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File: 1510289961463.jpg (173.27 KB, 396x674, 01.jpg)

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I have been long time visiting here and I always thank for many great artists! I wanted to make my own works but my painting skills are terrible and do not I couldn't.
Few days ago, I downloaded SMF on steam and I thought I can make something! Although my first piece is akward, I made these with gratitude to the members. I'll make better works by improving my SMF skills.
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File: 1511543855573.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080, DWE3-26.png)


File: 1511543873985.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, DWE3-27.png)


I want to make some pictures about Widowmaker, I can't decide how she die. Do you have something good one?


i am always a fan of heads exploding from high-power gunshots :D


Thank you Eyeteeth! I could imagine a new story by you.
I'm working now! (^.^)

File: 1510488587800.jpg (70.19 KB, 1280x709, tumblr_olgvcv30oX1w685m8o3….jpg)


Hey gc,

I just discovered this chan, and I'm really happy to see more people appreciate the darker stuff.
I made some SFM works last year, but stopped because on tumblr I would never find an audience lol (who woulda thunk). (hope this is ok to post)
heres a taste of what you can find there, not many pictures though.
Im posting this to see reactions as I would like to go back to doing them if there is interest. I do not plan on doing any patreon bullshit or anything commercially, i just enjoy the creation process of making these works.

have a great day
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I find this here pic extremely arousing, definitely interested to see more of it, hope you'll get back into more of them hehe! And btw, welcome to Gurochan.


can Admin delete this please?

It wouldn't let me post earlier



..... Why?


what is op's pic? its so dark I cant tell T_T


Pretty fantastic stuff here coth, I really hope to see more from you in the future!

File: 1476835056086.jpg (112.49 KB, 1280x960, ayanagi-01.jpg)


Old and new CG.
I quit about 5 years ago,
and resumed about 3 months ago.
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File: 1500035253910.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, Natasha Hydra Club 96.png)

Black Widow Electro SM 2


File: 1502172202902.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, Arnis Catacombs.jpg)

Arnis vs Skeletons


File: 1502203491763.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Arnis Impaled.jpg)

Arnis Impaled


File: 1504032352346.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, Natalya SM Nails 1.png)



I love those!! Thank you for make great CGs!!

File: 1509806778989.jpg (698.85 KB, 1800x1034, hfgfjjgjfgjfgjjjgjhfgjfgjg….jpg)


I love when smart, arrogant and powerful mage girls surprised by death.


File: 1509806822331.jpg (235.31 KB, 1486x854, апирапрапопоарkgнапаарапре….jpg)


File: 1509806852262.jpg (443.5 KB, 1800x1034, папрапоапопооfdgdhhfhftyut….jpg)


File: 1509806884981.jpg (272.38 KB, 1800x1034, ryerрапорапрghhfgjgnhопорл….jpg)


I love when renders don't look like 1990 shit

File: 1508894022631.jpg (693.47 KB, 1920x1200, 24abFullTub.jpg)


Try out the new system off indexing stories and groups of posts.

Find out how I got into a bathtub with two dead kids.

Go to Early/Index (links) etc. and link to Crazy Rich Guy. It makes what you are looking for easy.

File: 1488163858679.jpg (289.81 KB, 800x800, GrCross.jpg)


I think this will be first VR guro here.
You can see it on you plain monitor all you need to do is to cross your eyes in a way that right eye will see left image and left will see right
It will take for you some time to get accustomed to that but eventually you will see everything in depth.
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it doesn't work on a normal monitor, but it's very ambitious. if only it was a boy lol :P


File: 1501066933274.png (660.8 KB, 1086x640, wk-h.png)

Why does not it work on a normal monitor? Here. Working.


I found one of those old 3d photo viewers in an antique store for about $60. I moved the camera slightly as you do here and printed out the images then pasted them onto the slightly curved cardboard. You can recreate these old 3D photo type pictures.

I would love to be able to walk through my scenes with VR. I haven't experienced it, yet. It must be something else!


In your comment to me on posting, what you are saying is that if you put everything in one thread, viewers can look up their favorite author. Or does posting separate stories crowd out the others? Some of these threads are running over 500 frames. Very difficult to find what you are looking for. I have over 650 images I can transfer that represent 24 series.


I made some VR tests on google cardboard VR but decided that it is not worth the hassle. This walking experience is not that good as expected.

You have a strange habit to post everything everywhere.
But the main benefit for you is not that viewer can see their favorite authors, but that if you post everything in one or few big threads they will get bumped automatically with each update or reply, while if you just post one story get one of 2 replies and it will fall down and get forgotten or disappear entirely.

You are not likely to crowd out productive authors other because those who post in one thread always stay on top while one time thread drops down faster than you can even notice them, but you may spam all board with your posts driving off less popular content.

