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File: 1463757916811.jpg (1.64 MB, 1080x1919, Hang in there.jpg)


A few text less versions of my new 3D comic.
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There's not enough guro out there from the victim's eyes. I especially like the oven vid.


Made a little try to copy a Jim Sugomi Raven picture in Poser 3d.
It went, well you see a bit so and so.

Besides that I thought I may as well copy all the links to g.e were you can see my poser stuff in case you missed it.

(Diana party)

(Asphia in the tormented forest)

(The anniversary of Diana's and Roxy)

(The Dare!)

(Tribute of Danielle Dawson by Josiepurr)

(Diana and Roxy spin off)


Ups the image didn't load will try again


Well of course that didn't work either. So here is a link


Does anyone know where these videos can be found? I think they were deleted.

File: 1458451641621.jpeg (601.84 KB, 1920x1080, poster21.jpeg)

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I'm just starting to get the feel of sfm, totally an amateur but I'll get better in time as I love using SFM.

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somebody have this? link is down


hope he drag her out to use her! this gonna be good!


Are you still taking commissions?


File: 1501886607873.jpg (4 MB, 3839x2150, Elvira Corleone1.jpg)


Hi, this is my first post, it's a recreation of the famous Sonny Corleone execution from the Godfather movie (check the scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJU2cz9ytPQ&t=25s) hope you like it :)
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This is a unashamed plug for TLOT. His Patreon work is sensational if you are a fan of shootings and hard sex. The DA site gives a taste but when he turns his talent loose he goes much further.


looking great anon cant wait to see how she is defiled!

nice looking model too with the style could do maybe an FBI thing with girls too which could look good?


have you considered posting to pixiv? huge artist community there.


that is awesome!!! love her in the uniform since it really makes her a character!

hope you get many patreon! this very niche so looking forward to more so you get more attention! Request him use a bullet hole maybe in torso? Gutplay it is hard to find T_T


agree this is great stuff bringing a movie to life like this!

and 3 of the man! Cant wait see what they do next with her, there be nothing left of her I think!

File: 1528990444308.jpg (117.27 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_olfyx0VLWb1w685m8o1….jpg)



coth found out that gurochan is back (it was unreachable the last time he checked),
so he decided to treat you all to his collection, or at least, what remains of it.
The themes are always captivity and death.

He wants you to know that these are old, and his technique has since improved,
so he might make more if there is sufficient interest.

Please, do enjoy, and let him know what you think.
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Some pretty good scenes and camera angles. Keep it up!

I do have one critique for coth. Its one mistake I made when I first started making pics. These scenes are a bit too dark in terms of lighting. I understand if that's the intention, but the "action" needs to be visible even if the scene is in a dimly lit setting.

When I first started I had my monitor brightness turned way up, so I could easily see what I was editing. However it ended up being extremely dark and hard for people to see. Got a few comments about it on Tumblr. So I turned down my monitor brightness settings and started focusing brighter lights on the characters in the scenes to help them stand out. Since these are older pics he might have already done this, but still hope this tip helps :)


Of course there is sufficient interest! So please coth, make more. But I also second Mr Misery >>23271. The pictures need to be a bit brighter.


women being bound and gagged and stipped naked is HUGE turn on for me so yes please continue!


too dark, cant see shit sir.

File: 1531241582656.png (2.77 MB, 2560x1440, hostage 001.png)


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File: 1536073091530.png (4.31 MB, 2560x1440, mai 001.png)

The last fight of Mai Shiranui


File: 1536073123037.png (4.14 MB, 2560x1440, mai 003.png)

The last fight of Mai Shiranui ... to be continued


OP what blood mod do you use? I've been trying to find one but the only one I found online was removed.



What female model is that? The one taking the picture?

What program did u use? Illusion? XNALARA?


maybe she video him use her since done? this would be good.

File: 1476110106964.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, poster.jpeg)

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The first attempt to create an animation, a very interesting process, I want to do it with a certain periodicity.
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this looks awesome!!!! love the lighting! thanks kind anon for revision request!


