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Hi, I'm a videogame 3D artist very interested in the idea of only making perverted stuff for us depraved people of the dark corners of the web. I make my 3D art mostly from scratch. That means Sculpting, modelling, texturing and animating. I also use Unity for my renderings and for programming interactivity, as I prefer my work to be interactable.

That means that it takes time, longer than using DAZ or SFM, sadly. My output is a bit slower than most I think, but the upside is that what I do has my own style. That and the interactivity, which is pretty important to me.

I have a devblog on tumblr where I post short videos of what I'm currently developing and an store where I'll put all my testing builds up for a couple bucks each. I also have a Patreon, but I won't ask you to support me because I know I still haven't yet delivered anything big to show. You can look me up in all of those places just by typing my name, which is Dorumeka.

If you are confused by the word I use to describe my work, ~doru~, it means doll. I see my models as dolls, in the adult toy sense, that are made for people to play with.

Well, that was a lot of text. I will share some images in here periodically. Expect to see dismemberment, ryona, zako and maybe even a bit of vore for now. If everything goes well, I'll keep doing pervy games and toys.


File: 1488141585566.jpg (230.25 KB, 1280x720, 2017-02-26 07-06-02.mp4_sn….jpg)

For now I'll post the same gory images I posted on my page, but as I keep working I'll keep gurochan in ming and try to take some captures only for this thread.



Hello Dorumeka's.

I would love to play an torture game where you could torture/kill/rape the victim and can pick the gender and model. Actually I am only into women, but just for all purposes. I know it's difficult producing this stuff and I appreciate your work.

Would pay.


This looks like it'll be fun! Big question, though: will we be able to modify the doll assets? Retexture the models to our liking, or add stuff like clothes, hair, and new body shapes?
For example, I'm a big fan of Mortal Kombat, and while I like the catsuit look of your ninja girls well enough, I'd be in god-damn heaven if I could dress them up like the ninjas from MK 2 and 3.

Make the dolls customizable, and I'm sold!



I answered you in another thread, but I'll answer here again, as a sort of official answer ;)

I love hearing suggestions, so keep them coming. Torture, killing and rape are mechanics that I think I know how I would program. This kind of games where you are in front of a doll and torture with some tools and to these kinds of things interest me a lot, I've just never seen one that I really liked. I think I would like to try that as some point. Maybe sooner, maybe later.


Modifying the game assets is very tricky. I haven't looked into how would a Unity game work with that, but I know it can be done. At least in 2D, because it's simpler. 3D might be way more complex and require lots of tinkerings and things to solve. I will make no promises on that regard. I would like to look into that as well, but I think that won't be a priority.

Now, as far as in-game customization goes, that's way more simple, and I've been trying to make my models with that in mind. You will see small degrees of customization at first, while I learn how to do that properly. For later projects I will have more ways in which you could alter the appearance of the characters.


you should add if possible some way for ragdolling dead bodies, also some necro animations would be nice.

Also, give us a great variety of models ranging from normal people to car girls and whatever



Check this out > Is that what you mean by ragdolling the dead bodies? Also, what do you mean by necro animations? Do you have some example that I can see?

The models are the most work intensive part of the whole process for me, as it does not matter if I have done many before, most of the time I need to make them almost from scratch. That means sculpting, retopologizing, unwrapping, texturizing, rigging, animating. What I'm trying to say is that it takes time. I will and want to do all kinds of girls, but I can't do it as fast or as easily as I would like to. Money helps, but only up to a certain point.

Nevertheless, my intention is to keep doing this for as long as my free time and other needs allow me.


>>The models are the most work intensive part of the whole process for me,

I think you should first do something to make it possible to import models from DAZ, poser, MMD or other software which already has lots of them, sometimes even with physic.

if not, you will be wasting time on inventing bike and even doing it multiple times.
this will also make modding process much easier and if you will even make final game it will get even more content from other users

In general you simply get standard OBJ files and rigging data as well as various morphs all in plain text format, so that should not be hard to use in your own application.



Well, so long as I can in-game modify my ninja doru to look like Princess Kitana, I'll happily buy it! Good luck; will keep an eye on this.



I don't want to do that. From a efficiency perspective, what you propose makes sense. But there's a reason why I decided not to do that.

In the case of that video, you could have a machine that makes all the different parts of a violin and joins them together using the most efficient techniques in order to save time. Would the violins be any good? The could totally be. They could sound awesome even. But there's something special about a musical instrument that is made by a person. It's hard to explain, but I understood that when I watched that whole video.

There should be room, always, for both ways of doing things. Efficient and artfully. When I make my models, I like to make them special, at least for me. Your method would not allow me to do that. I've used DAZ' Genesis and other similar software for procedural human models. They are useful for some purposes, but not for what I want. I want to create these dolls with love, as silly and may as counter-intuitive as that sounds. And I think that, at some point when I'm much better at what I do, one would be able to note that.

I believe there can be art to be found in this type of games. And to find it, I might have to do some compromises, such as not being able to import user provided models as easily.


So, that's the reason why I'm not as open as working with pure DAZ models as I'm to other ideas. I appreciate the suggestion, though. I thank you for it. Perhaps at some point in the future I could re consider, but for now my preference is to keep doing my own models.


