also, more neck snaps please. Great work so far.


this idea please, wanna see futa zoey, get her cock jerked off by zombies. the legit pulled off after her corps cums or something once she cums they tear her apart and that cock too<3


>>20246 Dude OP literally replied to that saying he's not into futa


Hope we get an some alternates of this with the other sluts. Or a sequel where there bodies are made use of.

I would love this too, but I don't think too many good 3D models of them exist for these types of animations. Would kill for a good rape/decap/necro featuring Lucina or Tharja.


Finally some suffering and not just an instant death. Unfortunately Mass Effect characters do nothing for me but this looked really good nonetheless.


Skill in these, nice change to have it be a more drawn out situation.
keep up the great work, requesting some elizabeth or maybe characters than can regen from injuries? mgs Quiet eye/skull & regen would be neat.


Please do more Nintendo girls like Zelda, Mipha, Urbosa, Ribbon Girl, Mechanica, or Lucina


would love some more sexy mk girls being dismembered and snuffed out

their models are just so good for hardcore guro


Wow great work! still waiting for a full brain/eye fuck with cumshot inside the head, I know you did something like that but it was a ugly batman character and it was acid cum or something, not what Im looking for^^


Great job on the most recent animation, OP. Thanks.

Enjoyed the vore animation you did awhile back. Wondered if were considering another like it. Normally not my favourite, but you made it look good.


File: 1519508476705.png (758.89 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2902-01-30-06h15m1….png)

Anyone seen altered carbon episode 9.
Theres a scene with lexi atkins.She offers to cut holes in her and fuck her in them.
Look it up OP maybe theres some inpsipiration for your future animations.


File: 1519508535339.png (648.45 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-5841-12-17-01h40m1….png)

Heres another screenshot


Yeah, that made me think of OP!


It would be hot as fuck to see a double-snuff where one girl watches the other get murdered then gets it herself!


I second that. That altered carbon scene setting would be hot af.


Huh? I haven't paid a single dime to Pixiv and I see tons of good stuff on there. Its just some users put their own material behind a store page. Everything I upload is free and open. Its all up to the users. So you can share your stuff openly if you want.

The sub fee for the site itself is just to have extra perks like being able to add or remove images from an upload once its gone up. Once you upload you can only edit tags, description, and title.


hey, OP, any plans to use vaultgirl Elizabeth again?
I'm hoping to someday see her deepthroat-deathed by super mutants.



yeah she's very sexy. would love to see if she can be decapitated while being raped by raiders



Yeah, decap is one of my favourites. After deepthroat death (which everyone likes).


Can you make something from Dead by Daylight? Like someone is hanging from the hook and then the killer fucks her?


Pixiv is great. After you made an account pls dont forget to us ;)


I would love another puppet show. Hell even something with the fnaf fem models.


Short, simple, to the point.


The last Femshep work is perfect! Please do another one with all Normandy girls.


this would be awesome from the back! this way we can see maybe her face react or chest jiggle


>Lara Croft

>It would still be awesome to see someone animate her head being cut off and facefucked while someone else pulls her tits out and starts titty fucking her. Just saying... lol

That is an awesome idea, imagine that since she is hanging upside down her neck in her body could be used while another bandit uses the nexk on her head. dammmmmmmmmmmmmm


Would of loved to see more movement and struggling


Dear OP! Please look at this video! This girl gone really very far, I think she almost died. I haven't ever seen someone gone so deep!. And, dear OP, look at her eyes, it is awesome! It seems that she goes, but suddenly she makes her eyes wide open! And then she finally goes.. Looks like she saw something, that we don't see, maybe her death!
It is something what I guess could inspire you and help if you want to perform the asphyxiation death.
hxxp -
Thank you for that you doing, and.. we are waiting for new awesome works!


So OP, i stepped into one hot-as-hell-that-i-will-probably-burn-into video, and i would like to see something like that from you, since just like all of us here, you're into guro. First video:
I find it perfect. Good render, animations, atmosphere in the video. But most importantly the way she (most likely) died. Begin swallowed by this thing alive, then being digested just like that, with no help. It remind me how much i like to see that worthless struggle to stay alive. Notice how she want that help, but screams are muffled more and more as she is deeper into this monster.
Why do i even post it here? Even if i find it perfect it still lacks of that sexual context, and maybe little more gore itself. Maybe you can do something even better. Your 'Feral Feast' video btw is still one of my fav vore videos.

Its been some time since i also wanted to write here about one more thing, that nobody seems to pay enough attention. It's about aftermatch. A lot of your videos have GREAT potential to show what's next after some... 'action'. You did one video for 'Empty shell' if i remember right, where Major's lifeless body was thrown away into trash can. Man, I LOVED IT. It's small thing that totally spiced up whole thing. Just imagine something like this for example for 'Jitterbug Into My Brain' video. Let's say aftermatch is week later, when all this breeding thing is over, and bug's larvae started to feed on her brain and leave through the eye sockets. Would love to see that.

I think that's it. Thanks for all of your works, they're great!

Does someone else has problem using pixiv with TOR browser btw? I tried to look for OP there when guro was down, but i cannot even register an account.
Do you know any other sources of animated sfm guro? OP is my favorite, but his output lately is rather slow


OP, the last your work is the best one! I never seen something such perfect! I beg you, make video with Miranda and Liara!


OP, I really enjoy your work, but especially this one, so I wrote you a story.

Early Bird

The suited man eyed his prizes. Four women, each a force to be reckoned with, they were tied up to a post, their arms stretched over their heads.

On the far left was Jack, a biotic powerhouse who could no doubt kill the suited man with a thought. That was if she hadn't been pumped full of power-neutralizing suppressors. As it was, she was only a skinny unconscious girl, her litany of tattoos and punk haircut all bark and no bite.

With the ring-gag fitted over her mouth, it was definitely no bite.

The suited man's next trophy was an Asari by the name of Liara. A famous researcher turned underground information broker. She was notorious around the galaxy for her comprehensive spy network and still she hadn't seen her capture coming. It would be a pleasure to snuff out one of her kind, the millenia old Asari had such a habit of acting holier-than-thou. It was practically a service to remind them that they were still mortal.

The third of the unconscious women was Commander Shepard. A battlefield genius with more commendations to her name than anyone else alive - Asari included. She was the leader of this band of women and perhaps the deadliest of them all. And yet here she was, unconscious, drool leaking out from her mouth that had been kept open by the ring-gag.

The suited man had decided that he would fuck the first one that woke up, but he dearly hoped it wouldn't be Shepard. She, he would like to save for last.

But with the swelling bulge growing in his pants, the suited man wasn't sure he could control himself.

"Ugh..." the fourth woman groaned, saving the suited man from a difficult decision.

Miranda Lawson, the last in his line-up, but by no means the least. She was a former Cerberus agent, one that had been genetically engineered to be the perfect woman. She was endowed with both brains and beauty and from what the suited man heard, she had been given the haughty attitude to match.

