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Lisa and Kayla (video2)
downloads video


File: 1487699925452.jpg (21.79 KB, 380x282, 2017-02-21_183554.jpg)


File: 1487700084355.jpg (21.7 KB, 382x279, 2017-02-21_183611.jpg)



File: 1487967874656.jpg (35.61 KB, 639x360, 2017-02-24_212311.jpg)

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Sarah & Clementine make love in nature.
watch video online
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I'm glad you guys liked it :)
There is more, the person who commissioned this project asked for 4 scenarios, there is still a baseball scenario and a headshot in the bathroom scenario.

I'll upload them as soon as I get back home.


The commissioner has similar ideas to mine, so I had a lot of fun doing these!


So, Clementine's series is dead now.

RIP Clementine.


All the link is down man :-(


File: 1489464206326.jpg (1.94 MB, 2560x1440, morgue.jpg)


Here I'll be droping some misc works because i get bored if i work only in one series at a time... Maybe you can expect some little series... Like this one, I think will be 4 or 5 pics... Don't worry I'll keep working on the other series...
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oh gawd, more


File: 1488807214641.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 001.jpg)

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Hey everyone! I'm Sapik... I've been doing some 3d porn for a year or so, but a little more vanilla, with another nickname... But recently I've found this site and well, I have a sick mind... hehe...
So, This is my first attempt for gore and I must say I'm not good enough in drawing for blood effects in post-production... And with Daz, the only way to do fluids is with meshes, and I think is not good enough for my standards... So, I'll do my best, hope you'll understand... And enjoy...
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It is a nice surprise to see you alive, I already did not expect you to come back. Your new character is really young and maybe looks too innocent for guro :) It is not that I dislike her but I wonder what kind of plans you have for her and how she will behave.

Also what character it is? Looks like you used Diane skin but the body is probably custom made.



never too innocent for guro. imagine some big nasty tools being used on that little body


Many thanks Sapik, I've seen her at Pixiv: terrific! We'd like also to see here your Mimi crucified, but both Mimi and Daisy should be continued. I see Mimi crucified and with tits tortured and maybe ending with her belly open


File: 1554691625590.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 1000000.png)



With all the impaling in this game this is the most violent kill scene. You are really good at picking the right moment for your work


Very good animation as always. Though you might want to keep your works in one thread

File: 1548633763486.jpg (1.05 MB, 1500x1200, FD100.jpg)

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I decided to do series with boys being dominated by girl.

Five boys decided to join cheerleader club expecting to have some fun with girls. But It may be a bit more than they expected.
They had to undress and show themselves to the leader of this club.

Characters do not have names yet and I am not sure what will happen next but this story may get a text later.
I Hope I made boys cute enough not to scare away homophobic viewers LOL
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Well, you got this great gaping hole now. Maybe put a chain through it and tie the other end to a open door handle then they grab and hold the kid whilst the leader slams the door and pulls out the rest of the dick.


widen hole and pull balls up thru it


let the girl finish then the boy will get to pick 2 to give him a blow job at the same time



The boy cannot himself cut off his balls so the girls also do that for him :)

File: 1521629520131.png (1.4 MB, 1600x900, thumbnail.png)


Sup everyone.

Mega link here!pegXESKD!OzJgWHFJ6QPj6vEdoNZJ5v992K9L_mFlnavFXpY0xkA

Here's a small unpolished animation just to show I still exist. Not much here technically so don't expect much, in fact the lighting is pretty shit, but I added some audio to an animation for the first time which I will do from now on. I will be releasing more soon since I'm working on smaller more focused projects. Also I will use this thread ONLY to release animations so you know if you see me posting here it will be a release. The other older one I will use for photos and updates. On Omega there's been a rise in human slave trade since the Batarians developed a taste for human females, mixed with resentment at human involvement at The Citadel. One unlucky girl found herself taken from the Citadel, used and left to rot in an abandoned hull on the Narco planet.