Oh, and I forgot. I wan't to make a remark about DAZ models. I think they are very useful for getting some good base body meshes for sculpting. I don't remember if it's for these dolls, but I've made some models by getting a DAZ o Makehuman model, cutting of the head, sculpting a head and changing of the body on Max or Zbrush and retopologizing it all.

I find them very useful, just not for the purpose proposed.


Nice! Thanks a lot. I will absolutely keep that level of customization in mind.


I somewhat understand your point and I guess the reason is that you are more interested in playing with 3d models than actual programming.

however in that case I highly doubt if you will be ever able to make some decent product because you will not have enuogh time to do everything by yourself manually.

This is not even matter of quality or artistic work, but main principle of your product as if you focus on content itself of you focus on logic to accommodate another content for your need inventing specific mathematics procedures like making algorithm which will low cutting any model anywhere into pieces pieces that will behave according to certain physic.

In comparison to your analogy this is either making violin manually or making violin production factory which can later produce limitless quantity of violins without your involvement.


Time will tell.



File: 1488386261726.png (665.07 KB, 693x571, pile.PNG)

I thought this was nice. A scripting error kept instancing ragdolled limbs. Unity almost crashed, but managed to take a screenshot.


if you could make one of those ladies impaled through the gut with a sword or stake or spear that would be AMAZING


Is this going to be a game or a sandbox? I'd be happy with a customization sandbox where we could dress them however we want, position them however we want, and kill them however we want. Very good idea so far


File: 1488434607775.gif (641.01 KB, 224x226, gibs.gif)


That sounds good. Added to the to-do list.

I want to have some sandbox elements. The first testing release has a bit of that, but it's pretty basic yet. I want to have a way for people to change the textures of the models, to allow for some small modding, but I still haven't look at that. I suspect it wouldn't be so hard to do.

Posing. Now that's fancy stuff. I don't think I will implement that because it would be a ton of work. Not so easy for me.

Having many ways to kill? Hell yeah.


File: 1488439270788.png (246.33 KB, 433x243, demo2.PNG)

I've uploaded a free demo. It's only for showing the ragdoll and gibbing mechanics. Feel free to check my work in here:


I bought the trial. Can't wait to see more. Thanks


Thank you so much. It means a lot receiving that kind of support.


A little update. I decided to test a quick game idea. This will not change my plans for a bigger "game" with more story and combat.

I had an idea, just because I found that toying with the ragdolls was so fun. The goal would be to make the dorus go through a ring (like circuses). If they go outside the ring, they explode and die. Maybe the dismembered corpses return to the original area or go somewhere that can be better appreciated in some way. There could be variations and different level designs.

But that's just an idea. I don't know if I should put much time into it or not. That's why I'll make a free test, so if you think it's fun, I could put just a bit more time into it. I'm taking about no more than a week worth of work. I expect the free test to be ready in some hours, with luck.


Man, i just love your dorus! Thumbs up!


Its way too early to buy a copy, but it's definitely something I'm going to keep an eye on. I love the way the models look, whole and gibbed. I'd like to see more interaction with the dolls (pick them up, move them around) as well as gibbing from a weapon (like a sexy version of Paint the Town Red)

so far it looks interesting


Thanks <3

That's a kick ass reference. I'll check how that game handles the combat mechanics closely. Thanks!


Need some face variety, hooded/ hoodie perhaps.


File: 1488578938465.png (830.91 KB, 869x713, uYMBzzt.png)

I have two varieties. Hooded and with hair. The hairs will be semi-randomized. I will try to randomize the facial topology but I don't know if it's possible with my current models. Another thing that I plan on randomizing is the eyebrows/eyelashes and eyes color. The skin tone is in the "maybe" list.


I'm now working on the game design. I decided to make my design document public, so if you are interested in what type of game this project will become, you can take a look:

Feel free to comment in here.


I wonder if that counts as you taking my suggestion to think about decent game mechanic?
From that text it looks like pretty decent project. except that it sounds like common 3d shooter now without any focus on guro theme.

as for suggestions , I think you could make one unique weapon (mind control gun) where player can control those dolls and use them as his own character not with very precise control that it could be used to snipe enemies but enough for using her as suicide bomber or plain suicide as way of getting rid of the enemy without raising alert.

gravity gun style manipulation looks good and it could be used not only for posing but for combat too as you could use body as weapon to smash other enemies until that body disintegrates into pieces


Hey Onix, good to see you around.

Possessing enemies and use them as living bombs? Haha, I like that idea. I will definitely try to prototype that.

It seems like an common 3d shooter? I hear you. What do you think would make it more "guro friendly"? For me it was mainly the ways in which you kill them. I was going to try to make the weapons reference some of the popular topics.

As for the GDD, that's just how I work. Like I said, I focus first on visuals, and that's what I did. Having a simple prototype where I can actually see what the characters look like, what vibes do they give me, help me come up with design ideas. After that first "look and feel" phase, I start tackling the game design.

That was my idea for the gravity gun. Something similar to the last part of hl2, but gorier.


