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The fate of Sheala de Tancarville

He had fallen for her once long ago. When Dudu declared his love for her, Sheala simply replied that she was a Mage and would never associate with the likes of him. These words had made Dudu’s blood boil. He cursed upon her name, but knew, she was far too powerful for him to do anything about it.
That was until the war came. There became a bounty on witches. Dudu sold her location out to the highest bidder, but on one condition. He would have his way with Sheala de Tancarville…
The army waded into the village like demons from hell. Raping, pillaging, and killing. None were spared. A town harbouring a witch were just as guilty as being one themselves.
Sheala put up a fierce fight before she too was overwhelmed. Two soldiers stripped her and held her up for the little man to fulfil his sadistic fantasy. Dudu would look forward to breaking her spirit before he had his way.
He grabbed one of the soldiers maces and with one quick swing, broke her jaw, locking it shut.
‘No more foul words from you “Mage”’
He then clenched his left hand into a tight fist and unleashed an unrelenting savagery. His fists flailing into the defenceless sorceress like pistons on a car. A few punches made a sickening crackle sound as repeated blows to her pelvis crunched a few of her bones.
The pain was enough to make her pass out, only to be awoken by a hand stirring her already damaged insides. Dudu took great pleasure in staring into her stricken face and grinned with anticipation as he formed a fist inside her for his next humiliating assault…
His savageness continued through the night until Sheala was nothing but a broken shell. He washed her bloody body at a nearby lake where Dudu, finally, had his way…

Main Scene:

Additional Scene:


Hey guys. I know my stuff is nowhere near as good some of the other SFM stuff thats on here like OP's and Pestlience, but if you'd like to see more, let me know and I'll keep at it. :)

Still learning, its all all a bit janky still . ><


If you do necro I will be willing to watch erotic executions stuff like that and you got my follow


It's a decent start. Your first scene is better than the witch from Witcher scene. The POV angle seemed the best.

I'm with anon too. Sex scenes that culminate in an execution are the hottest stuff out there for me too. A bit of necro afterwards is welcome sometimes, especially if the dead stare is done right... but I diverge, good stuff for your first tries.



Aight. Thanks for the reply. Will try the erotic executions next with some POV mixed in like the 1st. ;)





damn, dude. with beginnings like this, it looks like we got a second "OP" in the works. awesome stuff! and hat off to the patience it must take you to animate this.


SOunds like a plan


File: 1501389591827.jpg (306.17 KB, 1280x720, ww000020.jpg)

Wonder Woman front-line aftermath

--Scene A--
Shot 1:

--Scene B--
Shot 2:

There was going to be another scene where WW tries blocking bullets with her tiny shield like in the movie, but it looked pretty bad. I'm not quite good enough yet.

Enjoy the aftermath. ;)


keep up the good work ^^


Omg, a second OP??
Lets get it going!


Awesome job dude, keep up the good work.



Ha! Nowhere near as good as OP, but thanks, means a lot. :D

Will be keeping at it, but updates will slow down a bit. I wont have as much free time to work on it soon :(


Normally I'd be skeptical of anyone the community proclaims as "the next OP", but yeah, dude. This is really good work - dare I say, maybe even better than OP's earliest efforts? (not as good as his later stuff yet, but the potential is there!)

OP always gets people nagging him for requests. Are you open to them? At least suggestions? If so, I'd love to see some guy giving Kitana from Mortal Kombat a Fatality and a rape (in whatever order).


That's simply awesome!




gooood stuuuuf :O
the pov ones and the headfuck are especially great. obviously got to iron out more natural movement but the beginnings look really promising, dude.


A few months time this is gonna be a golden thread


Keep at it, even OP didn't start out as good as he is now and it's nice to see progression.


Thanks guys for all the support. Motivated me to put a bit more work into this next one.

Kitana should be ready sometime tomorrow. ;)


File: 1501682897827.jpg (252.4 KB, 1280x720, kitana_main000108.jpg)


Oh boyo!!! Now i'm excited


these are really good!


Doomfist fucks a headless mercy (one scence throat another one pussy)? Would love you legit bro:)


Btw lovely fatality animation and fuck >:) when you get a hang of natural movements you'll prob be my first choice (even over op) ;)


Not bad all around. I especially liked the headfuck in >>13232, but that's a personal preference. Your animations are all inventive, and you'll get better as you go, so well done. And thanks for sharing!



I've taken up the Mercy/Doomfist request.
Will have a decapitation scene... Sorta. Prolly not quite what your after. I think it will be ready in 2 days.

Appreciate all the feedback guys. Still a lot to learn, but I'll keep at it. :)


Why, oh god why does noone do more of these impalement scenes?


Great start! Keep it on! Can you do some warcraft sfm?


Still waiting patiently for doomfist fucking headless mercy (pussyfuck, throatfuck and headfuck scenes). I would love you foreves bro:)


File: 1501922340840.jpg (296.59 KB, 1280x720, mercymain000067.jpg)

Doomfist catches Mercy

--Scene A--
Shot 1:

--Scene B--
Shot 1:

Additional Scene (*furry)
Shot 1:

Additional Scene by your request. ;)


Fucking awesome man, now it just needs sound (and maybe some more gibs)!


Think I'll probably need another 2 days to add sounds, tweak animations and add realistic levels of gore. Can if people want, otherwise I'll go onto the next one.


Why not give it a shot? It's good practice to put the technical touches on things.


I'll give it a shot. ;P





OH MY GOD! Thank you so much! It's absolutely amazing.

If you like her as a victim and ever considered doing a whole series of these Fatalities... well, y'know where I'm going with this. ;) But I don't wanna get too greedy here, and this alone is even better than I'd hoped for.

Her screams are great, BTW. Real sense of shock and panic in them!


Really cool WoW scene, can you make same with night elf girl?


Lovely thank you for listening I love this so much :D but could you add a few more angles:) and do something with the head (maybe pussy too) (maybe blood squirting out of neck and blood dripping from head. By the way I really really apreciate this animation and I love that you listened. Its nice to know you take request and make them at the best of your ability. You're gonna be a forced to be reckoned with in no time at all. Love you bro :D




Sorry guys. I have a lot less time to work on it now. I'll still be doing bits and pieces here and there in my free time. Can't give you any eta on my next upload yet. :(


It's np, take your time.


It's cool man, just keep chipping away at it.

Jesus criminey, those are really fucking hot. Shame there's only two animations, but something about the way their spurting headless bodies stumble around/freeze up in shock is ridiculously arousing.


Awesome. I love the violence level. Can you do a beheading or skinning alive on a big fitted model?


Tittied* not fitted.


Ooooh ty foe warcraft, mate :D its great


File: 1502768644305.jpg (240.94 KB, 1280x720, 1501922340845.jpg)

I'm having the same issue as OP. Tried to post updates to my last video, but gc thinks I'm a bot :(


Post just the letters at the end of the link and we'll find it.
example: rpgffw.webm


Doomfist catches Mercy *updated

--Scene A--
Shot 1: rdxmlj.webm
POV: fsfgym.webm

--Scene B--
Angle 1:scsieq.webm
Angle 2:tsgtqe.webm
Angle 3:cddffm.webm

--Scene C-- (Furry)
Shot 1:pnnkrg.webm
Shot 2:ncawor.webm

As requested, swapped for a night elf

A series of MKX fatalaties could be good, but I think I'd like to mix it up with other characters in-between. Maybe after a few more animations.

Hey guys, I ended up created a dodgy looking Patreon page.( Don't worry. I'll still be posting all my stuff for free. It would be a dream to be able to do this full time.


Lovely almost exactly what i wanted to see:) (close up on no head hole being fucked would have been spot on) Could you do one where jax performs jaw break mkx fatality on either mileena (mileena being my fav) or jade and fucks whats left (half head hole and other holes fucked aswell? Also your coming along quite smoothly and a very faster learner. Super glad you made time for us;)



I'd vote for more Kitana myself, but... is it possible to quickly swap models in SFM? (dunno much about the platform's limitations) If it's just a matter of rigging an animation and then changing one model for another, perhaps for your planned MKX fatality series, you'd be willing to do Kitana, then alt-versions with Mileena or Sonya or Cassie or whoever else your fans enjoy?