Her head jerked up as she realized she was not where she ought to be. A mangled shout came out of her, confusion, anger, but with the ring-gag firmly fixed over her mouth it could be no more than that. Her eyes locked onto the suited man and she glared, accusatory.

The suited man smiled wordlessly and stepped forth, unzipping the front of his pants. His cock burst out, hard as steel.

"Aaaargh!" Miranda jerked against her restraints, pulling away, trying to avoid the man's erect cock.

But it was no use. The cuffs around her wrists were too firm and whatever other powers and abilities the woman had, she had been drugged too heavily to call on any of them.

The suited man let his dick fall on her face, slapping her against the cheek, the tip resting against her eye.

Miranda turned her head, and she looked to her companions. Another strangled cry came out of her, but no one but the suited man heard.

He gripped her by hair and yanked her head forward. She stared up at him and there was nothing but loathing in her eyes. The suited man only smiled. She still didn't have the sense to be afraid.

But it was time to fix that.

Grabbing her by both sides of the head, the man thrusted his cock into her mouth, sliding easily inside.

"Agh!" Miranda gagged. The cock had pushed all the way to the back of her throat, no lead-up, no warning.

The man pulled back just as suddenly and let the tip of his dick rest on her tongue. He could feel her hot breath coming in and out as she fought to catch it.

He glanceed down at her, and she glared back, still defiant.

He thrusted into her again, down into her throat. Her gag reflex activated immediately, and the man could feel the inside of her throat tightening against the tip of his dick. It squeezed, opened, squeezed and opened. An automatic reflexive massage. It was like she was made just for him to throat fuck.

The man pulled out once more and Miranda coughed wildly. He looked at her eyes and though they had begun to tear up, he could see that there was still fight in them.

Before she could fully catch her breath, he plunged his dick into her as deep as it would go. He pressed down on her head, smushing her face against the belt of his pants. The insides of her throat tightened, and her tongue pulsed and pushed against his dick, trying to force it back, but only serving to polish it.

She gagged again, but this time the man didn't pull away. This time he held her there. His cock filled her throat, so deep down there he could feel the pound of her heart. It thrummed against his cock, warmed it up in a way no pussy could.

Miranda jerked against his hands, but didn't move. She was strong, but the man was stronger and he wasn't done yet.

Tears began stream down her cheeks and there, finally, the man saw what he was looking for.


He pulled his dick out and Miranda heaved with a fit of coughs. She rattled against her restraints, her perfect body, the one she had been so proud of, was no longer under her control.

Her break lasted only a few moments more before the suited man grabbed her by the hair again and wrenched her face upward. Her beautiful face was twisted with fear, tears blanketed her cheeks, snot dribbled from her nose. She made a sound, but it wasn't even human, it was the moan of a cow.

The man smiled at her, ran a gentle hand through her hair.

And then just as hope flitted into her mind, he grabbed her on either side of her head and thrust her mouth onto his cock.

"Agh," Miranda gagged, the cock filling her mouth. She tried to turn away, tried to run, but there was nowhere to go.

The man started to pull away, but it wasn't enough to free her airway. He pushed back into her just as Miranda thought she might catch a breath. He began to move, pumping in and out, but never enough for her breathe.

A low whine came out of Miranda, a wasted sound that sent vibrations through the man's dick. The suited man thought his cock could not have gotten any harder, but Miranda had proved him wrong.

He pushed his cock into her. Her throat was wet and sticky, her voice vibrated, her heart thrummed and her eyes were beginning roll up in their sockets.

She jerked against his hand. Once, twice.

He came inside her, coating her throat thick with cum.

She twitched one last time and then her eyes fell half-closed as her whole body went limp.

The suited man held her there for a moment longer, keeping his dick warm with the last bit of heat in her body.

When the man finally pulled his dick out, Miranda Lawson was dead.

He let out a sigh of satisfaction and patted Miranda fondly on the head. She had been a fine woman. The perfect sleeve to his cock.

He looked at his three other captives, still peacefully asleep, unaware that right next to them their friend had choked to death on his dick.

The suited man smiled to himself. He wondered which one of them would wake next.



Seconding for enjoying aftermath. Even the excerpts you write that allude to bad things continuing to happen to the girls in these animations is nice.


That's not actually breath play. Assuming it's not staged it's a carotid choke which doesn't impede breathing, but blocks the blood flow to the brain, causing the blood pressure to drop and rendering the person unconscious much more quickly than trying to stop their breathing.


Hey OP, same dude working with Puzudz here, even though I generally don't post on this page (sometimes cause I think you won't do an idea) I think it would be a very bad idea to change your name. You have become the biggest name in Gurochan and most recognizable work. (I'm gonna get Puzudz right up there too btw >:D), but for now don't change your name, it really wouldn't be the same.


OMG, that last one was epic. :D


Anyone here who frequents the site and not just the SFM scraps pages; There was a decently long animation like longer than 10 minutes I believe of a spy girl failing her mission and getting raped by a large mexican cartel member. Does anyone happen to have that saved anywhere they can share?


I know this is kind of grumpy but I wish these threads weren't full of people sharing random pictures, fan fic, videos and other shit.

There's a bump limit to each thread, you know


I'm pretty sure they removed the bump limit when they updated the site a couple months ago
some of OP's older threads were getting bumped by random spam bots


File: 1519790114015.png (208.71 KB, 400x566, 29917858_p0b033a025.png)

Just found this for SFM, shes like an AI person on youtube on a channel called "AI Channel". Bet if you check out some vids you could think of something interesting as you always have since she is virtual and on youtube. Should be easy to find a voice to sync in as well.


File: 1519790231066.jpg (536.82 KB, 3400x2000, kwxFjKH.jpg)

Hey OP,hope it will inspire you to do animation.


File: 1519813495636.png (882.4 KB, 1280x831, haydee.png)

>When apparently posting MEGA links is spam

New Haydee model by PlanetMojo on Tumblrinio is available.


Guys, can we tone it down on the images, please? I'm sure OP would appreciate it.



OP! Dude I just tried making a source filmmaker rape vid and it took me 6 hours to animate a 30 second vid. I can create 6 animations in 3ds max in 6 hours. So I have a newfound RESPECT for you my talented friend. Holy Shit!


Ribbon Girl next please?


where do you get your models?


Just try to give autors Inspiration.OP may appreciate this as well.Dont think topic will stop respond,they fixed that from what I heard.



looks like shit


File: 1519979223380.jpg (47.94 KB, 540x718, hd.jpg)

That's what the doctor said when you were birthed.


Ah yeah skinneing.One of the most bothersome stuff bevor animating. That shit takes hours if on gets unlucky.


it does look like shit...


I agree OP is the best name. Not only because it is for years now a guarantee of highest quality, and a brand of it's own.

For me OP doesn't stands for Original Poster.
Your works are not only astonishingly animated. They are made with creativity, imagination, passion and great effort.
But I'm fuckin' cpt obvious now.