So long as you can fuck them before/after/while you kill them, I'm happy.


I agree that guro game should focus on the way how you kill your enemies but not on using your fighting skills. But as usual everything is limited by human abilities. It will be pretty hard to make it all possible.
I wonder how many ways to kill them you expect to implement in your game.? and what injuries you are going to simulate?

Now I can only see 2 ways of killing them, but can you add more like cutting off or blowing up individual limbs, head or breasts, add some character differences like breast size and makeup.
And also they should not die immediately but stay alive indefinitely when severely injured, try to crawl even if their lower part is destroyed or sometimes continue to fight back ignoring everything.

Another pretty easy feature is piercing enemies with arrows sticks or impaling them on sharp objects

and finally last, but important thing for guro is changing facial expressions that reflect emotions of those dolls and some associated movements as it wold be great if character does not ignore fact of getting injured but stop attacking try to look at the injured part and react in some way with certain facial expression and behavior, some may just faint upon getting slightest injury, some try to run away in fear some continue to fight ignoring everything or just give up, start crying and beg to spare their lives.
If there is bigger group and one of them gets terribly mutilated they can also react with fear and run away or crouch into the corner try to help their friend etc.

I think those features are not too hard to implement because you only need several facial textures for emotions and some scripting for movementsm but this is very important for guro game. not to be limited to plain gory deaths but also provide appropriate emotional response and let player to decide which moral choice to make.

With that kind of content you will not need huge maps as game objective will be not just run at max speed to the target but actually interact with the characters you meet.


Noted. Will try to make them fuckable.

I like your ideas. When I get to an appropriate point, I will consider each of them. I'm now working on the more fundamental aspects of the game, like AI, and that will take some time.


probably something like this, "hooded cloak"
"hooded scarf"

I can't seem to upload any images here anymore...

I am very interested to help with this project, but i only have an artist friend to do some stuff while i myself have zero ideas about actual programming and its problems...Maybe only a litttle bit of animation skill.

It'll be great to have the fucking experience to be long lasting or adventurous. While guro is attention-grabbing, i think it's mechanic can/need, organs, intestinals, bleeding, half-dying...maybe even regenerations...



Maybe the dorus can masturbate in fear and while fleeing...


Dying zakos would be fantastic in this game. Like you cut off her arm or leg and she lies there begging to be spared.


I am not making this game, but do you think that masturbating in fear while running away makes sense?

However It could be interesting if game has some masochist dorus who actually like being tortured and instead of running away moans from pleasure when you beat them or this kind of behavior could be induced by using some device where instead of attacking you they become masochist sluts and try to have sex with anyone who is close by.

but if game will alow customization this can be added anytime.
as additional script.
what matters most is collection of basic functionality which you can expand later easily.


anyway to push this thing outside unity? doing it traditionally again?


Why would anyone do that?



What are the basic functionality??


I'm very sad to announce that I will not continue working on this or any other project. Here's what I have to say about it:




Very brave of you to choose your priority.
i hope someone else will continue your project and doesn't have any problems with it. It's indeed rather sensitive, and probably not worth than your loved ones.

I do hope you have acquired what you need, like skills and the knowledge from it.

Good luck with your next endeavor!


What just happened?



Read the link in description.

OP probably got nuked.


>>10507 Nuked?

By who? what? Social justice?



By one-liner jumpscares and quick assumption that is.
Killer civilian thought process.

I hope OP got a better job than this.
Some of us already paid for it.
OP seems like a decent programmer/designer. It shouldn't be too hard


i'd love to make sound music for your game


I love this idea! You mentioned Vore, I would love to make your dolls swallowed alive or munched to a pulp I would absolutely jump on that when it is released. Have you thought about things like meat grinders, steamrollers, hydrolic presses, or acid baths as well?


File: 1503135360377.gif (4.28 MB, 300x300, dm.gif)

I'm glad to announce that I'm back working on the project!

It wasn't social justice that took me down, it was just a life affair that I had to take care of. Now it is solved, so I can resume developing >:)

Go to my tumblr ( and write me a pm if you are still interested!

Vore is an ambition I'd like to see in this game. I want to include it, but it's too soon to make promises about that. Ideas are never in short amount, the thing is figuring out how to make/program them. Still, that sounds interesting.


Yay ^_^ Happy to see that this isn't dead


Holy shit! I'm so glad you're back! Do you have a download for this new shooting and exploding build? I will gladly pay for it if you have that option!


My day just got better. THank you for returning


Thanks a shit ton, guys.

I'm going to add a bit more functionality and optimizations before I put it on my store. Glad to see you like it!


Hello, not sure if it's to your taste, but have you ever thought of adding in something along the lines of neck breaking?


I've just created a twitch account. I don't know if the streams will be saved since I'm listening to copyrighted music, but here's the link to my channel anyway:


Could you please add penises? I've always wanted to chop a dick off in a game, even if it's a game like this.


u M or F?


What do you mean? How does that work in-game?

I think this is the most requested thing so far. The models are already done and adding them would be an ordeal. BUT, there's a way in which I could do it. I could always just put them on top of the models.

