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Redoing the thread to clear out old useless versions.

I got entirely new shaders which I hope will fix the invisible problem. They're from the official asset store so they should work. If they still don't work it's out of my hands since I don't know what else I could do.


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Guess what? You did it! She's not invisible anymore! Congratulations!



Finally! Thanks for your patience. I guess there was just something wrong with the generated shaders for the model, but luckily I found some that were very close to the same. Because Unity's built in shaders are trash.


Great work! So now that you've solved this annoying issue, what are you gonna do next?



Probably redo my code before it gets too big. I've run into some issues adding things to it because I just slapped things together to get them to work.

After that I'm thinking about adding some toys and a different girl to choose from.


Cool, looking forward to seeing what you do.


Just downloaded the newest version. Good work so far (also thank you for fixing the invisibility issues), your ideas about adding different girls (maybe with different body forms?) sound good too.

How about implementing some more animations for the girl? (e. g. different facial expressions, making her squirm when she gets more aroused, let her blink sometimes...)



Thanks. She already does all those things but maybe I need to make them more obvious.



I think I just discovered another problem. I just now noticed in your screenshot that her facial expression isn't correct.

Can you confirm if she blinks and changes expression? If she doesn't then this is yet another bug that only happens on some computers.


On my system (win8.1 64bit) she doesn't move when she gets touched (freezes) and also doesn't change expressions.

I hope this helps you to identify the bug (are there any error-logs/codes to give further hints?)



Ok. I figured it out. It's not loading an essential DLL file in your case for some reason.

This is also why she was invisible as well.

64 bit shouldn't be a problem because I have that too. I need to figure out why that DLL isn't loading.



Also it would help if you could go in the Data folder and paste me the contents of output_log.txt


there is an error in the output_log that the following plugin couldn't be loaded because it hastn't been found:



Ok. Can you do me a favor and copy that DLL into the root folder where the .exe is and see if it works then?


I've tried out your advise, but it didn't change the bug (still the same error in the output_log)



Can you try installing Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015?

pick the x86 version, vc_redist.x86.exe


I have the same!


Just installed the C++ redistributable, now it works fine looks like that was the source of the error.

THX and great work!



Thanks for helping. I'm glad it works now because I have an update almost ready to come out and I'd hate to have it be for nothing.


Welcome :)

(I can't wait to see the nexts steps of this project)


I was wondering why things looked so stiff! It works much better now.


Any progress to report?



I'm working on it off and on. Took a little break because I need to make more animations and some new models since I can't find the ones I want.

I fixed some things and made her say things in text, and I'm going to add some hands to show how she's being touched and stuff but it isn't quite ready for a new version yet.


Any news for this project?
It would be great to hear from any progress :)


How do you move the camera? I can't rotate or zoom, only move in horizontal plane with arrows/WASD.


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Any news on thies project?
(pic not related)


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Any news on this project?
(pic not related)


Any news?



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Is it cool if we use this thread to post our own 3D limbless girls, lol?

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