For me OP stands for overpowered and it suits you.
Easy to remember, easy to find, and people won't need to rename their collection;)


It's literally the Haydee model that OP has already used before except with bones that don't break at extreme angles. You are a retard.



yeah and it looked like shit there too


No need for you guys to fight over the appearance of a character/model. OP is the one who decides whether he wants to do something with a character/model. Saying it looks like shit including OP's early animation of her, does nothing but insult OP and the creators of that model. And is just spewing a toxicity that we don't need here. So give it a rest and stop going back and forth with each other.


Preach on, brotha!


of course of course... it still looks like shit though


Mods intervene pls


How about a Super Mutant feast? They dismember the Vault Girl and rape her face while they eat her limbs.


Would love some more bestiality mixed with a good facefuck and annexed asphyxiation, something like Dogmeat Days would be amazing!


It really is the perfect combination, dogmeat days and sleep tight shepard are in a league of their own.


Any of the P5 girls meeting a cruel end could be very nice.




Is there a new thread?


the op is probably busy making another one of his great works
a new thread, not seen one yet, but as i said he is probably busy making a new vid


Pestilence, oops i mean OP... I'm really sorry you and others get so much crap about this stuff. People can be so hypocritical about what is okay and what is not just because it doesn't conform to what they view as okay or not.

Hopefully all the artists impacted by the patreon stuff are able to get it resolved sooner than later. Best of luck,

sincerely yours, Anonymous Nowhatever


Pestilence is shit compared to OK.



totally true, you can't compare


What's the source for this? I'm guessing it's from Pixiv but a reverse Google image search didn't help me.


I'm the one who posted the comment 20806. Just to clarify I wasn't saying Pestilence is better or worse than OP, I think they are both very talented.

However what i was actually doing was making a reference to something OP said earlier in this thread.

"While most comments make me feel a bit guilty I have to admit that some have been quite hilarious. By far the most hilarious (and biggest compliment) was "Wait a minute... you're not Pestilence!"" ~OP


I mean this as more of a joke OP, but how about a Pixiv username of "Not_Pestilence" :)


You're overthinking this dude


I'm with >>20593 on the naming thing

OverPowered or something along those lines would be a good choice. Pixiv says the name is already taken, but multiple users can have the same nickname so it doesn't really matter. Still, some variant could be used. OverpoweredGC, OPGC, GurOP, something like that.


Hi OP can u do a skullfuck to the Pokemon girls with tentacles where they came out of the ears and maybe nose they have great ahego faces


still no buttjob and thighjob cumshots :(


The Sombra one has a tightjob with Roadhog, check it out!


How about some decap?


More Nintendo girls please


I miss you OP


I'd literally pay for another Titanfall IMC Sniper guro video.


Need more neck snappies.



Oh how I'd love a deepthroat death by some werewolf/huge monster with hands, that ends with him snapping her neck just to be sure she's dead.


Me and many others would like to see that too i'd wager.


Fuck me, you cunts keep making me think that OP just updated by constantly keeping this thread at the top.



ahah ikr feels bad


sorry bro :( we all miss op as much as you do


File: 1520952766922.jpg (139.91 KB, 1280x720, 1520855039090.webm_snapsho….jpg)

mega. nz/#!UJdExBhR!r-KxPNdeZFmquOBf6Zlj3BZJyIm2bS5X9JLwyBbcaYc

I've had this same idea in my head since I first saw the meme, but then I found this the other day and thought of you guys - and it made me want a version with some actual guro.

Not really OP's shtick, though...


Live eyefuck would be cool. Love to see her writhe in agony.


good stuff!


Does OP have some sort of way of actually communicating with him? Because if he'd be up for it I'd pay for an animation.



IIRC he's completely against the idea of taking commissions and prefers to do works he just likes and eventually share his videos


God dammit. With Patreon's crackdown on hardcore content, it's gonna be impossible for me to see characters I desire getting beaten, bruised, mutilated etc. and then fucked.


Have... you considered using SFM yourself? It takes a lot of time to get really good at it but it only takes a couple hours to really get started. At the very least you can start with still poses to figure things out before moving into animation.


I have no affinity nor love for the actual animating part. I'd rather just let money do the talking.


This marks a month that OP hasn't posted D:


File: 1521269853119.jpeg (637.92 KB, 3200x1800, 02DEA666-FEF1-4CDA-BEE3-9….jpeg)

Where is our god?


I don't want to be an asshole, but maybe we should use "sage", to not bump this thread, until OP posts?



probably that is why he is gone,reading how people talk crap about each other.Not inspiring.


Hey op, I understand it so probably bad that I'm bumping the thread, but I was wondering if you had ever considered doing something with the spike trap death in tomb raider, I think there is some potential there


I'm pretty certain somebody who makes guro porn as a hobby has skin thicker than the average Reddit user.


sensitive people do a lot of things especially art,without thicker skin,that is why I mentioned inspiration.


How was saying no talking crap


Why is exactly bumping thread a bad thing?

It's not like we have another place to discuss or make suggestions to OP


Don't know why everyone is freaking out so much. A few OP's last projects have taken around a month to complete. Just be patient, wait, and stop bumping this thread to hell and back.

He's either working on a longer animation or he's just been busy lately. It's not the end of the world if he doesn't post every month.


goodbye OP, awesome work

even without mocap.

hopefully nothning real is harmed here


Said person,talking crap.


Does anyone still have the one with the invisible girl?
At least I think it was one of OP's animations, but I can't even find the post anymore.


Oh, i would ask for it too. It was up only for a moment before guro was down (again).


As OP stated in previous posts, he dose not like to post unless he has an animation. People need to relax.


ditto i asked about the invisible girl before too


invisible girl?


there was a post during one of the ferquent down times in between one of them he posted one of a invisible girl getting skull fucked.


Yes i would love that too


@OP Could you reupload the invisible girl animation please?


that sounds delightful!


File: 1521594670583.png (4.68 MB, 2500x1406, 2414755 - Countess Durabo ….png)

damn, EPIC games is giving away all of Paragon assets for free
I expect more porn for it now


Will this torrent ever be updated? I've been seeding it constantly but it would be nice to have an up to date version.


File: 1521651487352.gif (1.81 MB, 500x500, 1229165570428.gif)

OP can try this


When Chun Li's head is pulled out, he or she uses the mouth to blow or insert the throat, and the ass intestines behind the back show


Do you wanna give that another try dude


Looking forward for next OP work


Maybe itll be a wave of content, has happened b4.


I just hope OP does something with Ribbon Girl.


did OP die?


yes, he is dead


not funny at all


He really did die. Did you not see the announcement on his twitter?


What was his Twitter?


OP kicked the bucket? That's a real fucking loss; Anyone got the link to the announcement for twitter?


Please tell me this news is not real



CALM YOUR TITS. He does not have a twitter. This is just some pathetic troll trying to stir shit up.

OP has no social media, he's mentioned it before. He lurks this thread but doesn't like posting without anything worthwhile for us to see.

Calm. The. Fuck. Down.


lul were people really believing in OP's death?