This is something that I want to do for you guys, so I think it would definitely make it to the final game.


thankyouthankyouthank you!!!

Please make sure they're uncut though, cut dicks are super gross


please dont charge money, just give us the option to pay.


I'm not sure how you could put it, in reference to the neck breaking/neck snapping, in the game, as I have no clue about game design and I am not sure what kind of game you are going to make. Perhaps if there was some form of stealth of fighting in the game a neck snap would be able to be implemented ^_^ But in the end, it's all up to you boss.


My plans involve making a demo version, which would be for free, but charge for the full game, except for some patrons.

I need to charge money, because I want this to be my job, and I'm risking my time into this. For now I can do it for without earning real money, but at some point I would need to evaluate if I can keep with the project and how much time I can put into it.

I'll consider this in the not so far future. Thanks for the suggestion!


Oh, I forgot to put my name in the last post ^^


some people don't have money.


they should try getting a job then.


That's why I wan't to do a free demo. More than that I can't do, sorry.


I literally have no money... If you added me on steam, would steam trading cards be ok?


File: 1503450383367.gif (2.51 MB, 300x300, GIF.gif)

Hairstyle logic implemented.


I won't accept steam trading cards as payment, sorry. Write me a PM through any of my social media in the future to see if there's any other way. For now, it's too early to discuss anything related to purchases or costs.


>>13949 pm where?




I don't have tumblr. Do you have Twitter, steam, or something?


File: 1503555725252.gif (2.64 MB, 383x196, GIF.gif)

Some updates:
* 2 placeholder hairstyles done
* Simple hair color randomization
* Simple eye color randomization
* Simple skin color randomization
* Height randomization
* Bodily proportions randomization (boobs and ass sizes)

More in-depth:


So is there a free demo somewhere? It looks quite promising, I'd like to test it. I'd probably buy the full version if I like it!




hoodie please?

or a hooded scarf??
like shinobi or buddhist nun headwear?


Everything related to downloads and playing/testing what I do is/will be in here: I'll work on the second testing build with these new changes. They are a way for people to test what I'm doing and also support me financially. As with the first one, there will be a paid and a free version.

By the way, pay no mind to the "final update" announcement. I haven't updated the games' description. The project is very much alive now :)

Somebody asked me something like that:


I see. I used to work with 3d modelling tools.
DM me for more details :)
I love this kind of project.


Dorumeka! Do you plan to add a strangling feature? Strangling a doru in first person as she struggles and fights for her life would be amazing.


strangling actually seems like a pretty good idea (at least imo ^_^)


I like the idea of strangling too :)



are you open for paid volunteers?


A popular topic. I will have strangling as an item in the to-do list. I don't know about hands, as there would be many things to animate/coordinate that I wouldn't know how to best approach, and could take a lot of time.

I'll tell you what. This is an idea I've been toying around with. When the original idea I had is more developed and the game has a little more form, I could open some voting system for Patreon pledgers, in which you could choose what feature/mechanic/weapon you'd like me to add to the game.

I know different outfits/models are a big thing also, but they would take a lot of work. So I would still need to figure out an efficient way of working those.

Do you mean as in "I'll pay you to help me with something"? Definitely not. I'm not making money yet with this project, and I'm not certain if I will make enough honestly. I'm living of savings for now, so I can't make an investment like that.



Then, what if "i'll help for free if you can share some tips and be my friend"

Something like that?


I sent you an email ^^


Will this include variety of sexual poses and activity?

Kinda boring killling them and destroying them only.

Maybe make a feature of breathing while they are dead.
Regeneration. Limping escape... dying taunts...

Or even super powered offense.

Maybe some sort of modifier of their amount



Panting and reassemble?





There was ..konashion


This sounds way too in game are too busy.

I prefer ready use assets and activities, animationsm


Why is this thread getting quiet suddenly?


Hey do still need help with your work?

I lost my other email.
PM please.



OP has gone dark suddenly..

is this project cancelled?



abandon alll hope... you are too deep.







OP has forgotten you...



Sorry but i'm actually here now.
I lost my older email so i'm waiting for OP's verification.

I had some terrible fight in life just recently so i lost my old phone and emails.


OP please respondd!!!!

We need your guidanceee and direction and mo-
I mean...images!



OP don't you need help?

Don' you need faster mthods???


Great almost mistook you as OP for using "I".

everyone figures this is all fictional and must not be done inreal life, rigth?



OP please let me know if it is released>>10088

OP let us buy it when we have money OP!



Why re these too beautiful OP!!!

This can replace my needs in real life if perfecteddd!
I hope my lady would love it of course...

Wouldn't want to do a thing to her.


File: 1504102147030.jpg (63.94 KB, 560x420, 466eaae5745b521f38762416f7….jpg)


Is there an easier way to make games and work on stuffs?


Art is always hard...unless you can be Kim Jung Gi and keep it zipped.



Zipped? Why?



well, for one thing...artists are only customers!
Not developers.

They don't make the tools.

The one who make the tools are the programmers!



You mean the OP



Does OP counts as engineers or developers?



Will girl dies if their head is cut off



well psycho, which random ugly girls you are talking about



A doll one of cours. A doll one!

