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Ellie captured by cannibals!ZFx3iSrY!lnquz7efp87wvDSN-4dH49EnqzehZHwQguU6nOi36Do

Took a break from learning blender. *head hurts ><

Hope you guys enjoy the new sfm animations. :)


File: 1533183341107.jpg (73.97 KB, 1280x720, UD000024.jpg)

Until Dawn - Wendigo way

Short intro


>>24202 & 24215.
That is something thats up my alley, but I'm prolly just going to be sticking to short animations and loops for a while. Appreciate the suggestion though.


Righteous Execution! Did he break her neck with that kick? Hope to see more of her, possibly spreading her legs and creaming while he fucks Elizabeth in the background.


Fantastic >:D

I could only find one true error in this, no one died (especially super brutally) >:D

Very outstanding work. Now all we have to do is look at a few more animations you create. Practically flawless, movements were very smooth with any slightly choppy bits barely noticable (Sharp Teeth Scream). The cum coming out the other side of her eyes after was genius and the tendons attached to the eye were wonderful. The other one was practically flawless too except no one died >:).

So are you taking the separation of scenes route with new gore happening in each scene to reduce work needed? Love seeing over the top work (really bloody/gorey).


Also if you get a chance and wanna practice and mantain, try out the Mila/Bryan one. Its good practice for blood particles and bruises (and you could cave her face in with Bryan like in the original games) (using the back of the models head for hair w/ some skin a crushable skull from the mkx pack for the top/front part of skull (part being crushed) and some brain / blood / wound marks or any of your choice for inside the head>:)).


The group scenarios are awsome with their own stuff happening kinda at the same just at alternate angles.
Also great character selections, >>24289 is a perfect example of why they dont allllways have to die in the loops. If you plan on doing more eye/skull stuff may i suggest a group scenario where its done to them one by one or systematically showing the awaiting ones shock of disbelief. Kinda like that first Elizabeth >>13138.


Nice work. I love skull/eye/brainfuck


wendigo character is awesome! Would love see more with eyes or just head?

any chance of a mega to the original wonder woman post? missed out on that one and it looks awesome, love your work.


Checking in on you my friend>:)

Sorry if I just blueballed anyone.



please download link for Until Dawn animation! webm links not working :(


I think it depends on what browser you're using. Try using a different browser and it'll pop up.


Just found this thread.
Can someone share links to all webms of this great author except for the last 2? I can't watch anything because all the webms are 404 at mixtape.


Naw bro, :) try playing them on a diffrent browser. They should play with ease.



Sorry for the typo...



Just checking in.


File: 1536831197196.jpg (3.22 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt_P1.jpg)

[Monster Hunt]

Hey guys. I wanted to try something a little different, so I started a comic thing. Still pretty tame at the moment.


File: 1536831311658.jpg (3.15 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P2.jpg)


File: 1536831424423.jpg (2.82 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P3.jpg)


File: 1536831531190.jpg (3.44 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P4.jpg)


File: 1536831639844.jpg (4.21 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P5.jpg)


File: 1536831787897.jpg (4.02 MB, 2894x4093, Monster_Hunt__P6.jpg)


Could be one of these links.

Until Dawn!tQphyaBB!5_qcoqw4P65vkfJY6DpA0rIDItclHs8b3V6FbKBZq4Q!lZgXiAYK!p9JiLQQlRRPDvek2_DiEvItZfljIc1Q6idNO6fuy2PM

Unfortunatley mixtape is a bit hit and miss. ><. Let me know if you want me to post the others.
Mortal Kombat:

Thanks for checking in. :)
I'm started several animations recently but kept jumping to new ones like someone with A.D.D on crack. No eta on the next one but I'll make myself stop starting new projects before finishing some older ones. I think I've started over 5. ><


Do you think you could reupload the dokkaebi R6 animation? Mixtape seems to have taken everything down.

Great work btw!


oh my god Puzduz this is so cool! I'd really wanted to see something more around that lovely ass punch, some neck brake, some pain, twtitches, gulps, etc. I hope you'll do more guro stuff like that! Great animation and sound. Do you have a Patreon!? I want to pay you money!!!


Concepts can be very demanding.>:D Once you have one idea, they just start to flow. One you start one though try to stay to it to make sure it doesn't venture too far. Jack of all trades, Master of none.>:D

Also, nice hearing from you. Been also in contact with shiver. Get the animating>:D


is mercy reupped?

think that my.mix just up and died its dead all over now it seems.


