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File: 1488543679753.jpg (3.54 KB, 120x120, monthly_02_2017-thumb-c0fc….jpg)


This is book 2 of a story where a guardian and her charges, traveling through space are captured by a race at war with mankind. The Minotians have already made use of one of their party while those left are waiting for a promised chance to leave. Now locked in seclusion, the brother and sister have nothing to do but wait ... or so it seems. The Minotian Princess, the daughter of the king, has other plans. ... grandiose plans.

download file
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File: 1488552072223.jpg (44.08 KB, 600x381, lanpu681zucp.jpg)


File: 1488575576448.jpg (174.83 KB, 1200x806, Mother_Daughter_BBQ_410_E_….jpg)


You know that this requires a password to download, right? That you haven't bothered to provide.


No it doesn't ( Samme is posting garbage links full of viruses.


I was wondering if someone was going to point that out.

File: 1487673023852.jpg (149.18 KB, 1024x770, aa.jpg)


I see a lot of people here with incredible skills.Is is possible to create some snuff animations or at least pictures for VR? i.e android? Like having sex with a girl and a monster comes takes her off your dick torture and kill her. Or just kil her! ;) I think it's possible! Will someone do this?
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Another sugestion will be to start with cardboard videos and apps, because that's what many people have at the moment.


File: 1488512974726.png (348.97 KB, 958x599, cb2.PNG)

I made a little something. It's not what was proposed but goes to show it's possible. The assets themselves (the 3D models and some other code) took a long time, about a week of work, but the app itself took about half a day.


The game looks promising, and that doru ideea is a really nice thing.People will certanly appreciate such a product.Meanwhile i was thinking of video, short animations like the vr sex scenes with a guro element like ninja, hitmen, mad killers or some natural disaster appear and kill your girl for you.


Tested the app, it loads fast and the graphics are clearly there, but it doesn't show well on my device running android, the panels show but you can only see the doru's legs and half the menu.


That's ok n_n. Why are videos preferable?

What's the phone you used? Would you mind sending me a screen cap? I would appreciate if you do it in my thread or via PM on so as not to fill this thread.

File: 1487487591843.jpg (379.95 KB, 2560x1600, 032.jpg)


Sneak peak at a comic I'll finish up one of these days.
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Good job.


Just ignore the haters, rediculo. Your stuff is 10 times better than what they put out!


Onix, no critique was requested therefore your critique was uncalled for.


It is common sense that it is requested merely if artist is posting something to the public. And that critique is precisely reason for making the post itself. Praising artwork is also critique by the way.
When you view any picture or read story you are obligated to write some kind of response as payment unless you think that it was total crap which is not worth o of your attention.

And also it WAS specially requested in another thread
I don't think that request has to be repeated every time.


It's fine. No need for further argument. Thanks for all the opinions everyone. Just enjoy it it you like it.

File: 1485544120204.png (557.27 KB, 600x1000, karen h112.png)


I needed to choose appropriate clothes for my character in the story and It resulted fashion show
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File: 1486083708598.jpg (143.28 KB, 1000x833, bbq 2.jpg)

Since it came out good here is a sequel:

Mom decided that daughter's hand wont be enuogh for all guests.


File: 1486085185273.png (1.54 MB, 1000x833, bbq 3.png)

And one more


Nice pictures! I love the cute girls! And what you do to them! The fashion show is fun! I just wish you´d have her wear a Loli dress once!

Your pics are right up my alley! :) ;)


Love this image.


I see that loli and I want her stuffed full of her daddy's babies. Same with her sister.

◕ ◡ ◕

File: 1485920410685.jpg (194.48 KB, 1000x1250, fundraising 020.jpg)


Sister Berta is helping orphanage on fundraising.

You can donate money and light a candle or do something else (within reasonable limits in this setting)
Please be kind and don't be greedy.

(Tell how much you donate and what do you do to see it in 3d.)
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How much money must be donated to have Sister Berta let me brand my initials or a company logo into her breasts?