One with personality is such a waste to be killed.



Even if it cheats behind you?



Well, look at how far this discussion has gone...
Will the game be a turn off if the characters have persona??


File: 1504132935745.png (178.26 KB, 960x245, itch banner.png)

Haha, guys, everything is ok, but I understand your concern :).

I took some days without posting anything here because I don't have the free demo for the second testing build out yet. I took one day off, but still, working on the menus and other presentation stuff took some time.

The project now has a proper name: Ryona Assassins. You can find the current testing build in the link above. As before, it has a donation price, not because it has some game value to it, but because I ask for it in order to know that I'm not doing all of this for nothing. But there will be a free version soon.

Thanks a bunch for your interest <3


All of that extra stuff could be in game. The plan is to make something worth playing first, then add new mechanics over time. Btw, expect no ETA. It'll be ready when it is.

Thank you <3

Hahaha. I understand you perfectly.

I've always loved Kisirian's work, but I'm not him, btw. He definitely is one of my main sources of inspiration.

There's always an easier way. The thing is that most of the time, the faster route costs you freedom to do what you originally wanted. If not that, then the easier route costs money. I work in Unity, and it has an Asset Store which lets you buy all sorts of things, like already implemented logics. I don't plan on purchasing many things, but I've already have. For instance, the hair system I use is not made by me, but it's good because it allows me to randomize many things and do a number of other things that I woulnd't be able to achieve on my own.

This is an exciting topic for me, haha. Am I an engineer? Well, I don't have an engineering degree, but I also my work has nothing to do with what the root of the word engine-er is. I'm a developer because I develop games. I'm also an artist because I am creating something in which I'm putting my feelings and my ideas into it, and other can appreciate and feel things with it.

I think you can be a technician and an artist at the same time. You don't have to be Michelangelo to be an artist, you just need to put your heart into something and have the intent for other people to receive something from it.

I'm trying to give them some personality, actually, so I hope it's not a turn of because of that. I think it doesn't have to be a turn off because these are just toys, little creations that don't exist made with the purpose of helping us have fun. I, as the creator, give you full permission to do with them whatever your heart desires, haha.



No hoodie?

Skintight zentais are quite a bore...



Shut tup!
Don't you know how hard it is to just make one single assets?

eveyone is putting their time and desire on this



Who's everyone??

OP is just one person...OP is not sharign the money and fun with us



Beside we're not really sick and depraved


How about outlining how will the game be in the end and actually gather the funds and time required to finish it?

Share profit!



Hello is just a Mr crab now.



Yeah beside the game is not...finishing any time soon...

We all has lives and things to do...
Would be tiresome to wait for the game to finish



Yeah beside the game is not...finishing any time soon...

We all has lives and things to do...
Would be tiresome to wait for the game to finish



Not sure, OP just makes it alone. Maybe it's easier for OP already.

modelling, rigging, and everything is still troublesome.

Good job on your work OP...but not fast enough


File: 1504159358191.jpg (222.72 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_inline_no7q1auZSf1s….jpg)

Is that what you mean by hoodie? For now, I'm probably not doing other costumes until the project is close to completion. I know people want more options. I too want. I think it's more important right now to work on the gameplay mechanics.

I have this pending, but I will do a public roadmap of what's to come later down the line.


Yep. It takes time and effort.

Yes, I'm one person doing 99.9% of the work.

What do you mean by "share profit"? That idea sounds like crowd sourcing, which is an interesting possibility for me, but first I would need to have something more solid to show. And, there's the thing that for now I don't want to be tied to a specific proposal for the game. I have some ideas, but it all depends on whether it's fun or not. If it's not, then the game design will have to change, and if I promise something, I won't have much room to make the changes I deem necessary.

Exactly. It will take time. I don't know how much, so please have that in mind.

Thanks! It might not be apparent, but I work a lot of hours on this. That's why I opened a twitch channel (, so you guys can see how it's done. I don't stream everything I do, because honestly it's a little more calming not being connected all the time, but when I do I like to answer questions and just talk with whoever is watching.


Wow, appearance.



OP we don't want your streaming. You can lead if you know the workload and how.



Say op rather than a photo reference, would you be willing to send me character model so i can build a hoodie base on that reference?

I can also build a face.

It's alright if you don't want to, but then, i better take my leave already.



Yeah OP, do we need like an enclosed channel for these?
like slack or skype OP?

This place is too open ended.


OP has everything almost figured out, mayb left is...
personality, story...choice and slection...

Hello, do you know how to make menus?


NO not, really...

it seems OP is using Unity...which is quite a hassle...
i can only do visuals too...

and animation.



This is quite a hoodie...but i am more looking for something like a sweatshirt hoodie...

Maybe a ninja suit...or a headscarf...
we need targets.



OP will this game be a sandbox of sorts?


OP, is dorumeka will be your name?

Is it okay if i drop by in your credit?
Are you worried if someone in real life knows you are working on this kind of thing?

If you do, what will you respond them when they meet you


I decided to check Unity engine and it looks not that bad in terms of customization ability.