Checking in, when a new animation gonna be out?>:D


Wonderful Animations and nice to see you back >:D


What happened to your last 2 animations?


Appreciate that a lot. I'm just doing this for a bit of fun and don't plan on taking this up professionally any time soon.
Check my pixiv and look for any title with 'download'I might have it there.
I thought I accidently created a new thread and went on a deleting spree. I'll start posting some vids shortly.


File: 1544575739467.png (608.75 KB, 1280x720, loli000865.png)
Witcher: The world where eredin couldn't find you… What was it like?

Ciri: I don't want to talk about it…


File: 1544576988447.png (967.23 KB, 1280x720, gym000109.png)


I like the style and fluidity of both >:) I can only find two problems, which are the size of the dick and still trying to understand the ending concept. Did he skin her with his fist? (I like how you executed that animation though and how everything was put together:) )


Also for the bottle one, I like the blood drip and stretching along with liquid flow for the toilet bowl. That was well put together. (Also nice tit play with the other one and throw up). Nice to see you back in action.


Not gonna lie, this one was really fucking cool.


Dude your stuff is awesome!
Can you do some Christie or Momiji?


I've just wondered into your thread and I can say you've made tremendous progress in your animations. since you first started one year and a half ago.


Jesus what the fuck, how did I miss your Nova Blender animation??
How long did it take for you to animate that compared to SFM? Would you say it`s much harder to use Blender?
Would love to see more Blender animations!


File: 1546932488067.png (639.36 KB, 1280x720, Thanosintro2000112.png)

Finally got some time over xmas to dabble with some animations. Was fun. Hope you all enjoy. :)
*Did an oopsie and thought Hawkgirl was a Marvel char

Fate of Gamora!IEBkkK7Z!i-ef6E1KpLJ8DoR5GuPMggFt7TYuR3_dbSu2P1VCb4g

Fate of Ms. Marvel!kQRmyCbb!-V30T_BV42qVzjXZgB2K_Vqzmjxvgzy1I-566QFmxCE

Sorry to dissapoint. Didn't really have a good idea for that one. Wasn't originally planning on doing guro. So I guess that one is the power of Balrogs 'final' punch.

Sorry dude, I probably wont take any requests, just cause I don't know when I can commit the time to completing them.

I do want to get into some more blender. Sorry, I never completed that one. Its hard when my animations aren't in real time. The next update of Blender will change that though, I think. It will be cool to see what animators 10x better than me will do with it.

Appreciate all the feedback guys. Glad gc is back. :)


Is my bro back??>:) I see the new theatrical and animations. The gauntlet and abilities were flawless. Very well done, super professional lol. But, >:) two things the screams should be more intense (for someone getting limmbs ripped off)and why you no kill her with gauntlet? (:< So many abilities and possibilities to explore. Know her flesh, Finish Her! >:D


Hope the new update will encourage you to finish that animation!
Just so I can get an idea, that Blender animation compared to your usual SFM ones, how much more effort and time did it take?



Like your works,you have a passion!



File: 1554642102524.png (861.6 KB, 1280x720, Pero000321.png)

Wasn't sure if I should post it here. I've made this one pretty tame.

Nami - *No sound
Pero -
Nami_x_Ace -
Luffy_x_Robin_1 -
Luffy_x_Robin_2 -

Sorry for replying so late. Blender doesn't take that much longer than SFM to make. The problem is that its hard to get props without paying for them,(though its not too difficult to make).This big problem for me is fps drop to 1 when testing animations even in simple mode. It would of taken maybe triple the time though, cause of learning it all…etc. Same in 2.80. *cry


Glad to see you're still at it, you're right that it's a bit tame for my taste, but good animations nonetheless, last two gave me a chuckle.

Thanks for replying to my question, don't worry I've learnt to be patient(maybe I should learn how to animate).

Interesting, I'd though blender would take much more time, perhaps I should give it a shot then. What kind of props do you mean? And where would I go to shop for them?

I think what will satisfy me is just gore props, basic weapons, and models of course. Unless those are pay walled too…


Spectacular >:)

Only missed the gore. The pupil has become a Master >:)


>>22224 Anyone have this file?


DAMN! That Nami model looks fantastic! Can you make some necro animations with it? :D (also is there Carrot model? :P )


Where can we find your animations? Do you have a mega archieve or something similar? I really want that Rainbow Six Siege and that Widowmaker animation

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