Donation is optional you are in the church and everything is voluntary.
You may not even donate anything but it will upset the girl.

Branding your logo now will be problematic because you do not bring branding equipment to the church. So you will have to visit her later.


I am a tall, attractive blonde woman not a day over 21. I approach the table with a coin purse and a small wooden box. As a firm believer in this particular Orphanage I decide to donate all of the coin that I own which amounts to 28 Gold pieces, 14 Silver pieces, and 68 Copper pieces. I also decide to donate my own voluptuous corpse to add to the allure of the fundraising bench. In a rather selfish manner, to avoid the tremendous amount of pain which will surely be inflicted on my body should I be alive to experience it, I place the box on the table, sit down next to it and begin to slowly remove my clothing. I say my final confessions to Sister Bertha, cross my chest and before anybody can stop me, slash my own throat. I feel my consciousness slowly slipping away as the blood covers my exposed breasts as well as the exposed breasts of the other woman at the table. Finally I slip away, leaving both my body to whatever torture others might find attractive, and my coin to help those Orphans who have so little.

Thanks for starting this thread, I hope that it stays alive and does well.


What are "reasonable limits in this setting"? If I donate enough $$$, can I nail Sister Berta's nipples to the wooden table, fuck her in the ass as I saw off her breasts, and take those breasts with me as souvenirs? (I plan to have a taxidermist mount them on a plaque, with golden nipple rings in place of the nails.) Or is that too extreme?


Like I said donation is optional it will only affect reaction :)
Nailing nipples is of course ok (thats whey there is hammer for, but there are no nails so you have to improvise LOL)

And for the limits in general use common sense if you came to the church as tourist and found this .
I am sure you would not start cutting off her nipples or try to decapitate her with your pocket knife to take head as souvenir.

also in general this is parody of this setting
except that sand is replaced with something esle

File: 1460566578833.jpg (807.97 KB, 983x1021, image000032v345.jpg)


Hello, I'm making an XNALara renders. Actually it's not a renders at all. I'm drawing a lot of details manually. So it's similar to photomanipulations. Actually I'm started to study computer graphics from snuff photomanipulations lol. Not so many renders as I want, I don't own much time for this work. but hope you enjoy it. Usually I'm posting to DA and Pixiv.

My page on deviantart:
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wow... Good job.


Beautiful. Can you do low blows?


I like the effects you use. The blood looks much more convincing than most renders I've seen. Also, headshots are my favorite shots.

Funny how the guy claims it's nothing personal, just business, yet shoots her three times in areas that would kill her slowly at best before he blows her brains out. Something tells me he has ulterior motives!

File: 1483591887181.jpg (1.07 MB, 2560x1600, 001.jpg)


New series posting here.
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Meh, V4 has never had great facial expressions. I personally like the over-exaggerated expressions, so that's what I go with now and then. It's not meant to be realistic. Thanks for the comments though.


I see, indeed daz 3d can be very limited some times i tried posing but without the purchase of packs it's impossible to make good stuff. I couldn't. xD. I'm glad that you started posting new content. I thank you for that and hope for more in the future ^^.



Besides, i'm allways happy to se elf guro xD


well if thats what you were going for then I withdraw my critic...and I do sincerely hope you'll continue..especially since your elf is only wounded and not YET dead.


please do more mate or someone continue where redic left off idc..this is both funny and arousing.

File: 1478442699809.jpg (74.27 KB, 850x478, sample-7077d65349a8683940c….jpg)


All images were made by Donkboy.
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Zarya and Mercy are dirty kinky whores with a huge scat fetish. They are interested in anything that involves poop. Shitting on others, being shat on, eating shit, etc. They are always trying to to come up with dirtier ideas. Mercy particularly enjoys cute or very young boys shitting or being shat on. Zarya is more dirty of the two. She shits a lot larger and more frequently. She doesn't care what or who she fucks.