Considering character development it can import characters from Daz or other 3d software along with all rigging. So the only issue is if this game has some automated functionality which allows to cut and manipulate those characters. And as I noticed Unity has that functionality built-in already where you can slash any object in any direction and pieces will obey laws of physic. Also there is functionality to simulate almost all physical aspect with great amount of realism.

Considerable amount of work is already done all that I do not see is a complete game which could unite all that stuff into one package.
I guess it may be related to computing power issues as if everything gets packed onto one thing it may require very powerful machine to run



Sure is not that bad...

Requiring one powerful machine...
hey Onix. are you trying to sell the game for public or sell a machine?

This game has potential without the need to be humongous to play.

Something lightweight like student work would make this game perfect///


Anyone knows konashion



And here's a another lost fans...

Maybe you know kisirian too right


Maybe make a booru where anyone can put it costumes and face??


As for konashion the blog is already dead...lack of maintenance and funds kills the project.

Even fans needs to eat right...
the modders need money.


I think if we talk about this kind of game where visuals are primary concern image quality should be most important aspect even if this will make it not very responsive.
Without all those features it will be just another FPS with little value.

I do not expect OP to implement all that, but what I say is that it is just not so hard or impossible as it was said before. Unity is not that bad as it is often stated here.

It seems to be totally possible to replace his low poly models with something ultra detailed or just throw in some readily available environment.
What has the highest value in this game is all that logic and physic which could allow those advanced actions to happen.



Um, why chop of a dick???

Like, why chop of a vagina???



Highly detailed at the cost of gameplay is stupid.

What for extra pimples and the creases?
Are you just fancy for datas?

We are all looking for entertainment not some extra polygon to squint your eyes on.


Beside it would be a waste to destroy all these assets for something more high polygon.

What a wastee.


File: 1504181923245.png (3.32 MB, 1750x982, demo.PNG)

Hey guys, passing by to tell you all that I have a free version for the second testing build. You can find it here:

Guys, this thread is getting a bit out of hand. Haha. There are a lot of suggestions and points being made that are starting to really pile up. I'll try to answer as much things as I can.

About the costumes (a.k.a. hoodies). I plan on adding more suits/costumes/models later on. Probably by vote for patrons. But that's not now.

There will be some small sandbox elements, but don't expect Garry's mod.

Yep, Dorumeka is what to call me ^^

You can import models from DAZ, and from lots of other places. The thing is, doing that *run-time* (via the game itself, not the editor), is a challenge. You can buy assets in the asset store that let you do that (I've seen one costing 100 dollars), but that's not to say that with a that purchase you can just import whatever you want. It still takes time and work. I don't claim to know every aspect of Unity, but I have a lot of experience, so I think that I know for a fact that it would still require a lot of work to make something like that work.

Onyx, how does Unity has the functionality to cut objects? I've seen some scripts on the Asset Store, but they work with regular meshes, not skinned meshes, which are the ones that a rigged 3D model (a character) uses. One can modify such script to make it work, or even do one from scratch, but it's hard stuff if you don't know how to do it. So, I can't make that happen, sorry guys.

Depending on the success of this project, I will have a way for the community to submit ideas for new costumes or game mechanics and I'll do my best to add them to the game, but that's in the future.


Just tested the game functionality!
It's very cool!

I realized maybe you can decide all the extra costume already.

hoodie, hooded scarves, cloak, nun costume, hooded raincoat, buddhist nun costume, hooded witch costume...

maybe we can just submit images for you to work on? what do you think?

Adding extra polygon will be a pain, the game already enters very slow on my 2017 machine.

Any more and i'll be wasted.


Images sound good, but as I said, in the future ^^.

Have you tried lowering the graphics settings in the launcher? Also, in-game I have a way to reduce the complexity of the ragdolls. It's the slider that appears when you click on "Settings". Slide it all the way to the right.


I do not know everything in details, but I just checked Unity features on youtube, and it was surprising what is already done and what is possible.
Sure there can be serious limitations that I do not know so I can't argue with you about that stuff
the cutting script is this one
I don't know if it can work on the rigged model but I don't see any reason why not.

Here is another example how to make body fall and bend

Also, there is plenty of other stuff which is somewhat paid but those unity packages can be donwloaded for free too.
something like this soft body simulator which could work great on boobs


I was following your project earlier this year and I thought for sure that this project had died. I only found out you're still alive in the last two or three days.

I just plunk some cash down for the demo build you uploaded. Hope it helps!

There will be melee weapons/other weapons right? this testing gun/grenade is kind of offset and doesn't fire at where I'm pointing exactly and just generally doesn't feel right to use right now.

... Can we get the ability to pick up the gibs/throw them around? that's not really a critical thing, but it'd be nice.

... and you will consider adding more skin colors and try for other kinds of hair besides simply straight hair, right? Not that I have a problem if you don't do that, don't get me wrong!


Looking good!

#1 feature on my list would be mod support. So long as there's a way to allow end users to create, import, and share content - new hairs, new costumes, even just recoloring the basic Kisirian dorus - then I think this'd be perfect. Why spend all the time polling the community for ideas and then coding in new cosmetic assets, when your playerbase can do that work for you?