If you've got to reanimate everything for new models then nevermind, but having a choice of victims would be great, if it were possible!


I'll start work on Mileena vs Jax. Turns out a dude on my patreon wants more mkx too.m:)

I just learnt about model swapping animations on the last one. It works if they have similar bones. I think I should be able to copy a majority of the animation and then manually key the rest.


It seems I'm getting 404 pages on the Doomfist x Mercy one. Anyone else?


If you go to the previously posted links, it will reroute you to a 404 page, and if you paste the video id on that page at the end, it won't work.
Manually type and then the ID


Are you a fan of MKX, Puzudz? You seem to be familiar with the characters. If so, who are your favorite fighters?

I ask because, if you're thinking of doing an MKX series and are looking for ideas, maybe we could think of some clever ways for your favorite fighters to finish Kitana and Mileena? Like: if you use Quan Chi a lot, he could do his Mind Games finisher on Kitana, only instead of ramming his sword through her throat and out the back of her head, he's doing it with his dick.

If you're up for it, tell us some of *your* preferences, and we can bounce ideas off ya!


File: 1502890318096.gif (2.51 MB, 350x197, mileenajawbreak.gif)

Here's a preview of my next works. 1st time playing with volumetric lighting... Does anyone know why my volumetric lighting might scatter like this?
I used a spark_glow gobo texture

I think my favourite model from the mkx series is kitana and I kinda like a bit of ryona or something as a pre-scene to any erotica to sort of find out how they got there. I also like to try doing something different each animation to learn a new sfm trick.


Awesome, that worked lol thanks


"I think my favourite model from the mkx series is kitana and I kinda like a bit of ryona or something as a pre-scene to any erotica to sort of find out how they got there."

Oooo, yeah yeah yeah, I like that, too! I've often found that the last few moments of a match - particularly when she might still win, and then suddenly a combo starts or she gets caught in an attack which is clearly going to finish her, followed by the dizzy state/ "Finish Her" bit - to be really hot. Even in one-off, non-match ryona or guro situations (like those Ayaswan necro pics), I always find myself asking "how did she get there? What was the situation which led up to this terrible moment where she's getting snuffed?"


File: 1502928561331.jpg (166.28 KB, 603x787, mortal_kombat_fatality_by_….jpg)

I'll give you an example. Posted here is one of my personal favorite guro pics. The death is great and all, but what I really like is the way the elements suggest a story. Kitana's frozen in place, and it must have happened during the fight - but she's frozen in place upside down, so when the freezing happened, it must have happened very suddenly and very violently. Was she kicked? Uppercutted? Thrown and then blasted? Her fans are sitting, just out of reach - one frozen (was it frozen at the same time she was?), one discarded. After Kitana was frozen, did she try and reach her fans? Did she struggle to free herself? How much time did she have, dangling there? Did she become terrified as the realization of what was about to happen slowly dawned on her? Did Sub-Zero gloat, say some cold-ass shit as he readied his blade? And after he was done sawing through her, how long did it take before she died? You could come up with all kinds of stories about this picture; how it happened, why, and that, to me, is part of the fun.


... point being, if you're interested in exploring some ryona situations leading up to guro (fights, death traps, Game Over sequences, what-have-you), have at it, man. It's something that isn't often touched upon here at Gurochan (since Gurochan is focused on, well, the Guro) but I say that every great snuffing needs a great story to go along with it.


File: 1502945991135.gif (5.65 MB, 250x141, Jax_vs_Mileena.gif)

Quick update. Worked out the lighting issue.

That's a pretty awesome pic. I'd love to be able to re-create something like that, but I'm going to have to put it on the back-burner for a bit. I've got a few requests I'll need to get through amongst other things


Hey you know Jax's fatality where he breaks the top half and bottom half of that person's face then puts out his cigar. Could you do that but another part where he fucks the half with the body attached (deepthroat, pussy) (cums in both holes) that would be a spectacular sight:) also thats what I originally meant but this preview has me wanting the scene you made and more;) If you made both would be much appreciated:)


You are actually pretty close to what I'm thinking of doing. I don't want to spoil it mostly because I don't know if I can make it as good as what I'm thinking. Also it'll take like a week to finish, but Mileena is the perfect candidate for it. >:)


Fuckin love you bro lol


File: 1503390510759.jpg (48.9 KB, 521x373, wow.jpg)

Awesome swap to nightelf <3 Also sounded, its double pleasure


WoW stuff are really rare on this imageboard, hope you make something else with beauty races of this world.


I don't mind the wow stuff, but the models I've found don't have as many cool features to play with. It'll be an Overwatch animation next after this MKX one. So, probably no wow for a little while.


File: 1504069257744.jpg (382.35 KB, 1280x720, MileenavsJaxjaw001513.jpg)


Very creative and awesome depiction like damn near flawless. It was wonderful and I love the fact you introduced new concepts. Your on you way bro>:) buttt I still do have to give advice:) You cant really see the throat hole he fucking andd the dick has to align a slight bit better. Now its time for request. I know you love taking request (which is why you my new fav completely and offically) but i must ask for one more alteration:) which is jax's actual fatality from mkx where he crushes the arms in and then break off the top part of the skull and sticks the cigar in. Use that for the throatfuck and I would be supremely happy. you might be able to get the teeth and esophagus part which would look perfect. This animation alone is top notch and I love it. I can also make up some more request and might maybe join you in making some animations( kinda inspiring me)>:)


Also just want to say again very nice job i mean damn this is like legit super wonderful to look at and you did this to the best of your ability. This was damn well worth the wait I really did love it lol. Your really becoming alot more skilled and agile and I love the fact you took my request. I really wanna see how far you go:) Superior job man


Holy fuck mate, this is the hottest shit I have ever seen! An evil slut as a victim, a strong alpha male as the rapist/executioner. The voices were perfect and you made sure to show that the bitch was alive throughout the rape and torture. Keep up the great work and please take my money on patreon.


Have a few request after the mileena one>:)
*Headless jade head and throat fucked by jax (cums in both) ---super favored
*Headless chung li headfucked (any charater)--old meme favored
*Any character impaled by dick (drowns on cum, guts spill out some come out through mouth (like previous one only better >:))---super favored
*Eye socket fuck (any character) Like your first animation teaser ever >:)---favored
*pussy ripped out fucked separate (lips ovaries) but still attached---super favored
*throat stab (dick come out from throat to mouth) volcano style cum facial
*any character split in nearly in half except just the bottom of torso (fucked cum shot leaks through top where severed)---favored
*any character fucked while being eaten (tits sliced off in layers put on plates/clit removed while being fucked stomach open where you can see ovaries adn dick humping)---super favored
*Headless mileena fucked by jax (cum in severed head) (sorry but i love seeing it so much)>:)---super favored
*any character Head crushed in machine while being fucked---favored
*any character shot in pussy fucked (dick goes through bullet hole wound) cums
*cyrax (alt human form) brain fucks any charater (you can see brain part of skull cut off) (cum goes through mouth)
*any character neck snapped turned all the way around (mouth fucked, pussy fucked from back cum in both) (where you can see the head looking back at you or character)---favored
*any character dick impales through stomach
*Sheeva from resident evil shot from mouth through back of throat by jax facefucked cums through bullet wound(back of throat) flipped around cum through mouth (jizz drops from mouth slowly) ---super favored
*stabbed in heart fucked in heart cums blocked artieres (just split ballin lol)
*jax rips pussy out stuffs in mouth of any character, fucked and jizzed--- (if you could pull that off i would consider you a god lolol)---super favored
*afro samurai slices female character (prob from the game or anime) diaginally (part of breat cut off) fucked bottom (maybe top too)-no one ever does anything with afro wonder why lol
*chung li throatfucked by jax cum in throat chokes to death then neck snapped---favored
*brunette on a table overdosing fucked by a bbc foaming at mouth, bbc cums in mouth leaves her to choke on foam and cum mix---super favored
*any character normal impalement first scene all the way through second scene she taken off pole (bloody pole still visible somewhere) and fucked (any way you see fit)
*a bbc slits throat of any character pulls head back to widen hole, neck hole fucked/ jizzed she coughs up some cum before dying---super favored
*any character hanged and while dying being fucked as she dies he cums and it runs down her legs/out pussy
*impaled by dick all the way through used like rag doll at moment character has to cum puts dick half way in through her cums and her body explodes releasing burst of blood and cum. Or just so much cum body explodes
*same one from the top but instead of whole body just stomach---favored
*again same one but instead or stomach all head holes sealed cum slowly leakes out eyes before head explodes---super favored
*super sonico with headphones decapitated head fucked by lucio from over watch---super favored
*sonya blade same fate as mileena mkx arm crush head snap and fucked by jax---super favored
*tiger jackson fucks a headless tekken fighter
*a flayed (see game of thrones) woman from game of thrones being fucked
I can go on but that seems like alot anyway enjoy:)
btw the "any characters" mean any female characters just thought you would want some new ideas now that you getting pro>:)