Can you do lina from dota?


They aren't, just change the "my" to "track5", if that doesn't work, try 4/6/7/8/9



IT WORKS, That's actually huge since there are a lot of mixtape works considered lost (for example in OP's thread).

That advice should have it's own topic in order to reach more people IMHO


very nice work to see.

would you consider render in HD and up to dropbox or mega for us? Sadly due to file size it is all blurry and you work to hard to be cheated by render!

File: 1517673343540.png (697.8 KB, 960x1080, startwork01.png)

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I've been studying Daz studio and Photoshop and tried to make some pics. Those softwares are so difficult for me and take much time. So I could learn how much effort artists of Gurochan were putting in making pictures.
Thank you seniors!!
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Your models are amazing. What resources are you using? I suppose you are using daz3d


really like this model maybe could render him use the hole he make in her?

AWESOME STUFF, big fan on pixiv.


Loving the recent Catwoman series! Would love to see more of her.



really love ur work, where can i see more?


not sure if possible but dam that is an awesome shot with the xray!!!

Now imagine if that was a dick! That is a way to do a femme fatale in, maybe consider for that one or future set?

Love your stuff so will be checking back, also is there a pixiv to thumbs up your work?

File: 1439071262813.jpg (977.6 KB, 1920x1080, Jimmy'sTrophy.jpg)

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So someone suggested that I should share my creations here, seeing as this is a haven for lovers of the macabre. So here goes nothing.

All my content is made in the Source Engine. Its currently all been created in Garry's Mod, but Im slowly figuring my way around SFM. Want to transfer over since the rendering capabilities are higher, there are more models, and the potential to animate.
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File: 1546906797282.jpg (910.64 KB, 1920x1080, Bad Date Morgue Party.jpg)

A one shot continuation of Bad Date. Some Security Team members and a conspiring mortician have some fun with Miranda and two mangled Asari.


File: 1546921129990.jpg (364.11 KB, 1920x1080, gm_dark0002.jpg)

Decided to build a morgue from scratch with props in Gmod. I've made half a morgue set before, but I wanted a full room with all the bells and whistles. Working doors, freezers, and an autopsy table that looked legit. This took a whole day to put together. Still some minor details to put into it, but it should work as a nice base for modern morgue scenes. I'll probably make a sci-fi and third-world one as well.


Damn that's sexy. But i cant help being interested in that completely mangled asari corpse. Necro when the body is almost unrecognizable is always hot as fuck


this mavis is way better than the one on pixiv. On pixiv it has alot of smoke blocking the image, but this one without smoke has a defect between her eyes. Maybe post both?


requesting jizz from bullet hole. taking it to the next level!

File: 1546120072099.png (18.23 KB, 494x494, Gurochan.png)


I've been collecting all the animations of the old gurochan and even though the contents of this pack are at least 8 months old, i think unfortunately not much new quality content that was to my liking has been released lately.

Nonetheless here it is, the ultimate gurochan animations with sound collection:


Please download this pack and upload it to different hosts and regularly share those links so these quality guro animations will be available to the guro community.

It would also be cool if we could set up some sort of github type collection that continuously gets updated and contains only quality animations with sound.
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i cant download your tumblr backup, mega said sumtin about the memory being too big to handle

how can i download it?



you have to use the MEGA app



The artist is "Reaper4u" and he is or was on The Dark Spot forums. Unfortunately though he has been MIA for almost 10 years now.


glorious archive of OC created here on guro created by the master.

Maybe when posting archives we should post a screenshot of the contents from file explorer to know whats there?

File: 1519593970324.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, sliceanddice.jpg)


A couple I did
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Wow! The king of debreasting has returned to Gurochan!
KillerX I love your art so much!


I just so love your work KillerX, it's an inspiration...


And when you BACK again?


why the fuck do you have so many threads for yourself

is it that hard to bump an older one


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