Native support for modding/enduser customization is great to see in any PC game, and for R-18+ PC games (where every single player is going to have his or her own unique, specific "kink" he or she wants to see fulfilled, and many will be unsatisfied unless that specific content is available), it's virtually a necessity! It'd be the difference between spending a thousand hours fretting over feature-creep, only to have hundreds of people expressing their displeasure that they despite all the new features they still can't stab a hoodie-wearing, redheaded futanari wolf-woman with a lightsaber, versus spending maybe a dozen hours releasing some modding tools, after which everyone can be satisfied.


-edit- that's not to say I'd be AGAINST adding more costumes and stuff to the core game. By all means, do the hoodie thing! But, imho, I think priority should be giving thirsty players a method for designing their own content, before worrying about new designs and filling patron requests (most of which the patrons themselves could implement via mods!).


Dorumeka, keep up the good work! As a student, I cannot afford to support monthly on Patreon (hopefully after I graduate), but I'm happy to buy demos as they come out when I can. :) I just tried the new one and I completely see great potential here. As someone who has spent tens of hours in Garry's mod shooting ragdolls and NPCs in sandbox, I can't wait for this to be more of a full game.


>>14263 Players are not that thirsty into designing their own content...

They need replayability and easier access to gameplay.
Yes i think i tried the graphic setting.
pretty neat.

This project still have rooms to improve.


First: amazing project. I'm really impressed. Once you build a solid base people will bombard you with suggestion of new weapons and killing methods.

Somebody mentioned konashion: While his blog is dead for at least 4 years a lot of forums full of mods and custom skins exist. Once I found a 8 GB torrent of ALL anime characters you could think of.

And I believe the success of SDT is simple core concept and extremely easy modding. Hell once I made princess from Angel Corps skin.

So Dorumeka. Keep it up and if possible let it be as moddable as possible.


Nice links. The first one looks pretty cool, but I'm betting it doesn't work on skinned meshes. Maybe I'll take a look into that. If there's more demand for that mechanic later on, I would definitely give it a try. Nothing's impossible, it's just time ^^.

Your second and third links show something which I'm already doing. That's called a Ragdoll. The characters and their gibs are ragdolled always. Also the boobs and butt have their own bones, meaning that they are dynamically animated when ragdolled, and they can even be resized procedurally, which they actually are in my current free demo.

Thanks a lot <3, it does help, no matter the quantity. Yes, there will be more weapons, melee and other types too. Eventually I'll open the possibility for people to suggest new weapons, if I earn enough to sustain my full time into the project. Picking up gibs and toying with them is something that feels natural to me, so there will be a way. There will most definitely be more hair styles. Having lots of different skin colors is tricky, because it requires more materials on scene a the same time, which for technical reason is very expensive performance-wise, so I'll have to see how well the game is running later on.

There are two reason behind why I prefer adding stuff to the game based on suggestions, rather than having mod support. The first and most important, is because it's frigging hard! I have no clue and little desire to go through all the work that something like that would require. I'm not totally closed though. I know this is a big thing and I want to see if maybe I can see how I could do swap run-time the textures of the models with textures that people make. Importing models run-time is very prone to errors, but it could be something that I could look into also later on. Now, for rigged models, that is something that I don't think would be likely, unless I could pay someone a load of money to code a working solution for me. It's better if you don't expect that.

The second reason, is more related to artistic realization. I know I'm not the most talented 3D artist out there. There are toooons of people that do things that are better in every way than what I do. But what I do is mine, and I like doing it. I don't know if I'm talking nonsense, but I'd like to keep making characters and ways to interact with them (be it looking, playing, killing or raping them) for many years. Building pretty things is something that makes me happy, and I'd just like to be able to keep doing and living from that. It's not my business to make the ultimate fetishist sandbox, I'm sorry. But hey, maybe the person that learns how to do that will have tons of success.

Thank you! Don't worry, I've been in your place too. You'll make it and will be able to spend tons of money on silly things.

Thank you. I'll have to check this Konashion which I know nothing about. Don't expect greatness when it comes to modding. Expect the bare minimum.


Holy crap. I realized it took me half an hour to answer and read everything. Yes, I'm very slow. As time goes on, I don't think I'll be able to answer every comment as thoroughly as I'd like :(


Wow, looks like they rolled back the trolling that had started to kinda flood this thread. Good.

Anyway yeah I was the one who asked about having more/darker skin tone options. Mostly because I'd like to be able to make a doru assassin resembling my friend emikochan (really great artist, has a thread in /art/, loves this game concept).

In one of the posts that got purged I'd also asked if a third-person view was a thing that could be feasible or possible


Thanks to the admins for purging the thread of the impostor. I'm uploading a gif of the game running in unity itself as to show that it's actually me this time, the dev.

I've added a mouse drag functionality to the free version ( Enjoy.

I want to add more options. I'm a fan of big settings menus (a la serious sam 3). Perhaps I could add some settings to increase the number of possible skin tones.

I'll also have more hair styles, and some way of enabling the player to instantiate a customized doru. To give you an idea of how that would work, I plan on having a simple sandbox mode, apart from the campaign and maybe some other things, and there you maybe could choose what to instantiate. Now, that's only an idea for now, so don't expect that to be in a build any time soon. But I'd like to something like that at some point definitely.