Did not know that would be so long 0_o also if you ever need help or run out of ideas ask for me. I would love to work with you on some of these and learn with you plus i got a few more ideas.:)


File: 1504174805486.gif (4.82 MB, 250x141, DVA.gif)

Wow! Thanks for all the feedback guys! :D

I thought that might be the fatality you're after. I was originally going to do something like that but then read that a few of us like the death by snoo snoo (peni-suffocation).
I have an Overwatch animation I'm working on that I need to honor and I have less time to do requests now unfortunately. I'm not quite good enough to make a simple change like that quickly yet... (It took me ages to make the Kitana alt scene)
It'd be cool if you did take up some animation. I tend to get stuck quite a bit. It'd be great to troubleshoot with someone how to fix an animation quirk or bounce some ideas.

Thanks! I think I have a sadistic side of me that wants to keep the victim alive till the end and I can see my future animations likely leaning more towards that.

Will definitely be looking through your list when I'm looking for ideas. Appreciate you putting that together! ;)

I've attached a preview of my upcoming animation. Wont be ready for quite a while though. My computer slows to a crawl for some reason when I'm working on this one. Maybe too many props...


Doesn't seem to work anymore.


Hey Puzudz, great work on that Mileena animation. Are you ever interested in art requests yourself? Either as a gift from your fans, to say "thank you" for the animations you're doing, or better yet, as art trades - you ask us to draw/animate some stuff you like, and if/when we deliver, we trade that for a quick animation from you?


... I ask because a) it's always nice to give something back to contributing artists, particularly newcomers who don't make a thousand bucks a month on Patreon, and b) it might make getting deluged with requests a little less daunting if you could get a little something in trade now and then.

Let us know what you think, and keep up the good work!


Hey Puzudz! Just wanted to thank you for your work. Pretty much every other 3d artist here mainly does corpse-fucking. It is a rare gift to see your animations focusing on the pleasure and pain of erotic torture preceding gruesome death caused by, or happening during violent sex. Hope to see more from you!


I like your idea. That's pretty cool, and if I like the artwork, I might put it up on my website (with the artists permission of course!)


Cool; can't guarantee we'll be able to produce anything you'll like, but who is your favorite character, and what would you like to see happen to her?


Ooh. I like ze game of throne characters. I was thinking of doing a scene when I'm a bit better at animation.
How about Margaery Tyrell. The aftermath of a walk of shame but where anything goes. The guards couldn't keep the crowds in check.

What animation did you want to see?


Message above isnt from me but any thing from my list ranked super favored/god would be swell:)


File: 1505643113595.jpg (137.33 KB, 1280x720, ellies1.jpg)

Ellies butterly knife * no sound

Ellie bumps into something worse than the infected in an overgrown park

Scene 1:
Scene 2:
Scene 3:
Scene 4 (Angle 1):
Scene 4 (Angle 2):

Made this over the weekend just for you gc guys. Thanks for following my progress. Think I'm slowly getting better. I probably wont do sound for this one. I'm really bad at it and it takes me ages...

Really looking forward to seeing what you can do. Appreciate the thought and its exactly as you said in >>14259. If you have taken up the request. Take your time with it. :)



the stabbing looks a little chunky to me, but the Ellie model is very good.


Not being able to be on for 2 days kinda hell lol anyway lovely to see my promising young prodgee start tado blossom >:) You're getting alot better with animation and starting to add sound is spectacular. Everyone else on site kind dissapointing with the no content/meh content but your guro is damn near top notch idea wise and super animation wise. I must also however add some of the animation is a bit chalky like the stabbing, movement (the dick doesn't quite slide through the hole) but the idea and how you performed are like some of the greatest. You like my new/number one person I check to see uploaded content. Keep up the great work man and don't be afraid to give dat list a go or 2>:). (If you get time jax fatality half face fuck or a severed head fuck or eye socket fuck better yet all 3) always nice to see you man. Also, if you ever need help, give me a way to contact you and Ill do a


do a share damn misclick lol


Sorry guys. Not the best work. I tried to burn one out in a short amount of time, but it ended up pretty bad.

Helps always appreciated. I just created a discord:
Haven't yet worked out how OP split a model in half, so can't do the half face fuck yet.


this is great, not sure if thought of it while doing it but would be hot that one scene where she is bent over if he pulls out and finishes in her mouth as she expires.

just got me thinking because its an awesome work, def look forward to more.


that is the best WW model ive seen yet great work, ever consider more WW since this is an epic find? Would love seeing some in her outfit if possible bullethole maybe being used? the short loops are great, thanks!


Meant to get back to you sooner on that :) I totally understand you want it to be perfect and to be honest anything you produce I know its going to be fire. I literally wait for it. The concepts and ideas alone are amazing, and you putting in so much effort and time perfecting and making it is exquisite. Thank you bro, really:)


File: 1505906686791.gif (1.29 MB, 250x141, DVA4.gif)

Thanks! After this next Kasumi animation, I think I might try doing short loops instead of the 4 scene animations that take a while to finish. Then I can get through more peoples requests, and maybe *hopefully, make the short loop look a lot better than the 4 scene ones.

Kasumi one will take me a few weeks to finish though.
Will be positing my DVA animation soon.


Ellie and then DVa, very nice


Creative and brutal, that's what I like, and it's what we need more of in this genre.


short loops i think work, maybe do a killing but the rest short loops.

just easier for us to download and love your work so it gives you chance focus on making those loops that much better than say a whole scene and all those animations you grind through :P


File: 1506685974028.jpg (19.1 KB, 620x349, hYLktVLQio12jKf3_HZbOhq8YU….jpg)

DVA Public use

--Scene 1--

--Scene 2--
Shot 1:
Shot 2:
Shot 3 (Victim POV):

--Scene 3--
Shot 1:
Shot 2 POV:

--Scene 4--
Shot 1:
Shot 2:

Hi guys. Had some issues with this one crashing on me. A few skin seam issues on scene 2 that I was not able to fix as a result.

Tested these links on firefox and it was not loading. If you get this issue like me, try using chrome or another browser.

That does sound hawt. Wish I put that in there. I'll likely steal that thought for a future animation. Hope you don't mind. ;)

I also like that Wonder Woman Model. After the current multi-scene DOA animation I'm working, I think I'll likely put her back into the mix in a short loop. Found some nice WoW models I like too.

Also, thanks for any feedback. Good or bad. I would of stopped a while ago if it weren't for the gc clan and your input. ^^


none of the links are loading anywhere. firefox says unsupported formate, chrome says network error, can't even download it. rip


nvm, some links maybe load, but it would take like 10 minutes for the 30 second clip to load. meh.


It would be better if DVA wasn't healed at all. Headless and limbless animations are always hot! Thumbs up to your nice work anyway.


Jesus, why does mixtape always take retardedly long to long even a couple seconds? Tens of minutes for 10 seconds


Yeah, mixtape seems to be completely broken today, and hasnt been working well all week. Might have to look for another host :/


Hey Puzudz, just wanted to say what's up. I appreciate your advice and encouragement. I really enjoy your animations, especially because they are brutal and you aren't afraid to take it to the next level. I believe that's what guro's about. I will try using mixtape if this megauploadz thing doesn't work.

