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Guro is great but the bdsm Lolis rendering is first class, see what u think and feel free to add to this thread as I will with lovely 3d Lolis in sexy gear, lingerie or butt naked.


File: 1497522180764.jpg (27.17 KB, 700x481, 20170615110904.jpg)


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Having trouble uploading some pics as 3 mb plus so sorry for some small pics.


Please send more are made super


I love this one. Great action and detail. Anal is a favorite.


>>12324 artist?


Anyone know if these artists are still creating? Or what about HT1 who did a lot of bdsm.Skeleton on 180chan dies some great work.


Anyone knows if there's a way to punish a necroposter permanently?
I mean seriously. Why the fuck would he want to necrobump a metric fuckton of older threads?




Both are active on lolicit and at least occasionally post new stuff. Not really guro, but there is some bdsm.



HT1 still posts on lolicit but his uploads are few and far between.



Can anyone pleeeeese post more images of lolis in bdsm on this thread - aren't there any more out there?

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