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New thread for my comic.


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Votes are open!
3 way to vote until 03/11/2017

[comment vote not allowed for gurochan]
- in the official strawpoll:
- to the patreon poll:

Comic released under CC by license. Feel free to share.

If you're interested into translating this comic, please contact me on my patreon page.


Very nice comic. The motion blurr and lighting of the renders are great.


nice comic lost of hard work, great panel layout!!!

Maybe it would be more guro related if and I think she is some kind of immortal or something? She like went through what would normally killed a human but lived, ya know something a bit more gory with the idea? not need to be gory but ya know death or what would be to a normal person if that makes sense :P

Good luck, loved reading the story!


Im rather impressed with your work. Fine renders and entertaining to read :)


great work! I wonder what will happen next ^_^


not sure if votes here count cause your image and the text here contradict each other but regardless I say would be a shame for such a voluptuous female even that of a witch to go to waste


I'm honestly shocked how many votes are going towards "investigate", given the nature of this 'chan.


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Nice work! Could you please make some close ups of the creature corpses? I'd love that. In some strange way, I find them to be really sexy ;)


amazing part 2 :D I too would love to see more closeups, can't wait to see what happens next ^_^


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Thanks for your advice, i can't add PoV easily on those ones, the best i can do is give you the full-sized render


File: 1493071162487.png (1.65 MB, 1000x1000, 21_6_final.png)

I promise there will be more sexy death in the next chapter.
I am open to any advice :)


Well, it's a start :) Thanks!
Just give us lots of more dead creatures in detail and close up and I'll be happy :P


Are you still making stuff?
I am still waiting for new fantastic work. And I can't wait to see more of those sexy creatures used for pleasure and killing ;)






My suggestion to guro chan are (just ideas, in case you'll like it):
1. Make 2 or 3 evil woman sexually assault dante
2. There's a lot of dante's nipple licking
3. Dante is forced to impregnated
4. Dante being so sweaty and oiled while seduced.
5. The red haired witch tries to release dante from them but fail.
Sounds hot right ^^?

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