It's taking a while for me to load your last animations but from what I saw they are awesome, I love the ripped legs pussy rubbing on D.Va. I can't get enough of watching that smug bitch die since I'm a big Overwatch player and hate her. Thanks.


Can someone mirror it anywhere else?


DVA public use

Uploaded to mediafire. Probably should of included it in the original upload seeing as mixtape seems flakey

Sorry. No deaths in this one. Next animation I'm working on should be less tame

Not sure how good my advice is. That's just what I use for compression/uploads.


Hey bro:) just wanted to say I have been doing some things so i had to wait to make this. Im gonna be making my own page soon (so you know its me) and shelling out some more ideas like the ones in my other list >:). I'm also gonna try to get into animation too whe I get some time so i can ( put ym money where my mouth is lol) not just critic but do. Like before I love and wait for your content, but I still gotta say if some is wrong.:( There are 2 issues with this one, the first is there is alot less gore:( Like the leg rip off and head explosions were nice but you regrew them back and none of the naughty parts were used like the should of been.:'( The second is the realism. Your actually doing quite great at it, especially some earlier ones, but the animation was a bit choppy and the gore like the legs and stuff need some more animation too like blood leaking, texture to where the limb was cut, piss/cum molecules dropping or dripping out of or on female victim (the actual connect). When you naturalize your movements, most problems will evaporate. I however will say this though. I love how hard your working and how you try new things. I also know all too well that naturalization of movement can be a bitch lol. And to be quite far, I don't know how you did it, but you found a cum slut marker written model from overwatch. That must have been a pain in the ass to find lol. You are super close to perfect animations however. You learn at a much faster pace and every video you improve. Im gonna contact you with my user name for this site on here and on discord. Love seeing you work and great job with the facial expressions and abstract backgroup extras (moving artwork/people waiting) no ones really done that before. It adds a certain flavor and is a nice touch.:)


Btw you coulda healed her after she was used. Like the head explosion. Neck fuck then regrow with cum in mouth (hoking/spits it out). Also, love that your working with OP. If anyone could also make super great animations it would be him.:) He been kinda dormant though...


:D finnnally! Victim POV!!


I think I'm struggling a bit in trying to make the gore realistic. I'll try adding more in the current one in the current one I'm working on and hope it looks better. Maybe I'll try paint the skin textures a bit at the gore parts.
The cum/slut markers model is actually an Elizabeth bioshock model with DVAs head.

Damn, wish I'd thought of doing that. Not actually working with OP. I asked him a question on how to do something once.
It'd be cool if, (once we have a group of us that's skilled up enough), we corroborate on awesome gc 20 min animation, though I think all our tastes would probably be too different.


Lol I love the solo one man army>:),but.... would you be willing to take Shiver under your wing too?:) He gonna need a bit of help too. I have a shit ton of ideas but mainly been reserving for you (that other list still open where other artist can see). Like I kinda wanna see what they can do but don't wanna make you jelly. Shiver might become your (and my ;)) prodige so I might leak him some ideas occasionally.:) Still coming up with a name btw so I can join in the fun. I'm gonna be seeing how hardcore I can get>:). Love your dedication and I'll be observing your lovely animations. Someone's reaching pro fairly sooner than expected.:)


Don't think I'm good enough to take anyone under my wing, but if you get stuck, you can hit me up on my discord channel. I might be able to help. I still have heaps I don't know how to do yet.

I don't mind if you pitch the list to other artists. It won't make me jelly. Hell, it'd be good to see some of it in action. ;)


Ok, I came up with a name for myself but im not gonna release it until i have one or more animations going. Puzudz, your gonna be the first one i tell (prob on discord) the im gonna make a page. There will be blood, lots and lots of it >:)


that is some creative thinking, would love see something like this in future maybe with a gunshotwound might save time on animating that way? I dunno but love what you came up with since the angles are really clear!


You coming back bro?:( Miss you alor :'(



>>16559 The link to scene 6 is wrong. Nice work thoug


File: 1509493994905.png (48.08 KB, 200x174, 1509418918469.png)

DOA Tag-team battle

Scene 1:
Scene 2:
Scene 2 - VPOV:
Scene 3:
Scene 4:
Scene 4-2:
Scene 5 *Loop:
Scene 5-2:
Scene 6:!xIY1CRRT!-7gdGcvu5hP2sS-fWUkodGUq5NmXzv10LO95RvMtS2w

Hi guys, Sorry been a while since I posted. I wanted to try on do better on this one. The animation is still a bit weird in parts and my sounds skills are horrible, but hope you enjoy regardless.

Trying to keep at least one victim POV in there for you guys. ;)

Might try your suggestion in future. Give me more time to try and make it more realistic.

Thanks for pointing that out. Should be fixed.


Hey there old friend:) Just saw animations and they were wonderful. I see your ironing out the movements nicely;) and the concept for this was great. A few suggestions though:) There are some video editing sortware that let you piece together snap shots (so not too many tabs/upload) this would especially be goo for the intros to separate from the gore>:) I loved how you used the animations, but kinda left some stuffs out could used the bodies way more (like shown the inserts for other body pulled under ring) (maybe another scene with buddy that pulled her under) and more cum scenes. You coulda let the dog have a go /cum and used the severed head. like the eating/humping though that was super nice and the quad cut model was very nice. Like if you used the torso and head after too and let the dog have the seconds that woulda been super;). Imma join your discord:) Send me some stuff before release so I can "nit pick" lol. I love these animations though like legit they made my day. Glad to see you back in business;) Also, have you been working on some other ideas?


And help me try to revive Shiver lol


Following your suggestion. I've merged all the clips to one. (cept for 2 short kasumi animations that I wasn't too sure where to fit in.)

Here is the link:

What happened to Shiver? :(
I was looking forward to seeing more of his works and how hes getting on. I like how he morphs the model and makes them a lil more unique..


Got here a bit late and wonderful>:) You learn any new stuffs/can we expect a new animation soon?>:)


File: 1509695682298.gif (7.6 MB, 270x152, MKX_Cassie1.gif)

Working on another Mortal Kombat one at the moment. Just sort of getting the hang of particle effects. (In this one...moving grass/cactus/smoke etc.)
Also learnt how to lock/unlock weapons without screwing the animation

I made a quick animation for halloween I can share if you want. It's pretty tame though and the animation is a little janky. Learnt how to make a background and bit about lighting.



Yes of course we would like to see


File: 1509770061580.jpg (20.19 KB, 620x349, ASwE44Ls5rnnM7TzswVdKPtUQZ….jpg)

Alright. Here it is. Very tame 10 sec loop.

Alice in bondageland


Hey>:) someone else actually responded to that wasn't me tho lol. Also any luck on that mileena one btw? Was bit curious but I'll wait for it (i know you like perfection) also you need more concepts? I can pump some out>:)


also, is your discord open? I have made an acc yet but plan to so I can send some concepts:)


Hey if you don't mind sharing, how do you work dismemberment in SFM?


Discord channel is still there and should be open to everyone. :)

Not sure if there's a better way. The way I do it. I get 2 of the same model. Copy the animation set of one onto the other, and the moment I cut a limb off, i scale one models root transform to 0.

The remaining visible model, you can scale the body part off.

The other way is to right-click the model, 'add override material'. Show model in element viewer. Find the body parts you want hidden. Right-click, add value 'float'. Enter a float name of "$Alpha" to make that body part invisible. Value should be 0 for invisible, 1 for visible, 0.5 for semi-transparent.

Hope this isn't too confusing. If you can't make sense of my jibberish, I'll try find the tutorials I read/watched.


Lovely, take as much time as you need>:)


Also discord says invitation expired:(


Great work.

Can i request a bestial guro one?
or dota characters thanks!


This link should work for a bit.

For sure! Wont be for a while while I finish my current animation. I'm kinda keen to do some giant monster or beast getting nasty.


