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This is book 2 of a story where a guardian and her charges, traveling through space are captured by a race at war with mankind. The Minotians have already made use of one of their party while those left are waiting for a promised chance to leave. Now locked in seclusion, the brother and sister have nothing to do but wait ... or so it seems. The Minotian Princess, the daughter of the king, has other plans. ... grandiose plans.

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Genre: guro, gore hentai, bloody hentai, extreme hentai, horror hentai, snuff fantasy
Censored: no
Color: full color
Language: English
Format: jpg
Pages: 123
Size: 124.4 MB

Extreme hentai pics with blood, Ritual Guro, Hanging Guro, Asphyxiation Guro, Gril Guro and Amputation Guro


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You know that this requires a password to download, right? That you haven't bothered to provide.


No it doesn't ( Samme is posting garbage links full of viruses.


I was wondering if someone was going to point that out.

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