File: 1507179147059.png (691.6 KB, 800x800, M_HS_A1.png)


Hello, GUROchan. I made a couple things for you. I'm not very good at my craft, yet; and I had hoped to improve substantially before sharing results of any kind, but the timeline has a tendency to shift in unexpected ways.

I'll be blunt: I'm in rather dire straits at this point in time. I'm here now to ask if anyone might find enough promise in my prospects to consider supporting me. I apologize if such a proposition is out of line; I'm not overtly familiar with this site. Likewise, I won't be heartbroken if my works aren't well-received.

I promise I'm not just here to beg. I intend to make several more of such images (if anyone enjoys them,) regardless of my panhandling results.
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File: 1507886970988.png (303.72 KB, 600x800, P_E_H.png)

I will try to incorporate this into the next one.

Beyond that, once my move is finished, I plan on taking the time to model some bones and entrails for things like bifurcation and dismemberment, as well as male models and more variations of the female, such as different body types and nonhuman races.


I think this is the best you can do on blender, because doing plain posing pictures as you do now is much easier to do on Daz or poser and they are not worth much since they can be easily mass-produced.


Blender is capable of some very impressive work in the right hands - do not mistake my novice efforts as being limited by the medium. I know my static images are rather underwhelming compared to what others can do, but I haven't reached the point of passable animation yet.

As well, it was already my tool for making game assets and simple artwork for friends. It wouldn't serve me much to divert to another program just for contributions here.


I am not suggesting you to do animations or change into another tool, but focus on things where blender can surpass other tools.
as it is almost impossible to do any good pictures with severe mutilations like evisceration, broken bones on the DAZ while you can do that on the blender.

Doing animations is not that much required, and you may better just make several keyframes as pictures.


Oh, it is good

File: 1429400118385.jpg (2.17 MB, 3840x3072, butcher.jpg)


Trying something new with DAZ3d
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Not realistic indeed but i love this style.


I am now curious how accurate is my guess of what you are going to show. :)


File: 1507820680998.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1200, 020!abFriendsDead.jpg)

Anyone interested in Indian Raids?

Part of series, boys leaving barn on raided farm.


Yes, pls send more pics


Do you have any vaginal destruction?

File: 1507376634060.jpg (103.56 KB, 915x785, 001.jpg)


This is an old set I have. I am not creator, but had the custom done for me.
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I really like this killing (almost) by accident idea. Did the artist ever do more snuff stuff?


She should not die from that. It looks like they are doing that every day.
Otherwise, mom will spank him killing his sister LOL

I wonder whast do you mean more of the same? It is not lit there is any point doing the same thing again.


I don't know if he did anything else. But I am always looking for material along the asphyxiation themes.


File: 1507460809892.jpg (156.93 KB, 788x1280, jea019.jpg)

Those pictures are somewhat similar to the works of Joker on exhentai a he is only one who does asphyxiation themes and lolis.

He made quite a lot, so I doubt if it is even possible to make something new LOL


Oh, I follow Joker quite a lot. There is quite a bit of his work on But there is always room for new themes on asphyx, as well as other models, boy and girl.

File: 1507368541880.jpg (155.57 KB, 1000x1300, pose.jpg)


I started some time ago to use the Waifu Sex Simulator with my VR glasses to create life like sex, gore or other scenes.
The Waifu simulator uses MMD models (pmx) and I therefore learned how I could import new models and how I could manipulate models (just basic stuff) in the PMX editor.
Then I learned that XNALARA (xps) models could be converted (via Blender) to MMD and a lot more models became accessible. It seems also possible to convert DAZ3D(?) to XNALARA and then to MMD, but I have not looked into this.

I found a lot of models over the the time. There are basically three sources
Deviantart (for MMD and XPS)
MMDArchive (mmda booru)
bowlroll ().

But I am missing some type of models I do not find on any of this sites. I would like to have nude (they do not have to have genitals) models of slim and athletic teen boys / young males.

As MMD is very famous in Japan, there are tons of nude female teens, but just very few boy models (with very low detail textures).
In XNALARA there a lot of nude "hunk / muscle" models with great textures, but no young and slim boys. At least I can't find them.

For example, there are some nice bodies in this picture on this board. http://gurochanocizhuhg.onion/3dcg/src/1453913650202.jpg

Where could I get such 3D models as XNALARA or MMD?
Are there any other sites I can look for such models? Am I using the wrong search terms?
What sites do you get your 3D models from?


I use SFMlabs, and SourceFilmmaker Workshop on steam. Those are the only two sources. I only use SFM for now, I'm not sure of those models can be used elsewhere, but I can say that many of them are of very high quality, far above hardware, and so I don't use them anywhere close to their full potential.

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