Great work man! Waiting for your new release!


Hey bro I literally just realized ive been spelling your name wrong lol. When can we expect another animation?:) kinda missing yours:( Need you active again>:)


Oh, man! It was really amazing! You´re doing good!


I mean this one, I really like it!


Thanks guys. Will release the next one one the weekend. <3


File: 1512703767323.jpg (15.6 KB, 620x349, cassie.jpg)

MKX Jax v Cassie

Alright guys here it is! My latest works. Tried to put it all into one long scene as suggested. A little badly cut in parts. My sound skills are still terribad...

Wasn't able to fix a weird black splooge. If someone knows, can you help me out?
Was planning on doing a good and proper fatality towards the end but admit I got a bit lazy. Hope you still all like it.

Looked for a better hosting site but couldn't find one. Webmshare only allows up to 10 MB, so you'll just have to d/l it if mymixtape wont work for you.

There's not really a market for my pretty average animation skills so I'll be doing bits an bobs here and there to make ends meet. It means l'll probably slow down on releases to one every few months. Sorry guys. So many good artist popping on this board now though. Looking forward to seeing what they can do! :D


Well that was fucking fantastic! The animation and of course sound could use some polishing, but everything else was damn good. Imaginative torment and of course plenty of sex. It was weird, malicious, and fucked up, hitting all the best notes.


Hey again bro, :) That was very creative lol. TBH your actually really quite their lol. That was very creative lol. Like legit your probably a fraction off from being top teir (natural movements in the beginning were kinda chopy, but all the other movements were super nice lol. You managed to iron out alot of natural movements and add new concepts which is very lovely to see>:) I do have to point some stuff out though:) The stun gun, (very,very nice touch btw) kinda ruined her pussy a bit early on but the cactus fuck made up for it which is super nice. (Side note - you can use the exploding belly for something else (with cum)>:)) and you din't quite snuff her out. Like even though all that stuff would be enough, there was no finisher. Like when she bite him and he impaled with cactus you could have also (in anger) ripped off her head/throat fucked and came then crushed the head. Just spit ballin here, but over all I would give this animation an A. You've nearly become god teir>:)


Ooh and please post more (if you find time). I love waiting to see what you produce but not too long lol. And, any progress with the meleena one? or waiting until you get really good?:)


And I forgot to mention those sounds were really nice and spot on. I can tell you worked your ass off on those lol. I was really impressed with that.


Thanks for the feedback guys. It's nice to hear what I suspected were the flaws in this one, just to sort of confirm it so I can hopefully not do the same next time.

Damn I like that decap idea. I shoulda checked with you 1st before finishing. That would of been a good finisher and not too much more work since shes already in the right position.
Do you mean the stun gun made her unusuable or the animation was a bit meh or both?

Dunno about the sounds. I'm really bad at it. I don't enjoy putting them together. I think that's part of why I'm struggling to get better at it.

There are so many animations I want to do. Another WoW one. Wonder-woman and some giant beasties. The one you mentioned earlier with the vagina rip out and and ff. But these multi-scene animations are taking ages and that's what the people want. That's part of the reason for the 2-3 month release guestimation on the next one. Bear with me though, I will get to em all before the world ends. >;)


Ooh lovely:) by the stun gun I meant like at the point you turned it off and there was extra part of her attached to it (really, really nice touch btw god yes), her pussy couldn't be used for fucking butttt you made up for it with the cactus fuck part (also nice touch cause there is a "sand" level in the game that matches that concept lol). You also managed to stretch her belly and make it explode (ooh what wonderful ideas for that one can be used on others>:)). I do have to say though I did recognize one flaw. Her pussy didn't rip a bit on the cactus and there were no pines (visible) on the catus that prob could stuck in and made her bleed and rip bit more. Sorry, I get deep in an idea lol. And the sounds legit were nice. The ready dialog, the screams, tazer, ect were like really nice, on point touches. And the facial expressions were nice too along with an idea itself was so wonderfully abstract lol. You've damn near reached god teir forreal lol

Some sidenotes *tazer can be used for other ideas too in the future (especially just for fun/impale.
*Happy and sad for the Mileena jax one being 2-3 months but I'm gonna love waiting for it cause you more than like gonna be god teir by then and you gonne have some really nice stuffs by then. (also little side note for this one I could link you a nude mod fatailty ryona for this one for concept and send you a link for the replica in game dark level or area unless you want to do (which is fine))
*Also, really like when you add some things on the side (like the tazer, pissing, outfits, limbless girls, dogs, etc. Some of your ideas I wish I'd thought of lol.
*And finally, when you do reach god teir, you should revisit your first animation and finish that concept. (the eye ball fuck w/removal of the eye in scene first, shove dick in blood and all then cum and push/leave her on the floor after putting eye in hand and creampie from other partner) , tighten the other girls chain to the ceiling the push off (reasonable height) for swift neck snap or don't and just push chair for struggle (superb either way>:)) then fuck her (while she's still on chain or still struggling on the chain and cum only after her death---head shot for good measure (brain idea has been used alot so maybe/maybe not), and for superwoman well options open lol. You could do an all the way around necksnap and then fuck her face (throatpie) you have a creampie shot which is nice too which could be reused or second concept, throat slash and shove dick through both ways (neck and through mouth) cum down throat ( and maybe through opening in mouth for a "volcano facial"---very favorable especially since there is already a knife and since it hasn't been done before) you could also use the sharp pipe for impale (through ass or pussy either/or ) (since you already used the pussy for a cum shot ) and have it coming through her neck (through the new open slit) after you fuck her with it or while you fuck her with it showing organs intestines/cum pertruding from her mouth (nice because there would already be cum in her / on her face) maybe eye gauges and both partners take a eyehole, both cum and the pipe goes through her neck slice and through here mouth and last scene would be of her face (no eyes(no tongue would be nice too), cum on face, pipe through neck hole and mouth with intestines coming through mouth that have cum on them)from sky/side angle and some random come in to see what happened and give her another facial for extra scene. That concept would be nice, especially if you did both scenes where the necksnap all the way around was an alt. Just since you wanted to do some Wonder Woman concepts>:) This would have to be "remastered" though because its a bit choppy and the male models are a slight bit crude, maybe a bigger area but same stage and a few extra props/extra level-if doing necksnap concept.

Andddd lol if you wanted to add little things or do another concept along with it for a set that would be nice too>:) Very nice jobs. I look forward to your work and you getting so good you remaster your old works>:)


Haha, lol, this is funny, lol


Thanks for clarifying. I can't guarantee jax/mileena will be the next one. I think I want to take a break in between Jax brutalities.


Yo Puzudz,

I understand what you mean about the multi-scene things. I prefer doing them but they take at least 3 weeks for me to make because of privacy especially. Also I have to really be into the concept to make a scene out of it, if I'm not into it or the characters or models it's almost impossible to animate because I don't care about it. So I understand it takes a while don't worry, take as long as you need and do what you want. I think animating is really an art and I noticed if I put pressure on myself to animate I don't enjoy it.

Have a good one.


Nice one,you getting better :)


Thanks Shiver! Your last multi-scene was nice.Your picking up on how to do everything damn quick. Looking forward to seeing your future works. :D


Yo Puzudz, sorry to bump this thread, but you mentioned you were interested in taking a look at the dmx file for my last animation.

The models I used were all very different, but the girlw as lord aardvark's Tina DOA fantasy, I modified her a lot (lips, ass, reduced torso size, enlarged head, enlarged thighs, reduced calves etc.) so just to keep that in mind if you feel like altering it. Also the hair I used was a rip from SFM workshop, you can just search "hair" and find them. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post on my thread, once again sorry to bump your thread just wanted to make sure you get the file.

The link to the dmx is here.!VaBSERxQ!7zZxUiMidq2i9Yg9ZkU0i8zirhi0A-7jVQ-Fb3zHHZM


Hey bro, mileena/jax one doesn have to be next can be in a few months if you want:) You gonna be god teir by then and its gonna be great cause you add small stuff to thats very wonderful and unthought of :) Its well worth the wait:) Also, any other animations you working on right now?:)


Am working on one. Whenever I have free time I like to get into it. Can't really give you any preview yet though. Its very rough.




