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Here I'll be droping some misc works because i get bored if i work only in one series at a time... Maybe you can expect some little series... Like this one, I think will be 4 or 5 pics... Don't worry I'll keep working on the other series...


Oh, the poor belly. I hope she gets fucked at the cut.

Or can you make it so that he opens the belly, she then get fucked at her Little pussy and the cock get out of the cut and she has to stroke it with her Hand?


Looks verry promising! ;)


Oh my god! I think she is cuter than Ellie! lol But I hope there will be lot´s more of both!

I really love your work Sapik!

kiss kiss


This time you selected better hair, she looks much cuter.
(by the way what is this hair name)

I wonder If you are going to make any "hardcore" pictures, because it all looks so promising but I wonder what exciting techniques you are going to show.


I don't want to spoil it, but you're close!!
Thank you Sarah!! Hopefully will be a lot more work XD
I use "Sexy pigtails hair" by OOT
Hopefully you'll see some guts here... I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it that can look good enough...


File: 1489512046630.jpg (942.84 KB, 2560x1440, morgue2b.jpg)


Hi, I would like to get better at using these "special techniques", however I find it really hard to find decent content. I assume you use Daz3d? Can you recommend anything gore related?


Hi there!
Well, I am just like you, I couldn't find too many decent content for gore, so mostly of my work is custom made... At least for morphs and some props... I'm only using only !DND Blood shaders and fictionalbookshelf "The gore" who have some nice textures and shaders that you'll see me using for internal organs... Then, I recomend you to learn some other 3d tools... I use mostly ZBrush because, thanks to the GoZ plugin, is really easy and fast to make custom morphs and normal, displacement and even textures maps. Then I use something of Blender to make some simple props... If you want, email me and ask me whatever you want to know so we can keep this thred clean, because there are no simple answers for what you need XD... I'll help you in anything i can... I'm still learning and testing for guro related art, so maybe we can figure out together...


Hi Sapik,
Thank you for your answer :) I just saw a couple of youtube clips regarding zbrush and it seems like its quite the powerful tool combined with daz studio. At first I thought you would do most of the gore as post work. Are you familiar with using Rons Blood II?
In order to keep the thread clean, we could also start a thread in the discussion, and maybe other people can learn/contribute :D .


File: 1489600515312.jpg (987.28 KB, 2560x1440, morgue3.jpg)

I have Ron's blood I & II, but my drawing skills are not so good, so i prefer to work with ZBrush and Daz and i get better results (is what i think at least)... Is a good idea to start a new thread! Could be nice if we can help each other...


Damn son, good stuff coming right up!
I look forward to see this part and see you unleash your skills :)

I will start a new thread during the weekend, since I have way too many things to do at the moment. I will try out both Rons Blood and zBrush, Rons blood might be good for splatter? Its just, zBrush looks like it takes quite some time getting used to, how long have you been using the program?
Thank you, for helping me out you seem like a really cool guy! :D


and same here


in the hope Sapik will return soon




Fuck what i Love this its so but want too är hon fick her dead body







oh gawd, more


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