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Gurochan, please help define what happens next. What is her name? Does she need to be restrained or do we trust her to hold still while being whipped?


she has a wonderful dick and a juicy set of girlballs under those panties and she definitely needs to be restrained, because after the whipping there should be worse things to come.


decap + neck fuck, simple yet effective


File: 1499038104647.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1482, v2.png)

Whipped for starters


I think some boy with big dick and balls must join to her, then she can kick him in the balls and then cut them off!!!


Seems like folks are ignoring questions. Considering she already held still for the whipping we can assume she's obedient enough. But I'd say she should now be restrained anyway and whip her some more as a reward.

Painslut is as good a name as any, but someone might have a better name out there for her.


As always, my vote will be towards anything that causes female pain, suffering, and violation.

Well done little project, so far, regardless.


I believe it is your own responsibility to select her name which will somewhat represent her character.
Plain restraints will be a bit boring here, so better do something more extreme like nail her hands to the table or feet to the ground and then whip her.

I prefer consensual guro, so there could be a picture where she is holding the whip in her hand and either offering it to audience (or another character) to whip her or whipping herself.

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