Great video! Really love your stuff, epic at the end with the being smashed on the cactus and still used. Its like you hit every note in a good song.

Fellow content creator here, and would leave a tip I learned over time. Background sound should be in the background. Did the same thing in my own earlies, kinda of left it a bit loud so I could hear it while adding other sounds. Only later found it feels more real if its really low almost barely audible that seems to be the magic zone for background audio to work most effectively. Love the wind sound effect you found for the desert it really fits.

Made this one vid back in the day with crickets in the background since its outdoors at night. I watch it now and laugh because at the time I felt the vid was great but watching it now it seems like a documentary on crickets ignoring the content since I put their audio at the same level using peaks as the regular audio thinking I should like match them up, lol.


Thanks! Appreciate the most excellent tip. :D
I never even thought about that till you mentioned it. Will most definatly do that for future animations. ^^.


Please tell me you gonna emerge from the hyperbolic chamber with new animation(s) >:) Been some days since website shut down. Really wanna see some of your wonderful content >:D


Coming back bro? Really miss your content:'(


Sorry to dissapoint. I'm having trouble finding time to work on an animation, that said I am working on one. At the moment, I've only been able to work on it on part of the weekend. I'll hopefully get it released at the end of next month.


File: 1516267020202.jpg (46 KB, 620x349, 68xoFvwksBmn_av63Nw2DXhL_W….jpg)

There is this one though...

The Warhammer universe is hell...

DL link:


Thank Gawd>:) I was kinda sad lol. As long as your working on stuff I'll wait just keep us updated plx:)


Checking in on my wonderful prodigy, how you been >:D


Nice job. What female model did you use btw? Is that on labs?


Sup. No updates I can give yet. Planning on doing a LIS couple of scenes. Fairly tame in so far, but will get nastier later on.

Hey Shiver. The model I used was from a Red Menace model dump. It contained all their older models. I think the one I used was a farcry model.

Did a quick browse but couldn't find the link for you. I think its either on Red Menaces tumblr page somewhere or Smug Bastards.

Look forward to seeing your next animation. :)


Hey bro, just wanted you to know I'm following you on pixiv now>:D since Gurochan has gone down more time then porno chicks (xD) have kinda no choice. Been busy but have been patienciently awaiting your animations. I'll keep waiting, but kinda wanna know you still alive and kicking so respond plx:)


File: 1519638137421.jpg (99.31 KB, 1280x720, LIS_b4_storm003353.jpg)

Hey man,
Still about but geez, I'm really finding it hard to get some animation time in. Here's a still from the final scene, but there's still so much to go. Don't count on me too much for updates and things.
Appreciate the follow on pixiv, but my updates are going to be pretty irregular from now on. I know I estimated the end of the month, but this animation will be finished when its done. I can't give an eta.


Lovely, just wanted to know you were still with us>:)


Update from you?>:)


Good job. Wh-related content is an extremely rare thing.


More wonder woman please!


File: 1526281259914.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, Fall of Doababei.png)

Ellas revenge

Hi guys,
Been a while since I posted. I haven't really done that much. I have this unfinished project I thought I'd share. I tried learning a bit of blender. Was going to animate that pic and the bomb would explode if Dokabei moved too much, but each movement in Blender is too damn slow for me. *sadface.


Finally >:D back with another animation>:D


Welcome back! Could you please do more R6 videos? They are so brilliantXD!


File: 1526361198884.gif (7.42 MB, 250x141, LIS1.gif)

What do you mean by R6?

I currently still working on the LIS animation. Been taking way longer than it should of... ><


*Rainbow Six Siege. *derp
Yeah. I want to do more of them in future. There are some good blender models out there for them. Hopefully I can do some short blender animations once I work out why it runs so slow, or if I just need a puta upgrade.



How in the actual hell did I miss this masterpiece. That's was, great. Nice arm sawing. Did you float the arms and add a second model for the sawing?

Also I couldn't help but smile and chuckle at the dog fucking the stump afterword. Round of applause. ****


Woah shit, 40k stuff! Yes!
It's a terrible shame that 40k guro is so rare considering how gory it is as a setting.


Hey again >:D, just wondering, how many animations do you have going on all at once right now lol.


Thanks Shiver. It's good to see you still at it. I think the arm sawing looks a bit shite. Its basically 3 models.
The main model with arms scaled to 0. and each arm with scaling on different parts. Had to play around a bit with the arms scaling and it didn't turn out too well. We should trial out a collab one day, and maybe we can pump out more animations for the peepz. Help us get less burnt out too.

I was thinking the same thing when I made that one. But, geez, her vag pops south like a ballsack on that animation tho.. lol.

Sorry to dissapoint, but I am just working on the one animation, unless you count me playing around with blender, but I'm very novice at it.


Lovely>:D anything you make will be wonderful>:D


How are you doing buddy?>:)


File: 1528880283684.jpg (116.8 KB, 1280x720, too_big_max_claufield_S1-2….jpg)

Hehe. Thanks for checking in.
I'm still working on the LIS one and its really really not worth the wait hahaha.
I've been trying to skill up a bit with animation in Blender. Hopefully be good enough to provide you guys with some good content once I'm a lil better.


Looking Awesome AF>:D


Hey Puzudz, hope you're well. Glad you're still at it. I just had a quick question, back when you did some work on my Thug Life animation, you added an effect when the bitch got slapped the camera sort of shook. Any tips on how I can recreate that effect for my next animation? Thanks I appreciate any advice. Have a good one.


Hey Shiver, sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on GC for a bit. I cant remember what I did for the camera. I think I may of manually moved it or locked it. The 3 ways I can think of.

1)Select the camera in the view pane and on the left panel under the camera, (if not on left panel: right click->add existing element->camera) select transform. Use w,a,s,d to move wherever.

2) choose the motion editor. Select a spot and and shift, drag to select a region of time. The selection should turn green. Select camera->transform(I'd prolly open this menu up more and select just the select 'x' under 'pos'). Drag the 'Jitter' slider to make it wobble. Drag the 'smooth' slider to lessen the jitter.

3) Lock the camera transform to a part of the model. Drag the playhead just like other locks.

Animation Set Editor:


Very well done, I appreciate the concepts you put together all in one. You actually mixed alot in and managed to pull them off quote spectacularly. I however must say there are 2 things that need to be adjusted. Some of the object movement is a bit unnatural like around the hips generating a bit extra movement (very nice job of ironing out natural movement though) and some smaller movements around the objects along with streching of "tissues" (and insertion (can't see dick being inserted/streching her out/ her walls expanding). This also includes gravity, like the guts at the end didn't spill out the way gravity would have. So overall natural movement coupled with gravity is the first. The second would be textures. The x-ray scene were nice *personally wouldn't have used girl from last of us but meh xD* but you couldn't see the insertion (could see stretching though nice>:)). The pussy shot and arm scene needed a wound (slash marks getting deeper/bullet hole wound created) and needed to be textured to stay and increase in size as the scene progressed. This also goes for the last girl (absolutely spectacular>:)). The cut mark was wonderful, however the belly button moved and showed it wasn't "part of her". The ovaries grab (fucking love you for that btw xD) had sort of a bad aura texture around it and didn't stretch while she was getting fucked. Also, the guts sort of stuck to the torso, but didn't move(like fall out a bit and swing naturally or fluff up then spill out) and the guts were slightly bigger than the torso (you might need other textured guts that are more loose, wounds and womb/ovaries). There also was no cum there:(. And the split portion (wonderful) kinda missed a flap of skin around the stomach (best example of this would be like leatherface's fatality from MKX) where the skin partially stays, but the guts spill out (also great example of that gravity) (you might ba able to make a separate transparent object and insert it in the model and when it's time to have the gut spill out).

Overall, to have so many concept and actually manage to pull them off with sound effects, facial expressions, liquids, animals (that one actually had no real problems and shout out for the leg wabble and confused anguish look on her face), items is very impressive. The only thing missing now overall is true natural movement (with gravity accountablility) and textures (wounds, guts, shattering skulls, etc).