He is a ghost, and ghost are already dead, so...


I heard OP did die... what a shame. He was my favourite on gurochan


unfortunately we don't share OP's pain as it's dying.
we're not together...even as mankind.

just aparasite


Just be patient, OP isn't charging anything for this content and he/she has a life like the rest of us.


good god this thread has turned cancerous


awful beggars


A lot of really strong evidence lately for starting that Pixiv lol. You can put your videos somewhere where it won't have all of this garbage that surrounds it.


OP isn't dead stop feeling bad :(


You know, for a place where the content is rape, gore and death, I expected the average poster here to have sensibilities that extended beyond a sweaty Tumblr user. Some of you are embarrassing, crying because people make suggestions and nothing more, telling OP to leave Gurochan because someone made a blatant joke he was dead. Where the fuck do you people even come from? If there's any "cancer" I'm spying, it's you twats.


oh leave them be, can't you tell that they're in mourning?


If I were OP, I would never post again, here, just to fuck with your minds. You would deserve it.



Apparently people are getting triggered because the post gets bumped up every new comment and they expect a new OP video but are left disappointed and go cry in a corner and complain here


everyone here has no empathy whatsoever.

dead inside.


we're all dead here


Edgy cringe


Agreed, maybe it's just impossible for some retards to control their mouth, maybe they just can't stop spitting disgusting shit. To them I just want to say, YOU are the fucking people who ruin this thread, even this place. Maybe pixiv is a better place for OP.




File: 1522397567926.png (952.84 KB, 690x976, 2539505 - Gwen_Tennyson.png)

Would really love some Raven or Gwen Tennyson content.


I suggested using "sage" for a reason. Also there is Discussion forum, where you could create topic about OP's work. That way this thread would remain relatively clean with only links, requests and ideas.
Instead it's spammed with useless posts. Even my post is useless, because it doesn't contribute in any way for OP or his fanbase.


Dude I just want an update is all, not even an animation


Same, just wanna update on how things are because lots of us are worried and confused. Would stop a lot of this mess aswell


Same, just wanna update on how things are because lots of us are worried and confused. Would stop a lot of this mess aswell


Please, seriously its just porn, if you get worried about this you need to get your shit together.


It's not that strange for people to get invested in the people that make content they enjoy, porn or otherwise. Obviously we want more content, but moreover we're grateful to OP and hope that nothing is wrong.

Even if OP were to come back and say he was fine, but not planning on doing anything anymore, most of us would be bummed out but more relieved than anything else. It's not just about the porn (for most of us at least, presumably).


Maybe OP stopped doing SFM animations because someone in his family caught him and he is in trouble now?

Already happened to one guy here who made SFM animations and lost his GF cause she caught him




>>21730 who was that?


If anyone wondering, here's the guy who got caught by his GF




Lol, stop assuming

this type of animation is just slow and god knows how much is OP earning in life.


Every day and night, i await you, lonely forever, waiting for you to fill my empty heart. I check on gurochan daily hoping that my lover had returned, but no, only these ugly manchildren arguing. I know youre out there my love, please come back, for i shall await for you an eternity


in love with a dead man? what kind of sicko are you?


OP IS DEAD! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! DX


Well you are on Gurochan.
Necrophilia should be par for the course.


He dead


holy fuck this thread is full of the whiniest cunts ive ever seen. if i was op i wouldn't ever want to come back


These guys are like Pookie from New Jack City. "It keeps calling me. The shit keeps calling me." You won't get your fix faster if you keep complaining. Just be patient.


Get off your neckbeard asses, learn how to 3D, and become the next OP, and stop whining. Do something with your lives rather than just consume.



OP is irreplaceable :(


Love how everyone is taking the people fucking around so seriously "omg stop complaining you little bitches" lmfao


what software does OP use omfg


SFM or some new PBR trash with hellish UI

can someone clean those UI bullshits



AFAIK sfm is pretty easy compared to other programs


Compared to Max and Maya? Yeah.

But supposedly there should be something else easier


There was this one movie where this woman was topless and overdosing on a table in an abandoned warehouse/building and the main "good guy" in the movie walks past her. If someone manages to tell me what that movie was I'll owe them a favor:)

(Ask for the favor(a lawful favor) in the same comment)>:)


Bump b/c some tards bumped an older thread


SFM is the easier thing. There's only so far a good UI will get you. At a certain point you're going to have to choose between having a more powerful tool or an easier to use UI. A lot of the complexity from some other programs also come from them being designed such that they are good to use for an expert at the cost of not necessarily being intuitive for a newcomer.


can anything replace matrix logic for coordinate rotation?

I doubt it...

Yes, SFM is easy and popular.
There's supposed to be Mirai or Moanim, but having less UI means you will be eyeballing it all.

And stuffs like texture animation and particles depended alot on matrix.


Yes that what i was thinking off. Just check out the douchebag posting his stuff on rule34


i just hope that OP is making the most brutal piece of animation of all time, and that's why he's taking so long


Of course


Friends. Remember OP is doing this for free in his spare time for fun. The fun may be gone if you guys keep annoying him with your constant cry for update. I like his art too but we all need to learn to wait and maintain the mood light is this thread.



What are you talking about it's not like he's getting his mailbox spammed with requests or whatever, hell if he never opened Gurochan since his last video he probably doesn't even know if his post still exists after all that time..

Also seriously why are people scared that OP might get angry and stop doing his videos?

I am pretty sure someone who makes guro animations with girls getting necro raped doesn't get easily offended at all especially by random comments that aren't even offensive


Yeah, I have no idea why everyone is freaking the fuck out.

He's either working on a longer animation, is busy irl and doesn't have the time right now to animate, or he's simply taking a break because he wants to.

Everyone just immediately jumps to the worst conclusion and hangs onto any theory they see, "OP died!" "OP's family or Lover found out, so he quit!" "OP is annoyed by us posters, so he quit!"

Like you all need to calm the fuck down and quit obsessing over this guy. It's not like there's ever been any other artists on this site that took a break and then posted new content a few months late... No never!

Until it's been at least half a year, I don't see a reason to think that Op has "Quit".


If OP has lover this stuf won't even have any time in his life



That would be a scene from the Muya-Thai-Movie "Ong-Bak" my friend:-)

He couldnt help her, so he left the scene.




been almost 2 months since last post of ops.. hope he posts a few good ones soon


I think the problem is, if he did wanted to take a break, it told that to nobody, and knowing how everybody here is thirsty for more, it was expected to snowball into this.

If he told us he gonna rest for a while, we would have undestood, but he just banished, and everybody wants to know what happened to him.


I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but, OP is dead.
I'm sorry.