As a side note, I can't wait until Brigitte gets a model or NSFW model, I really want to fuck that bitch up.
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File: 1528125132481.jpeg (884.83 KB, 1920x1080, apocalypsepreview.jpeg)

Short Animation Release "Apocalypse 2213 Clip 1"

links to online and download below story if you're interested to know the background. I intend to run with this one.

Humanity never recovered from World War 3. Although the nuclear warheads were only used on major cities, the world powers still destroyed most if not all of the civilized world in their bid for political dominance. As a result the world spiraled away from civility and back to savagery. Those who were brutal survived in the new world. One such man (or beast) is Kainux. He was born after the war like everyone else he knew, and, like everyone else...he knew only that world. His size and lust for blood was evident at an early age, and he used it to gather a large retinue of followers he dubbed "The Hell Reavers." A clan if you will. Unsurprisingly women were a hard commodity to come by, but men like Kainux and his crew took what they wanted. He built quite a large slave empire, and specialized in selling female sex slaves. Also unsurprisingly he punished and brutalized ones who didn't please or disobeyed him. Three girls had attempted to escape his camp to go south to WhiteVeil, a city which had claimed to be the last remnants of civilisation on his side of the great ocean. THousands if not millions of females were rumored to habit there. Kainux didn't see it as civilisation, but a gold mine of moist cunt to be yoked and lashed into lifelong servitude. Such a city was too big though and he needed to garner allies. Tomorrow he would meet two rivals of his from other clans, The Black One and BoneRot John, in an attempt to negotiate peace terms and a restructuring of slave routes. For tonight, he would slaughter the first of the three would be escapees. All his others slaves would watch as dogs feasted on her entrails. He decided to hang the other two by the wrists for the knight to await public execution at dawn. online!pX5TAbqR!BE2xHrKsnxVHKnN4yZXijWhWwHykKPcWnTEnHNV4UZs

no password it will expire though in a month so if you want a dl get it now. hope you enjoy


Nice>:D A few things though:) For the entrails and things if you can, have something like a separate object inside the model that holds them and have them drops slower and more individually. Like the intestines and liver and kidnets and but in the individual pieces (with more blood of course) Also, you missed the cum shot and mabye a few other things you could have done with the model that would have been wonderful>:D. Like the tit removal eye gauge other things (or are you waiting for that stuff in the next animation. Loved the concept and the animation overall though. Wanna see more>:)


Hey all the links are expired or broken, can you reup them? thanks, keep it up!


leave a comment? dude, the only decapitation you've ever done is out of reach ..and nothing new with the beheading of the girls did not work! comments need to earn.


Have you tried his other thread?

File: 1508731266448.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1200, 01!aCplBrooksBriefs.jpg)


They were on a good will mission. After surrendering, they assumed there would be a negotiated release the next week. Something went wrong.
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File: 1508734617490.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1200, 21abSueViolated1.jpg)

This is just the beginning. Wait until hundreds of men and boys have access to her body in the town square.


File: 1508734901092.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1200, 22aubDeadAmericans.jpg)

There will be no sheets laid over these bodies to hide their nudity. Nor will a strike be made to recover the bodies. The President ordered the affair closed and any publicity to it scrubbed.


File: 1508735224401.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1200, 23abuhHungUpDeadGIsSue.jpg)

Truck will be parked in the town square, where they will be left on display with six other of their comrades from the failed mission for three days. Is this the way you would want you son or daughter by be killed, somewhere in a country whose name you cannot pronounce?



Pushed up for link to my index, as suggested.


File: 1554167033979.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 1000048.png)




File: 1553516965907.png (281.4 KB, 640x360, untitled.png)


Hi, I'm a new artist learning the ropes of SFM, and just got done learning the very very basics. Here's my first sfm animation.
Please note, future animation will contain heavy scat and gore. Will stick to either realistic or semi realistic characters.

Anyone know any good guro props like intestines or any good sfm props?
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only turn off for site protection


Thanks, will be using the Mortal Kombat Props I guess.


What are you even trying to say?



Woah, thanks EVMC, love your stuff.

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