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File: 1492403063924.png (552.97 KB, 1440x860, wcfuta.png)


Decided to take a break from my game and animate something.

Limbless futa in her wheelchair struggling to masturbate herself without any arms or legs.


Pretty good! The orgasm and cumshot at the end was incredible! Do you think you can make a version with a reduced filesize though? 270mb for a 1:39 long clip is pretty big for normal use.

If you could make a webm clip or gif that's below 4mb, that would make it small enough to post to 4chan, but considering the length of the animation, that may be too unreasonable to ask of you.

If you're up for a bit of criticism, it seems to me that the animation itself is a little too fast, her movements too sudden and without pause for a girl missing her arms and legs. Also, she seems to be sitting up too straight, it would be hard for someone like her to keep balance while staying as upright as she is. Tilting her so that her center of gravity is falling back into the chair would mitigate this issue in my eyes.

Other than that, I liked her expressions and the camera had some good angles, and as I said, the cumshot was superb. I'm really looking forward to see how you grow and improve as you create more work like this!



I'll see if I can get it down more without ruining it.


I think this a more acceptable size?


11mb is definitely much more acceptable! Thanks!


File: 1492498926419.png (375.57 KB, 872x617, wcfuta11.png)

I made a new version.

I moved her hips forward so that her weight is more to the back. Dialed back her movement to a more helpless wiggle. Put a video on her TV that gives her dick a good reason to be hard. Hopefully this is better.


Fuck yes, that is amazing! I like the improvements, the reduction in speed really does give off that feeling of helplessness like you say. The video feed of another futa getting off to entice her was a good touch, it adds to the frustration that she can't touch herself the way the futa in the video is. Great work!

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