File: 1523692730775.jpg (178.64 KB, 1920x1080, Girros_preview.jpg)

Effluvial Encounter

Another brave huntress journeyed into the deep dark depths of the Rotten Vale, eager to make new discoveries in the mass grave. She certainly believed she was well equipped enough, her heavy metal armor clanking with each step as she delved deeper and deeper. The effluvium in the air stung her lungs, but it was nothing she couldn't handle with an occasional potion to ease her pain and clean out her body of the infectious air. She eventually came across a quaint little waterfall, pouring into a small pond near the cliff face. A lone girros drank from the pond, scrurrying away into the thick toxic mist as the hunter approached. A pack of girros was of no concern to the huntress, let alone a lone outcast, so she paid it no mind. Indiscernable piles of corpses lined the waters, vespoid scavengers buzzing nearby. As she grew closer to the waters, the mass of rotting flesh and bone became more distinct, to the point she could name the skeletons of the species of monsters she had encountered before. Her curiosity turned into anxiety as she began to recognize human bones resting in the waters. The pond water splashed as she stepped closer, hoping that perhaps some clue had been left behind to know of identity of the unrecognizable bodies. Had others come down here before, or were they brought here from the surface?
As she pondered, the scurrying of small feet was heard behind her. As she turned to face the noise the lone girros leaped from the thick mist and sunk it's paralysis coated fangs into her armor. Though her armor protected her from it's bite, a quick shock from the saliva volted through the metal of her armor and to her flesh. The huntress dropped the the floor shaking, but quickly began to gain control of her nerves. Just as she started to rise and raise her sword in her defense, the small monster struck again, this time biting through one of her leather covered joints. The fangs struck deep through the soft armor and dug into her skin, injecting her blood stream with a large dose of paralyzing venom. Stinging pain coursed through entire body her as she fell onto her back with a large splash into the water, her body shaking in an uncontrollable spasm. Unable to fight against the agonizing pain, she could only helplessly lie as the monster approached. It began to tear off the cloths on her stomach, desperately clawing and biting until the leather straps snapped and the armor came loose. Her bottom half now completely exposed, it sunk it's fangs once again into her bare skin. It held it's bite for as long as it could, the huntress' bloodstream now filled to the brim with a near lethal dose of venom. Unable to even scream, she could only give weak gasps as her body struggled for survival. It was making sure she wouldn't be able to move for a long, long time.
For reasons she couldn't understand, the creature hadn't bother to kill or eat her yet. Unable to even look down at her tormentor as it's tongue flickered as it smelled between her legs. The creature suddenly tore away her underwear and mounted itself over her, it's arms weighing down on hers. Without further hesitation it began to penetrate it's helpless prey. The toxic effluvium began to fill the huntress' lungs, each gasp for air becoming more painful than the last. Unable to cleanse or heal herself, her lungs were infected by the lethal bacteria ridden air. Foam formed from her lips as her senses began to numb. Unable to breath and unable to move, she could only spend her final moments helpless as the small monster continued to violate her. The surrounding vespoids impatiently waited around the doomed huntress, eager for the taste of her fresh flesh.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Eventually the poor huntress grew still, her last weak gasp for air going unnoticed by the monster raping her corpse. It continued for some time, the lone monster releasing it's built up tension into his meal. Even still the vespoids eagerly tried to sneak their way to the body, and remained at bay from the defensive girros.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

When it eventually dumped it's load into her warm body, it began to feast on her exposed stomach. It's teeth ripped and tore away, her intestines strewn about and staining the water dark red. By the time it finished it's meal, her ribcage had been all but emptied, leaving little for the scavengers who finally had their turn. The girros left the corpse behind, unwilling to drag the body back to it's den. Within a few days time, nothing remained of the huntress besides her bones and thin strips of rotting flesh.


Figures that the literal day I finished rendering this gurochan went offline again.

So in regards to my "absence," life's been really busy the past few months, the last two especially so. I took a bit of a break to enjoy my sparse free time in other ways, and worked on some future projects occasionally, but haven't had the focus or drive to see them through. Most are long animated sequences and not loops, so they have a much heavier work load that's helped result in this hiatus. There's way too many fucking posts since my last animation to answer directly, so I'll answer most general questions you might have here:

-I'm not dead (obviously). Don't think I'm actually dead until I don't post for 6 months.

-I haven't been "caught." If anything of this level of seriousness would actually happen, you can expect my threads to all vanish overnight. I enjoy my hobby, but it is not worth the ostrification of my close ones should they ever find out. I wouldn't hesitate to wipe everything I can if it comes to that (even though I know people have downloaded archives of my uploaded stuff.) It's one of the main reason I try to keep myself anonymous status, and have been as careful as possible to ensure it stays that way.

-I didn't make any notification for my recent hiatus because I only like to post with an animation in hand. It's my sort of "proof," considering literally anyone can make a post here and set their title to "op." I have done it before in other art threads but very sparsely. If I ever go on "hiatus" again don't expect me to post about it until the next animation is done.

-Don't expect animations to be as frequent as they used to be. I've mostly been leaning to longer, higher quality animations (some exceptions included), some of which can take a full day just to animate one component like a character's face. But these long projects also tend to burn out of inspiration over the course of the days it takes to create, and my lack of free time (and doing this all for free) certainly isn't helping that issue. I don't have the time or skillset to make this things on a weekly or even monthly basis, so don't panic unless all my threads suddenly go poof.


is OP even the same person??



AAAWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAHHHHH OP is back in action! we missed ya dude!




When I saw that Gurochan was down earlier, I jokingly thought to myself, "Guess that means OP came back again."

Life is fucking weird.


Don't worry, we'll patiently wait for your masterpieces!


Thank you for your great works. Too bad there is no way to reward you with with anything else besides "Thank you".


Would be cool if you had Ribbon Girl getting a hole punched clean through her stomach with all her organs exiting her back



I think every time Gurochan was back OP uploaded a video


Holy moly I am a huge Monster Hunter fan and seeing this is just... oh... it's amazing. I know I shouldn't ask but if you do another Monster Hunter one please make it the Great Jagras like at the beginning with the handler, because ooh that could've ended with some great vore!!!


I'm very glad to see the return of OP. Yes, I don't have to treat it as a job. Let's take it as part of free time entertainment. Take care, rest and ensure the quality of the animation. We are not in a hurry.


Glad to have you back OP. Your work is really good.

I've noticed a lot of your older links no longer work, would you be willing to re-upload your older videos?


Awesome work as usual. The second set of video appear to be the same as the first set. Did you accidentally upload the same set twice?


They're very similar, near identical even, but the second set doesn't have the victim's twitching to it.


Nice to see back, Im glad you are going for longer animations loops are boring.

And good to have a deathline, will prevent wild speculations in the future I hope.



In the first version she is still suffocating on the miasma and in the secon version she is dead.



He said he won't re-upload his older videos because he would need to re-render them, try to ask what you would like to see since some users have saved some of his older videos


File: 1523817295879.gif (1.9 MB, 775x550, 1504934039023.gif)

Hi, I fully support the post about Mortal Kombat...


I just love how ops comeback always ends up in the exitment of getting to see royalties or heros come back home.
We love you op, and also wow your close ones actually do not know about your hobby O_O impressiv


OP, you are back! Oh, glad to see you!