This evening, Zarya and Mercy decided to bring their kid friend Nick. he also shares their scat interests. They were extremely horny this night so they went to a alley and all stripped buck naked, not caring if anyone will see them.

Zarya begins by taking a huge dump on the floor. She picks up one of her turds and and gives it a blowjob. She is imagining that a homeless black man stumbles upon her taking a dump and starts sucking his dick. She continues shitting while deep throating her own turd while fantasizing about being spotted.

Nick is much smaller and younger than Zarya, but he can take a huge dump as well. Poop begins oozing out of his ass and Mercy makes Nick put one of his turds in his own mouth. Mercy then lifts up her milky white feet and starts giving the turd a footjob. She strokes the turd like shes stroking a dick.

No one ends up discovering their scat party, much to their dismay. Zarya ends up squirting from her solo scat play. Mercy blue-balls Nick. She cruelly teased Nick even though Nick was ready to empty his balls with a huge load.


Bump, want to see if it actually bumps, its like last in the catalog list.


File: 1480550759281.png (1.79 MB, 1671x940, scats 2 cum.png)

Story to come later.



Later on in the week, Zarya and Mercy get extremely horny and decide to call Nick again in the evening. The three decide to do another scat exhibition in a public place. The thought of them being completely naked outside while taking a dump with the possibility of being watched by strangers gets them really excited. Mercy and Nick prepared for this moment days earlier so it can be easier for them to shit. Zarya however, is a natural shitter that doesn't need much preparation.

They arrive at a public bathroom that is known to be frequented by homeless people, drug addicts and other kinds of deviants. Zarya and Mercy begin to strip their clothes without a care of being seen. Not even examining the area to see if there is anyone around or if the toilets are vacant. Nick follows their leads and removes his jeans revealing his his throbbing rock-hard dick. His cock is already twitching just from looking at Zarya's and Mercy's naked bodies. He loves the contrast between Zarya's huge muscular frame and Mercy's snow-white angelic body.

Zarya doesn't waste any time and immediately begins to take a dirty stance, lifting her right leg in the air and placing her hands behind her head. Nick gets a great view of her vagina and asshole puckering up. Not having masterbated in two weeks, he rushes over to Zarya and mounts her while shes still in that position. Zarya remains balanced on one leg while pushing her shit out out her ass and being pounded in the vagina by Nick. Long, huge turds begin pouring out of Zarya's ass. Thats when Nick pulls out and climaxes all over her vagina while logs of shit being to pile up on the floor.

Mercy was fingering herself the whole time to Zarya being creampied while taking a massive shit. Mercy holds off on taking a dump and decides to indulge on her secondary fetish, feet. She sits on the floor and signals Nick to come over. She lifts her feet in the air and clamps it around Nick's cock. Nick enjoys Mercy's big milky white feet. Some evenings, he would lick her feet and suck her toes for an hour. Mercy's smooth soft feet begin to tightly stroke his cock. Even though Nick just cummed, he shoots out another huge thick load all over Mercy's soles. Mercy then goes into the most dirty shitting stance that she can - squatting with double peace signs and her tongue hanging our of her mouth. Three logs of shit oozes out of her ass in quick succession.

Even though Nick just came twice and watched two hotPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


oh good~

File: 1417255884154.jpg (337.06 KB, 889x974, 1.jpg)


Momiji beheaded
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Begging for more of your creativity with these models maybe using the throat or heads?


decapitated Miranda doubly attractive



Sory for the caps.


File: 1483178085019.jpg (245.8 KB, 1680x1050, 8e0ecfba634c8233ffffa67124….jpg)

anyone got an idea of the mods used here?


I know more of skyrim and fallout 4 mods. All i can do is suggest you search in nexus mods in each category like hairs and body types.


File: 1480478553603.jpg (82.93 KB, 500x367, tumblr_odzagqIDmW1vr6bcxo1….jpg)


Does anyone has the rest of this story ?


I think you should've posted in the request section mate.


File: 1481722999624.jpg (44.75 KB, 657x598, 1__3_.jpg)


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