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Download both files before you extract. I use winrar so that should work properly, but I haven't tested it with winzip. PM me if you have any issues.
It's a 3D loli tentacle rape animation. They're pretty much just short loops, but I think it's alright. File size after everything is extracted is around 2 gigs so keep that in mind.

Description from English DLSite

Young Ashamed & Tormented: Amazing Movies -Tentacle Edition- (w/ SS & Pregnancy)

Circle: Pozahara

You are the tentacles.
In the bowels of a writhing nautilus
you and she exist together.
The naked, hairless blonde nymphette...
... whom is ravished, and humiliated
By the instinctive and mutual gyrations
of flesh upon flesh, within flesh,
sexual urges that could not be subdued.

Pozohara presents...
Mindblowing 3DCG animations w/ SS (short story)

6 total situations with 4 perspectives
68 total movie clips incl. omake (bonus)
Choose your favorite clips & angles
There are no variations in the story text,
but you can enjoy some scenes with pregnancy.

Bonus test render footage included
(penetrating tentacles and bouncing tiny breasts)
Further screenshots included: 2,245 images

In summary:
- 68 movie clips (MP4/webm)
- 71 movies or pages (HTML) with SS
- 2,245 screenshots (JPEG)
to Download


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Link is died can u reup?


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torrent or other link for pregposer download?


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