Oh god I hope you do something with the models from Fire Emblem Warriors. I'd kill for some 3D animations of Tharja and Camilla getting raped and snuffed.


Why not open a Patreon page?
I bet many people would support you and you would keep posting free content. This way you kinda have an incentive when the inspiration is gone.


He most likely won't do that. I think the most he said he considered was a pixiv because of how often gurochan goes down.



Any news about a possible Pixiv account from OP?


The mixtape files are already down. darn!


Pixiv or reddit. They worship OP in reddit so either works well.


So gurochan went offline for a very long time and I think it's not going to last much.

Just wanted to tell OP that in case gurochan goes down forever he should consider other websites to post his videos (just suggestions)

As many said, pixiv is good since you can add tags and many people will find you immediately even if Gurochan goes offline suddenly but it requires people to login in order to see r-18g(guro) since they would have to deactivate the automatic filter

Other alternatives are Reddit and Patreon but they might be harder to find without any reference

Be careful tho Patreon doesn't allow direct upload of guro content AFAIK so you always have to upload your videos somewhere else and only share the links


Please not pixiv, as a TOR user i can't really use it for some reason. Reddit sounds only half good, since it will be hard to find only OP's work. Maybe with his own subreddit /r/guroschanOP or something.


as other people are saying, your work deserves to be on a website that isnt down 80% of the time at any given time


I think a lot of people are missing the point that OP doesn't want to make a Patreon or anything because legally-speaking making money off gray-area content like snuff is getting more and more dangerous. At the very least Paypal can and will ban you if they find out, and if you need a payment processor for any other kind of online work, you're pretty much screwed, ESPECIALLY if you don't live in the US.


Honestly, OP doesn't do much loli/shota, he might be able to make a place for him self on HF as gore is still allowed there.


Can there be a clone trooper fucking a dead Jedi girl during Order 66?



HF is a pretty bad place if you want to post any kind of 3D CG material, guro or not. I'm there and around 95% of the pictures I try to post there get rejected since they don't meet their quality standarts.
Besides, you can only post pictures at HF, no video clips.



HF is a pretty bad place if you want to post any kind of 3D CG material, guro or not. I'm there and around 95% of the pictures I try to post there get rejected since they don't meet their quality standarts.
Besides, you can only post pictures at HF, no video clips.


Can it be Aayla Secura being tied up and raped before the they open her own lightsaber through he head?


Need more creampies OP


This idea was inspired by two sets of pics from SFM artist smokescreen117: Black Dragon Relations and Covert Relations

The leader of the Black Dragon, Kano, had himself a few agents spread out across the world with one in the Special Forces itself; the highest and most respected amongst their ranks in fact. Said spy being Sonya Blade herself.

Though she and the Black Dragon merc had been on and off again lovers for years, their business often made their pleasurable encounters, such as tonight, few and far between which meant a depressingly reduced sex life.

The familiarity of their cadence always enriched her with a sense of thrill and danger given the nature and covertness of their relationship that began decades ago. Acts of aggression carried out against each other in public always worked to deflect suspicions from the SF and their allies. It also added an extra level of excitement to the job.

However, Sonya isn't the only one with secrets.

Johnny Cage is a contract killer, his job as an actor being his cover, and Cassie is his apprentice/lover, her loyalty to her father evident when she sells Sonya out to her father. Sonya's superiors were suspicious of her for a time, and Cassie confirmed that Sonya has committed treason due to her ties with the Black Dragon.

So the order is given: termination. Both Kano and Sonya must die.

Infiltrating the Black Dragon hideout and assassinating its lieutenants and soldiers was easy enough, due the use of stealth and silenced weapons. Johnny and Cassie both find their traitorous ex-wife/mother in bed with Kano, an empty liquor bottle on the floor.

Both are roused from their slumber, but Cassie puts two rounds in Kano's head. Sonya pleads for her life, but Johnny refuses to listen. A bullet to the head ends the life of Sonya Blade. Johnny decides to give his ex one final fuck before leaving, with Cassie watching and getting herself off.

Come the morning, Sonya's status as a Black Dragon will be exposed, and her name disgraced. Cassie, on the other hand has a career as a contract killer to look forward to, as well as the continuation of sharing her father's bed.


definitely want more creampies


I suggest that OP should create a discord server for all of his fans. Since gurochan is unstable nowadays


I suggest that OP should create a discord server for all of his fans. Since gurochan is unstable nowadays


Fantastic work, can't wait to see more


the creature sounds are too loud in that last one, kinda hurt my ears to and completely cover up all the other good sound work


Hey, OP. I actually just discovered your various threads a few weeks ago, and OF COURSE have been feverishly going through them when ever Gurochan is up to save everything I can, and I just got to the end of this thread tonight.

I'm absolutely FLOORED by the quality of your work.

I've paid to join pretty much every animators Patreon page that produces this kind of material, and not a single one of them compares to the works you share with everyone here for free.

The lighting, the smoothness of the animations, the variations that take place in the long form animations you do, all ASTOUNDING!

All of that already puts you head and shoulders above all the others, but on top of that, and most importantly, the women in your animations are absolutely fucking drop dead GORGEOUS, and the sheer brutality with which they're used like sacks of meat is FUCKING INTOXICATING and unmatched in anything else I've seen in my years looking at this type of material.

I've simply never seen fantasy taken so flawlessly to the levels you reach in practically every one of your works.

You're like the Eddie Van Halen of Death Fetish Animation. Ha ha. I know that sounds weird, but that's the best way I can say that you have a style that's instantly recognizable and unique, yet is always pushing boundaries in new and INCREDIBLY exiting directions.

I and I'm sure tons of others on this board are EXTREMELY happy and INCREDIBLY lucky that you've decided to share any of these amazing creations of yours with us, and eagerly await anything your generous enough to share with us in the future.


Here's a magnet link for an updated archive. It has no tracker but should work through DHT, so make sure thats enabled. If you have the last archive, you can just change the name of the main folder there to match this one, so you don't have to download most of the stuff you have again.



Thanks a fuckton


Magnet link isn't working for me, damn that sucks


@ №22424 - You probably need to install Bit Torrent.


can you do a fatal laura with horse animation shadbase has all 4 episodes for reference can you make it so much more deadly?


File: 1527099385875.jpg (115.98 KB, 1920x1080, Jinx_Preview.jpg)


Jinx tries something new for the first and last time.

--Large Breasts--
Angle A:
Angle B:

--Small Breasts--
Angle A:
Angle B:


Effluvial Encounter Reupload

It's in lower quality but at least it'll (hopefully) stay online.

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:

Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:


Completely forgot to finish rendering and to upload these. 5 months isn't too late, right? Download includes the new outfits and the original Santa outfit.



I'd hope so? What makes you think otherwise?