Last message was kinda big so had to make this>:D
You might have to compose different guts/organs that are more loose and more separate (along with the womb and ovaries) for a better effect.
Focus primarily on movement/gravity and textured items (wounds *slashes,holes,body parts,etc).
Your concepts are impecable, and absolutely wonderful to see. I think you rushed this a bit. Take your time, we can wait for your animations and any thing you see wrong with it. I am very proud of this animation and the fact you got around that annoying ass certificate requirement to get it here>:D. I will patiently be waiting here for another awesome animation and checking in to make sure you're still alive :D


Appreciate the feedback. Thankyou! :) I noticed the exaggerated hip movement after rendering for 18 hours. ><
Wasn't able to work out how to 'unroll' the guts in that final scene to make it look natural and bits of gore started to do some unusual things in sfm at the end of it. :(

I have one more animation I'm working on that will maybe last for a minute or 2, then I'll switch to short loops (Just until I get better).

I'll be sure to remember that transparent object idea. See if it works for next time.


File: 1530756862533.png (29.33 KB, 200x113, 1530621865513.png)

LIS - Dark Room Secrets

Re-upped. Was missing a small scene at the start!BVYHBSAa!muloQbpbWJoP2AEQBqVkcKreE3PaelpnREIZ_T9KiXM


Hey Puzudz >:D loved it regardless and damn lol 18 hours.... You're actually doing alot better than you think. Alot of your movements (the horse scene (practically flawless), the girl flipped scene, I though the duct tape was funny>:D. Since you've grown so much, I thought you might need a few other things like other props/textiles (bullet wounds and other things). I don't think I've even seen someoen truely use a working blood pool lol. Like really you really see blood leaks in animations, but you pulled it off. Its like you're in prime, but small little defects that just slightly need to be handled. You're ready for them now. Besides slightly movement and textiles, that animation and wonderful ideas were performed flawlessly. You're close to perfect animation>:D.

Also, was that last post you - I kinda don't trust links that don't have your name on them.:)


Hey bro>:D, I finally decided on a name. Im gonna use this one for a bit. Kinda fitting considering all the other things>:D. Also checking in had to help some people on accessing the website....... Should just become a mod lol xD.

I'll be waiting:)


File: 1530959062296.gif (1.99 MB, 500x281, Novadestroyed.gif)

Oops, yup that last post (23615) was me.
Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah the duct tape lol. Probably would of looked better with some bloody bandages underneath it or something. Good point. Some more props and things would of made it better. Some better lighting\sound too I think.

Cenobite. Good name. Better than Puzudz. haha.
The certificate things is a bit annoying. I got in with Chromes override keyword. Typing "thisisnotsafe", then it just lets you in thereafter.

I think I might start posting in short preview animation gifs as I progress through an animation. Let me know if you think there's anything that could be better. :)




File: 1531265363750.jpg (57.83 KB, 960x540, 0001.jpg)

Hi guys. First part of the animation. I want to try make this one as good as possible. I can already see some arm clipping and jerky movements.
Let us know if you see anything that needs fixing or things you think I should add to it. (maybe more fluids, i dunno)


Actually probably the hair (movement is getting there btw:)) also maybe bruising/blood when she gets punched. :)

Also, just suprise us with your creativity. I love not seeing your work until its finished makes it unique. :)


Hey Puzudz - love your work, but am having trouble with the Mega link to the LIS darkroom video. Can you re-upload to another service? Thanks!


Np. I'll keep working at i and release it when its done. :)

Uploaded LIS to
Hopefully that one works for you.


Ever thought of doing a vid with DOA's Mila? Just imagine her training in the gym one day, and all of a sudden Bryan Fury from Tekken comes in. They fight for a bit until Bryan does his thing, and the goes to town on the poor girl. They fight similar, but it would just be brutal to see one of his gut punches and him hitting her while she's down.


Might maybe support the dude with the Mila crush>:D. He been asking around alot and I know you'll be able to make great animation for him:). But don't stop any animation you're working on right now. I wanna see that one shine>:)


File: 1533180834445.jpg (135.38 KB, 1280x720, ellie2000026.jpg)

Ellie captured by cannibals!ZFx3iSrY!lnquz7efp87wvDSN-4dH49EnqzehZHwQguU6nOi36Do

Took a break from learning blender. *head hurts ><

Hope you guys enjoy the new sfm animations. :)


File: 1533183341107.jpg (73.97 KB, 1280x720, UD000024.jpg)

Until Dawn - Wendigo way

Short intro


>>24202 & 24215.
That is something thats up my alley, but I'm prolly just going to be sticking to short animations and loops for a while. Appreciate the suggestion though.


Righteous Execution! Did he break her neck with that kick? Hope to see more of her, possibly spreading her legs and creaming while he fucks Elizabeth in the background.


Fantastic >:D

I could only find one true error in this, no one died (especially super brutally) >:D

Very outstanding work. Now all we have to do is look at a few more animations you create. Practically flawless, movements were very smooth with any slightly choppy bits barely noticable (Sharp Teeth Scream). The cum coming out the other side of her eyes after was genius and the tendons attached to the eye were wonderful. The other one was practically flawless too except no one died >:).

So are you taking the separation of scenes route with new gore happening in each scene to reduce work needed? Love seeing over the top work (really bloody/gorey).


Also if you get a chance and wanna practice and mantain, try out the Mila/Bryan one. Its good practice for blood particles and bruises (and you could cave her face in with Bryan like in the original games) (using the back of the models head for hair w/ some skin a crushable skull from the mkx pack for the top/front part of skull (part being crushed) and some brain / blood / wound marks or any of your choice for inside the head>:)).


The group scenarios are awsome with their own stuff happening kinda at the same just at alternate angles.
Also great character selections, >>24289 is a perfect example of why they dont allllways have to die in the loops. If you plan on doing more eye/skull stuff may i suggest a group scenario where its done to them one by one or systematically showing the awaiting ones shock of disbelief. Kinda like that first Elizabeth >>13138.


Nice work. I love skull/eye/brainfuck


wendigo character is awesome! Would love see more with eyes or just head?

any chance of a mega to the original wonder woman post? missed out on that one and it looks awesome, love your work.


Checking in on you my friend>:)

Sorry if I just blueballed anyone.



please download link for Until Dawn animation! webm links not working :(


I think it depends on what browser you're using. Try using a different browser and it'll pop up.


Just found this thread.
Can someone share links to all webms of this great author except for the last 2? I can't watch anything because all the webms are 404 at mixtape.


Naw bro, :) try playing them on a diffrent browser. They should play with ease.



Sorry for the typo...



Just checking in.


File: 1536831197196.jpg (3.22 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt_P1.jpg)

[Monster Hunt]

Hey guys. I wanted to try something a little different, so I started a comic thing. Still pretty tame at the moment.


File: 1536831311658.jpg (3.15 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P2.jpg)


File: 1536831424423.jpg (2.82 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P3.jpg)


File: 1536831531190.jpg (3.44 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P4.jpg)


File: 1536831639844.jpg (4.21 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P5.jpg)


File: 1536831787897.jpg (4.02 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P6.jpg)


Could be one of these links.

Until Dawn!tQphyaBB!5_qcoqw4P65vkfJY6DpA0rIDItclHs8b3V6FbKBZq4Q!lZgXiAYK!p9JiLQQlRRPDvek2_DiEvItZfljIc1Q6idNO6fuy2PM

Unfortunatley mixtape is a bit hit and miss. ><. Let me know if you want me to post the others.
Mortal Kombat:

Thanks for checking in. :)
I'm started several animations recently but kept jumping to new ones like someone with A.D.D on crack. No eta on the next one but I'll make myself stop starting new projects before finishing some older ones. I think I've started over 5. ><


Do you think you could reupload the dokkaebi R6 animation? Mixtape seems to have taken everything down.