And fear not, hoodie enthusiasts. The hoodie will also come eventually.


File: 1504495614584.gif (1.6 MB, 300x300, GIF.gif)

I think the gif didn't upload. Here's another try.


>>14428 Please dont make the penis exclusive to the paid version, some people can barely afford rent. I just wanna chop some dicks off, is all.



That sounds great and I can't wait to see those ideas in action.

I just love how the gibs jiggle and continue to do so for minutes after being severed. There's something ludicrous about it. Don't ever drop that feature.


Hey guys. I wrote an update post detailing what's been going on with me, and why I went silent for a couple of days. TL;DR: health problems.

Here's it:

PS: Since I'm posting a link to one of my sites you can know it's actually me, as I'm saying the same thing here and in the post linked.


File: 1505213220536.png (23.99 KB, 1600x1600, discord_logo1600.png)

Oh, by the way guys, in order to deny future impersonators, I've opened a Discord. There you can ask all you want and talk about whatever on topic. Check it out:


For those of you who don't know that Discord is, it's like a private chat room where people can just talk and share media. It's mainly used for gaming, as it has the possibility to use voice chat, and even video now, but I will only allow text, so we can all keep our privacy.


File: 1506125049275.png (106.45 KB, 561x687, Capture.PNG)

Hey, just to let you know I'm still working on the project. Not much guro-y stuff to show, but here's some progress with the AI:


File: 1506396920676.png (4.04 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (14).png)

Small update here. I'm still building up the AI and animating some more. Youtube link:


You're doing good work dude, keep it up.


i'd suggest using unreal since you're an artist, not a programmer. But since you're doing fine using unity, I'll just give you my support as a fellow artist turning full dev. =)


File: 1507189845870.jpg (1.58 MB, 3840x2160, RyonaAssassins_2017-10-05-….jpg)

Screenshot mode coming in on the next free and paid version. The 3rd testing build is out, but there's still no free version.

Thank you!

UE intimidates me. You need to code in C++ in there, and that's a more complex language than just C#. I can actually code my way around most things in C#. That's a very useful skill for an artist!


File: 1507333468410.png (4.26 MB, 1920x1080, RyonaAssassins_2017-10-06-….png)

New free demo available here:


though the theme of the game appears to be to only fitting to this community here. i do really respect you as a fellow gamedesign student, keep it up and let us know if you released it xD


File: 1508517167519.png (239.55 KB, 490x395, 2.PNG)

Vaginas and nudes almost done!

Thank you! Yeah, very niche what I'm doing. I'll open it up a little to be not only guro focused. For instance, I'll work on normal sex.


File: 1508517337812.png (141.13 KB, 478x291, v.PNG)

Here's another look. They are not only textured in, but modeled too.


Looks nice but I wonder in whast context this all will be used, because shooting naked women is not very reasonable idea

I would assume that they could wear skirts that occasionally get torn away, blown up by wind or explosions.
or they could wear some very revealing uniform.


Awesome! "Fucking," is in motion!

It might be cool, if it wasn't just pov fucking, but you could make the other characters fuck each other, like with a button, or by shooting one with a type of bullet.

You shoot her and then she goes into a "i'm really scared, and looking around in fear, frantically" animation, as multiple other girls slowly walk, or run toward her. Then when they get to her, it goes into a rape animation.


File: 1508540412135.png (667.72 KB, 854x668, g.PNG)

They are the base models for future designs. I'm offering custom designs at my patreon, so next month there will be a new costume. I had to work a new model that would allow me to do that easily. I would have to go really in depth to explain exactly why is that, and I won't do that now, but the hard part is done. The vaginas/camel toes were also needed for the sex mechanics.

Haha, I like that idea. I will add that to the suggestions in my Trello board (


Loving the updates, enjoy the money.


File: 1509653331281.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, RyonaAssassins_2017-11-02-….jpg)

Another build with a free version is available for download:

I will copy/paste what I just said at my discord:

So, as I said on my Patreon, this release marks a change in my game development strategy. I've been working on foundation systems that will make the more high level stuff easier to develop, but that meant that most of what I was doing was not going to be visible in the monthly releases. Now, I will just start working on the game itself, and coding whatever system or logic I need right at the moment I need it, and not before.

I will wrap up the story of Ryona Assassins and begin ASAP to make some plans for the structure of the game. It will most likely have a set of sequential pre made maps, as in games like Doom. As soon as I have things ordered, I'll begin doing the first level, and build up the game from there. This is kinda scary, but also exciting! I expect to be ready to start making the first map in a couple days, if not sooner.


File: 1515824530983.gif (1.07 MB, 320x180, 1.gif)

Long time no see, gurochan. I've been working a lot on the game, but I did not have any guro related update to share until now. I'm working on a dismemberment system. Here's a W.I.P.

As always, you can find more about the project, including the latest releases, here:


File: 1515824551083.gif (912.79 KB, 320x180, 2.gif)


File: 1515824563618.gif (1.26 MB, 240x135, 3.gif)


Amazing animations!

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