Have a feeling it's going to go down soon again now that I've posted something

Usually I have a video just wrapped up and ready to upload the very day gurochan goes down, so it's on standby and ready to upload once gurochan comes back. Not the case this time

Im willing to do more monster hunter stuff but I doubt anything will be ported until the PC version is released. The huntress is from one of Capcom's fighting games, not the new monster hunter. The girros is just a retextured mash up of different models

I don't want my hobby connected to me in any way financially unless the day comes in which I become EXTREMELY desperate, but I doubt that will ever happen. I'm also not a big fan of the recent paywall people have going on for content. There are some fantastic pornographic artists that produce content well worth paying for, but it still frustrates me personally to find something really enticing and find it stuck behind a paywall. I don't pay for any pornographic content at all, why should I make others pay for mine?

Besides, sometimes the stuff I produce ends up becoming mediocre or unsatisfactory in my eyes, like the most recent Quiet animation. Wouldn't want to charge people for something like that.

Pixiv will most certainly be my backup plan should gurochan go down for good

I will try and keep that in mind for future animations

Well that's certainly one of the best well thought out compliments I've ever received, glad you enjoy it. Glad you like the lighting because that's the part of the animations I struggle the most with and really want to improve upon


I was the first person to see OP come back


It's nice to see the OP, maybe it's time for you to create a disco so we can always be together


Lordaardvarksfm will release the jill model. Will you make a game over animation for jill?


If the OP creates Pixiv, be sure to put a mosaic on the preview, because recently Pixiv seems to have a new rule for loli, but not sure if it's bloody for guro


Holy shit OP! I think this is your best one yet! To me, this one is extremely hot. Thank you!


It is great that you are always creating interesting things


I'm loving the smaller breasts! I know its not really your thing so thank you for adding the option on this one.


classic brain fuck
good, but not THAT creative... you can do better


omg I love her expressions, will you make another that have the attacker to cum inside her head?


OP, how about Silent Night without outfit?


Welcome back! Let's see how long things hold out until Gurochan explodes again.

Also if you go to Pixiv make sure to mark things as R-18G, and maybe try out their dumb ugoira system to make you easier to find for the lazy fucks like me that just bookmark a search filter for R-18G animations and check on it every so often.


It's so good to see you OP!


Fantastic to have some new OP! Outstanding, as always.

I will say that I agree with №22467, in that I'd LOVE to see a version where she's fully nude.

The white bikini is the closest to perfections so far, but still allows her to maintain that tiny bit of dignity by allowing her to be even partially covered up, as if that hot sack of meat deserves any dignitity. LOL! :-)

I'd love to see her just sleeping in the buff before the festivities begin! Regardless, thanks SO MUCH for posting more stuff!!


I'm normally not into brainfucks that much, but this one's really hot; probably because Jinx still seems aware enough and really into it. Great work. (Also Jinx with small breasts is clearly superior^^)


Wow nice smooth anims, could use a few more angles.
When putting effort into making skull/eye fucks is it hard to interchange characters in the scenes?
Lastly requesting characters which have regenerative abilities/ dont die, to spark some ideas.




OP... These are great.
Is there a way to do Silent Night with her naked? (Topless/barefoot). I love the new outfits, but it's not unreasonable a girl sleeps in the nude.


This is fantastic! Possibly my favourite animation of yours yet.
I love that she seems to be into it, gotta love crazy girls in guro.


FINALLY some good jinx guro!! the best thing i could ever ask for, and omfg @ that model, especially iwth those giant tits.

Please please please do more with her, something especially gruesome like eye fucking where she's still fully conscious and resisting... until going balls deep kills her

or something very bloody ;)


What's ops pixiv? Or he didn't make it yet?


The amount of detail that went into the lighting and facial expressions on her are amazing! Looks extremely high production, and it's rather impressive you do it all for free


You could do a version of Silent Night wgere the girl from DOA is fully naked...pls?!


Hey OP,
Would it be ok to ask for one of your older animations .dmx file so animation noobs like myself can learn how you do it a bit?


OP thanks for your work. You always have such wonderful head work.


Just like some of the previous comments, I would LOVE to see a version of Silent Night where she's fully nude. I THINK I've heard you say in the past before that it's easier to animate when the models' shirts are over their breasts so I understand if you won't do it, but it'd be STUPENDOUS if you did it and extremely appreciated. But as always OP, great work, you're the best!

I also liked the Quiet animation because of how her bra gets ripped off, there was a great idea behind it, but the execution was lacking as you've mentioned; I'd love to see more animations where busty girls' get their tits exposed like that, any kinda forceful exposure if you can do such a task.


Yaaaay, update!


OP what are you talking about? your quiet animation is one of the best animations you made and one of the best ive seen


Man, the Silent Night animation is AWESOME! I'm not a fan of short animation loops (although yours are pretty on point), so this was perfect for me. Great idea, great location and smooth animation, you must have been proud for yourself when you finished it :)
Thanks for your work.


File: 1527321895774.jpg (35.47 KB, 600x600, ian hurt.jpg)

Can you do Alyx again,please? (preferably still alive this time)


File: 1527340394647.jpeg (18.62 KB, 332x443, images (7).jpeg)

here's a scenario that's new. Possessed Zelda with ganon in her body. Link opens her court room door and ganon in her body is already reverse cowgirl riding a monster in any sexy outfit. Link stares openly what though is happening then ganon explains he has possessed Zelda and is already in control of mind body and memories then he spreads that naughty pussy and tells link to stuff his small cock compared in for double vaginal with the monster he is getting fucked by. Then link gets a boner and slides his dick in the same tight hole while he mocks him how he can't feel nothing compared to the beast. Right when link is about to cum he kills possessed zelda with his sword while still fucking or the monster snaps Zelda body's neck. Then they continue to double penetration, double vaginal, all the way through with tentacles while fucking Zelda posses dead body. You name it!! I had these story's for awhile.... if you want hear it I can type one up.


I do agree a fully nude silent night would be amazing but remember, many of the models just don't have a nude version. Bikini/underwear may be as close as he can get.


OP, do you have any plans for more pokemon or creampie animations?


I would love to see an animation with Hex Maniac. I loved the hex Maniac variation you did in the past and would appreciate it if you were to user that model again, preferably with her breasts out if possible.


i would love just some more bestiality and deepthroats...


Hello OP-chan, first amazing work and style on those animations, I'm really thankful you share with us some quality content.
- Theres so many girls, and ideas you got that having you putting them all in long animations lately with 3 months wait each feels like a waste of potential. So yeah more short loops can also be really good picking up some ideas here or showing your own ideas. (you decide at the end of the day) I would prefer a higher amount of short content periodically released with sometimes a big animation.

- In fact I think you should really create a pixiv account so we can follow you in case gurochan goes down (which happens too more often...)

- Random idea I had: "Banquet of Heads" A long table with several (Dead or Alive girls maybe ?) heroines heads getting skullfucked/earfucked/eyefucked in line each by one different child. (and theres maybe one or two girls with their full body but hands tied down getting fucked & skullfucked at the same time)

Have a nice day.


