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I think this will be first VR guro here.
You can see it on you plain monitor all you need to do is to cross your eyes in a way that right eye will see left image and left will see right
It will take for you some time to get accustomed to that but eventually you will see everything in depth.


File: 1488164288489.jpg (289.79 KB, 800x800, GrParalel.jpg)

For those who cant cross eyes easily here is parallel version which can be seen simply by relaxing you eyes as if you look far away

however you have to zoom it to the size where individual picture size is equal or less than distance between your eyes so unlike with cross eyed method it will be pretty small and low detail.

In practice there is no difference which eye sees which picture and strangely enuough swapping them even increases depth perception


Improved version with different stereo method
much better depth perception and easier to acomodate


File: 1488167426381.jpg (286.22 KB, 820x800, GParalel.jpg)

oops forgot the image


Thank you! Gonna test this in Oculus tomorrow


File: 1500998494028.png (640.73 KB, 1176x680, Kst1176.png)

Will I join, too?


it doesn't work on a normal monitor, but it's very ambitious. if only it was a boy lol :P


File: 1501066933274.png (660.8 KB, 1086x640, wk-h.png)

Why does not it work on a normal monitor? Here. Working.


I found one of those old 3d photo viewers in an antique store for about $60. I moved the camera slightly as you do here and printed out the images then pasted them onto the slightly curved cardboard. You can recreate these old 3D photo type pictures.

I would love to be able to walk through my scenes with VR. I haven't experienced it, yet. It must be something else!


In your comment to me on posting, what you are saying is that if you put everything in one thread, viewers can look up their favorite author. Or does posting separate stories crowd out the others? Some of these threads are running over 500 frames. Very difficult to find what you are looking for. I have over 650 images I can transfer that represent 24 series.


I made some VR tests on google cardboard VR but decided that it is not worth the hassle. This walking experience is not that good as expected.

You have a strange habit to post everything everywhere.
But the main benefit for you is not that viewer can see their favorite authors, but that if you post everything in one or few big threads they will get bumped automatically with each update or reply, while if you just post one story get one of 2 replies and it will fall down and get forgotten or disappear entirely.

You are not likely to crowd out productive authors other because those who post in one thread always stay on top while one time thread drops down faster than you can even notice them, but you may spam all board with your posts driving off less popular content.

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