Great work btw!


oh my god Puzduz this is so cool! I'd really wanted to see something more around that lovely ass punch, some neck brake, some pain, twtitches, gulps, etc. I hope you'll do more guro stuff like that! Great animation and sound. Do you have a Patreon!? I want to pay you money!!!


Concepts can be very demanding.>:D Once you have one idea, they just start to flow. One you start one though try to stay to it to make sure it doesn't venture too far. Jack of all trades, Master of none.>:D

Also, nice hearing from you. Been also in contact with shiver. Get the animating>:D


is mercy reupped?

think that my.mix just up and died its dead all over now it seems.


Checking in, when a new animation gonna be out?>:D


Wonderful Animations and nice to see you back >:D


What happened to your last 2 animations?


Appreciate that a lot. I'm just doing this for a bit of fun and don't plan on taking this up professionally any time soon.
Check my pixiv and look for any title with 'download'I might have it there.
I thought I accidently created a new thread and went on a deleting spree. I'll start posting some vids shortly.


File: 1544575739467.png (608.75 KB, 1280x720, loli000865.png)
Witcher: The world where eredin couldn't find you… What was it like?

Ciri: I don't want to talk about it…


File: 1544576988447.png (967.23 KB, 1280x720, gym000109.png)


I like the style and fluidity of both >:) I can only find two problems, which are the size of the dick and still trying to understand the ending concept. Did he skin her with his fist? (I like how you executed that animation though and how everything was put together:) )


Also for the bottle one, I like the blood drip and stretching along with liquid flow for the toilet bowl. That was well put together. (Also nice tit play with the other one and throw up). Nice to see you back in action.


Not gonna lie, this one was really fucking cool.


Dude your stuff is awesome!
Can you do some Christie or Momiji?


I've just wondered into your thread and I can say you've made tremendous progress in your animations. since you first started one year and a half ago.


Jesus what the fuck, how did I miss your Nova Blender animation??
How long did it take for you to animate that compared to SFM? Would you say it`s much harder to use Blender?
Would love to see more Blender animations!


File: 1546932488067.png (639.36 KB, 1280x720, Thanosintro2000112.png)

Finally got some time over xmas to dabble with some animations. Was fun. Hope you all enjoy. :)
*Did an oopsie and thought Hawkgirl was a Marvel char

Fate of Gamora!IEBkkK7Z!i-ef6E1KpLJ8DoR5GuPMggFt7TYuR3_dbSu2P1VCb4g

Fate of Ms. Marvel!kQRmyCbb!-V30T_BV42qVzjXZgB2K_Vqzmjxvgzy1I-566QFmxCE

Sorry to dissapoint. Didn't really have a good idea for that one. Wasn't originally planning on doing guro. So I guess that one is the power of Balrogs 'final' punch.

Sorry dude, I probably wont take any requests, just cause I don't know when I can commit the time to completing them.

I do want to get into some more blender. Sorry, I never completed that one. Its hard when my animations aren't in real time. The next update of Blender will change that though, I think. It will be cool to see what animators 10x better than me will do with it.

Appreciate all the feedback guys. Glad gc is back. :)


Is my bro back??>:) I see the new theatrical and animations. The gauntlet and abilities were flawless. Very well done, super professional lol. But, >:) two things the screams should be more intense (for someone getting limmbs ripped off)and why you no kill her with gauntlet? (:< So many abilities and possibilities to explore. Know her flesh, Finish Her! >:D


Hope the new update will encourage you to finish that animation!
Just so I can get an idea, that Blender animation compared to your usual SFM ones, how much more effort and time did it take?



Like your works,you have a passion!



File: 1554642102524.png (861.6 KB, 1280x720, Pero000321.png)

Wasn't sure if I should post it here. I've made this one pretty tame.

Nami - *No sound
Pero -
Nami_x_Ace -
Luffy_x_Robin_1 -
Luffy_x_Robin_2 -

Sorry for replying so late. Blender doesn't take that much longer than SFM to make. The problem is that its hard to get props without paying for them,(though its not too difficult to make).This big problem for me is fps drop to 1 when testing animations even in simple mode. It would of taken maybe triple the time though, cause of learning it all…etc. Same in 2.80. *cry


Glad to see you're still at it, you're right that it's a bit tame for my taste, but good animations nonetheless, last two gave me a chuckle.

Thanks for replying to my question, don't worry I've learnt to be patient(maybe I should learn how to animate).

Interesting, I'd though blender would take much more time, perhaps I should give it a shot then. What kind of props do you mean? And where would I go to shop for them?

I think what will satisfy me is just gore props, basic weapons, and models of course. Unless those are pay walled too…


Spectacular >:)

Only missed the gore. The pupil has become a Master >:)


>>22224 Anyone have this file?


DAMN! That Nami model looks fantastic! Can you make some necro animations with it? :D (also is there Carrot model? :P )


Where can we find your animations? Do you have a mega archieve or something similar? I really want that Rainbow Six Siege and that Widowmaker animation


I do not know the decryption key.


do you have any plan for accepting commission?


I love your work and just wanted to thank you for sharing it for free


Please do something with Nami being snuffed and fucked! <3


Sorry for replying a bit slow. Glad it was chuckle worthy. ^^
I'm too tight to pay for anything at the moment, so its just models from smutbase. Props you have to search around for. Try Deviantart,, or you can try make your own. There's some free textures on

I don't think its a great animation. The image was made in blender, but it was too slow to animate so I did a quickie in SFM.
I was almost going to delete it to free up some space. I've uploaded it to mega for you. ^^!wIRBhKwZ!63VoZTqkC5RhGvj1cbcMq_h07HAPtJ2VY9BvZV9vGTU

I couldn't find a Karrot model. Won't be doing a guro this time. Feel like working on a new animation.




Damn that thanks one Was nice. And I see we now have some decent one piece models in looking forward to that.


File: 1559694610042.png (142.64 KB, 400x225, pyranip5001154.png)!EZBUVSQR!mPKvhz9ezIoPS5G_q9tKvoWb_L3xor45pPOWzXS3HEQ

Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Borrowed ideas from Nanashi|774:
and Gurosnails:

**Warning. Contains bad dialog and some weird jiggle physics bugs at the end. Just having fun with it. Has a bit of gore. Hope you all like it.

There's free stuff around, you just have to look a bit more. You can always convert sfm models to blender:

I'll hear you out, but I can be pretty slow and my animations still have a lot of kinks.


Another short blender loop. Let me know what you think could be better. Ty guys. :)


Hey, nice to see another animation >:)
The only bad thing it the choppyness in movements. I like the music and expansion of the scenes and characters. That is actually unique and only yours. Also, there are some websites for other sounds (some free, some paid). I noticed a series of different sounds and realized that may have been a difficulty for you. Try googling sounds/copyright free sounds and type what you want/ what may make a similar sound. That was quite nice though. The concepts are always spot on.
*Also, special shout out to that outfit change in the beginning that was a nice detail.



The workout was highly detailed, that was practically perfect btw.



Bro that blender loop is amazing, can you try guro in it?
Your blender animations seem much smoother than sfm, did it take a lot more time to make? Or is that just the magic of blender


Puz this was amazing, I watched the whole thing without skipping a millisecond.
You just got me into those anime models, bravo.
I loved the pussy stab, and feet and arm breaking.
I just hoped to see an actual death, but this is good!
Only thing is the voices/moans were a bit repetitive, probably could have used some from fighting game librarys.
How long did this take? You're reaching OP level soon!


Hey bro, the blender loop and the 6min animation both were awesome! You really fit my style and it was done very well =) I am happy for your work, you have talent! May I ask how much time you've spent in Blender already? I have alot of experience with SFM and tought about moving over to Blender for a long time, but I'm not sure though… :) Keep going, I'll wait for your next animation.


Has the R6 video been reupped yet?


Been lurking since 2017 and i gotta say. Coming out of the hiding to tell you that your progression is stellar. Keep up the good work, you've got a BIG fan as long as you viciously brutalize some more!


Making a new animation?



How i can get your full content? only on this internet site? Or email or have you a patreon account or similiar? Nice Work


When you gonna have a new animation for us? :)



This looks cool. Is there more?

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