Hello OP-chan, first amazing work and style on those animations, I'm really thankful you share with us some quality content.
- Theres so many girls, and ideas you got that having you putting them all in long animations lately with 3 months wait each feels like a waste of potential. So yeah more short loops can also be really good picking up some ideas here or showing your own ideas. (you decide at the end of the day) I would prefer a higher amount of short content periodically released with sometimes a big animation.

- In fact I think you should really create a pixiv account so we can follow you in case gurochan goes down (which happens too more often...)

- Random idea I had: "Banquet of Heads" A long table with several (Dead or Alive girls maybe ?) heroines heads getting skullfucked/earfucked/eyefucked in line each by one different child. (and theres maybe one or two girls with their full body but hands tied down getting fucked & skullfucked at the same time)

Have a nice day.


(sry double post)

jill got releasedf


omg so i just discovered your art... and ya... its just amazing!! i srsly almost cummed in my panties when i watched the "krampus" video... lol

i really like your POV stuff too.. i would totally love to see the victim's pov sometime but im guessing most of your fans are guys so that probly wouldnt be that popular with them haha


Agree with princess. I'm into this too. Would love more fempov! Your work is amazing OP!


@ Princess & №22697 - Yup, OP is head and shoulders above all the other animators who make this kind of material in my opinion, and I to just discovered his works a few months back, and have feverishly been going through and collecting all of them.

Don't remember which of the threads it was in, Hell, it was probably a few of them, but he's directly addressed that.

He says that he's not into the females perspective because he's not interested in what she's seeing.

Seeing as how LONG and EXHAUSTIVE making these animations must be, not having your heart in it would just make it PURE drudgery.

That's one of the reasons his animations are so fantastic! You can tell there's a passion for the material, and seeing the perspective of these hot sacks of meat isn't where OP's passion currently lie, I wouldn't count on seeing that anytime soon, unless he has a change of heart.

Personally, I'm in total agreement with him. I just want to drink in the suffering and of the beautiful victim, and watch from as many outside angels as I can as she becomes a hot plaything. I couldn't care less about seeing what she's seeing, unless she's getting off watching her dead tits bounce as well, which I doubt! Ha ha! :-)

But to each their own.



i totally get that! i just wanted to ask because i LOVE his art imagining myself as the victim... the idea of being quickly & roughly killed and then f**ked is like the biggest turn on ive ever had in my life!!

hopefully OP makes more of his amazign art soon!! :)


Give rey some gorey love. Op always Delivers ;)
Kilo enjoying new toy?


File: 1527662372302.png (25.78 KB, 615x184, 0b61dbe172fca9fbdf7cb1cc71….png)

Whatever happened to this?


File: 1527668634400.png (499.54 KB, 480x523, 2fc1b6332244.png)

Can you make something with this pic, maybe bandits find this body now.


Anyone's up for scat and/or pissing with their guro/snuff or is it just me


File: 1527688331749.jpg (38.78 KB, 720x472, QQ图片20180530214235.jpg)


File: 1527688386625.jpg (38.78 KB, 720x472, QQ图片20180530214235.jpg)


@22735 it’s just you


Yeah it’s just you buddy there are plenty of other threads and a whole board dedicated to that stuff just not here besides op don’t need like that stuff anyway



i totally dont think its just you lol.... but ya theres a whole thing about it in the gore &death area


It is just you. Seems most of the other SFM Guro artists do that stuff too so let us have our one guy that doesn't. Besides, OP has already said he isn't into either.


that sucks, please no


File: 1527847949940.jpg (1.79 MB, 1000x3654, 2614221 - JLullaby Kali_Be….jpg)

Hey OP, Jlubally released a set of photos about Kali Belladonna being ear fucked to probably death. Could you be able to make an animation of this please? (Although i don't know how hard would it be to work with RWBY models.)


File: 1527849705546.gif (2.87 MB, 540x304, rwby.gif)

I really like this model. Dont know if is available>>22817







holy shit


Would be amazing seeing this as death animation >.>


Hey, OP! There's a really nice new Mai Shiranui model out if you want to take a crack at her.



World of Warcraft neck snap please!


File: 1528093776511.jpg (937.81 KB, 1280x1194, 1.jpg)

Hi OP. Can you help me with this pic? Based on Ayaswan's pic. In e-hentai


Do Houkai Impact models even exist for SFM?


I sorta would like to see that too, but only if it was a higher quality model


I want to see "Effluvial Encounter" (Monster Hunter) nude version please.


A nude version of Effluvial Encounter would be amazing but I don't think possible. It's probably just like with Silent Night animation how there aren't suitable models for OP to work with therefore the chances of getting a nude version of an animation OP puts out is slim because I bet OP is very willing to create nude versions of his animations if he can (I can tell because he's done it before for example the Juliet Starling animation), but he usually just doesn't have the assets for such a thing to happen although I really wish he did.


Thank you for not putting all your stuff behind a patreon paywall like everyone wants to these days, not all of us can pay to fap <3


Usually don't post here, but still curious. I had this idea a while ago:

Jax/Mileena Jax performs the MKX JawBreaker fatality on Mileena and fucks her throat (cums in throat) then fucks here other holes (pussy, ass, etc) and after he cums in those he crushes the top part of her skull and puts the cigar he has out in her throat hole.

Would be very nice to see.


As of today, most of the links are error 404 busted :/


I know that overwatch sfm is nearly as overdone as dis, but has op done any overwatch yet?



lol he did a lot of overwatch works actually just search for them in the various threads




With the new resident evil 2 gameplay vids coming out, can you do the scene where the guy gets ripped in half, except it's jill valentine instead?


File: 1529168651838.jpg (84.53 KB, 1320x826, DataKnife.jpg)

Could you please do a Titanfall 2 animation? Watching this Jinx anim and your older NieR anim both made me realize I have a thing for spasming, especially facial spasming. Something like an IMC pilot stabs a Militia pilot with a data knife and then flips the switch. The impact of the knife makes her go dull and limp, but the electricity coursing through her brain makes her face twitch. Then he moves on to fucking her brain with his dick instead. Maybe a stand-in head could work, like with your SPARTAN anim, so that it's not just a faceless helmeted pilot?>>22452


Helmets make it hotter.


This man knows what's up. Faceless soldier girls are the best.


Since none of the mixtape links work anymore did anyone save/backup OP's work to google drive or somewhere else I can download it from. Thanks


agreee ! . since already dead.. anyone who have OP's file from 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st thread... please share it.. its master piece... i love them. i miss all SFM that only posted at mixtape.


I have alot of his stuff, but I not sure how to upload it>:D


Also, feel free to help me out by telling me how to upload and upvoting my Mileena/Jax idea>:D


There is no upvoting. OP does what he wants.


I have an archive of all of OP's posts, but when I try to post the mega link here it gives an error


"Message triggered spam protection"

Anyone know how to get past this?


Write hxxp instead of h t t p


File: 1529456000279.jpg (239.16 KB, 1652x929, 1496271349269.jpg)

I need a reupload of this...


File: 1529456034676.jpg (162.2 KB, 1920x1080, 1490577719657.jpg)

And this...